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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

The Judaization of Sweden
By Ariadna Theokopoulos
Jul 15, 2013 - 3:34:08 AM

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The Judaization of Sweden

The John Fitzgerald Airport in NYC used to be called the Idlewild Airport, the Leonardo Da Vinci Airport in Rome used to be called the Fiumicino Airport, and before it was called La Guardia, the second airport in NYC used to be called the North Beach Airport.

Nations like to memorialize those they consider giants in their history and culture and they like to think that travelers arriving through those portals would be reminded, even if only subconsciously, to make the identification: “This is JFK country,” or “This is the Da Vinci land.” It is easy to see how that can be viewed as “nationalistic,” perhaps to a worrisome degree to progressive minds.

All the major Swedish airports are named after their locales, as Idlewild and Fiumicino used to be. Suppose the Swedes would like to change the name of their biggest airport, now called Arlanda, what national hero do you think they should select to honor?

In a country of such rich, centuries-old history and culture as Sweden the choice is quite large. Maybe one does not want to go back to Eric the Victorious or to Magnus Ericskon, the Swedish king who abolished slavery 1n 1335 — three centuries before the American colonists clambered on Plymouth Rock and a  good five centuries before the Americans abolished slavery (except the Swedes did it without a civil war).

Maybe the candidates should include scientists like Carl Linnaeus or Tycho Brahe? Or national heroes and humanists like Olaf Palme or Dag Hammerskjöld? Playwrights like August Strindberg? How about Alfred Nobel?

None of the above. That would be nationalistic and luckily that is not what is afoot, according to the the Israeli media (emphasis added):

“A group of politicians and intellectuals said on Wednesday that Sweden’s largest airport should be renamed after Holocaust hero Raoul Wallenberg, who saved the lives of tens of thousands of Jews.

A petition signed by 36 prominent Swedes, including two former prime ministers, called for Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport to be named in Wallenberg’s honor.

“Raoul Wallenberg’s name deserves to fly around the world as a reminder of what one single person can accomplish in the name of humanity,” they wrote in daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

“Naming Sweden’s largest airport after Raoul Wallenberg would also be an important signal against antisemitism and racism, in Sweden as well as abroad, in a time when xenophobia is once again gaining ground.”

Wallenberg, a diplomat posted to Nazi-occupied Budapest in July 1944, is believed to have saved tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews in the final months of the Holocaust by providing them with protective passports.

The 36 petitioners include former prime ministers Goeran Persson and Thorbjoern Faelldin.

Other airports to have been named after major political figures include Paris’ Charles de Gaulle, New York’s John F. Kennedy and Berlin’s Willy Brandt, they noted.”

Travelers going through Wallenberg Airport will be prompted to think:

” Who controls toponimy controls a part of history and national identification. This is a northern European province of the Jewish Power Empire. I must remember that “humanity” means “Jews only, ” and that the all-important vigilance against anti-semitism must never go dormant. The only worthy Gentiles are those who are good for the Jews.”

Perhaps it is time to reconsider the name of the JFK airport. Not only was JFK no good for the Jews, in fact he was what in today’s language is called “an existential threat” for the state of Israel, as can be seen in the letter below (emphasis added):

JFK’s Letter To Israeli PM Eshkol, July 5, 1963

Dear Mr. Prime Minister (Eshkol),

It gives me great personal pleasure to extend congratulations as you assume your responsibilities as Prime Minister of Israel. You have our friendship and best wishes in your new tasks.

It is on one of these that I am writing you at this time. You are aware, I am sure, of the exchange which I had with Prime Minister Ben-Gurion concerning American visits (ie: inspections -ed) to Israel’s nuclear facility at Dimona. Most recently, the Prime Minister wrote to me on May 27. His words reflected a most intense personal consideration of a problem that I know is not easy for your Government, as it is not for mine.

We welcomed the former Prime Minister’s strong reaffirmation that Dimona will be devoted exclusively to peaceful purposes and the reaffirmation also of Israel’s willingness to permit periodic visits (ie: inspections -ed) to Dimona.

I regret having to add to your burdens so soon after your assumption of office, but I feel the crucial importance of this problem necessitates my taking up with you at this early date certain further considerations, arising out of Mr. Ben-Gurion’s May 27 letter, as to the nature and scheduling of such visits.

I am sure you will agree that these visits should be as nearly as possible in accord with international standards, thereby resolving all doubts as to the peaceful intent of the Dimona project. As I wrote Mr. Ben-Gurion, this Government’s commitment to and support of Israel could be seriously jeopardized if it should be thought that we were unable to obtain reliable information on a subject as vital to the peace as the question of Israel’s effort in the nuclear field. Therefore, I asked our scientists to review the alternative schedules of visits we and you had proposed. If Israel’s purposes are to be clear beyond reasonable doubt, I believe that the schedule which would best serve our common purposes would be a visit early this summer, another visit in June 1964, and thereafter at intervals of six months. I am sure that such a schedule should not cause you any more difficulty than that which Mr. Ben-Gurion proposed in his May 27 letter.

It would be essential, and I understand that Mr. Ben-Gurion’s letter was in accord with this, that our scientist have access to all areas of the Dimona site and to any related part of the complex, such as fuel fabrication facilities or plutonium separation plant, and that sufficient time to be allotted for a thorough examination. Knowing that you fully appreciate the truly vital significance of this matter to the future well-being of Israel, to the United States, and internationally, I am sure our carefully considered request will have your most sympathetic attention.


John F. Kennedy

Luckily for Israel, JFK was killed soon after this letter (something to do with Cubans or Soviets or Mafia, wasn’t it?),  so Israel did not have to be subjected to the humiliation of inspections or to worry about their American subsidies being spitefully cut.

The JFK Airport should carry the name of a Righteous Gentile like Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson, who “saved Soviet Jews” –the only Soviets who suffered in Communism or suffered a lot more. He enabled them to come to the US by the millions, which invigorated the finance industry and certain commerce areas, especially in personal services and entertainment, as well as transplantation surgery.


Photo: Senator Jackson with friends from the Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs (JINSA)

It’s a thought. At any rate it would be embarrassing for the US to lag behind Sweden.

  1. Interesting article Ariadna. Regarding Kennedy (the president), I have a feeling he was the type of person that could be convinced to change his views, perhaps without too much difficulty. I have a feeling he didn’t act in accordance with his own principles. He was a politician.

    But things have come out that show JFK’s personal views were very similar to his father Joseph, who was anti-British, anti-Churchill, “anti-semitic” and tried his best to keep the USA out of WW II. A new book has recently come out that says John F Kennedy was an admirer of Hitler.

    An book review about JFK’s father, “Joseph Kennedy and the Jews.”

    I have a feeling Joseph Kennedy was a wise man that knew how things worked in the world.

  2. I am not very interested in speculating whether the 20-year-old JFK was an admirer of Hitler, although his father clearly was. I think that this kind of speculation may actually misrepresent the motivation of his subsequent acts as a politician, namely, that as an American President he acted out nothing more complicated than patriotism.
    It was not as an erstwhile admirer of Hitler that he issued Executive Order 11110 (trying to take away the power of the Federal Reserve, and it was not as an admirer of Hitler that he wrote the letter referenced above.
    He acted as an American patriot concerned about the welfare of the nation and about world peace.
    I am, however, intrigued about the motivation of Jerusalem Post in publishing the story you linked to. Why is discrediting JFK with the usual “anti-semitism” accusation topical right now? Could this be a pre-emptive strike to defend against the leaks that are likely to emerge about certain aspects of his assassination now that the 50-year lid on the top secret investigation files has expired?

    • I wanted to say something else. If indeed JFK did admire Hitler and he wanted to pursue a career in politics, he obviously would have had to not make these views known. I’m sure you are right. If it became accepted that Kennedy admired Hitler, this would be used to make a long list of negative assertions about Kennedy’s views. And I agree with you, I doubt anything he did as president has anything to do with “admiration of Hitler.” Its a loaded expression.

      If someone is an admirer of Hitler, Napoleon, Churchill or anyone else I think there are certain things you would admire and other things you don’t. First of all, I don’t think someone is automatically “anti-semitic” just because they admire Hitler, just as someone doesn’t automatically hate Indians just because they admire Churchill. Maybe that person admires that Hitler reduced Germany’s massive unemployment to almost nothing, maybe they admire that he stuck up for the millions of ethnic Germans that were forced to live in the new countries created from German land after WW I and then often mistreated, maybe they admire that he stuck up for Germany’s rights as a nation when he demanded the return of German territory, maybe they admire his social policies in regards to supporting families. None of these things have anything to do with Jews. Maybe someone likes one aspect of Hitler’s policies, but dislikes his policies toward Jews. Surely in Adolf Hitler’s life, there must be something that he did that is admirable. Everyone has done something good during a lifetime.

      Jews want to make National Socialism and Hitler all about them, but it wasn’t all about Jews and it only became about Jews to the degree it did when they launched a worldwide campaign to get every nation in the world to attack Germany with their influence in the media, paying off politicians like Churchill and writing books such as “Germany must Perish!” calling for Germans to be exterminated. If Jews had not done all these things, I believe they would have suffered no more than anyone else in the war (perhaps far less, as they usually fare better than others during wars). It only became about Jews, because Jews made it about themselves with their incitement for war and violence against Germany.

      Also, I put “anti-semitism” in quotes because I believe that many aspects of what Jews call “anti-semitism” is nothing but a defense against their aggressive attitudes and policies, whether we are talking about military policies of Israel, Jews organized efforts to destroy anyone that has a viewpoint they don’t like or their organized efforts to dominate media, Ivy league schools or whatever else they have on their list; extorting billions of dollars from people or inciting war against Arabs. Surely more and more people must be getting “anti-semitic” as they define the term and that is a good thing, or everyone else will be their slave in a few years.

  3. This small comment in Arabnyheter with the picture of Folke Bernadotte says “Call Arlanda Airport Folke Bernadotte Airport, and show a picture of a new book in Sweden about the israeli murder of him. Quite appropiate I think.

    The MSM in Sweden is totally controlled by Jews, marxists and filo-semites mostly from the green party. The Jewish Bonnier-group is the dominant owner.

    Everyone that dare to protect swedish culture and are against unlimited imigration are labeled as “anti-Semites”, “racists” or “nazists”. I guess f ex UK and the US are heavens of freedom of speeach in comparision.

    • “The decision to assassinate him had been taken by Natan Yellin-Mor, Yisrael Eldad andYitzhak Shamir, who later became Prime Minister of Israel.” (wikipedia)
      One of the three ‘deciders’ listed above, is Icchak Jeziernicky (who later changed his name to Yitzhak Shamir to obtain that euphonious Hebrew sound that is de rigueur), is one of the first gang who raped Palestine to whom paternity of the state of Israel is attributed.
      The ArabNyheter writer who proposes Bernadotte’s name does not understand the concept of Righteous Gentile; it is not a Goy who stands in the way and must be killed to clear the road for Jews, an action that Jews deplore being forced to undertake, as that sensitive great woman, Golda Meir, indicated when she exclaimed that she hated the Palestinian for making her kill their children.
      Wallenberg is a good choice, I realize now. He would have been a perfect Righteous Gentile if he had died for helping the Jews (the Soviets nabbed him for being a spy), but he appears to be the best Sweden has to offer in this instance for the cause of hasbara.
      In the future candidates for the title will be more numerous in Sweden, judging by the vast proliferation of Shabbath Goyim to which Lasse points.

  4. Aridana, I agree in your analyse about “a perfect Righteous Gentile”, but not in the intrepretion of suggesting Folke Bernadotte. There is an unsolved conflict between the Swedish royal family and the Jewish state because of this murder. Probably because of this the second in order to become the Swedish Queen recently was named to Eselle, the name of Folke Bernadottes wife. This conflict is of historical gratitude, and the only way the Jews know how to “solve” it is by working to finnsish Sweden as a formal Kingdom – which the do.

    Folke Bernadotte was a “Righteous Swede”, according to Swedish culture and traditional role in international politics, and the last name they would suggest. Among the signers of the article (which propose Wallenberg Airport) are several leading Jews in Sweden and Dagens Nyheter is the biggest morning newspaper owned by Bonniers and the strongest voice in Sweden for Jewish interests.

    So the suggestion by Arabnyheter of Folke Bernadotte is a strong counterpunch to this manifestation of Judaization.

    Did I get you wrong?

  5. I agree completely with you, Lasse.
    I was being sarcastic defining Bernadotte as a Goy who stood in the way and had to be killed to clear the road, but perhaps more factual than sarcastic.
    I also wish to clarify that I did not mean to imply that Wallenberg was a Shabbath Goy. He was a compassionate individual in a position to help Hungarian Jews escape being transported to labor camps and he did that selflessly. His praise by Jews should in fact be contextualized, comparing him to the leaders of the Jewish community in Hungary who sold their co-religionaries (“live Jews in Europe”) for “a dead cow in Palestine,” as just about everyone knows.
    The info about the Swedish royal family is very interesting. Whatever one thinks about royalty in general, its role in a constitutional monarchy is primarily that of a powerful national symbol of tradition, continuity, unity and national identity and a visible tie that binds one people to its land. In this light the attitude of European Jewry to it has always been one of hatred (graphically expressed in the massacre of the entire family, to the last child, of the Czar–the one who had given them emancipation). Shahak describes the pattern of Jewish behavior vis-a-vis power:
    1. always siding with power against the populace in order to get close to it; 2. becoming their financiers, advisers/confidants (Disraeli) and rapacious administrators of the feudal estates (Russia and Eastern Europe); 3.manipulating power, inciting wars and financing them to have aristocracy/power indebted to them; 4. working to destroy national institutions and replacing them with ‘cosmopolitan’ and ‘democratic’ ones under their control.
    The British monarchy clearly fears and obeys them, doing their zionist propaganda work (e.g., Prince Charles).

  6. I agree with much of what you say, MW. I am not aware of any accurate and complete history of Germany (and for that matter of Europe) of the 20th century, which would per force have to include that of the 19th century. History without context is propaganda.
    It would have to start by defining “Germany” historically, geographically, ethnically and culturally, which would throw a completely different light on the “Hitler invaded Poland” statement. [Ron: Because much of the portion of Poland Hitler invaded was German territory populated by Germans until the Versailles Treaty GAVE it to Poland.  Hitler had to invade to protect those Germans because over 58,000 Germans were murdered by Bolsheviks in 1939 which forced Hitler to intervene to protect the rest.].
    There are bits and pieces of accurate history (most of it contributed by David Irving) but no complete, reasoned history. I think the problem is that so far we have either the entirely false judeocentric “history,” and on the other hand a view of National Socialism that–perhaps as an understandable reaction to its demonization into a monstrous caricature beyond recognition — idealizes it without any pause for analysis of its absolutist and utopian (in the true sense of the word) goals of “racial cleansing.”
    There is no doubt that such a history would have to place into contrast what Hitler did/tried to do for Germany/Europe with what Jewry tried to do /are doing in the name of what is “good for the Jews” worldwide.
    It is interesting to note that, aware of the indisputable fact of Hitler’s awesome success in reviving Germany (first and foremost by chasing out the Jewish bankers), the Jewish discourse tries to minimize and ridicule it with the oft-repeated rejoinder “Hitler made the trains run on time” (also said about Mussolini).
    There is an essay well worth reading in this respect about Bardeche’s contribution to a rational understanding of National Socialism in the Occidental Observer.

    Returning to JFK, I think is important to stress that his motivation was patriotic not so much because any talk about his presumed ‘admiration for Hitler” would smear him, but because it would tend to make any opposition to Jewish power strictly a Hitler-derived motivation, when in fact it should be noted that patriots, thinkers and statesmen understood the peril of Jewish domination of their nations before and after Hitler, and that Hitler is only the most recognizable opponent who did something rather drastic about it… I believe that the other approach is similar to that of Jewish commenters to anyone criticizing Israel who say “You must be a Muslim.” No, the opposition to Jewish takeover is not a “Nazi” thing or Hitler derived; it is a spontaneous reaction in many people of many nations who are targeted by it.
    I believe Churchill to have been a sociopath. There is enormous documented evidence that he wanted war at all costs. [Ron: But also, Churchill was a bought and paid for Rothschilds agent.].

  7. I agree Adriana and I didn’t bring up Hitler to smear JFK. I don’t think Joseph Kennedy was especially unique with the feelings he held in the 1930′s and 40′s. There were many Americans that wanted to keep the USA out of WW II, but the Jews successfully changed public opinion to make it pro-war and they demonized Joseph Kennedy, Charles Lindbergh, Father Coughlin and all the “American Firsters” in the process.

    England’s own King Edward VIII visited Hitler, got along well with him and I think “admired” him, or some of what he had done. That the Jews were able to side-line the anti-war King (who later abdicated and became a Duke) sounds like another fascinating story.

    • Another misuse of the term Nazi that means to solidify the false description of NS Germany is the claim by “progressives” that the US is “becoming a Nazi state.”
      I believe the current US resembles much more the Weimar republic: rampant and insoluble unemployment, huge national debt, printing “unbacked” money, debasement of culture, erosion of national identity, Jewish control of most national institutions, etc. The US is a Weimar republic but much more dangerous to the world because it is armed to its teeth.

      • I didn’t know much about the Weimar Republic until the last few years. I only learned about the things you described within the last 4 or 5 years. I don’t believe my parents were aware of all of these things either and I don’t know if my grandparents were aware of them. My parents did view the Weimar republic as a failure, with high unemployment, high inflation and violence between political parties that could not get anything accomplished. My mother viewed the Weimar Republic and democracy as a failure (I recall her saying that once), because they both were. I think this is how many Germans felt.

        Growing up in NY, I recall how amid all the NAZI talk, they would praise the Weimar Republic occasionally, talking about the culture, films, etc. But I suspect German Christians were far less fond of it than Germany’s Jews were.

    • Actually Cosmo, I believe that most Swedes would like to reclaim their country. They would also like to see the backs of all the zionist lovers of ‘multiculturalism’ that have been swarming Sweden.
      Recall your unsavory characters, like Barbara and other zionist Spectres and have them implement multiculturalism and tolerance in the State for Jews.

      Also while you are at it, maybe you, Israeli Jews, can make an effort to grasp the meaning of Tolerance for the rest of the world. It does not encompass slapping a “Museum of Tolerance” on top of Palestinian graves.
      Your attempted irony is as cringeworthy as Sharon’s stomping on the Temple Mount surrounded by 1,000 IOFers like you in the name of religious freedom.
      BTW, is your Generalissimo “still dead but getting better every day,” as Chevy Chase used to say about Franco on SNL?

      • The place has been a parking since the 60s.
        From the Palestine Post, November 22, 1945:
        area of over 450 dunams in the heart of Jerusalem, now forming the Mamilla Cemetery, is to be converted into a business centre. The townplan is being completed under the supervision of the Supreme Moslem Council in conjunction with the Government Town Planning Adviser. A six-storeyed building to house the Supreme Moslem Council and other offices, a four-storeyed hotel, a bank and other buildings suitable for it, a college, a club and a factory are to be the main structures. There will also be a park to be called the Salah ed Din Park, after the Moslem warrior of Crusader times.

        …In an interview with “Al-Wihda.” the Jerusalem weekly, a member of the Supreme Moslem Council stated that the use of Moslem cemeteries in the public interest had many precedents both in Palestine and elsewhere….

        As for Swedes Jews there are suffering from persecution because of the Arab and Muslim influx to the country. I think that a lot more of Swedes are worried about them rather than Jews.

  8. Thanks, Cosmo for your reply, which is so stereotypical it made me chuckle:
    1. “What’s the big deal about building on top of Palestinian graves? It’s not the first pass. We had already paved them over for a parking lot in the 60s. Besides, why you always blame the Jews for stuff others have done in other places at some time.
    2. Jewish suffering is the greatest suffering, oy, vey, look at the persecution we endure in Sweden!

    The funny thing, Cosmo, is that you unintentionally expose the very reason why Jews, while busily ethnic cleansing the native population in the shtetl into which they have turned Palestine (“Israel” to you), when operating as sayanim are doing the opposite: pushing ‘open borders,’ unchecked immigration and ‘multiculturalism’ in Europe and America, beating their progressive breasts about ‘tolerance.” That reason is to install another group of ‘allogens’ that loom larger as unassimilated and problematic. Exactly as you say: “Swedes are worried about them rather than Jews.”

    • For some reason you chose to ignore the fact that the Supreme Moslem Council wanted to build a business centre on the exact same spot. Hypocrisy at its finest. It is not others in other places it is the same people now complaining at the exact same spot.
      You need to understand you are not dealing with the Jewish monster and its master plan. There are millions of different individuals each with his own mind and ideas. Some Jews chose to support multiculturalism in Europe and America just like some Christians and Muslims.
      I don’t think the precentage of Sweden’s Jews supporting open immigration to Sweden which is mostly Muslim is greater than the precentage of Muslim Swedes or Christian Swedes. If you think it is, show me that survey.

      • “Supreme Moslem Council wanted to build a business centre on the exact same spot.”
        So why didn’t you let them, Cosmo? Why did you grab it? “Jewish monster plan” maybe?

        “There are millions of different individuals each with his own mind and ideas.”
        No kidding. But by some sheer coincidence, yours is always of one mind, always pointing in the same direction: ethnic cleansing and stealing all of Palestine for the State for Jews, and destruction of national identities in the “diaspora.”

        “I don’t think the precentage of Sweden’s Jews supporting open immigration to Sweden which is mostly Muslim is greater than the precentage of Muslim Swedes or Christian Swedes. If you think it is, show me that survey.”
        Nice try there. What you “think” needs no documentation. Only I must “show [you] that survey.”

        Why is it logical to assume that the likes of the “former Israeli,” former-former American” Jew preaching ‘multiculturalism’ in Sweden represents the aspirations of the Swedish nation?
        Why must it be dismissed as insignificant that Jews are invariably at the forefront and in the leadership of all political organizations/groups that clamor for ‘open borders’ and ‘multiculturalism’ in the US and Europe and that they are the very same Jews who defend “the right of Israel to exist” as The State for Jews?
        Rhetorical questions.

          • You are precious, Cosmo, all the more so for being completely incapable of self-awareness.
            Those Palestinians settlers have indeed been a problem for the Jews since the beginning of “self-determination” of the State for Jews. Fake Palestinian graves too! What will those Palestinian settlers think of next?
            Now go away. I am busy the rest of the day. We can have more fun tomorrow.

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