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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

The Dershowitz question
By Simon Hardy Butler, Times of Israel - with comments by Ron
Apr 20, 2017 - 5:32:10 AM

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The Dershowitz question

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ed note–Prime efface evidence as to why it is a complete waste of time to try and have a reasonable, rational conversation with those of the self-chosenite variety, as they are not interested in arriving at the truth, but rather only in achieving their agenda and even when they must lie through their teeth to do so.

The essay is in and of itself a living, breathing ratification/validation of everything that has been alleged by them since the time of Pharaoh in that they collude and conspire with each other against the interests of any Gentile host society. If there were a speaking engagement scheduled and the speaker in question were the most rabid pro-zionist Jew and a campaign to shut down that venue and prevent that individual from spouting his/her Hebraic black magic, why we would all be inundated–including by the likes of this author–with screeching Op-eds warning of the resurgence of the 3rd Reich and that a new Hollerco$t was being planned. However, when organized collusion takes place in the interests of censoring a discussion that is problematic in terms of the honest and accurate description of Jewish power emanating out of Judaic self-delusion, well, in such a case, ‘brownshirts’ of the Hebraic variety getting together for ‘book burnings’ is perfectly, well, kosher.

Now, as the world stands at the precipice of oblivion resulting directly out of the toxic nature of Jewish power and the disproportionate role it plays in human affairs, it is high-time that the rest of the world come to understand how pointless it is trying to have any kind of rational intercourse with a tribe of people who believe in all that nonsense of a jealous, vindictive, angry, violent god named yahweh favoring one tiny spec of human DNA as his ‘chosen’ people. You would get further talking to some street crazy screaming about an imminent invasion from outer space then you would with these people.

Simon Hardy Butler, Times of Israel

“What do you suggest I do?”

That was the query from eminent attorney Alan Dershowitz that I found in my e-mailbox a few days ago in response to a message I sent him relating to the scheduled appearance this month of notorious anti-Semite Gilad Atzmon [Ron: Bollocks! Like Chomsky, Gilad Atzmon is a covert point man for the Yids. A genuine critic of the neo-Pharisees (Jews) would acknowledge that the Hollo$cost is bullshit designed to extract endless "compensation" payments for Jews from gentiles and to stifle ANY examination of the causes and effects of WWII and of ANY subsequent activities by Judea Inc.] at New York’s Theatre 80 St. Mark’s. Dershowitz has, in the past, referenced Atzmon in his writing, and I thought he might be interested in this latest Big Apple adventure—which I wrote about in a recent blog post for the Times of Israel. I sent him a link to my article as well.

“What do you suggest I do?” he asked. The question lingered in my mind. Suggest? Wouldn’t it be up to Dershowitz to know what the right course of action would be?

His inquiry surprised me, to say the least. But I suspect it probably shouldn’t have. Dershowitz is one of those folks who may need recommendations, solutions, rather than problems posed to him. He may need something spelled out.

So I conveyed out to him what I thought would be appropriate: writing. Writing an editorial in a major New York publication, such as the New York Daily News. He has done this sort of thing before. Why not do it again … this time, addressing the issue of Atzmon being able to broadcast, at a local Gotham venue, the hate speech he so frequently issues? [Ron: The only "hate speech" Gilad Atzmon issues is subtle German and gentile bashing. See eg: Passover Special - Yahweh and WMD. -

Jews on ‘Jewishness and Zionism’. See:

Gilad Atzmon on German Guilt and Multiculturalism. See:

Gilad Atzmon Shoah Backfires -

Ron: Here’s my take on the Gilad Atzmon article ... See:].


The truth is, I was disappointed in Dershowitz’s interrogative. I shouldn’t have to tell him what he should do in this case. He should already realize it. And the fact that he responded to my email instead of leaving it unanswered puzzled me. What was the point? If he didn’t want to do anything, why send his message to me at all?

Lorcan Otway, Theatre 80’s owner, did me the courtesy of addressing my dismay about Atzmon’s event in an eloquent fashion, and although he didn’t persuade me to agree with him, he made a powerful point about the need to allow for freedom of speech and not to censor others. Atzmon allegedly paid for the opportunity to speak at Theatre 80, and I did raise that issue, yet the institution does have the right to take whatever customers it wants. Otway, in this case, stayed consistent with his beliefs, and I respect that. He’s a good man. [Ron: Yadda, yadda, bullshit smokescreen yadda! An essential aspect of Atzmon's cover is that Jews pretend to take exception to his ostensibly critical but subtly reinforcing Judaic message a good example being: Passover Special - Yahweh and WMD. -

Also, notice the way he subtly blames Germans TODAY for the Jews' on-going genocide of Gazans and Palestinians. See eg: Gilad Atzmon on German Guilt and Multiculturalism. -].

Atzmon, on the other hand, is not, and the public denigration of Jews and all things Judaic on his website,, as well as in his Facebook and Twitter postings, is problematic to say the least. [Ron: Yabba, yabba, "problamatic" yabba.]. I don’t believe he should be given a forum to vent his anti-Semitic nonsense, but I understand Otway’s perspective … and for the record, Otway is not anti-Semitic. He disagrees completely with Atzmon’s outlook. Still, he is doing what he considers to be the right thing. I can’t argue with what he thinks. [Ron: Sooo, why pretend to argue with what Atzmon thinks?].

I can, though, with Dershowitz, who seemed reluctant to address the problem I brought up in his message to me. [Ron: That's probably because there is none.]. Maybe that’s just as well. There is a protest apparently scheduled for the day Atzmon will host his event at Theatre 80, April 30, and it appears we, the people, need to address this hate speech the way we should: legally, peacefully and by ourselves. For no other individual can do it. [Ron: Yabba, yabba, ding dong!].

That is, I believe, the way it should be. That is, I suspect, the real answer to the Dershowitz question. [Ron: Note that this piece of bullshit rhetoric also subtly seeks to pretend that Dershowitz is not Kosher either!].

Isn’t it? [Ron: sooo, WHY did this author ostensibly seek to manipulate Dershowitz into doing what he acknowledges should be done "by himself"?].

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].



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