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Political Information Last Updated: Feb 9, 2019 - 8:14:13 PM

The Henry Jackson Society and China
By Matthew Jamison with comments by Ron
Feb 9, 2019 - 7:22:27 PM

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The Henry Jackson Society and China

The corrupt and racist Henry Jackson Society has been up to its old tricks with extreme xenophobia, ignorance and intellectual hogwash being spewed forth around the British Parliament. This time it has not been all things Israel related or Russia which has provoked the little man syndrome and deep insecurities which lay behind the thinking of the HJS. It is now the world's most ancient civilisation, oldest single unified state and once again rising superpower, China, which has become of recent times the warped obsession and vitriol target of the Henry Jackson Society.

The Henry Jackson Society for some time now have been running event after event in the House of Commons and publishing policy paper after policy paper propagating the most crude, primitive and stupid anti-China bigotry. The Henry Jackson Society are devoid of China and Asia specialists and have no deep scholarly experience and expertise in the field of China and Asia more generally. They have no personnel who have actually ever visited China or have studied Chinese history, culture, politics and indeed speak the language and have worked with Chinese people. These huge intellectual and academic gaps and cultural, historical and social limitations exemplify themselves in the prejudices, ignorance and child like assertions in the HJS's Asia Studies Department which are glaring when one actually wastes time studying the crass, teenage style nonsense that the HJS write about China.

Whether this is down to the fact that the Henry Jackson Society has been exposed for being paid by the Japanese Government to run a PR smear campaign against China is for the HJS to answer and account for. The Charity Commission in the UK have been utterly useless (as per usual with the so-called checks and balances of British institutions) in properly investigating how the Henry Jackson Society can be a registered Charity when clearly engaged in such hyper partisan political campaigning activities. Despite stating that the Charity Commission would assess whether to conduct a regulatory review into whether the HJS was in violation of UK Charitable law way back in 2017, the Charity Commission, strangely never bothered to do so. How convenient given that its then Chairman William Shawcross was also a Trustee of the Henry Jackson Society.

It is now required to know with the amount of anti-Chinese propaganda emanating from the Henry Jackson Society and flowing around the British Parliament, if the Japanese Government is still funding the HJS Asia Studies Department to conduct a deeply offensive and slanderous malign campaign of disinformation against the Chinese people. Indeed, the HJS must come clean completely on who its funders are, something it has always refused to do. For a society that campaigns on transparency and democratic good governance it has consistently refused to disclose who its financial backers are, despite being ordered to do so by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. Stanley Kalms of Dixons has given generously to the HJS and it would be in line with standard democratic practices of transparency and freedom of information to know who else are the paymasters of the Henry Jackson Society.

Just recently the HJS held the most ridiculous and childish event in the House of Commons attempting to assert in the most intellectually vague, weak and frankly offensive manner that Britain has every god given right to do whatever it likes in the South China Sea with its Navy because, in that disgusting, hackneyed and utterly pathetic English imperialist mindset, the South China Sea is ripe in the eyes of the HJS for renewed British maritime economic and political exploitation as was the case in the 19th century and if Britain proclaims it has strategic interests thousands of miles away in an area of the world it has no major claim to or involvement with, then so be it because, according to this HJS neo-imperialist mindset, Britain [Ron: ie the Rothschilds and their brethren] says so. That is how primitive and simplistic the logic behind the HJS's assertion that Britain has 'strategic interests' in the South China Sea is, as if it were still some great imperial power that could behave anyway it liked in other peoples territory and territorial waters because of riches and resources there which have not been produced and worked hard for by Britain but it wants and feels entitled to for some bizarre parasitic English psychological reason.

The EU Referendum has brought to the surface many unappealing and unattractive aspects of the [Ron: Rothschilds' dominated and controlled] English, their institutions and systems of government and politics, how they do business and behave as a nation and their history. One of the least attractive has been the legacy of the British Empire and the inability of the English to come to terms with the loss of their Empire and their much reduced status in Europe and the world which has produced an identity crisis among them as a society. England's inability to come to terms with its reality and engage with the rest of the world and Europe in terms of equals has driven a great deal of the Brexit madness in the UK, and it is a political and social madness on a collective national scale, most vividly illustrated by the behaviour of MPs in the House of Commons with ever more deranged, ill tempered, angry and nonsensical debates over phantom issues such as the Prime Minister's dead exit deal and alternatives to the Irish backstop. The state of domestic British politics has become utterly deluded and irrational due to the English induced Brexit crisis.

[Ron: I disagree. The refusal of the UK's Prime Minister to properly implement BREXIT is a REAL issue. It is NOT a PHANTOM ISSUE.].

Yet, what the HJS and British State must understand is that attempting to whip up false and laughable narratives regarding Britain's 'strategic interests' in the South China Sea and slandering the second largest economy on the planet [Ron: China's economy is the LARGEST economy on this planet in REAL, not distorted USD GNP terms.] and pre-eminent ancient civilisation of the Chinese people, will only further isolate and weaken an already badly damaged UK. Every recommendation and suggestion put forth by the HJS regarding British involvement in the South China Sea is a non-starter and would lead to serious repercussions for the strengthening of China-UK relations if adopted by the British Government. The task before the UK as it leaves the EU on such bad terms and seeks to negotiate new trading relationships and remake itself in Europe and the world as an independent, sovereign, self governing nation-state is a mammoth task that will now consumer the energies and efforts of generations of British Governments. That task will only be further complicated and made even more painful and difficult if the British Government travels down the path that the Henry Jackson Society is proposing regarding China-UK relations.

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

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©2005-2019 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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