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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 - 7:43:40 PM

The Chavista Partners of Morodo have Invested 17 Million in Cash for Houses and Premises in Spain
By M A Ruiz-Coll & Teresa Gomez
Jan 27, 2020 - 7:20:17 PM

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Raúl Morodo

The former ambassador of Shoemaker Raúl Morodo, before one of the real estate acquired by their partners chavistas in the Via Augusta in Barcelona.

The partners chavistas of the former Spanish ambassador to Venezuela Raúl Morodo, Juan Carlos Márquez and Adolfo Prada, have invested more than 17 million euros in the purchase of residential and commercial premises in Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella and Canary islands.

According to a report submitted by the UDEF to the judge of the Audiencia Nacional Santiago Pedraz, Márquez and Prada made practically the whole of these operations in cash, by checks and wire transfers without asking for bank finance.

The officers of the UDEF have been able to prove that at least 4.3 million euros of the money spent came from the state oil company PDVSA, which is controlled by the Government of Nicolas Maduro. The Police investigated these operations with the suspicion that they may constitute a crime of money laundering from the pillaging of PDVSA, the payment of bribes and other criminal activities.

As secretary-general of PDVSA, Juan Carlos Marquez was commissioned to sign the contracts for "consulting" by Alejo Morodo (son of the former ambassador of Shoemaker Raúl Morodo) claimed at least 4.4 billion euros from state-owned oil company of Venezuela between 2010 and 2013. The anti-Corruption Office suspected that these payments were actually kickbacks of a political nature, masked with advisories fictitious.

Morodo travelled with their partners from Caracas

After leaving his senior position in PDVSA, Marquez was established in Spain and along with his partner in Venezuela Carlos Adolfo Prada (who had received € 4.3 million from the oil company) invested 17 million euros in the purchase of real estate.

Juan Carlos Marquez declared the past month of July before judge Pedraz on the business of the family Morodo. Three days later he was found dead in a building in San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid), hanged with his own belt.

The officers of the UDEF have managed to prove that Alejo Morodo shared flight from Caracas with his two partners chavistas on at least two occasions: in November of 2014 and march of 2015. In the first movement, Alejo Morodo disbursed 4.971,9 euros to pay for the ticket of Adolfo Prada. It did so through an account of their society Aequitas Lawyers, the same that was used to collect several million euros of the oil company PDVSA.

The former Spanish ambassador Raúl Morodo also made at least a flight between Caracas and Madrid, the 9th of October, 2014, with his son, Alejo and former executive of PDVSA Juan Carlos Marquez. For his part, his partner chavez, Juan Carlos Márquez and Adolfo Prada, traveled at least five times together from Panama to Madrid between September 2015 and December 2016, as shown in the following table, prepared by the UDEF.

The former ambassador Raúl Morodo, he traveled at least once from Caracas with the management of PDVSA Juan Carlos Marquez, who claimed his son Alejo 4.4 million in contracts from the oil.

The report submitted by the UDEF to judge Santiago Pedraz lists all the properties that they bought in Spain told Juan Carlos Márquez, Adolfo Prada and society Consultant Alcander SL, in which both were partners. The Police suspect that this company is actually a cover: although its social purpose is to conduct "consultancy on hydrocarbons", in reality is dedicated to buy residential and commercial premises with the money from the regime of Chavez.

Marquez purchased the 22nd of December, 2010, a floor in the calle Valcarlos Tables and a parking lot in the same neighborhood in northern Madrid for 395.000 € . Marquez did not go to the office of the notary to sign, but was represented by his partner Adolfo Prada, who paid the purchase with two checks of 15,000 to 380,000 euros.

The second deal was paid through the accounts of the company Mapra Asesores SL, incorporated in march 2007 in Madrid and whose sole director was Adolfo Prada. The Police suspect that Márquez was also a partner of this company, as its corporate name, Ma-Pra, is the acronym of the name of both partners: Márquez and Prada.

According to the data provided by the Tax Agency, Mapra Advisors received between July 2010 and August 2011, eight transfers from PDVSA amounting to 4.3 million euros, through an account of JPMorgan Chase Bank. At that time, the partner of Prada, Juan Carlos Marquez, was the secretary general of PDVSA, which ordered the payments.

La sociedad de Márquez y Prada recibió de la petrolera estatal PDVSA ocho transferencias que suman 4,3 millones de euros.

Months later, on April 24, 2012, Juan Carlos Marquez bought for 200,000 euros another floor located in the street Heart of Mary in Madrid, paying with a check. And the February 4, 2013 bought for a price of 1.020.000 euros a villa on the Road Garden of the capital, near the luxurious urbanization of La Moraleja.

Again, since we still had not managed to regularize their situation in Spain, Marquez was represented in the office of the notary by his partner Adolfo Prada, who paid for the operation with several checks, one of them 396.529 euros and two of 281.285 euros.

Adolfo Prada is listed as the owner of two other properties in Madrid: a floor in the street Bucharest, bought for 300,000 euros, and a house in the calle Arévalo Lara (in Ciudad Lineal), that you have paid 720.000 euros. In this latter case, Prada became a part of the mortgage that was outstanding, for a total of 557.000 euros, and paid the rest of the price with several checks. His wife, also a Venezuelan Marisol Varela, invested another 147,000 euros in the purchase of an apartment of 52 square meters on the street in Manizales, close to the IFEMA exhibition centre.

The townhouse purchased by Adolfo Prada in the neighborhood of Ciudad Lineal of Madrid by 700,000 euros.

But the partners of the former ambassador Morodo, Juan Carlos Márquez and Adolfo Prada, conducted the bulk of its real estate investments through the company Consultant Alcander, which has allocated 14 million euros to the purchase of residential and commercial premises in various Spanish towns and cities between 2009 and 2013.

Consultant Alcander bought on the 20 of July of 2009, six parking spaces and commercial premises in calle San Juan de Ortega of Las Tablas (Madrid) for 2.784.000 euros. Paid for the operation with several checks, one of them for the amount of 2.706.400,00 euros.

Expanding the business to Marbella, the Canary islands and Barcelona

Two years later, on July 28, 2011, the company of the partners of the chavistas of Morodo paid 2.865.646 euros for the purchase of three commercial premises in calle Buenos Aires Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The same day, Adolfo Prada went to the notary to buy for 1.038.125 euros, on behalf of Consultant Alcander, other commercial premises in Marbella.

And five months later, on December 19, Márquez and Prada closed the purchase, by 2.909.452 euros, of other commercial premises in the paseo San Francisco de Sales, Madrid. Both partners went out shopping again on the 18th of June, 2013, when they acquired for two million euros another local ground floor in the Alcala street of Madrid, near the Plaza Manuel Becerra. Paid 40,000 euros signal and the rest through a transfer.

Property of the Alcala street of Madrid, in which the partners of Morodo bought a local business.

Later they expanded their activities to Barcelona: September 20, 2013 Consultant Alcander acquired by 2.450.000 € for a commercial premises on two floors, totaling 872 square feet, on Via Augusta in Barcelona.

In total, the Consultant Alcander bought in four years (between 2009 and 2013) property for a value of 14 million euros in different Spanish cities. If you add up the housing that both partners have acquired in a personal capacity, your real estate investment exceeds 17 million euros.

List of some of the real estate acquired in Spain by the Consultant Alcander, of the partners of the former ambassador Raúl Morodo.

After noting that Adolfo Prada received at least € 4.3 million of the oil company PDVSA (of which he was steering his partner, the late Juan Carlos Marquez), the UDEF is investigating now these operations with the suspicion that it may constitute a crime of money laundering.

In his report addressed to the judge, the UDEF remember that "the oil company PDVSA has appeared linked to various criminal activities such as drug trafficking, money laundering and corruption-related offences, which makes plausible the hypothesis that through the operations analyzed were blanching funds of dubious origin".

Excerpt from the report submitted by the UDEF to the judge of the National Audience Santiago Pedraz.


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