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Political Information Last Updated: Aug 8, 2020 - 12:50:32 AM

The Global Great Reset Explained
By Jacob Nordangård with comments by Ron
Aug 10, 2020 - 7:50:16 PM

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August 7th 2020

by Jacob Nordangård
June 23, 2020
from Stiftelsen-Pharos Website

The UN Agenda 2030 with its Sustainable Development Goals is claimed to,

"ensure peace and prosperity for people and the planet."

The actions are said to tackle poverty and hunger, bring better health and education, reduce inequalities, and save the oceans, forests and the climate.

Who can argue against such benevolent goals...?

But the promised Utopia comes with a price:

it sets shackles on our personal freedom...

Global Goals partners

The leading partners of the United Nations Global Goals project reveal the real technocratic agenda that lies behind the polished ‘feel-good' facade:

it involves a plan to fully integrate mankind into a technological surveillance apparatus overseen by a powerful AI...

The current pandemic scare has been a perfect trigger to kickstart this nefarious agenda.

1. The first leading partner is Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, built with the fortune from Microsoft and run by the company's former CEO Bill Gates.

The Foundation is one of the key operatives in implementing the Agenda 2030 plan, together with foundations like,

  • Rockefeller Foundation

  • Rockefeller Brothers Fund

  • Ford Foundation

  • Bloomberg Philanthropies

  • UN Foundation

  • Open Society Foundation

They all have their roots in population control/eugenics and represents the global elite that ultimately are running the show and shapes the agenda on a global scale.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has, together with World Economic Forum, had a prominent role in orchestrating the current COVID-19 hysteria as well as the push for a digital ID.

2. The second partner is Avanti Communications, a British world-leading provider of satellite technology to military and government projects.

Their satellites are said to,

"provide secure, rapid and reliable connectivity for government digital inclusion programs".

They deliver a world-spanning connectivity which may be used to finally realize the old dream of a World Brain where all human activity can be tracked and analyzed in real time.

3. The third partner is 2030Vision, a technology partnership,

"that connects businesses, NGOs and governments with the technology and expertise they need to realize the Goals".

It is founded and chaired by the British semiconductor company ARM and consists of corporations like Microsoft and the German software company SAP together with a number of technology advocacy groups.

2030Vision, which recently merged with World Economic Forums Frontier 2030, is a partnership that connects cross-sector organizations and the advanced technology solutions needed to support the delivery of the Global Goals.

2030Vision Platform will provide a focal point for the mobilization of a more concerted and cooperative effort to apply advanced technologies to achieve the UN Global Goals.

4. The fourth partner is the multinational tech-giant Google, provider of cloud computing, a leading search engine and web browser, Android cell phone operating system, YouTube, AI solutions, and a companion of everyday life for billions of people that already intimately track users and their behaviors.

5. The fifth partner is the American global payment and technology company MasterCard.

A key player in developing the digital ID that will be needed to access basic service and payment in the New International Economic Order that will rise out of the ashes of the old world system.

CEO Ajaypal Singh Banga is a member of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) as well as World Economic Forums International Business Council.

6. The sixth partner is American corporation Salesforce, a cloud-based software company headed by Marc Benioff (one of the board of directors of World Economic Forum).

They are a global leader in customer relationship management through the use of cloud computing, social media, Internet of Things and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

7. The seventh partner is UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund). A UN agency that will ‘ensure' that no child will be left behind from being integrated in the digital panopticon.

The UN Global Goals and the leading partners are closely intertwined with World Economic Forums Fourth Industrial Revolution,

a megalomaniac transhumanist plan that will "redefine what it means to be human" and where every aspect of life will be monitored and controlled from above for the "betterment of humanity".

In its most pessimistic, dehumanized form, the Fourth Industrial Revolution may indeed have the potential to "robotize" humanity and thus to deprive us of our heart and soul.

(Klaus Schwab)

Dr Schwab

from World Economic Forum

The Great Reset

The current COVID-19 crisis is seen by the World Economic Forum and its chairman Klaus Schwab as,

the perfect trigger to implement their grandiose technocratic plan...

Big Tech will come to "rescue" the world.

In June 2020, Schwab declared, backed up by prominent people like,

  • Prince Charles

  • UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres

  • MasterCard CEO Ajaypal Singh Banga

  • Microsoft President Brad Smith

  • IMF director Kristalina Georgieva,

...the need of a Great Reset to restore order in a world steeped in panic, conflict and economic turmoil:

The COVID-19 crisis has shown us that our old systems are not fit anymore for the 21st century. It has laid bare the fundamental lack of social cohesion, fairness, inclusion and equality.

Now is the historical moment in time, not only to fight the real virus but to shape the system for the needs of the Post-Corona era.

We have a choice to remain passive, which would lead to the amplification of many of the trends we see today:

Polarization, nationalism, racism, and ultimately increasing social unrest and conflicts.

But we have another choice,

we can build a new social contract, particularly integrating the next generation, we can change our behavior to be in harmony with nature again, and we can make sure the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) are best utilized to provide us with better lives.

(Klaus Schwab)

Highlights from the World Economic Forum teleconference (full speeches here):

This techno-fascist recipe will then, in an utmost non-democratic fashion without any public debate or skeptic inquiry, soon be integrated into the agenda of G20 and the European Union - relabeled as the Great Green Deal and with ‘planet-saving' qualities...

Everything is already in place and, after ostensibly being put on the back burner during the COVID19 crisis, the Climate Change agenda is now back with a vengeance.

We only have one planet and we know that climate change could be the next global disaster with even more dramatic consequences for humankind.

We have to decarbonize the economy in the short window still remaining and bring our thinking and behavior once more into harmony with nature.

(Klaus Schwab)

Unsurprisingly, Klaus Schwab fails to mention his own and his cronies' role in creating this global economic mess in the first place as it was "foreseen" with stunning accuracy,

Dr Evil

from Austin Powers


If we don't respond and act promptly and wisely, the foxes will soon to be in total control of the henhouse...

[Ron: The foxes HAVE BEEN in almost total control of the hen house for decades. This article outlines the intended outcomes planned by the demonic global control cabal BUT the Triodity of presidents Trump, Putin and Xi and their supporters have twarted that interntion with celestial assistance from Universe Management.

The obvious demise of the Talmudic control cabal was signalled by the election of President Trump but other indications include the Brexit vote in the UK in 2016.


From the moment he got into office Trump has been assiduously working to ensure that USans and their nation are able to throw off the yoke of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and their ilk, and to adjust to the decline and elimination of the petro dollar as a cheap if not free means of acquiring foreign goods and services. That is why Trump has rejected inappropriate foreign trade agreements and hastened the reindustrialisation of the US in order to eliminate dependence on foreign goods imports and related supply chain problems. Trump knew that the US could not continue to have a free lunch on the backs of the rest of the world and is rapidly reducing the dependence of the US on foreign imports which will start to cost much more when the USD is adjusted to reflect its true value.

The example being provided by the US in relation to globalisation has been noted and is gradually being imitated by the rest of the world. The COVID-19 debacle in relation to medical and governmental incompetence and malfeasance combined with global supply chain dependance on China has increased awareness of the absurdity of the globalists' plan to centralise political control under the UN and industrial production in China. Governments previously overborne and controlled by Talmudic banksters and cultural Marxist ideology have begun to grow the cojones needed to begin resisting the banksters and to renationalise their trade and industry; as well as reasserting the traditional political, social, and cultural identity of their nations.

In addition Trump has been actively deconstructing the banksters' control of the global monetary system and their demonic mechanisms for global control like the WHO, the Fed, the IMF, BIS and NATO, and various Talmudic trade treaties and arrangements. Ultimately the UN itself will be replaced by proper divine governance. And of course the undemocratic Marxist controlled EU is on its last legs as popularist traditionalism and nationalism reasserts itself in Europe.

By enormously increasing US "borrowing" from the Fed for stimulous payments and capital works etc, Trump is running up 'fake' debts with the 'fake' Fed system prior to its demise. At the same time Trump is eliminating counter productive regulations that inhibit domestic US productivity and production. This will  increase US industrial efficiency. He is also using his Defence Production powers to ensure that the nation gets the type of production that is really needed; AND value for the USD (ie debt notes) being issued by the Fed. The plan is to ameliorate the impact of USans having to go "cold turkey" by having to pay the rest of the world the real value of their goods and services provided to the US instead of conjuring fake currency out of thin air to exchange for it.

Be aware that the "borrowing" of "debt notes" called USD from the Fed is a fraudulent activity introduced in 1913 with the creation of the Fed. The IRS, like the Fed is a privately owned corporation created shortly after the Fed to collect taxes to enable the US government to pay the fraudulent interest charged by the Fed on so-called USD created out of thin air for the US Congress. This activity was fraudulent not only because the Fed purports to create "money" out of thin air but also because the Constitution only empowers the Congress to create money for the united states of America. See eg: The United States of America Has 2 Constitutions -

The Trump Administration is currently in the process of agreeing with The International Treasury Controller the value of the international Petro Dollar replacement which will be the INTERNATIONAL GOLD BACKED GLOBEC CURRENCY. That process will establish the value of the US currency vis-a-vis the Globec.This process will stabilise values in international currencies and the existing  currency markets will be abolished.  See: DAVID CRAYFORD ---------- IT’S TIME THAT SOMEONE STARTED KICKING ASS SO THAT CHANGES TO THE CURRENT FINANCIAL SYSTEM CAN BE MADE TO BENEFIT EVERYONE, NOT THE MINORITY -

Changes to the monetary system and introduction of the Globec are unlikely to occur until after the Magnetic Reversal STAND STILL, and stasis, at which time this planet and its remaining inhabitants will be ensconced in the Millennial Reign.

The changes being implemented and the cabal's resistance to them are causing chaos on a global scale. This is the final opportunity for HUmans here to opt to THINK about their experiences and the meaning of their existance. Those who make a genuine effort to understand what is happening will remain with this planet to embark on its journey into Light and Life. Those who don't make the effort will be transferred to other planets and places to continue their cosmic journey at levels best suited to their aspirations or lack of them. This is a golden opportunity to enormously shorten (and sweeten) the usual HUman journey to Paradise Pilgrims, TAKE IT!

Frustration and anger are understandable in those "who have eyes to see". BUT rest assured that everything is under proper control by servants and agents of divine authorities. It is always darkest just before dawn. The darkness will give way to the light very "soon" but for a couple of months life on this planet will get worse, especially for those who refuse to wake up. Be aware though, that ultimately, love conquers all. See eg: An Apocalyptic Showdown -

And: Seraphin Message 423: A PAIN-FREE FUTURE -


And: "The Last Prophecy of Peter Deunov and a Commentary." -].

And: Are You Loving Your Servitude ? (Part 2)  -


All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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