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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 19, 2022 - 5:26:20 PM

The End of the Age of Benevolence
By Francis Marion with comments by Ron
Nov 30, 2017 - 4:42:21 AM

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The End of the Age of Benevolence


The history of democracy, Marxism and feminism is the history of the snake, which, being hungry for more, stalks its own tail and consumes itself.

By Francis Marion of for TBP

Some evenings I sit on the sofa in the family room with my teenage daughter and watch a TV program with her. I leave the choice of the show to her, it matters little to me, and when she finds something she likes she sits next to me, puts her head on my shoulder, and snuggles up for the hour it takes to watch whatever it is she’s chosen. [Ron: Arguably, Tell-A-Vision, ie the premier mind control apparatus on this planet today, so egularly watching it with one's daughter, and allowing her to choose whatever program she wishes is not ideal and, on its face, constitutes a failure to provide proper parental guidance and intellectual, psychological and spiritual leadership to the child.].

It’s our time.

Occasionally we’ll sneak in another twenty or thirty minutes to the objection of her mother but I like my time with her so I put up with the raised eyebrows and the, “She’s got school tomorrow,” scoldings. It’s important to me that she knows I love her, that I want to spend time with her [Ron: IMHO, watching TV is, at best, a passive, rather marginal way to "spend time with" one's daughter in order to show her you love her.] and that she feels safe when she is with me. Someday, when she is a grown woman I want her to find a man that will take care of her and protect her like I do. I expect no less from a suitor and neither should she. [Ron: Presumably she will expect more from a man than that he spends time watching TV with her.].

There will be women who read this who will object to my stance. They will say, “She doesn’t need a man to feel safe or validated or content,” but I would disagree. When she gets older she’ll need a good man, not just any man, and that’s as true today as much as it was ten years, twenty years, fifty years, one hundred years and even one thousand years ago. And it will become even more so as time goes on.

Indeed, we have reached peak denial in our civilization and whether we like it or not reality is about to make a come back. [Ron: I agree.].

The freedom that we have enjoyed in the west

[Ron: that freedom was and is AN ILLUSION. Western populations have been wage slaves to unknown corporatists and slaves to usurious banksters since at least the time of the American Civil war. Before that they were serfs and slaves to plutocratic aristocrats, industrialists, corporatists and such.]

and the modern democracies that have sprung forth from our evolving and enlightened philosophies over the past few hundred years are not a given.

[Ron: Democracies are a chimerical subterfuge created by banksters and other plutocratic oligarchs as a modern slave plantation management mechanism used  to conceal the reality that most humans are mind controlled slaves in a global control matrix. For the last 150 years the banksters who control our world have instituted a  free range serf system of control in which people are largely confined to "plantations" called countries and forced to scrabble a living by selling their labour and personalites for "money" which is merely some form of fiat debt token created by banksters for nothing out of thin air. Today those debt tokens are created by key strokes on a computer so they have no material substance at all.

Arguably free range serfs are worse off than medieval serfs because they are entirely responsible for their food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, transport, entertainment, maintenance in sickness and old age and the like. They are also responsible for finding their employment and travelling to it. The social atomisation involved has destroyed the sense of community which gave comfort and security to serfs who had a supporting social milieu around them and could also rely on the Lord of the Manor for the basics of survival provided they contributed (in medieval times) about 15 weeks of work per year for the benefit of the local Lord.  Compare that to the situation today where ordinarily employed workers pay government taxes and charges of about 30% of their income and then have to shell out for rent, food, clothing, healthcare, education, transport, insurance, retirement benefits and on and on.  For some discussion of this situation see eg: The Matrix, the Strawman and WHO You Are. See:

Remember also that usury increases the cost of everything in the economy by about 40% and that over time the constant creation of ever more fiat debt tokens out of thin air (necessary because the banksters NEVER create any "money" (debt tokens) to pay the interest they charge on the loans they must keep issuing to keep the system going) reduces the value of previously issued "money" (fiat debt tokens) so that, for instance the US dollar now only buys what one or two cents would have bought in 1913 when the current US Federal Reserve money creation system was introduced.].

Granted, they are preferable outcomes given our natural state but politically speaking they are an anomaly in the history of mankind and not the norm.

[Ron: I disagree with the proposition that "our evolving and enlightened philosophies". In fact the reverse is true. Our "freedom and democracy" philosophies today have led to a drastic global dystopia which, if not reversed almost immediately by the Triodity of Presidents, Trump, Putin and Xi, will result in a socio-political and economic collapse AND catastropic Earth Changes which could destroy all life on this planet.

For instance, without being exhaustive:

- how are Western Wars on lesser developed nations like Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia et al, beneficial to anyone?

- Similarly, how is Political Correctness and LGBTism of real benefit to anyone?

- And how does government granting of monopolies to private, unaccountable banksters to create money out of thin air (and to decide WHO gets that "money'" in return for payment of interest for which NO  "money" has been created) beneficial?

- WHAT is the benefit to humanity of governments granting human personhood to inanimate, fictive corporations covertly owned by banksters, and how is that "enlightened"?

The combination of granting a monopoly on the creation and distribution of "money" to private banksters AND then making available to those banksters the  corporate personhood mechanism has led to MOST food, industrial and commercial production, and control of most industrial, commercial, cultural and intellectual property on this planet being held by plutocratic banksters and oligarchic corporatists.

To understand what this means remember that virtually all humans on this planet are now highly indebted wage slaves ie free range serfs, who own almost nothing, least of all the means by which to feed and maintain themselves. They are therefore dependent on the provision of paid employment by corporatists who own the means of production and distribution OR Big Welfare Governments (many of which, like the US Inc and the Commonwealth of Australia) are privately owned by the said banksters and corporatists. IF the owners of the means of production replace human workers with electronics and robots, a process which is occurring at an ever increasing rate, most humans will cease to be able to earn "money" to feed and maintain themselves and their families. At the same time goverm=nements will be unable to levy taxes on a sufficient number of workers IN employment to pay living benefits to those who are unemployed or otherwise unable to work. THAT situation equals total dystopia. For some further discussion see eg: The Permanent Unemployment & Underemployment Economy. See:].

As such, democracy and the systems, social structures and institutions that have grown up around them are grossly misunderstood by the vast majority of the western world. Most of the people living in the west today have been raised to believe [Ron: The apposite term is "MIND CONTROLLED"] that democracy is a moral system of governance and that it is our gift to the rest of mankind. But democracy is not an inherently moral system nor is it a guarantor of linear, progressive political growth.

[Ron: In fact the concept of "democracy", like the money meme,  is just part of the global matrix controllers' slave plantation management tool box  of false memes.].

At its root democracy is quite simple. It is the exercise of political power by the majority over the minority.

[Ron: NO it isn't! Apart from the fact that those who control society tend to criminally falsify the system and its results, the democratic mechanism is automatically manipulated by individuals and groups that possess inordinate amounts of "money" as compared to the mass population. In other words the rich can invariably skew democratic systems towards favouring a minority namely themselves.]. It is the power to choose in matters of politics. This, of course, begs the question: to choose what?

Since choices in general (and political ones are no exception) can be either good or bad, in this case, both for the individual and the body politic, then it follows that democracy is neither. It is nothing more than a tool for decision making where the majority holds the power to make decisions that affect everyone, either for better or for worse. [Ron: NO it isn't! As mentioned above, the democracy meme is a propaganda meme used by wealthy banksters and corporatists to covertly control society without most people realising that is occurring.].

Democracy is, therefore, a reflection of the character of the people who exercise it.

[Ron: NO it isn't. It is a deceptive mechanism that fools the general population into believing that casting a vote every 2-4 years determines how they are governed. it doesn't.  The quality of governance in so-called democracies is dependent on the character of the covert manipulators and controllers of the political system. Moreover, as democratic systems are typically focussed on giving everyone over some minimum age like 18, a vote, they are obviously totally flawed. Think about it. What possible merit is there in giving young people with virtually no experience of life an equal say with mature, experienced citizens. That is equivalent to giving children of all ages an equal say in how a family must operate. Also, why would any sensible community give an equal say in its affairs to persons of limited IQ or morals? IF a community (or family) is serious about obtaining sane and sensible governance it will necessarily give much more weight to the counsel and authority of mature, moral individuals with proven  spiritual, intellectual and experiential capacities. Such a governance mechanism will necessarily result in what would amount to a spiritual autocracy, which is what a sensible sane, moral family or community is.]

Additionally, democracy is also the use of soft force. That is, the minority bends to the will of the majority on political matters and the apparatus of the state is responsible for carrying out its demands. The minority consents, willingly or unwillingly not because violence is present but because, by the state’s presence, it is implied.

[Ron: I disagree. So-called democratic governments in our world exercise ACTUAL VIOLENCE in exercising their power and control. Confiscating property and goaling citizens for non compliance with government laws on taxation conscription or anything else amounts to governments having a monopoly on force and violence.].

More importantly, though, democracy is a luxury that is preceded by benevolence [Ron: Not necessarily.] but does not necessarily guarantee its continuance or creation if forgotten. [Ron: DUH!].

Societies in a state of internal turmoil, or where competing factions vie for political power, often through the use of overt physical violence, will forgo democracy because the primary component for its exercise, order, is absent. [Ron: Since "democracies" invariably involve competing factions this statement is meaningless.].

Democracy in the western world has always followed ‘order’. ‘Order’ is a byproduct of force and, like democracy varies in severity on the scale of good and bad, its moral leanings by and large being dependent on the type of people who impose it from the top down. It can be fatherly and benevolent or it can be violent and oppressive. It is never universally both.

[Ron: Governance on this world should emulate Universe Management governance standards. That means that governance arrangements for nations and humanity as a whole should be modelled on spiritual autocracy, that is, governance by those with KNOWN genuinely superior spiritual, moral and intellectual capacities. Such arrangements should continue until the members of a nation reach a sufficient  level of spiritual, moral and intellectual maturity to govern themselves. Within that national and international framework nations need to be organised into a hierarchy of communities at local neighbourhood  and district levels, morphing into aggregations of communities into communes or  regional administrative structures culminating in an overarching national council to which communes appoint members. Such national councils would need to be overseen by KNOWN spiritually mature individuals in all cases.

For some indication of what grass roots local neighbourhood and commune structures and activities might look like I suggest a close consideration of what is being done in Venezuela today. See eg: Venezuela’s Communes: a Great Social Achievement -

Thus democracy usually occurs where ‘order’ has been established and the apparatus of the state is at least somewhat benevolent.

In a political world ruled by strength, order and benevolence are precursors to suffrage. Without either suffrage would not exist, choices would be limited and brute strength would still be the order of the day.

Whether feminists are willing to admit it or not, brute, physical strength is at the root of all political power, thus feminism came into being because those who held that strength chose to exercise benevolence and reason over strength and subjugation. Their suffrage was dependent first and foremost on the benevolence of those who held political power. And like it or not, those who held political power at the time it was introduced were men.

As time progressed, at least in the West, democracy, and universal suffrage gave way to both physical and intellectual freedom for women. In the West during the twentieth century, its political structure (and the intellectual values it embodied) and the industrial revolution it spawned ushered in a new era for women, giving them choices they had not previously had, by and large, since the beginning of recorded history.

Women were finally free to choose between family, career or both. Rather than playing the role of the weaker, subservient sex women found their place beside men in society as intellectual equals. Physical strength was no longer a factor in the social structure of our civilization. An intellectual meritocracy came to be valued over a system based simply on brute force. This structure was the product of order created from benevolent strength.

But the rise of Marxism and feminism, particularly the rise of third-wave feminism has put ‘order’ at risk.

Without order, an intellectual meritocracy will once again become subservient to strength. It’s a hard pill for women and progressive liberals in general to swallow but it’s a fact.

Marxism and modern feminism work continuously towards a perfect world but ignore reality in the process.

[Ron: I disagree. Marxism is Talmudism and its evil fruits were obvious in the Bolshevik controlled Soviet Union between October 1917 and the Battle of the Harvest Moon in September 1977. It is also obvious in the Bolshevik controlled Obama era with Political Correctness and LGBTism rampant in the US prior to President Trump's gaining control of the US government. Similarly, Feminism was a Rothschilds/Rockefeller CIA project designed to destabilise the family and almost double the personal income tax base while forcing families to outsource childcare and the education of infants to State institutions. In effect Rothism created Marxism and the Bolsheviks; and the long term plan of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers was to reduce the standard of living in the US to that prevailing in the Soviet Union at the time so that the two polities could merge into the New World Order and Gloria Steinem's Feminism activities  were part of that plan. See eg: Gloria Steinem: How the CIA used Feminism to destabilise Society -]. They forget an important lesson, born true repeatedly throughout history:

There is no utopia.

The best we can hope for in any civilization is for a society to be built and based on fundamental individual rights and freedoms. If we refuse this then we return to what we were before. This means rule by brute force which means the end of political and legal equality for women and the death of democracy itself.

The irony in the dilemma which the West now faces is that our demise, the continual erosion of a democratic, intellectual meritocracy, is by and large spurred on by the very people that our system was created to protect.

Feminists, both female and male, cry daily for more of the same poison which infects us. More illegal and unscreened immigration. More tolerance of philosophies which are intolerant themselves. More invitations for an enemy created by a corrupt and immoral government to ignore our borders and live among us.

More cries for moral nihilism, the repression of speech (one of the cornerstones of their own suffrage) and the denial of fundamental biological reality.

More cries for the denial of basic math and the continuance of government-sponsored bread and circuses. More of everything which our civilization cannot sustain. More of everything which rots us from the core.

Subsequently, modern feminists decry the men of their own civilization as misogynists, racists, and intolerant while forgetting it was their own men who recognized that a society built on equal political rights for all was preferable to a society built on spoils taken by the strong. They forget that it was the men they live among who valued justice over greed and force so much that they shed the old ways and took their place beside their women instead of in front of them. They do all of this while cheering on the invasion of their own countries by foreign men who view them as nothing more than chattel property. In doing so they have unwittingly invited the destruction of their own freedom.

While I sit next to my daughter I wonder what the future will hold for her. I have no desire to see her disenfranchised but the reality is that many of her own kind have chosen a future where reason has been rejected and instead, traded for thirty pieces of silver and whatever makes them feel good. Unfortunately, a world without reason is a world without order which is a world without choice. A world without choice is a world of brute force. And that’s a man’s world.


Benevolence and democracy should have ushered in an era of truth and reason but instead, they ushered in an era of denial and wishful thinking. Thus, democracy’s beginning will also be its end. What came from force will return to it.

For those of you paying attention and who can see the contradictions and the resultant decay, pray. Pray that what comes afterward will once again be benevolent. [Ron: Better yet, PRAY that the Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi will drain the Talmudic US and global swamps very soon.].

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].


The Matrix, the Strawman and WHO You Are. See:

The Permanent Unemployment & Underemployment Economy. See:

Venezuela’s Communes: a Great Social Achievement -

Gloria Steinem: How the CIA used Feminism to destabilise Society -

Acclaimed Journalist and Author Explains What Social Media is Doing to Society. See:

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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