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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

The Jew and the Peasant, by Douglas Reed
By Lasha Darkmoon
May 3, 2014 - 5:31:14 AM

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The Jew and the Peasant, by Douglas Reed

Douglas Reed explains why anti-Semitism is so prevalent in Ukraine, showing it has deep historical roots that go back for centuries . . .

This is an edited extract from Douglas Reed’s “Disgrace Abounding” [here], with an introductory note, pictures and captions by Lasha Darkmoon.


(Anti-Semitic cartoon, date unknown)

After Russia and Poland, Ukraine has always been one of the most anti-Semitic nations in the world. This brief article will help to explain why. For centuries, the moneylending Jew was allowed to batten like a bloodsucking vampire on the Christian peasant. So anti-Semitism runs deep in the region and has valid  historical roots.

All this has been hushed up, however, and people are expected to believe that anti-Semitism is a pathological condition. Jews are portrayed as a race of spotlessly innocent victims always being scapegoated by bigots — in short, hated without just cause.

Like Solzhenitsyn’s great work about the Jewish problem in Russia, “Two Hundred Years Together”, Douglas Reed’s works have been been methodically suppressed.

Though Reed was once a famous foreign correspondent for the Times newspaper (UK) and his books were bestsellers in many lands throughout the 1940s, Ivor Benson was to write: “After 1951, Reed found himself banished from the bookstands, all publishers’ doors closed to him, and those books already published were liable to be withdrawn from library shelves and ‘lost’, never to be replaced.”

This was because Reed had dared to tell the truth about the political machinations of organized Jewry — and, as you will see from the extract below, he did not mince his words.

—  Lasha Darkmoon


Reed’s Account of his Visit to the Carpathian Ukraine

The next day I began to study Carpathian Russia, otherwise known as  Carpathian Ukraine.

I made the dreary journey, over the one remaining road, to Chust. There is only the one road, at present, leading to Carpathian Ukraine. It goes up hill and down dale for some hundreds of miles, and would need a great deal of improvement before it could be used for major military operations.

The Carpathian Ukraine is the remote rural area of Ukraine where the Carpathian mountains stretch into Hungary in the north and Rumania in the south.

The Carpathian Ukraine is the remote rural area of Ukraine where the Carpathian mountains march into Poland in the north and Romania in the south.

The population of this remote statelet (right) only amounts to about half a million people. The evidence of the eye would suggest that about half of these are Jews; actually a sixth is probably nearer the truth. The remainder comprise some of the most miserably poor and racially mixed people in Europe; most of them do not themselves know what they are, but they know that they have nothing to eat.

Many of them speak two, three, four or five languages or dialects, and have been successively told in the last twenty-five years that they are Hungarians, Ruthenians, and, now, Ukrainians. The proportion of them who have any knowledge of what a Ukrainian is is very small. This is not very important; the only thing that is important for these people is that they should be lifted out of the misery in which they live.

Never have I seen such poverty as reigns in Carpathian Ukraine.

Here, in these remote Carpathian hills and valleys, the peasant has a house without a chimney. And without flooring. He builds his fire on the stamped-earth floor and the smoke just rises and filters through the roof. Geese, pigs and goats, if he is lucky enough to have any, share the one room with him and his family. For food, he has insufficient quantities of maize bread, which is only just edible. If he has half an acre of land he may pull a rudely-fashioned plough across it himself, or turn it over with a spade.

Money he never sees. He thinks with regret of the great days when he could at harvest time at least go down into Hungary and work on the big estates and bring back, as his wage, a side of bacon for the winter. That was wealth to him.

These peasants, their wives and children, live like animals. Even that is an under-statement. In many districts they are animals. I can see hardly any difference between their life and that of an animal.

In one district, round the villages of Svalava and Verezky, where there are a few small factories, inter-marriage and the drinking of methylated spirits has produced a stunted race of deformed and mentally inferior people. Their life is so hard and their wages so small that their only solace is drinking spirits. And as they cannot afford Schnapps, at 36 kronen a litre, they buy methylated spirits from unscrupulous dealers at 5 kronen a litre. It brings intoxication and forgetfulness of hunger in half an hour.

The sellers of cheap methylated spirits, guaranteed to destroy the liver and kidneys of the peasants and cause a painful death, are invariably Jews — as Douglas Reed goes on to show. [LD]

Carpathian Ukraine is a good place to study the persecution of a non-Jewish community by the Jewish one.

Here, for the first time, I saw the Eastern Jews in their native habitat.

By the time they reach Budapest, Vienna, Berlin or Prague they are already Westernized. Here, as in Poland, you have the future raw material of your Hollywood film producers and screen stars, your international bankers, your slick Jewish journalists — for here, in Carpathian Ukraine, they are learning English too, before they set off for America in search of greener pastures and another people to exploit and bring to ruin. (Italics added).

Here you have a peasant population that has been plundered and bled white in centuries of exploitation, that has passed from one tyranny to another: Czars, kings, nobles, the Church, Russia, Poland, Hungary, and is now completely in the thrall of the Jewish community.

According to statistics, Jews comprise only about 15 per cent of the whole population, but they control all the money power, trade, commerce and banking. Their grip on the people is far more subtle but as vice-like as that of any dictators.

There is no escape for the peasant.

Jews today in traditional dress . . . the look  hasn't changed for centuries

Jews in traditional dress . . . the look hasn’t changed for centuries

In Carpathian Ukraine you are far more acutely aware of the Jews than in other countries, because they wear the uniform of black hat, caftan, ringlets and beard. (See picture).

In every town and village you enter they thus thrust themselves on your gaze, and your first impression is that they must be numerically predominant, that there must be more Jews than non-Jews in the place.

This is in fact not the case. The reason is that they own all the shops and house property in the main square and in the centre of the town generally. The non-Jews live in the meaner streets and remoter quarters.

The way to test this is to go through one of these towns on Friday evening, when the Jewish Sabbath begins. Nearly all the shops in the place are closed; it is difficult for the non-Jewish population to buy anything on Friday evening or Saturday morning. The squeeze-out of the non-Jews is complete.

Only large and financially powerful concerns, like Bata, can hope to compete with the Jewish traders, and perhaps a non-Jewish shopkeeper here and there who keeps going chiefly on what he earns on Friday evening and Saturday morning. The non-Jewish small trader, with little capital, almost invariably goes bankrupt before very long.

The Jews quarrel a good deal, and violently, among themselves, but at the approach of a non-Jew they close their ranks with a solidarity impossible to find among any other people in the world.

The wholesale trade is almost exclusively in the hands of the Jews. The downfall of the non-Jewish interloper is achieved by supplying his Jewish competitors with goods at prices which enable them to undersell him. If any Jew fails to fall into line the services of the rabbi are enlisted and heavy punishments may be enforced against him; he may be refused access to the ritual bath, or the Jewish slaughterer may be ordered not to kill his chickens for him.

The peasant is entirely in the hands of the Jews. If he has any money and wishes to buy anything, he must buy it from a Jew. If he has no money, and needs to borrow some for his taxes or his mortgage, he must borrow it from a Jew. If he has something to sell, he can only sell it to the Jewish dealers. If he wishes to hire a plough, he must hire it, at a high rate, from a Jew.

Peasant brutalized and crazed with cheap methylated spirits sold to him by a predatory Jew. This happened for centuries in Russia, Poland and Ukraine and helped to fuel a virulent anti-Semitism.

Peasant brutalized and crazed with cheap methylated spirits sold to him by a predatory Jew. This happened for centuries in Russia, Poland and Ukraine and helped to fuel a virulent anti-Semitism.

Most sinister of all, if he wants to drink — and alcohol forms his only solace — he must go to a Jew for it, for the great majority of the alcohol licences are in the hands of Jews.

If he goes to law, he puts money into the pocket of the Jewish lawyer — for in Carpathian Ukraine only 19 of the 160 lawyers are non-Jews. To litigate against a Jew, in these conditions, is for him an almost hopeless proceeding.

It is an iron ring, from which there is no escape.

After being a visitor in Carpathian Ukraine for some time, I burned the remains of my Christmas tree in the little iron stove in my room, packed my bags, and boarded the ancient bus that bore me back to civilization.

About Montecristo

John Scott Montecristo is the editor of this website. He is Lasha Darkmoon's cousin.
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118 Responses to The Jew and the Peasant, by Douglas Reed

  1. Daniel Krupp says:

    Great! While you’re at it, why not read the gentleman in full, and see what he had to say about the Jews in yet another one of his suppressed masterpieces. Mind boggling! Shame on the West! Shame, shame, shame! There is no longer West… There is only western war addicts, western porn addicts, western cocaine addicts – in other words, judaized westerners, that’s all. Shame!
    “When shamelessness begins, life ends.” A Roman proverb

    Daniel Krupp

    • Balthaza says:

      Well said, Daniel! You are a man after my own heart. You expressed exactly what I wished to say. “When shamelessness begins, life ends…” An apt proverb. The Western politicians who now gather like vultures around Ukraine are certainly a shamelless bunch of inglourious basterds.

  2. lobro says:

    tell me about it

    In one district in Alabama, round the villages of Macon and Gum Swamp Creek, where there are a few small factories, inter-marriage and the drinking of methylated spirits has produced a stunted race of deformed and mentally inferior people.

    having licked up the dregs of the body fluids of brain and soul dead america, they now prepare to re-enter newly recovered veins of russia through ukraine.

    putin stands in the way though, so maddened with frustrated bloodlust, they screech and moan flapping leathery wings, “putin is a jew, putin is a jew”.

    let’s see, so far, so good.

    what the kind jew doctor maimonides calls for is that in order to reach the russian vein, the needle must be inserted in syria
    … to get Putin back for his supposed actions in Ukraine, Slaughter calls for President Obama to bomb Syria

    see how hard they are trying?
    would they be twisting and rolling on the floor in rage, snapping jaws like this if putin was their own?
    you who think so are one-hundred-percent retards, one and all, you who just say so are mossad dogs begging for matzo crumbs off the table.

    • Balthaza says:

      Well said, dear lobro. I’ve been reading the comments on this site for the last few years and they are getting better all the time. I hope you don’t mind me telling you that your comments are among the best I have read anywhere. Not just factually based but raw with visceral emotion. Keep up the good work.

      • lobro says:

        of course i don’t mind balthaza, though it puts me under pressure :-)
        this is what i see myself as, a proselytizer of enlightened antisemitism, not just someone who likes to read himself in print, a blogging limelight whore.
        if you see the sense, then so do others and that is my sufficient reward.
        if 1 in 100 catch on, this is 3 million americans, equal to the jew population of usa and it is beginning of end of judaism, which is nothing but a synonym for evil.
        to say, you are judaic is exactly the same as saying, you are evil.

        i know that jews refuse to define themselves, except by denial, we are not a race, we are not a religion – so then what exactly are you?
        the devil’s own legion, the infernal sector, the army of kol nidre.

        so let’s define ourselves then.
        an antisemite is someone who does not accept lies, a sworn enemy of kol nidre, the phariseic hypocrisy.
        what does that mean?
        it means that anything you are told, you must filter through the brain you were born with.
        work the damn thing, soak it in truth and it will grow like a powerful tree.

        those who accept the easy, sugar laden fake nourishment of the lie will grow up stunted and deformed like those desperate and defeated methyl alcohol guzzlers of ukrainian shtetls.

        one does not have to be a christian to appreciate the words of christ.
        i am the way, the truth and life …
        that’s it, just go for the truth and forget everything else, irrelevant, even jesus the person is irrelevant, which is where christianity went astray becoming a cult that worships the personality instead of the idea.
        thus abominations like the false preachers voiding bowels from the high pulpits onto the empty heads, lids wide open of the cattle packing megachurches of the nation – in the name of the original truther.

        pax, balthaza and thanks for the kind word.

        • Sardonicus says:

          . . . if 1 in 100 catch on, this is 3 million americans, equal to the jew population of usa . . .

          Actually, there are almost 6 million Jews in America. Official figure of 5.4 million is too low, since if you add half-Jews and quarter-Jew to that number, the figure leaps to 8.5 million Jews.

          Some people think there are more Jews in the US than in Israel (6 million). America has become Greater Zion.

    • asap says:

      “In one district in Alabama, round the villages of Macon and Gum Swamp Creek, where there are a few small factories, inter-marriage and the drinking of methylated spirits has produced a stunted race of deformed and mentally inferior people.”

      There are no such cities in Alabama. There is a Macon, Georgia. There is no Gum Swamp Creek there either.

      Inter-marriage and drinking spirits occur with more frequency in Europe, Canada and Australia. The ‘royals’ are renowned for their deformed and mentally inferior people.

  3. Sardonicus says:

    Reading the original piece by Douglas Reed on the link given by Darkmoon above — it was not easy to find — I noticed that it was much longer and more rambling and diffuse. And much more tedious, stuffed with dull historical details that make the original article drag a little.

    Darkmoon has done a perfect job in cutting it all down to size and in extracting the golden nuggets. All the crap is left out… well done!

  4. Seymour Zak says:

    This article by Douglas Reed does not impress me. It is badly written and puerile. It reeks of foul odors and corruption. It is as tedious as it is toxic.

    The reason why Western publishers stopped publishing Reed long ago is the same reason they refuse to publish that long and tedious tome by Solzhenitsyn called “Two Hundred Years Together” — factual inaccuracies, often amounting to barefaced lies, all cobbled togethed with the help of dubious documentation and in a spirit of hateful bigotry.

    I believe that Douglas Reed, like Eustace Mullins and so many other antisemites, ended up in a lunatic asylum. There is something about hatred, especially the totally undeserved hatred directed against Jews, that rots and corrodes the brain.

    One has only to read the comments on this website to see the devastating effects that such hatred has had on the brains of the commenters. The writers praised here the most are the ones who have sustained the most extensive brain damage.

    Quite pitiful, really.

    • asap says:

      “…especially the totally undeserved hatred directed against Jews…”

      All hatred of the talmudists is deserved. They sing kol nidre.

      Stop making stuff up. It makes you seem brain damaged.

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      Eustace Mullins did NOT end up in a lunatic asylum, Seymour (but it sometimes seems the REST of us have!) :) .

      • asap says:

        He ‘made it up’ about Mullins, probably confusing him with his friend, Ezra Pound. Mullins told me he saw him several times a week in the asylum in DC for years.

        • Gilbert Huntly says:

          asap -

          Hello. I knew Eustace later in his life – from the mid nineties until his death in 2010 (or was it ’11?) (my real name is not “Gilbert Huntly”, btw – just as yours isn’t “asap”…).

          Anyhow, there was NOTHING insane about the man, as you know. In fact, after long visits, dinners, and beer/drinks, he maintained decorum as well as any gentleman could. Nor was there any “hate” in the man – just a vast repertoire of knowledge which I considered a great privilege to have heard, first hand. He was courtly with ladies, too – and never boring. But you know that, too…

        • asap says:

          Yep. I miss the conversations. I met him several times. He answered every phone call. Loved to talk. He went to Sedition Trials of 1944. Said Elizabeth Dilling carried whole Talmud into the court room on a hand truck everyday for almost a year, with help, as evidence.

    • turtle says:

      You need to See more, you sterile alpha motif…

      Fairly clear from ALL the above comments that this is about the search for truth and not hate. The question is “Can you handle it?”.

      Good job again LSD.

    • my two cents says:

      ‘There is something about hatred, …., that rots and corrodes the brain.’

      Thank you Zak, for explaining to me why there is so much madness in jews. It’s the hatred!! Hatred of non jews combined with the hidden trauma of the barbaric circumcision makes the jew more adapted to mental derangement.

      In the nineteenth century they knew already that in every 1750 catholics in Italy you found 1 with mental disease. For jews the figure was 1 in every 350!!!

      Just look it up in your jewish encyclopedia.

      ‘Mental disturbance, e jewish disease?’ read for yourselves.

      • Brownhawk says:

        Hate, thy name is Satan.

        It’s chief purveyors, thy name is jew.

      • asap says:


        Table of Contents
        Amaurotic Idiocy.
        Mental deficiency, depending upon disease or imperfect development of the nervous system, and dating from birth or from early infancy previous to the evolution of the mental faculties.
        Though the parents of more than 15 per cent of idiotic children have been alcoholics, and alcoholism is rare among Jews, yet idiocy and imbecility are found comparatively more often among Jews than among non-Jews.

  5. Rehmat says:

    There is no antisemitism in Ukraine or any other European countries, as the Jews living there are not ‘Semite people’, but Khazarian Turks or North African Berbers. A recent DNA study has proved that.

    Ukrainian Christians have rights to hate Jews for what they did to them during Communist-era Russian of Ukraine. According to Canadian journalist and author, Eric Margolis, Russian murdered nearly 7 million Ukrainians. Furthermore, Ukrainian economy is still controlled by Jewish oligarchs like George Soro.

    George Soros, who is better known as the founding-father of ‘velvet revolutions’ in Eastern Europe and has helped bankroll regime-change movements in Iran and Zimbabwe, has immense power in the American political arena. The long-time Democratic donor was also one of the top financers of Obama’s presidential election campaign in 2008.

    • Max Bilney says:

      Instead of all the semantics and highly “learned” rhetorical crap that I read on this site, how about concentrating on Glenn Beck’s “most evil man on the planet”and the current Jewish, “messianic” figure, George Soros! Rehmat brings all your scribbles down to earth – talk about the REAL troublemakers who are destroying our planet. Soros has 100′s of times more influence than Putin; and so does the executive chief of world finances – the Zionist Jew and Fed CEO, Janet Yellen. The “waste my time” rhetorical, smart arse writers seem more content in using this site as a chat site to show how clever they are, than a genuine information site. How about more on your American Israeli-Jewish commanders! Or are you too sacred to go that far towards the truth, preferring to point score off each other. Lobro is clever, but he keeps repeating himself in different guises and says very little about the immediate problem of a USA under Jewish rule. How about the satanically evil Dianne Feinstein who prances through your society dragging evil wherever she goes? How about their criminal puppet Obama? The trouble with Americans is that they bare false loyalties because it has been ingrained into them as little children.

      • Rehmat says:

        It would be as much “antisemitic” to criticize Glenn Beck as you find it with George Soro. Why? Because, like Soro Beck too loves Israel. However, Beck do beat Soro in one respect – Beck has been awarded the honor of being among America’s Top Muslim-haters.

        • Max Bilney says:

          Rehmat, I watched Beck when he was on Fox News for over a year. His “learning-as-he-went” was very obvious to me and he resorted to being a teacher with an actual blackboard. His summary of the hideous Jewish hegemony over the USA was very accurate, but he never alluded to the fact that most of the megalomaniac tyrants and corrupt evil ones he scribbled down on his blackboard were Zionist-Jews; commencing at the top with George Soros. I figured that the only way for him to keep his job was to omit the Jewish connection and praise up the US loyalty to the rogue-genocidal intent state of Israel. In this way, he eventually lost credibility in my eyes as he was thoroughly compromised. Hence he made squillions selling half-truth books via the Jewish New York Times. His current ramblings are absolute crap, as like Lyndon LaRouche and his “evil British Queen”, he is too scared to admit the Jewish hegemony; as are many other week-kneed academics. Even Oliver Cromwell refused to admit that he was handing over the public purse to the Jewish Shylocks he had admitted into England. So the story is NOT new!

      • lobro says:

        Lobro is clever, but he keeps repeating himself in different guises and says very little about the immediate problem of a USA under Jewish rule.

        i have different fish to fry, max, naftastan (us/canada) is a swamp i realistically consider beyond salvation and not worth my time.
        a dozen years after 9-11 and a big majority of them still believe in whatever fairly tales are spun out of jew sludge factory about whodunit, palestinians, saddam, gaddafi, chavez, ahmedinejad, camel jockeys, turban heads, krauts, putin.
        they are the most ignorant pack of obese, retarded lardasses in history of homo more or less sapiens and get this:
        proud of it

        they are proud that they don’t know which side of mexico is canada, whether the queen of england is also president of africa, is the moon just on the upper side of the clouds.
        hey, it’s funny and real likable isn’t it, this ignorance, like cool shit man, yeah.

        USA! USA!

        just give us our kanye west designed Nike Air Foamposite Pro ‘Yeezy’ sneakers and shove the rest of the world up yours.

        well max, you go back to tilling your gmo deformed land, while i run to greener pastures.
        if there is hope, it won’t be found in amurrika, this is my stone hearted military assessment.
        it will be found in healthier populations, be it the arab crescent, the slavic and central european swath, cuba, venezuela and south america, maybe india …

        so yeah, i will harp on the same story until i find the general level of acceptance to my liking and then thankfully shut up because the job of ethical clensing will be as good as done

        • asap says:

          This section is for harping. My son-in-law really likes S. Korea. He says people very friendly, polite, area beautiful and clean. The residents even manicure the streets. He works on oil rigs(Trans-Oceanic) all over the world. He has a good gauge. He is 50 years old and will retire there in a year or so.

        • Xanadu says:

          @ asap

          Nice to know South Korea is such a pleasant place to live in. However, I am puzzled at the fact that South Koreans — according to a respected correspondent of mine — are “the most persistent masturbators in the world, based on the figures for pornography consumption.”

          If you look at the chart below, you will see that South Korea ranks highest in the world for per capita expenditure on pornography:

          Why do South Koreans spend such enormous amounts on pornography compared to the North Koreans just across the border? Any idea? I find this very puzzling indeed.

        • asap says:

          Obviously… Kim Jong-un confiscates it all for himself in N. Korea. ;)

          We all know that jews will make up lies to keep facts from being revealed.

          My son-in-law is single, and by no means liberal politically. He works way too hard for that.

        • Sardonicus says:

          We can take the connection between masturbation and porn consumption as granted. Obviously the people who are paying for enormous amounts of porn are jerking off much more than the people who are spending less on porn.

          OK, so take another look at that fascinating chart:

          Question: Why are people jerking off more in Australia than in Canada? Has this anything to do with the warm Australian climate and the fact that Australian women are showing more skin on the average throughout the year?

          Answer: No, climate has obviously nothing to do with it. Because you will notice that people are jerking off more in Finland than in Australia. And Finland is even colder than Canada and for much of the year the women are wrapped up in furs and so on.

          This doesn’t make sense to me. I wish I had the brain power to figure out this particular conundrum, but I don’t. Speculations by others on this fascinating riddle would be welcome. Maybe Eileen has the answer. :)

        • asap says:

          I would imagine that the ratio of males to females in the population is a factor, and the marriage customs for the women would play an important role. Virginity is revered for women differently from country to country.

        • Brownhawk says:

          Your “stone-hearted military assessment” could be taken figuratively AND literally.

          I say that thinking about Max the Aussie, the jewification of whose country reflects the current World geo-political situation. Australia of course representing the crucial Southern flank in the Global board game.

          Final showdown. Let the chips fall where they may.

        • Max Bilney says:

          lobro … I apologise for my temporary nastiness. I enjoy your wisdom and I wish you the very best. I do agree with nearly everything you say and you make so much sense. I too have thought about “greener pastures” and maybe it is completely out of the English speaking Jew Kingdoms. But then much of Europe is a write-off too, so maybe it is the Arab crescent or your other suggestions. I remember that the history books said Islam was far more tolerant than we have been told and travellers tell me Iran is a great place with the most hospitable people. Maybe this will be the planetary base from which the war against the tyrannical Jews will eventually commence. Keep up your great writing and suggestions. We need people like you.

        • lobro says:

          understood, max.
          also your frustration is perfectly understood and shared.

          how i wish it wasn’t the case but the sad fact is, yes, it is and my heart goes out to true hearted fighters like lonnie and jb campbell whose sacrifice will be alas, wasted, made an example of what happens to those who refuse to bend knee to talmud juggernaut.

          somewhere i linked to a fantastic video by a russian historian, anderi firsov (subtitled) and there you can see how even a mighty and self aware nation like russia has escaped (time will tell if successfully) due to plain dumb luck and miscalculation by jews.
          what can a few ragtag street fighters do in america?
          unfortunately, for all their bluster, americans lack cohesion and are just as happy gunning each other down as anybody else, if not more.

          i second you on iran and am thinking the same.
          ojala! (insha’allah!) that we meet there like foreign mujahedeen in service of the truth.

          fact is too, that i trust shia branch more than sunni, they are closer to those roots of tolerance and communal spirit.

          all the iranians i have known and met and have known many, are among the noblest, most generous and civilized people i have known, a study in contrast to jews.

        • Brownhawk says:

          I’ll second that about the Iranians, lobro.

          Few things get my ire up more than the thought of those heartless shits attacking Iran.

          Count me in as one of the foreign mujahedeen, if only in my heart. A true fight worth bleeding over.

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  7. Ellen T says:


    Peasant brutalized and crazed with cheap methylated spirits sold to him by a predatory Jew. This happened for centuries in Russia, Poland and Ukraine and helped to fuel a virulent anti-Semitism.”

    It was methylated spirits then, today it’s pornography. I know. I worked in porn for a couple of years when I lost my husband in an automobile accident and had to support my 6-year-old daughter. It was either that or starve.

    I perferred working in porn to becoming a hooker. It was safer and allowed me to kid myself I wasn’t harming anyone. The people who exploited me and treated me like a slab of meat were Jews. They interviewed the girls and made them strip and subjected them to all kinds of humiliations. “Open your legs wide so I can inspect your pussy!” is one of the things the Jew boss would say to us girls looking for a job.

    There were no jobs where I lived. Even the waitress jobs were taken by Mexers and Asians. All the other jobs in manufacturing had been exported to the Third World. The only job left for us white girls was to suck dick and flash pussy. This is what the Jews had done to our nation.

    Methylated spirits yesterday, today it’s porn and pussy.

    The same exploiters, the slimy sonofabitch Semites. And the same victims, the white race who once owned this country and walked in dignity and honor.

    • Sardonicus says:

      A moving story. So what made you give up your job as a porn model? How did you manage to escape from the clutches of the Jews?

    • Ellen T says:

      I found Jesus. And then I got a menial job in a Catholic convent. Gardening, kitchen work, cleaning floors. The nuns let me live in a little cottage with my daughter. It was a great life, but I am still haunted by the horrible images in my mind. Now I’ve met a good man who married me and has forgiven me for my past. We get by, somehow, without having to prostitute ourselves and become the slaves of the Jews…

    • lobro says:

      ellen, the pain, humiliation, insult and indignity as well as emotional damage the jew hellspawn has done to you, your family and your society will be avenged.

      believe it.

      • Wyandotte says:

        “Ellen’s” story sounds like BS. If she (?) really “found Jesus” and lived with the gentle influence of nuns to boot, she wouldn’t be saying things like “suck dick and flash pussy.” Nor would she be on the internet making antijewish remarks; Catholics and Christians in general love and defend of the Jews.

        • TimW says:

          Christians will read these words of the Apostle Peter and understand who the enemy of all mankind is, the eternal jew.
          “For ye also have suffered like things of your own countrymen, even as they have of the jews,
          Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us, and they please not God, and are contrary to all men,
          Forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles, that they might be saved, to fill up their sins alway, for the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost”.
          And the greatest Christian of all showed His extreme condemnation of these vile offscourings of the earth.
          So no, Christians do not love and defend these wretched criminals, and neither should you.

  8. Daniel Krupp says:

    To Seymour Zak: no need to get personal, yeah? Genuine and factual criticism of your Jewish race is not, as you say, toxic, but rather cathartic. If you wish not to be known as a member of the world’s most ingrate race, you should perhaps try and do what all good, decent Yiddisher boys do, namely, admit the fact that the most revolting indecencies are spurted by the members of your dark race; that secretly you have the most murderous hatred against the people among whom you live; and that, as per Talmud, to steal and rob from a nation that has opened its doors to you, is IN FACT, a divine service. I mean, this ultimate Terrorist’s manual does, after all, absolve you from the ultimate crime, does it not? since, ”It is no sin to kill if a Jew kills a heathen.”
    My grandfather, who was tortured by the Jewish communists for three days in the middle of winter, put it very, very succinctly to us children when we used to ask him what the Jews are really like. ”They are,” he would say, ”cruel, blind, ungrateful, and very, very lost. I do not think God will have mercy on them.”
    Was he right? Well, but a superficial glance of the history books will show you how merciful God has been to your race, Zaky boy!
    Remember this: honesty and compassion are profound human qualities. Not to possess them and to constantly accuse those who rightfully criticize you and to call them brain dead and insane, really is to be cruel, blind, ungrateful, and very, very lost.
    “Evil is a self-destructive entity. For this reason, its chief purveyors, the Jews, will self-destruct.”
    Heinrich von Treitschke

    From sunny Sydney, Australia,
    Daniel Krupp
    Auf Wiedersehen!

    • Ed Sallis says:

      “Evil is a self-destructive entity. For this reason, its chief purveyors, the Jews, will self-destruct.” — Heinrich von Treitschke

      You’re right. The Jews have it coming to them.

  9. Larry says:

    All exploiters of people will have to learn their lesson in a very hard way, which may not be in an obvious fashion. Revenge brings those who exact it, the same level of karma, and the only thing learned is its erroneous implementation. All tyrannies eventually end. The debt tyranny is no exception to this rule. The perpetrators rely on very strong military, police and covert establishments to enforce this paradigm. It’s endgame for them when the enforcers wake up to the fraud. And there is no doubt that global awakening is happening and very fast.

    • hp says:

      “The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history”
      ( Hegel)

      “When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
      And the women come out to cut up what remains,
      Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
      An’ go to your Gawd like a soldier.”

      – Kipling (1895)

      • Brownhawk says:

        We learn nothing from history because history is an illusory puppet show upon whose stage dance the human marionettes to the tune of an ignominous showman

        “Captured in the abundance of a circling blame
        A soldier in another place and time
        Upon whose given order slain
        By one whose lowering sword was mine”

        -Brownhawk (2012)

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      Larry –

      As you say, they must be getting frantic about the “global awakening” – so much so that I perceive (from what I’m told and hear – especially after listening to that judas goat, Glenn Beck, yesterday, on the tractor radio!) them to be trying to push the USA into a WW3, with Russia as the primary opposition. No sane person wants that – but it may just very well be a variation of “The Samson
      Option”. (Yesterday, Alex Jones devoted a part of his show, very convincingly, to that subject.)(It can be repeatedly played all weekend, by Internet.)

  10. SPQR says:

    Disgrace Abounding was written in 1939, before the German liberation of Ukraine.

    We can be sure that at least a few of those kikes ended up getting shot and thrown into mass graves by Einsatzgruppen and Ukrainian anti-communists. Not nearly enough though.

  11. Jack Harper says:

    Anti-Semitism is a primal survival instinct in all non Jews dating back at least 50,000 years.
    The Jew began life as a race of Neanderthals forever at war with humans
    Very little has changed

    • asap says:

      I am not anti-language. I am anti-jew.

      Anti-Semitism is a recent invention by jews to soften the language and confuse the real issue of Anti-jew.

      NOT all jews are Semitic.

      Semites(Shemites) are a group of peoples speaking the several Semitic languages.

      The Semitic languages are a language family originating in the Near East whose living representatives are spoken by more than 470 million people across much of Western Asia, North Africa and the Horn of Africa. They constitute a branch of the Afroasiatic language family. The most widely spoken Semitic languages today are (numbers given are for native speakers only) Arabic (300 million),[2] Amharic (21.8 million),[3] Hebrew (7 million),[4][5][6] Tigrinya (6.7 million),[7] and Aramaic (550,000).

  12. Darrell says:

    asap is right when he says, “Anti-Semitism is a recent invention by jews to soften the language [more correctly, distort and manipulate language and consequently our thinking] and confuse the real issue of Anti-jew.

    I say the term anti-semitism should never be used by those who oppose the diabolical jewish revolutionary spirit – it only plays into the hands of our jewish oppressors and their prostitute gentile fellow travelers. When we applaud anti-semitsm or proudly say we are anti-semitic, we end up shooting ourselves in the foot since almost everyone has been brainwashed into having a knee-jerk reaction of horror, fear, and outrage at anything called “anti-semitic”. We should only use the term anti-Judaic, not “anti-semitic”. We must clear the air of the fetid odor of language and thought manipulation. It is the Satanic, racial supremecist, murderous, and inhuman ideology of Talmudic Judaism that we oppose. When anyone uses the term “anti-semitism” in your presence, begin by asking them what they mean by the term, and then and only then you can try to enlighten them and lead them to the sad truth about Jewish ideology and behavior that they’ve been deprived of. Most people have internalized the categories and commands of our Jewish oppressors. We can only begin to help them by using language that corresponds to reality rather than Orwellian myth.

    In an interview, Israel Shamir had this to say:

    Question. You claim that anti-semitism doesn’t exist today. Can you explain what you mean by saying so?
    Shamir: Antisemitism was a short-lived racial theory of late 19th century claiming that – like zebras are what they are, jews are what they are; that they possess some racial qualities making them an inherent enemy of the Nordic race, like a wolf is an enemy of a rabbit. This view was unknown previously, as the Church and the Ulema thought that the problem between Jews and Gentiles is a religious problem; conversion of a Jew into Christianity or Islam removed the problem. The racial view is quite out of fashion today; and I have never met a person who would consider jews being some race apart, dangerous to the rest.
    Or, taking a less learned approach, antisemitism is presented as ‘hatred of Jews for what they are’. Such a phenomenon vanished completely. There are people who object to policies of Jews, but none – to Jews per se.
    That is why we can say that antisemitism disappeared after a very short shelf-life. Jews tend to use this word for the perfectly legitimate, nay, commendable objection to their policies; for instance, to the policies of Israel etc, but then it is just an offensive label.

    • asap says:

      Yes. Correct. There are Christian and Muslim Arabs, of course. They are semitic peoples if they speak semitic languages. To claim to be, or not to be, anti-semitic, would include the Arabs and Muslims and numerous other peoples speaking semitic languages. Ridiculous, in any context.

    • asap says:

      When anyone uses the jews’ words and terms, such as ‘anti-semitic,’ they have already lost the argument. Word control.

      • turtle says:

        “Self-hating jew” is another good example. On the contrary it is their own people who hate them so much for speaking out.

        And then the whole “hate” meme is just another strawman construct to invoke any anti-hate crimes legislation.

      • TimW says:

        Genesis 10, 3 entirely disposes of the notion that jews are semites. They are predominantly Ashkenazim; Askenaz was the grandson of Japheth; thus jews are Japhethites, not Semites. Their own self-description as Ashkenazim seals the issue.

        • asap says:

          By definition, jews would be semites if they spoke Hebrew.
          Semites are not established by race, but by languages. That is why anti-semitic is a misnomer.

          The most widely spoken Semitic languages today are(there are others, such as Phoenician):
          Arabic (300 million),
          Amharic (21.8 million),
          Hebrew (7 million),
          Tigrinya (6.7 million),
          and Aramaic (550,000).

  13. kapoore says:

    I hope that living conditions in the Ukraine are better now than they were when Douglas Reed wrote down these scenes of suffering. Yet I don’t see Jews as inherently more brutal than other peoples who gain the upper hand through brute force. The dynamic between the oppressed and the oppressor is one of hatred. The oppressed absord the lowest characteristics of the oppressor and then mirror the ugliness back. The American Indian in getting drunk is not acting like a “drunk Indian” but is mirroring the European society, which he sees in the most debased way. Seymour is upset that people see only the debased aspects of Jewish people but of course that is the way the oppressed see the oppressor—good qualities are rarely reflected back, only the worst.

    These memoirs no matter how rambling give us the reality we need to make sense of the present. We think history is useless because we don’t have access to real history, which is systematically deleted in our propaganda state. Yet in order to keep us in this state of ignorance the manipulators have to sustain their ethos, their authority, their voice.

    The art of persuasion has three aspects: ethos, logos, and pathos. Clearly, there is no logos in the ruling elite–9 11 official story is ridiculous and maintained only by discrediting the scientists who question it, our neocon foreign policy is a sham and a lie as even the least informed know (no weapons of mass destruction, etc), and so on. I suppose the pathos is that the Jewish elite (who seem to be in charge) were part of the little villages of well… the Ukraine and Eastern Europe, sort of a fiddler on the roof idea. Then, of course, the Holocaust. But the Holocaust has no logic either–and it ceases to have pathos when we see people thrown in jail for questioning it. Or we see the Jews as the real oppressor as in this memoir. But the fact remains that most people still believe the pathos of the Holocaust and that is because there is still ethos or authority, credentials, respect. Really the whole structure depends on seeing the Jewish elite in a favorable light. And how long can that last?

    Yet absent real authority what might come would be similar to experience of the Carpathians–brutality and ugliness. That is, of course, what happened in Russia under Bolshevism when the Bolsheviks did not have the power or the authority to rule so they ruled by brutality and fear. They started killing, random people in the street up to party officials. Is that what Seymour wants to see come–brutality and murder on a mass scale. The U.S., though, is not Russia and will be infinitely more difficult to conquer. So in the end they fail and that won’t be pretty either as Lobros notes. The Jews might cease to exist as a people as happened in medieval Western Europe when Jews en mass converted to Christianity to avoid the difficulties of being a hated minority. (There once was a relatively large group of European Jews left over from Roman times and they disappeared almost completely and now their replacements the Ashkenazi will follow in their footsteps–just disappear through assimilation)

    • Sardonicus says:

      A thought-provoking post from kapoore, as usual. But can you explain the difference between “ethos”, “logos” and “pathos” in the way you use these terms above.

      In reference to the Holocaust, for example.

      Am I correct in my interpretation that what you are saying is this: the Holocaust is credible because it has ethos ( = academic respectability and authority of big-time names) behind it. It also has credibility because it has pathos behind it ( = the ability to move many emotionally because of Hollywood and media propaganda). But its weakness lies in that it is deficient in logos ( = it fails to carry conviction if you analyse it rationally and apply scientific method to it).

      I this what you are saying?

      • Brownhawk says:

        You just explained it impeccably, Sardonicus.

        And they know it is in the “logos” that the last nail is hammered into the HUMAN coffin – by undermining the ability to think critically once and for all; the world of Oceania. Without it we are left with only a pseudo-science that sees only lies. (And how interesting was it to go to lobro’s link and hear Putin speak of Huxley? “Brave” New World indeed!)

        As always, the fields of battle are the grey matter of our fellow man.

        • kapoore says:


          You said it far better than I did.

          And in terms of absorbing the “negative” aspects of the oppressor (even if that is just mild social affronts): I include myself in that group that absorbed the negative and it was mild compared to anything in the Ukraine, Russia, or modern Palestine. ( I know people who never even recovered from the “mean girl” clique from high school. ) I don’t think Jews have a clue that they are spreading the virus of anti-semitism by their anti-goyum talk or their economic exploitation–that to them might look like good business sense. I remember the Congressional hearings from the 2008 bankster crisis where they all sat in a row and justified ripping off the most vulnerable Americans (famous liar’s loans) as good for business… they just didn’t get it–they really didn’t. So the goyum are sick with prejudice but I wasn’t born that way, and I didn’t grow up with it but acquired it as a result of years of put downs and goyum talk (in my presence)–clueless again. But I really think it wouldn’t matter if the neo-cons would stop starting wars and running elections. I could forget every social put-down and let history be the past if the present weren’t so contaminated with these futile and violent attempts to rule the world through brute force. Some would say it’s not the Jews but others say.. well it is and it does look that way.

  14. Fearless Freddie says:

    Bits and pieces here:

    Read as much as I possibly could of Bradley. A couple of observations—Neanderthals were rather remarkably muscular and hardy (there is evidence of deep ligamental ruts even in infants’ remains)—not too many Jews I know of are preternaturally strong or athletic. Bradley rants and raves and even appears erudite at times, but he’s also inventive—-evidence of Cro Magnon appearing as a seafaring race on the periphery of Europe’s Atlantic archipelago, and his confusion over Atlantis—which is undeniably Thera or present-day Santorini, the fact that Neanderthals’ presence in Europe goes back AT LEAST 1.5 million years, etc., all raise doubts about his theories. The “African Eve” mytochondrial horseshit is correctly mocked, but so should be a lot of the data Bradley cites.

    As far as most people can tell, Neanderthals were an offshoot of a near-eastern branch of super homo erectus groups. Some got isolated in Ice-Age Europe. Having to fight the rather trying conditions of that place and era, they lived by their wits and invented tons of things: sewn clothing, advanced bifacial tools, architectural enhancement of caves, organized semi-nomadic herd-hunting, etc. The Victoria British concocted the Victorian “Racialist” view that hard circumstances produce bright people and effective solutions-therefore Europe was doomed (or credited) with leading all humanity in most areas—be they intellectual, artistic or economic. Neanderthals started the ball rolling. Those left in Africa merely had to reach out, or run down, their lunches and therefore have never amounted culturally to a hill of poo.

    Cromagnon (homo sapiens-sapiens) just benefitted from more sophisticated tools (projectile tool horizons start with them) and possibly better yields from gathering and hunting. The bred with and then out-competed Neanderthals. Perfect example of a “Lizzie Borden (sub)Species”.

    Jews are not modern day Neanderthals, by any stretch. Jews are a closed-circuit group of endogamic people who bred brains in, strength out and became convinvced they were superior to all others. How could they not feel this way? They were mentally clever enoough to milk surrounding populations of their labor and wealth without raising a sweat on their own brows.

    Jury’s still out on their precise origins, but you can be assured it wasn’t Neanderthal and it didn’t involve strenuous hunting. They have, down through the ages, become encysted leeches and exploiters of those whom they claim are mentally and motivationally inferior. Looking back at goy history, who can say their temptation to exploit isn’t brutally and acurately based?

    They may be a morally-corrupt legion of leeches, but they usually run out of excuses and the means to dodge their comeuppance. Which seems to be building every time they tear down a Palestinian home to erect a Jewish “settler” house, or build a heinous medieval wall. Obama may be a metrosexual porch-monkey, a closet Marxist and an astonishingly inerudite buffoon, but he’s got Netanyahu firgured out, doesn’t he? It’s a harbinger.

    • Sardonicus says:


      I’ve learned a lot from this thought-provoking post.

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      Fearless F -

      A thought provoking dialogue, indeed! – along which line of thinking it appears inevitable that all mankind will eventually morph into ONE species (unless genetic modification takes-the-day, among chosen subjects/guinea pigs).

      • Fearless Freddie says:

        Sardo & GH,

        I forgot two other rather revealing little bits of data—one dealing with blood seriology and the other, unfortunately with the ages-old topic of “who was here first?”.

        Both Africans (sub-Saharan and riverine) suffer from sickle-cell anemia which has historically been numerically quite fatal to them. The Jews also suffer from this affliction but their version in non-fatal, or at least rarely fatal. Seems they’ve once again left their black brethren holding the bag! Don’t forget that many, if not most, slave-traders, (both ashore and afloat) were Sephardic types. Ditto Caribbean pirates.

        Unfortunately for us on this site, there are ample DNA comparisons from the so-called “Near-Eastern Neanderethals” to modern Yurpeens to point out that these NE Nean people actually became the Cro-Magnon types! There is a distinct DNA sequence taken from archaeology sites in Israel, to show that there was an offshoot of NENeans which became traders and dwellers of the emerging cities. Places like Catal Huyuk in Turkey indicate the presence of PRE agricultural cities. They didn’t have to wait for domesticated agriculture—gathering wild grains, hunting etc. all preceded the Neolithic. Interesting digression about some of these Mesolithic cities in Turkey—there is evidence of a cult of bulls. This, o’course becomes the Minoan bull-vaulting “game”, the Greek legend of the “Rape (abduction) of Europa”, on down to modern-day bull “fighting” which emphasizes cleverness over brute strength. H-m-m-m
        Are Goys modern-day bulls, to be defeated by ruse, etc.?

        Then, in places like Shanidar etc., in Israel, there is evidence that a strongly urban and rather “gracile” (modestly-framed), long- skulled Near Eastern Neanderthal population selected toward non-strenuous activities, such as trade. And ipso, the bazaar was born. Now, if these isolated pockets of merchants practiced endogamic “arranged” marriages—we may be looking at the origins of urban jewry, hundreds—even thousands-of years prior to herding and then agriculture. Oy! What have I uncovered? :-D

        Still, if you take the OT Bible and add to it Sinclair Hood’s fabulous “The Ancient Aegean–Home of the Heroes”, you’ll see that the famed “Sea Peoples”, who rose alongside the Dorian Invasions of Attica, a few decades after the fall of Troy, you have Bronze Age Vikings. They failed to take Egypt (Ramses II recorded that, as does Odysseus), but they settled in the Levant. They were war-like, but like the Vikings, they became city-founders, etc. In short, they were the Philistines, whom the Habiru (ancient Jews) defeated. They were vastly more numerous than the Habiru (see the symbolic Goliath), but not as militarily sophisticated and the Egyptian Jews.

        Oy#2! Does that mean the Hebes have “prior right” to the Holy Land? Nope—if anyone is descended from the Sea Peoples it’s the Palestinians (“Philistinians”, eh?). They beat the Hebes by a few centuries, therefore we should give the whole place back to them.

        Etc. etc.

        • Gilbert Huntly says:

          Fearless -

          Never fear, Freddie! I have done with the ‘weekend’, and am sitting on my front porch, drinking bourbon ‘n branch, being a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal – with my .300 H&H (pre-war model 70 Winchester) propped against the post – ready for them effing Jews to come up the road!! (On it is mounted a Lyman 4x, with spider-web crosshairs and A CLEAR VISION if those fuckers DARE intrude!)

          I love the wimmens, yes I do! – jewesses and all! But I don’t TOLERATE the rudeness of the whining Jews (and otherwise) who try and produce offspring thereby!

          I’m holdin’ my ground, sir! :)

  15. Darrell says:

    The Jews might cease to exist as a people as happened in medieval Western Europe when Jews en mass converted to Christianity to avoid the difficulties of being a hated minority.

    The so-called “conversion” of jews to Christianity was by and large insincere, primarily helping them to prosper socially and financially and to also more easily help them to undermine the Catholic Church, their perennial enemy. See, e.g., Maurice Pinay’s The Plot against the Church,
    chapter 34 and elsewhere.

    • turtle says:

      Agree with that “insincere conversion”. Thanks for the link.
      Here is the 193 page pdf.file for anyone who wants to save to computer.

    • lobro says:

      darrell is correct and i would add that isabella of castile and ferdinand of aragon’s edict of expulsion of 1492 was directed almost exclusively at marranos, ie, the crypto-jews who converted to christianity voluntarily and by no means forcibly in order to corrupt and subvert it from within, paralleling the donmeh conversion in turkey 200 years later (donmeh intrigue was responsible for both the dissolution of ottoman empire and the christian armenian genocide).
      the holy inquisition was set up precisely in order to hunt down these devious cryptos not the jews and muslims who pursued their affairs in the open view.

      There once was a relatively large group of European Jews left over from Roman times and they disappeared almost completely and now their replacements the Ashkenazi will follow in their footsteps–just disappear through assimilation

      as ariel toaff describes in his seminal work, the bloody passover, these sephardic jews, the ladino speakers of the iberian peninsula ended up by and large in holland and the cities of the hanseatic league, later on as dominant slave traders of the new world (brazil and later on cuba and haiti and the caribbean), while the italian ones were displaced and overwhelmed by the uncouth and aggressive redhaired ashkenazis streaming down from the north.
      this book (pasque di sangue) is a must for anyone wishing to learn about the mechanics of this infernal hate engine.

  16. John G says:

    The Jews rule because they are the agressor and the organizers. They could not have had all the success they possess today had it not been for their goyim stooges that have sold their own people down the drain for a little personal prosperity.

  17. MachtNichts says:

    The power afforded the Jews in the mind of the goyim has been propagated by scientific materialism, the negation of an underlying force that makes us all tick.

    The Jews deny that unifying power, worship their material g-d and damn the rest of creation. If the majority of Jews are of Khazar origin is really not that important, read the latest David Duke denouncement. But, I think through their excessive materialism and their ability of playing the victim too convincingly for many, they and their hangers-on have made a mockery of all decency. I hope that word is not out of vogue yet.

    Have your parents ever admonished you, when you were a teenager, you might be hanging out with the wrong crowd? Well, a lot of people today are keeping the wrong company. What to do, what to do? When Douglas Reed, he was no friend of the Germans, lived in Berlin for a while between the wars, his jaw almost dropped when the Jewish shop keepers were pointed out by way of the star of David on their windows. Yup.

  18. without a Talmud and a “Jesus” to hate….there is no “Jew”.

    moneychangers and Pharisees notwithstanding.

    Edoms Thorn doesn’t buy into the Khazar hypothesis, and disapproves of the

    so why is Kol Nidre like musical chairs in the stool sculpture deity cult compound


    that Mr. A sure has a keen sense of Irony…..OY VEY !!

    cue Les Visible

  19. LD (Query) says:

    Does anyone happen to know what percentage of the world’s wealth is in Jewish hands? Also, what perecentage of American wealth is in Jewish hands?

    Are there any reliable statistics on this anywhere?

    Many thanks,


    • asap says:

      Since they own all notes, loans, mortgages-etc, and all markets, all oil and all currencies – and IMF, World Bank BIS and Fed – etc. It would be a much shorter list to ask what they do not own, in both cases.

    • asap says:

      Rothschilds have acquired much of the world, including:

      Washington DC private corporation Federal Estate is actually owned and controlled by the London Crown Temple syndicate. Indeed, at the present time, the London syndicate in partnership with an old family Chinese syndicate, hold, and have activated, a $47 trillion World Court Writ of Execution and Lien on the US Treasury and the US Federal Reserve Board.

    • Stubby says:

      If you have not yet read this; ‘The World Order’ (1992 version), by Eustace Mullins, will be a good place to start. It is very well researched and very detailed, with names, dates, … from mid 19th Century up to 1992 (likely little has changed regarding who is who, but amounts of what they control has likely changed significantly (i.e. they’ve managed to rob even more from the world)).

      You may find that starting with chapter 5, ‘The Business in America’ will answer some questions.

      “This centralized control over American industry by five New York banks controlled by from London suggests that instead of 130 major US corporations, we may have only one which in itself is an outpost of the London Connection.” page 104 of chapter 5

      Eustace Mullins estimated wealth controlled by the Rothschild crime syndicate (in the 1980s), based on mountain of documentation, to be half of all of the world’s wealth. Taking into account trends since the 198os, the wealth controlled by the international crime syndicate is likely higher -60-75% (my opinion, estimate).

      I have seen partial detailed documents on the similar subject as above, but have not yet found public available such,%20Our%20Secret%20Rulers,%202nd%20edition,%201992.pdf

      • LD says:

        Many thanks for taking the trouble to give me your input on this question.

        I recently asked world-famous economist Ellen Brown if there were any reliable figures — by which I meant figures from some highly respected source — on how much of the world’s wealth lay within Jewish hands. She replied that no such figures were available — and if they existed, they would be carefully guarded.

        I think Ellen Thomas is right. I don’t think she would regard Eustace Mullins as a “reliable source”.

        “How would Mullins know?” would be the first question asked. “Where did Mullins get his figures from?”

        Mullins’ reputation as a notorious anti-Semite would also tend to discredit his guesstimates in the eyes of 95 percent of the population. I’m not saying Mullins is wrong. I’m just saying that few people would regard him as a “respectable” authority — especially if he fails to point out where he got his figures from.

        • hp says:

          Yeah, that pesky X factor.
          (there’s also Y, Z and I’m pretty sure … M)

        • Stubby says:

          I suppose one could consider USA senate, congressional, federal reserve documents, records, and many more similar held by Library of Congress; the New York Times, Newsweek, etc. etc. to be not “reliable” sources (these were sources used by Mullins in writing “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve” and most probably used for “The World Order” book, though there is no bibliography in that book).

          Strange – i don’t recall anything anti-semitic in either of those two books. Additionally – in a video-recorded interview Mullins stated that he was not an anti-semite. So i am puzzled by the claim of him being a “notorious anti-semite”.
          Looks like we non-semites placed ourselves into the dark -again – with absolutely no data on the “semites’” money matters.

        • Sardonicus says:

          @ stubby

          I think LD is making a perfectly reasonable point. She simply asked where did Mullins get his figures from for his statement that half the world’s wealth lies in Jewish hands — specifically, with the Rothschild family.

          Nowhere did LD question Mullins’s reaearch in the Library of Congress or cast doubts on “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve” or “The World Order” book. So it’s hard to understand why you are attacking her for raising an entirely different question: what is the source for Mullins assertion on Jewish wealth? How did he arrive at these obviously inflated figures?

          The idea that HALF the world’s wealth lies within the coffers of the Rotshschild family is pretty weird. Most people would regard it as unbelievable. The idea that we should accept this bizarre figure simply because Mullins pulled it of a hat, and you happen to admire Mullins, is totally unacceptable.

        • Sardonicus says:

          As for Mullins NOT being antisemitic, I never heard anything so absurd. Of course he is antisemitic in the perception of the majority of mainstream commentators.

          Here is an extract from a mainstream outlet, Wikipedia:

          In 1968, Mullins authored the tract, The Biological Jew, which he claimed was an objective analysis of the forces behind the “decline” of Western Culture. He claimed that the main influence that people were overlooking in their analysis of world affairs was “parasitism”. He began by describing parasitism in the animal kingdom… and proposed that if we look at society as if it were an organism, then the Jews would be equivalent to parasites overtaking that organism. He states that Jews “instinctively” want to control the world.

          Wouldn’t most reasonable people regard it as “antisemitic” to call the Jews “parasites” and say they want to “control” the world?

          Wikipedia goes on:

          In The Biological Jew he [Mullins] wrote about the blood libel, saying: “This religious ceremony of drinking the blood of an innocent gentile child is basic to the Jew’s entire concept of his existence as a parasite, living off of the blood of the host.

          Someone accuses the Jews of “blood libel” and says they are drinking the blood of innocent Christian children, and YOU assert that such a person is NOT an antisemite?!?

          You couldn’t get MORE antisemitic than this — to accuse the Jews of parasitism, blood libel, and wanting to control the world!

        • asap says:

          If you want to follow the $ trillions down the rabbit hole, Jacob Rothschild owns:
          Inter-Alpha Group of Banks (includes Royal Bank of Scotland)

    • Arch Stanton says:

      By the turn of the nineteenth century, the Rothschilds were indisputably the richest family in the world. It is well documented that Royals throughout Europe sought Rothschild funding to maintain and expand their power. Thus it was Rothschild wealth that funded the wars and revolutions of the late 18th and then 19th century. Nathan’s clever financial machinations during the Battle of Waterloo left the Rothschilds in control of the Bank of England and thus in control of the world’s foremost superpower of that era. There is no doubt their wealth has steadily accumulated over the last 200 years, with yet another benchmark in 1913 with the Passage of the Federal Reserve Act. The Creature from Jekyll Island clearly delineates that the chief players in this act were Rothschild front men, bankers like the Warburgs and politicians like Nelson Aldrich, himself Jewish. I have seen estimates that the Rothschild’s present worth is between 65T and 200T. Yet the problem is not with estimating the Rothschild’s actual wealth, but estimating their control of wealth. The Rothschilds control many assets that aren’t in their name. Much like the soulless corporation that owns the corporate assets and yet has no direct human connection but instead is a “person” unto itself. When one goes after a corporation for wrongdoing, the human element remains behind a veil of legal protection. So too the Rothschilds who hide behind a myriad of front men or lesser kohein to disguise control of their financial “Mikdash”. Names like Rockefeller, Warburgs, Morgan, Schiff and countless other money men were proxies for Rothschild control during the late 19th, early 20th century. Today its names like Soros, Bronfman, Gates, Buffet and many others that seemingly have no direct connection to the house of Rothschild. Non-Jews have a concept of ownership grounded in actual titles to assets. While the average Jew might be money grubbing and greedy, constantly seeking material wealth, elite Jews discovered long ago that this is dangerous in that such ownership provides positive identification and direct responsibility. The concept of disassociated control was highlighted with the Jewish invention of the Soviet Union where the state owned everything, but those who controlled the state had access and control of all its wealth and power. Ultimately this system had its drawbacks, so once again the Jews morphed a system of control, communism, into another form, this time economic fascism that provides for private ownership with state oversight of the assets. The Jews ancient temple system is the foundation for the concept of communism. Under that system “God” purportedly owned everything including the Temple, but a kohein gadol speaking for this “God” had access to all the power and wealth accumulated in his name. Once again, this idea can be seen in the corporate structure. What does it matter if a corporation owns all the assets if you control the corporation? So when one tries to measure the wealth of the Rothschilds, one must realize that much of their actual wealth and power is not in their name, yet this does not hider their absolute iron-fisted control over that which they do not hold direct title. A prime example of this was J.P. Morgan. Throughout his life, Morgan moved billions of dollars around the world. He was a primary financial mover and shaker of his day. Yet when he died, he estate was estimated to be a paltry 65 million dollars (paltry by the standards of the wealth he apparently controlled). This prompted the following response from informed observers, “What happened to all the money?”

      • asap says:

        Well said. Here are some examples of ‘business’ trusts which allow the managers to be immune from liability. Prominent families are paupers on paper, and a suit is nonproductive:

        A trust is . . . simply the case of one person holding the title of property, whether land or chattels, for the benefit of another, termed a beneficiary. Nothing can be more common or more useful. But the word is now loosely applied to a certain class, of commercial agreements and, by reason of a popular and unreasoning dread of their effect, the term itself has become contaminated. This is unfortunate, for it is difficult to find a substitute for it. There may, of course, be illegal trusts; but a trust in and by itself is not illegal: when resorted to for a proper purpose, it has been for centuries enforced by courts of justice, and is, in fact, the creature of a court of equity.
        —Theodore Dwight, Political Science Quarterly

        Prominent trusts included Standard Oil, U.S. Steel, the American Tobacco Company the International Mercantile Marine Company., and the match companies controlled by Ivar Kreuger the Match King. De Beers had a dominant role in the supply of diamonds.

        • Gilbert Huntly says:

          ‘…the term itself has become contaminated. This is unfortunate…’

          Indeed, asap! It is unfortunate that such a wonderful impediment against public looting of one’s assets has become tainted with over-use by those who do not understand law and business. Bauer/Rotheschild had to be one of the most CLEVER businessmen the world has ever known… :)

        • Brownhawk says:

          As in diabolically clever

        • asap says:

          Ted Bundy was CLEVER, and murdered dozens of young women, using clevernesss. So was Dahmer.

    • Stubby says:

      —->“Where did Mullins get his figures from?”

      “…USA senate, congressional, federal reserve documents, records, and many more similar held by Library of Congress; the New York Times, Newsweek, etc. etc. ….”

      —->”In The Biological Jew he [Mullins] wrote about the blood libel, saying: “This religious ceremony of drinking the blood of an innocent gentile child is basic to the Jew’s entire concept of his existence as a parasite, living off of the blood of the host.”

      The Bloody Passovers of Dr Toaff, reviewd by Israel Shamir

      “… Dr Toaff is the son of the Rabbi of Rome and a professor in the Jewish University of Bar Ilan, not far from Tel Aviv. … His three-volumed Love, Work, and Death (subtitled Jewish Life in Medieval Umbria) is an encyclopaedia of this admittedly narrow area. …

      (He) discovered that the medieval Ashkenazi Jewish communities of North

      Italy practiced a particularly horrible form of human sacrifice. Their wizards

      and adepts stole and crucified Christian babies, obtained their blood and used

      it for magical rituals evoking the Spirit of Vengeance against the hated Goyim….”

      Chatter on…

  20. SPQR says:

    Jews are non-productive parasites. They always have been. They gain wealth by entering parasitic professions such as lawyers, bankers, slave traders, pimps, media moguls, etc. Basically anything that doesn’t require creativity, innovation, or figuring things out, as those are Aryan characteristics.

  21. Rehmat says:

    Lobby: Bomb Syria to save Jews in Ukraine

    On March 3, 2014, Arun Lund at Jewish Carnegie Endowment for International Peace said that if Barack Obama failed to confront Putin in Ukraine, he would not be able to resolve Syrian conflict, which would affect Israel and other American allies in the region……

  22. anna says:

    @ SPQR, the goyim deserve to suffer, because obviously, they do not suffer, till now, enough to resist the jewish shepherds.
    The goyim are just a bunch of sheeps. Beh, beh.
    Suffer well like the jew Dave Gahan song, how wise of him

  23. Darrell says:

    Extensive documentation on what lobro says above, “…isabella of castile and ferdinand of aragon’s edict of expulsion of 1492 was directed almost exclusively at marranos, ie, the crypto-jews who converted to christianity voluntarily and by no means forcibly in order to corrupt and subvert it from within….” can be seen in several chapters of William Thomas Walsh’s very important work, Queen Isabella of Spain, and can be seen here:

    The entire book can be seen here:

  24. Leroy says:

    Since they outnumber the Jews why haven’t they eradicated them?

  25. Ares says:

    In the Left Behind series of end times Christian fictional books, the antichrist is named Carpatia which is almost the same as Carpathian. Coincidence? The authors of these books are Jew whores, Zio propaganda hell writers, cashing in on Jewish violence, they are traitors to Christians everywhere.

    They often cast the antichrist to look like Putin. This is an intentional psyop, Jewry doesn’t control Putin so they demonize him.

    Tribulation Force against the Global Community and its leader Nicolae Carpathia—the Antichrist.

  26. paschn says:

    Not knowing exactly how far the folks have gone down the “rabbit hole”, I’m going to vent a bit and postulate with my own concept of the treachery of the cesspool called the U.S. in particular, the west in general.
    When the International Jews used their puppets in the West to sucker we “goy” into yet another war, (WW2), it was to stop Hitler and Germany from showing the world how wonderful life could be if your nation were free from the parasites called Jew “bankers”. The annihilation and genocide before/during/after the war by western “heroes” like Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower et al was to “teach” any other goy nations from attempting to free themselves of the Jew power machine. We are going to see it all again unless we can stop the whores in D.C. from “servicing their Jew masters yet again. they’ll get the gold mine, we’ll get the shaft. Please, avail yourselves of the information at the site I am posting a link to. It will literally change everything you THOUGHT you knew about WW1 and WW2;

    Pay particular attention to the employment statistics etc. and learn what happens when an honorable man literally puts his life on the line for his people/nation and how the sycophants of and the Jews themselves seethe with hatred for those wanting to be shed of them. The West in general, the U.S. specifically has become a roiling, maggot infested cesspool totally bereft of honor, morality, objective reasoning and real freedom. Much as Germany was before Hitler and the National Socialist movement. Be sure to read of the hundreds of thousands of volunteers from 30 plus nations who went to fight the Bolshevik filth from infecting Europe and the U.S. they are /were Christians/Muslims and even Jews, (+/- 150,000 volunteers in the German Army), people of our own minds who see through the lies, corruption of a bevy of whores holding power for the Central Banks/City of London.

    • lobro says:

      When the International Jews used their puppets in the West to sucker we “goy” into yet another war, (WW2), it was to stop Hitler and Germany from showing the world how wonderful life could be if your nation were free from the parasites called Jew “bankers”.

      amen, paschn (i might only want to expand a bit on the “banker” category)

  27. Amerikagulag says:

    Zak gets paid 3 shekels for every comment he posts in support of Jooland and its inhabitants and followers.

  28. lobro says:

    a very important video by a russian historian on what is going on, in ukraine and in general with respect to jews vs. russia, the final outpost of christianity and european civilization.

    this is as good as reading 200 years together and up to date.
    this guy does not mince words and is brighter, more articulate and direct by order of magnitute than the jew talking heads and shabbos invertebrates that serve their agenda.

    • turtle says:

      whew… thx lobro… that was an a education… apart from the excellent and detailed explanation of Ukrainian politics, some of the fringe ideas were also interesting – like his mention of Yellowstone’s super volcano as a solution to the western elite’s problems and the Soros funded Central European University where they aim to cover 400(?) pages of required reading per day… no wonder he speaks so fast.

    • lobro says:

      the yellowstone ref made me do a double take … my wife’s grand-uncle or something has a statue somewhere at or near the entrance to the park, it would be funny to see it go flying hundreds of feet in the air if she suddenly blew.

      the really interesting and important aspects of what firsov was saying were revelations of how the kremlin decision makers are thinking because he is obviously well connected there and close to the source.

      the kremlin (and putin is far from the sole honcho there, he seems to rely on a trusted group of military and intel buddies and analysts) realizes that the
      ENEMY IS THE JEW and are getting ready for war at all levels, the talk is now of changing legislation in order to
      FIGHT NATIONAL TRAITORS, which imo is code for the jew cabal and networks extant in russia, in banking, business, resources and media, with big emphasis on media as an important adjunct to military power.
      jews are going to be cleaned out like manure out of stygian stables.

      firsov talks honestly of medvedev’s weakness or is it betrayal, of the wholly unnecessary loss of libya but also, interestingly, that 9-11 and subsequent focus on middle east allowed putin to slip the leash and quietly rebuild russia while the jews’ attention was momentarily elsewhere.
      so in the end, 9-11 may have served a counter-purpose to the one intended and jews may yet live to regret it.
      i never thought of it that way before but my eyes are starting to open in that regard.
      also, they anticipate that the jew would try to start hostilities between russia and china and moreover that it is russia’s task to go on a worldwide offensive in all areas, especially publicity and make life as uncomfortable for the zog as possible,

      all in all, i am convinced beyond doubt that these people in kremlin are the true enemy of the international jew.

      wish them well, because if they fail, it’s the end of darkei shalom and we all get amalek treatment.
      (another video well worth seeing, only 12 min)

      • asap says:

        “all in all, i am convinced beyond doubt that these people in kremlin are the true enemy of the international jew.”

        I agree. I am convinced that the greatest enemy of the jew is the jew. The jews in the kremlin, and everywhere, know their greatest competition comes from the ones who know them best, other jews who sing kol nidre, affecting all others, including other jew competitors.

      • asap says:

        Back in the USSR? (Times of Israel – April 30, 2014, 2:55 pm )
        ‘Putin is recreating the Soviet Union as he thinks it should have been,’ says Natan Sharansky’s former Hebrew teacher, ‘without the anti-Semitism.’ ‘I don’t know where Russia would be without him,’ says the Chabad chief rabbi. ‘For the Jews, it’s a miracle’
        The Jewish leader closest to Putin is Chabad’s Berel Lazar, one of Russia’s two chief rabbis, a Milan-born, New York-ordained emissary, who first came here in the late 1980s on several trips to teach Judaism to refuseniks and was then appointed by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, to help revive and strengthen the Jewish community as the Soviet Union entered its death throes in 1990.

      • Brownhawk says:

        Or if they fail we can always root for a gazillion yellowstones simultaneously erupting around the world. That or the legionnaire’s asteroid

  29. eileen says:

    @ lobro, keep on dreaming if you still think putin is not a jew.

    • Brownhawk says:

      “Eileen” – you’re becoming transparent to the point where your posts are barely readable any more.

      suggestion: study some geology and you’d be amazed at how many interesting rocks are out there for you to pick and choose which ones you might like to crawl under.

    • Sardonicus says:

      @ Eileen: “lobro, keep on dreaming if you still think putin is not a jew.”

      Yeah, Putin ain’t tall enough to be an Aryan! That’s the clincher. Eileen’s Tallness Index is the tool we need to decide who is Jewish and who isn’t.

      Come to think of it, Napoleon and Hitler were short guys like Putin. Which leads one to to conclude that both Napoleon and Hitler have to be crypto-Jews.

      I figure that Charlie Chaplin, known to be Jewish, was about about the same height as Hitler. What is more, Chaplin and Hitler both had toothbrush mustaches. The striking similarities of Chaplin and Hitler in this respect — same height, same kind of mustache — lead one to the inevitable conclusion that Hitler, like Chaplin, has to be Jewish.

      This is Aristotelian logic at its finest, as brought to us by the distinguished Eileen of towering intellect, so we have no option but to accept it.

      Game, set and match to Eileen. :)

    • lobro says:

      b-hawk, she is turning into an embarrassment to the threads.

      i tried quite nicely and kindly to let some daylight into her head and she absolutely refuses, like some sort of cult indoctrination going on there, reminds me of those charles manson groupies screeching and babbling in courthouse.

      face it: there is no evidence on earth that can possibly convince eileen that putin is not a jew, so just let it go, it’s fine.
      i am sure there is more like her in the world and they just reinforce jews smirking sense of superiority.

  30. eileen says:

    @ brownhawk, I have no interest or any benefit, believe it or not, when I state that putin is a Jew, friend of Israel! They have some trouble now but he is and remains a jew. Consider,when you fight with your brother or sister does it make you a non-member of your family/tribe? No you remain a member of the tribe/family!

    • Brownhawk says:

      in resisting lobro’s advice (I’ll probably regret it – weak indulgence on my part?) I’ll simply say to Eileen, for the potential benefit of other readers, that continuing with your new schtick of “good jew-bad jew”, you haven’t followed that up with the unaviodable logical progression of ascribing to Putin the benefit of the doubt in being a good….jew. You can’t get away with “Putin is a jew” any more. You’ve changed the whole tenor of your position.

      My daughter has a store in the western U.S. with some nice rocks you might be interested in

      • Gilbert Huntly says:

        @ Brownhawk, Eileen,,

        Your differences of opinion beg the question: Is being a Jew a physical – or spiritual – state-of-being??

        Earlier, when others were discussing the possible ‘anti-semitic’ nature of Eustace Mullins – was their opinion due to his rancor against Jews; or, simply, his candor in telling about his extensive research findings?

        I submit he (Mullins) harbored NO rancor – just a dry, academic interest in exposing the truth. (Is that necessarily ‘anti’ anything??)

        As far as Putin goes (considering the question of his possible Jewry) – it appears, from all evidence, he may be AT LEAST indifferent to them; WHICH may be construed as his allegiance to them…. BUT it by no means infers a definitive on his ethnicity!
        Who KNOWS???! (Who CARES???!!)
        So far, he seems to be acting justly and properly, according to his position.

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