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The Hitler Speech They Don't Want You To Hear
By Adolf Hitler
Nov 30, 2011 - 11:27:12 PM

The Hitler Speech They Don't Want You To Hear
by What Really happened, Nov 23, 2011
Uploaded by ntyranny1 on Jun 9, 2010

Vatic Note:
Oh, my gosh, no wonder they don't want us to hear it.  More and more every day we learn just how perverted history has been recorded by the controllers and how big a lie it really has been.  This is a very good speech and clearly outlines Hitlers frustration with the Americans and now as we watch present day aggression by us into other nations affairs, it is understandable how and why Hitler did what he did in Europe.  Germany was truly being destroyed financially,  gee, sound familiar?  He was attempting to resolve the problem for Germany diplomatically, but our President was using rhetoric to prevent that from
happening.   Anyway, you watch and read/listen to what he had to say and its a whole big difference between that which is recorded and that which is on this video.  

You decide..... Add that to other lies being uncovered and the veil really is lifting and the truth is emerging to shine the light of day on the bankers,  the imperialists and corporations.  This reminds me of the NY Times distortion of the President of Irans speech at Columbia which they purposely mistranslated to make it seem that he said things that were a threat to Israel, which in the end, with proper translation, the world discovered, it  was no such thing. I had never seen this before, nor do I think any of us had and now they are doing the same thing to America that they did to Germany through infiltration of the zionist banker nazi's into his regime,


War crimes do not sufficiently cover the acts being done by our government of which we, the people will be held responsible for in the end.  NO WARS,  WE FIGHT NO ONE EXCEPT THE BANKERS AND ZIONISTS AND KICK THEM OUT OF THIS COUNTRY.  Remember, Churchill and Roosevelt were related and both khazars. Clever little psychopaths, aren't they ?

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From their own lips:

"We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not." -- Winston Churchill (1936 broadcast)
"Germany becomes too powerful. We have to crush it." -- Winston Churchill (November 1936 speaking to US - General Robert E. Wood)

"This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany." -- Winston Churchill (- Autumn 1939 broadcast)

"The war wasn't only about abolishing fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have, if we had intended so, prevented this war from breaking out without doing one shot, but we didn't want to." --  Winston Churchill to Truman (Fultun, USA March 1946)

"Germany's unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up an independent exchange system from which the world-finance couldn't profit anymore. ...We butchered the wrong pig." -- Winston Churchill  (The Second World War - Bern, 1960)

"We made a monster, a devil out of Hitler. Therefore we couldn't disavow it after the war. After all, we mobilized the masses against the devil himself. So we were forced to play our part in this diabolic scenario after the war. In no way we could have pointed out to our people that the war only was an economic preventive measure." -- US foreign minister James Baker (1992)

"Not the political doctrine of Hitler has hurled us into this war. The reason was the success of his increase in building a new economy. The roots of war were envy, greed and fear." -- Major General J.F.C. Fuller, historian, England

"We didn't go to war in 1939 to save Germany from Hitler...or the continent from fascism. Like in 1914, we went to war for the not lesser noble cause that we couldn't accept a German hegemony over Europe." -- Sunday Correspondent, London (17.9.1989)

"The enemy is the German Reich and not Nazism, and those who still haven't understood this, haven't understood anything."
-- Churchill's chief counselor Robert Lord Vansittart (September 1940 to foreign minister Lord Halifax) .



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