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Political Information Last Updated: Feb 8, 2019 - 4:06:19 AM

The Injustice of Sanctions
By Daniel Larison with comments by Ron
Feb 8, 2019 - 4:12:10 PM

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Credit: Anton Watman/Shutterstock

Dan Drezner reviews and responds to a recent debate over the effectiveness and desirability of imposing economic sanctions to achieve foreign policy goals:

But the Venezuela case also highlights another problem with Bhatiya's argument - when he suggests that "the use of sanctions is not about the removal of regimes." The current sanctions against Iran and Venezuela suggest that this is wrong. As sanctions have become more potent, they are asked to do more.

Current U.S. sanctions on Venezuela and Iran clearly are aimed at bringing down these regimes rather than changing their behavior. For that reason, they can't be as limited and targeted as some sanctions advocates claim them to be. In order to have the destabilizing effect that the administration wants, they have to be far-reaching and very harmful to the civilian population. Strangling Maduro's oil revenues also means strangling the people that rely on those revenues for bringing in food and medicine. Cutting Iran off from being able to access and use financial institutions makes it practically impossible for Iranians to pay for imported food and medicine. No one really thinks that the Trump administration cares about the plight of civilians in these countries, but other sanctions advocates should seriously rethink their support for a policy that inflicts collective punishment on an entire nation.

The recurring problem with punitive sanctions is that the wrong people are punished for the wrongdoing of those in power.

[Ron: I disagree! First, ALL sanctions are punitive. That is what they are! Second, the implication that sanctions are imposed to punish the wrongdoing of people in power is blatantly false PROPAGANDA! Sanctions are imposed as a a form of economic and financial WARFARE. As such, if imposed without proper UN approval, they are ACTS OF WAR!].

It is the middle-class businessman, the factory worker, and the most vulnerable among the young and sick who bear the brunt of sanctions policies. Regime officials and their cronies are typically the last to pay a price.

[Ron: WHY does this author refer to the government of a nation targetted by sanctions imposed by the US and its Allies as a "regime"?! That is a form of demonisation that implicitly justifies the unlawful imposition of sanctions. It is PROPAGANDA and its use by this author presupposes that despite sanctions being an ACT of WAR, they are somehow justified and merely ill directed. It is true that the general population bears the main burden of economic and financial sanctions imposed on a nation, BUT that is the covert intention of those imposing them. Sanctions are MEANT to weaken the health and welfare of the targetted nation AND to reduce its economic and military capacity. See eg: Madeleine Albright - 60 Minutes - Apparently her remark "went unremarked in the U.S." at the time just as this author doesn't even advert to it. ].

Daniel Larison: It is inherently unjust [Ron: ALL war crimes are unjust] to add to the burdens of people who are already enduring the corruption, mismanagement, and abuses of their government,

Ron:WHY does this author ASSUME that the population of nations targetted with US sanctions are 'enduring the corruption, mismanagement, and abuses of their government'? The US and its Allies imposed sanctions on Iraq, Libya and Syria when all three of those nations were being well and effectiveky governed and in fact each was, respectively,  the leading nation in its area of the Middle East or Africa as regards, health care, education and general wealth and welfare. Similarly, the Venezuelan government has lifted millions of poor people out of poverty and has built at least two million new homes to house some of them. The primary problems experienced by the Venezuelan population stem from a combination of US sanctions and CIA regime change terrorism coupled with very low oil prices. This article is typical Talmudic propaganda.

IF he is so concerned about the harm done by "regimes" WHY doesn't this author turn his attention to the very real harm done to the US population by warmongering, cultural Marxist Democratic Congressional politicians and state governments? Many millions of USans are jobless and on food stamps today because of decisions and policies by OBama and US Democrats prior to the election of President Trump.].

and it is particularly cruel to do this when the increased suffering seems more likely to strengthen the regime's control rather than weaken it.

[Ron: Yabba, yabba, stupid propaganda yabba.].

Sanctions advocates may believe that they give "teeth to the ideal of a values-based foreign policy," but in practice they make a mockery of our values and make us responsible for causing enormous hardship and deepening poverty.

[Ron: This author is either ignorant to the point of stupidity or a shill for the Talmudic, Jew controlled world. Mindless repetition of slogans like 'values-based foreign policy' and 'our values' when talking about US sanctions as if they are unintended WAR CRIMES reinforces the mind controlled, fear based mind set that stultifies the US population and drives the sanctions and war mongering foreign policy of the Jew controlled US and its Allies.].

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