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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

The German Reich Exists!
By Ingrid Zundel
Sep 6, 2011 - 6:02:47 AM

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The German Reich Exists!

By Ingrid Zundel

About three months ago I sent some 80 copies of two German-language DVDs to friends and supporters in Europe, most of them living in Germany. Intended recipients of these DVDs were mostly elderly people who had assisted in various ways in our lengthy struggle for Truth in History.

These were friends in their eighties and nineties – one would not think that these retired folks in their last years on earth are capable of insurrection or even revolution endangering the Vaterland!

The customs censors of the Federal Republic of Germany – in short, the Bundesrepublik – saw fit to confiscate these documentaries, apparently based on an order from the Mannheim District Court, staffed with notorious “Holocaust Denier” hounds, empowered to badger and bully. The customs civil servants duly notified the addressees of their intent to scrutinize these little disks, inferring they might well be politically suspect – and, hence, not suitable for ordinary citizens to watch.

These DVDs are now in “temporary custody” so as to be investigated bureaucratically. The functionaries of the Bundesrepublik want to make sure that their own senior citizens won’t be contaminated with politically incorrect content.

My addressees are eyewitnesses of World War II who know they live on borrowed time. It is emotionally consoling to them to be informed on how their country’s truthful history at long, long last unfolds. These people have a vested interest in seeing their ill-treated country freed from the curse of a deceitful propaganda deluge known as the “Holocaust”. They know what happened in the Third Reich concentration camps is not what current party line proclaims. To them, Ernst Zundel is both martyr and hero.

Since I am the producer and initiator of this mailing, I need to tell you of the content of these two sequestered titles.

The first is titled “Off Your Knees, Germany!”, which has been widely disseminated on the Internet in English – to wide acclaim, I feel proud and even boastful to report. There, you can check for yourself what Ernst Zundel said – and what was said about him by his detractors. Just type the title into your favorite search engine – and presto! The DVD is some 90 minutes long.

This documentary has never been censored by Youtube. There is nary a peep of dissent! I know it has been reposted on at least two dozen other websites, and I have already distributed more than 700 of them. So far, no viewer of this DVD has fainted or turned into a frog from having been exposed to the flamboyant Zundel Saga. The version sent to Europe is identical – with subtitles in German.

The second DVD is German-language only. It’s called “Feldzug gegen die Offenkundigkeit des Holocausts” – roughly translated as “Crucade against Judicial Notice of the Holocaust” – a 2-hour documentary I stitched together from 9 hours of raw footage of informal, lawyerly debriefing sessions pertaining to the 2007 Mannheim Zundel Trial that cost Ernst five years of his life, in addition to the two already served in Canada.

The Mannheim prosecution against Ernst saw fit to cloak its illegal attack on human rights and dignity on what is called Paragraph 130 – the man in the street calls it “Jewry’s Holocaust cudgel.” A sub-section of Paragraph 130 of the German penal code, known as the “Incitement Section,” punishes “approval, trivialization, or denial of the National Socialist era”. In its application, it created a new variety of a “criminal” – primarily a “Holocaust Denier.”

As the Catholic Church relies on Infallibility, judges in the German courts rely on “Manifest Obviousness” or “Offenkundigkeit”, roughly akin to the Anglo-Saxon concept of “Judicial Notice” – “… what exists need not be proven.” In practice, it means “The Holocaust happened! Shut up!”

“Offenkundigkeit” exists to enforce political dogma and punish heresy. It means that if you are unlucky enough to land before a judge of the kind of Dr. Meinerzhagen, a hysterically volatile servant of the entrenched status quo, a defense on the merits is sternly precluded by law. Nor are your attorneys allowed to offer a defense on your behalf – or else, they themselves become “guilty” by association and intent and maybe even, Heaven forbid, compassion for a client whose fix is in before a trial even begins.

“Offenkundigkeit” has, thus, become the Holy Cow of German jurisprudence. It gives judges court jester license.

Since the 1990s, the Mannheim District Court has become something very similar to the Victors’ Tribunal at Nuremberg for Holocaust revisionists. Guilt is a foregone conclusion. The rest is just for show and for headlines to keep the sheeple subdued.

How can a defense attorney then offer a workable defense, if the law not only forbids it but endangers the attorney himself?

Defense attorneys at the Zundel Trial decided to cut a new swath. Since it was known that it would be impossible, by law, to submit exculpatory evidence for Ernst’s “heretical” beliefs based on forensic evidence, a new form of defense was introduced by sheer necessity. The system itself would be on put on trial for its craven contravention of the law.

The Zundel Trial was uniquely suited for this strategy for two reasons:

  1. It had international significance owing to Ernst Zundel’s high profile and the fact that the USA and Canada had collaborated with the Bundesrepublik to use trickery to abduct and extradite the dissident;  -  and -
  2. Ernst’s lead defense attorney, Sylvia Stolz, a petite snippet of a female with a girlish voice and unflappable poise made it a dramatic and often hilarious “OMF-BRD” trial under the watchful eye of her lover, the brilliant but politically disbarred attorney, Horst Mahler.

“OMF-BRD” is an acronym that stands for a typically German mouthful: “Organisationsform einer Modalität der Fremdherrschaft.” What it means in the vernacular is that the Bundesrepublik is known to strut and prance much like the pompous “sovereign” in the Christian Anderson tale, while everybody bows and grovels – until a child calls out: “The Emperor is naked!”

As I have come to understand the meaning of the “OMF-BRD line of attack”, it can be stripped down to four words:

“The German Reich Exists.”

Now don’t you snicker before you understand what this idea means. Thanks to three generations’ worth of brainwashing, the concept of the “German Reich” has been deformed to such an extent it has become a Pavlovian prompt – one shudders at the implied corollary “… the Reich might rise again!” In fact, that is not at all what it means. “The Reich” is not wishful thinking or Hitler propaganda. “The Reich” does exist as a subject of international law because it preceded the Third Reich and continues to exist after the destruction of the Third Reich. It is a venerable institution. It exists much as China exists, despite internal upheavals as well as external attacks. The German Reich does not mean “Hitler’s Reich.” It is a lawful entity in international jurisprudence – but it is helpless to act in its own interest.

The German Reich was not obliterated when the German Wehrmacht surrendered, but it was kept feeble on purpose so it could be ruled by a malicious cabal that took over as a provisional government that was not meant to last. It was a temporary administration – put in its place because there was a vacuum – until such time as the ill-fated Germans, held to be pathologically addicted to authoritarian rule of grandiose design, were sufficiently “matured politically” to vote themselves a democratic government of their own choice.

From the Allies’ point of view, it was a noble concept – on paper. Until desirable maturity in the German populace had taken root, the powers-that-be would rule the besieged, bloodied, starving, decimated Germans in their own ruins, and “re-educate” them thoroughly and for all time to come for their own good.

There was not ever even a peace treaty. Did you know that? Only a cease fire existed, and exists to this day. Theoretically, “The Reich” is still “at war” with the Allies.

The pity is that the Germans were never told of this provisional arrangement that would give them their freedom as soon as they showed proper remorse. It was quietly swept under the rug. The usurpers of Germany’s sovereignty smugly stayed on because they liked their warm nests and their power.

Today, more than three generations later, most Germans fancy themselves to be benevolently ruled by a bona fide entity dressed up in democratic finery that calls itself the “Bundesrepublik”, which has remained, in fact and law, still a provisional arrangement kept carefully controlled so as to serve an alien agenda.

The story of Germany’s “re-education” that brought this unnatural situation about is long and exceedingly seamy.

In a passionate interview with an Israeli journalist, Ernst Zundel explained it this way:

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Wicked tongues insist that now, three generations later – you have an entire country filled end to end with Stockholm Syndrome slaves whose pride is to identify with their oppressors and who, almost to a man and woman, saw Bonn and now see Berlin as the seat of “legitimate” rulers.

And who could blame them, given their proscribed world view of their own history? The Bundesrepublik looks German. The Bundesrepublik talks German. The Bundesrepublik parades in front of friend and foe as German. In oily proclamations, it claims it wants the best for Germany. It likes to scold China for its lack of Freedom of Speech.

These ruling mandarins, however, are not in spirit and in law anything near what in olden times a German might have called “German.” They are obedient vassals of a foreign rule – and that is what the Mannheim Zundel Trial brought sharply to the fore.

That is the essence of what my DVDs make clear. The first merely serves as a political backdrop in which Ernst Zundel confronts his mendacious detractors – again and again and again! It is fast-paced and entertaining, but for me, it is the second DVD that has real meat, because the situation in the Vaterland is dismal.

No transcripts in political show trials are allowed. No exculpatory evidence is allowed to be brought forth by the defense. As stated before, if a defendant opens his mouth and points to unassailable forensic evidence as a basis for the fact that science does not lie, not even for the “Nazis”, he automatically doubles his sentence. If an attorney does likewise, he earns himself a prison sentence for his pains – as Sylvia Stolz found out.

A Mannheim Zundel Trial observer wrote this:

The mainstream media showed an unusual interest in the Zündel trial. The reports in the mainstream media exposed very clearly the phoniness and hypocrisy of the much-touted German “constitutional guarantee” of freedom of opinion and information, which is indeed purely theoretical – as the entire world now knows.

This ceaseless blathering about “human rights” and “freedom of opinion”, which have in fact been ever more violated and trampled underfoot, are mere trappings for foreign consumption.

OMF yes-men freely criticize repression in foreign countries while they keep their real agenda in the dark.

Here I need to tell you, for the record, that neither Ernst nor I knew of – much less approved of – the OMF trajectory that came about by default. We wanted it to be a traditional Holocaust trial or, at the very least, a kidnapping trial. We had nothing to do with this little understood political thorn in the side of the unsuspecting populace. Ernst says he knew about the concept as a tangential issue in terms of his own information outreach, but I did not. Until I came in the possession of the debriefing tapes, I did not know any of this. I would guess that the average German has never heard of it either.

However, now in retrospect, what happened in the Zundel Trial makes lots of sense to me – why it played out as bizarre as it did, and why it is so difficult today to let a ray of light ride on a simple Zundel DVD that gets itself in trouble with customs.

I’ll show you by example:

There was a little ten-year-old boy in the audience. He had listened intently at home as his parents discussed the Zundel Trial farce where Truth was no defense and a maximum sentence already a foregone conclusion. In his little mind, he concluded correctly that Ernst Zundel was an icon of sorts. The next morning, in court, he asked if he could shake the renowned prisoner’s hand.

Do you know that five police – count ‘em, five! – moved forward in a phalanx and surrounded that youngster to prevent him from doing just that?

Ernst said he and the little boy merely locked glances across the width of that sorry joke of a courtroom for what seemed a very long time. Ernst described it to me as a moment of exquisite poignancy. Isn’t that a perfect scene for a movie?

That little boy is not likely to forget for as long as he lives that a nasty police force was needed to prevent him from sharing a handshake with a man whose integrity and importance he sensed.

Talk about a phony ruling system being skittish!

To come back to the sequestered DVDs our elderly friends are not allowed to watch. Since I knew from past experience how brutal political censorship is practiced in the country of my ancestry, I made sure that what I did was not a violation of the law and would not negatively impact on my recipients.

I put an explanation in my monthly letter, Germania, that these two documentaries were meant as gifts of gratitude for past support and that, at least according to the law, a German citizen is still allowed to receive one copy each for private use of otherwise “indexed” items the current Bundesrepublik deems unfit for grown-ups to own. I even put a little paper slip inside each mailing to explain that also to the customs officials, in case they might not be all that familiar with the law.

After having received a stern notice from customs about suspected contraband, two or three of our oldsters took their trembling hearts into their hands, called customs and inquired what their options were in a politically delicate case such as this. They were told they had two choices: either refuse a well-meant present and have it sent back to America, or brace themselves for predictable political fall-out.

You have to understand that to a law-abiding German of vintage times it is a very scary thing to receive a notice in the mail that tells him he is suspect of harboring politically incorrect thoughts. Our elderly friends are terrified that they will now be hauled before a judge to account for receiving intellectual contraband from an American citizen, Ingrid Zundel. In today’s gagged and cowed Germany, that might morph overnight into media vilification, disgrace and ostracism in the neighborhood, a political show trial such as their friend, Ernst Zundel, already had to endure or, at the very least, horrendous fines few of our oldsters can afford.

So far, I have only received two returns – the rest, presumably, still lies at customs headquarters so that the Kommissars of Mannheim can hatch a solid plan to terrorize their senior citizens some more.

I say that is why these two DVDs are vitally important, especially the second one, to receive the widest distribution possible among all freedom-loving folks of German ancestry. In the second DVD, particularly, four attorneys explain what has happened to the law in light of a manipulated past. It has real intellectual and legal substance, but that’s not all. There is hilarity.

There is irreverence. The presiding Judge, Ulrich Meinerzhagen, is boldly raked over the coals. But it is more than that – it talks about the obscene roots of this abnormal judicial situation at Nuremberg. These documentaries are of invaluable merit for those who are not yet aware that Germany is still a country under covert Allied rule. Veterans of WWII who may still think they “liberated” Germany from a “dictatorship” – take note!

But in the meantime, what to do?

To mind comes Dr. Robert Countess, a former US Army Chaplain, a true-blue Holocaust revisionist who, in the olden days, would smuggle Bibles into the Soviet Union wrapped in a customs declaration that stated brazenly: “The Joys of Jewish Cooking.”

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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