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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

The Crimes of Terrorist Nelson Mandela
By David Ben-Ariel -
Dec 8, 2013 - 2:45:08 AM

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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Crimes of Terrorist Nelson Mandela

Read here the crimes of the clever terrorist Nelson Mandela (most have never heard of, denied the opportunity by the treacherous liberal media) and understand why Amnesty International never accepted him as a political prisoner. Even as the world finally woke up to how wicked Winnie Mandela is, we must face reality about how dangerous and deceitful Nelson Mandela has been.

The fact is that even Amnesty International refused to take on Nelson Mandela’s case because they asserted that he was no political prisoner but had committed numerous violent crimes and had had a fair trial and a reasonable sentence.
Nelson Mandela was the head of UmKhonto we Sizwe, (MK), the terrorist wing of the ANC and South African Communist Party. He had pleaded guilty to 156 acts of public violence including mobilizing terrorist bombing campaigns, which planted bombs in public places, including the Johannesburg railway station. Many innocent people, including women and children, were killed by Nelson Mandela’s MK terrorists.
South African President P.W. Botha had, on a number of occasions, offered Nelson Mandela freedom from prison, if he would only renounce terrorist violence. This Mandela refused to do. - Invictus Idolatry

* The full list of munitions and charges read as follows:

• One count under the South African Suppression of Communism Act No. 44 of 1950, charging that the accused committed acts calculated to further the achievement of the objective of communism;

• One count of contravening the South African Criminal Law Act (1953), which prohibits any person from soliciting or receiving any money or articles for the purpose of achieving organized defiance of laws and country; and

• Two counts of sabotage, committing or aiding or procuring the commission of the following acts:

1) The further recruitment of persons for instruction and training, both within and outside the Republic of South Africa, in:

(a) the preparation, manufacture and use of explosives—for the purpose of committing acts of violence and destruction in the aforesaid Republic, (the preparation and manufacture of explosives, according to evidence submitted, included 210,000 hand grenades, 48,000 anti-personnel mines, 1,500 time devices, 144 tons of ammonium nitrate, 21.6 tons of aluminum powder and a ton of black powder);

(b) the art of warfare, including guerrilla warfare, and military training generally for the purpose in the aforesaid Republic;

(ii) Further acts of violence and destruction, (this includes 193 counts of terrorism committed between 1961 and 1963);

(iii) Acts of guerrilla warfare in the aforesaid Republic;

(iv) Acts of assistance to military units of foreign countries when involving the aforesaid Republic;

(v) Acts of participation in a violent revolution in the aforesaid Republic, whereby the accused, injured, damaged, destroyed, rendered useless or unserviceable, put out of action, obstructed, with or endangered:

(a) the health or safety of the public;

(b) the maintenance of law and order;

(c) the supply and distribution of light, power or fuel;

(d) postal, telephone or telegraph installations;
(e) the free movement of traffic on land; and
(f) the property, movable or immovable, of other persons or of the state.

Source: The State v. Nelson Mandela et al, Supreme Court of South Africa, Transvaal Provincial Division, 1963-1964, Indictment.

Ron's Comment:

Nelson Mandela seems to have been a bit of a chameleon. In PJ 89, Chapter 2, dated Mar 12, 1994, Hatonn quotes from a document sent to him from South Africa that relevantly states:

'As far as SA is concerned in the End Times scenario as seen by Nostradamus--SA, a state then unknown in the C16th, in v.8/95 of the Book of Centuries, speaks of a "deceiver" (Mandela??) held in the dungeon for many years who seeks to seduce the world and sway opinion in his favour. Certainly, aided and abetted by KGB colonel, and SA Communist Party Chairman, Joe Slovo and his Kremlin-trained henchmen. Communism--Stalin & Mao-style, is on the loose in SA right now, this very moment, today!: 11/3/1994 [March 11, 1994], with more than just a little help from the U.S. Government and your State Department--and their World Order manipulators!


In the same breath (verse) Nostradamus refers to, "le Clerc" (de Klerk) as the "chef" (headman or chief--State President?) of "the Land of the Elephant", who carries a staff with his emblem--joining forces (with the above?). Certainly by his sellout actions since assuming power, Mr. de Klerk fits the bill, and the entire of SA is in extreme jeopardy of a genocide of an order yet to be seen.


As I understand it, this verse is the penultimate warning to the globe of the intentions of the diabolical "Adversary" for mankind. ...And, from our perspective, our getting off the Planet (and as I feel right now, hopefully) once and for all!


Love and Blessings from Righteously (?) angry S. African, ...and PLEASE, CONTACT READERS,  let this serve as a WARNING ALARM!'

Source: PJ #89 " FOCUS OF DEMONS ", chapter 1 & 2. By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN -

[Colour fonts and bolding added.].


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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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