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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018 - 1:44:56 AM

The Blessings of Judaism and Christianity
By Bruce Walker with comments by Ron
Mar 7, 2018 - 3:49:05 AM

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While Jews prepare for Pesach and Christians prepare for Easter, it is a proper time to consider and to grasp the enormous blessings of these great faiths of Jews and Christians, both of which are reviled and slandered and despised not because of their failures, but because of their triumphs.

[Ron: Judaism is NOT a "faith" if that is meant to imply that it is a religion. Most jews are atheists and those who aren't say they worship Yahweh, a jealous, genocidal entity who is no g-d at all! Judaism is a collectivist, ethno-centric genocidal political ideology.].

It is part of Judaism and of Christianity to accept the grim fact that the world despises those who follow these religions. [Ron: Actually gentiles despise Judaism because it is a genocidal, nepotistic, parasitic, political ideology that seeks to exploit and destroy all non-Jews and the planet.]. This hatred is profoundly irrational.  [Ron: Jewish hatred of those who seek to follow the teachings of Jesus the Christ is irrational because it is Satanic. Arguably though, the world does not hate those who seek to follow Jesus' teachings which require them to LOVE their neighbour (everyone and everything) AS self FOR the love of God (ALL that IS)].

Consider the rage vented on Israel, which wishes only peace on that narrow strip of land that is holy to Jews

[Ron: Jews are Khazars and Sephardics and NOT Semites OR Israelites. They have NO "holy" or other historic connection with Palestine. Palestine is merely a piece of real estate they have stolen from its historic Semitic inhabitants.].

Consider the rage vented on Christians in the media for following the Gospel of Love.

[Ron: Jews controls "the media". Accordingly, ANY "rage" vented in the media on Christians is in fact rage vented on them BY JEWS!].

Yet nearly every good and noble movement or deed has its roots in Judaism or Christianity.

[Ron: More bullshit! Read the Torah and Talmud, they are Satanic, genocidal, anti-God and anti-gentile, political ideological tracts. by TUT editor

Whereas those Christian teachings that remain uncorrupted by Jews (ie Pharisees and neo-Pharisees) exhort humans to "love God and ALL others" including Jews. Also, be aware that Jesus the Christ was not a Pharisee, or a Judahite or a Jew and in fact there were NO jews in his time. The Khazar neo-Pharisees CHOSE the name Jews for themselves in the 18th Century. See eg: ESU IMMANUEL, THE CHRIST, WAS NOT A JEW. See: And: Esu Immanuel (Jesus Christ) was NOT a Jew - The facts about KHAZARS (the so-called Jews) - And: Who are the Jews and what do they believe? Part 3 - The Pharisaic Phoenix - ].

The status of women, for example, found liberation in the rights granted to women in Judaic law and the special honor bestowed on the many great women in the Tanakh, something revolutionary in the ancient world. The status of women under Christianity was so deeply ingrained that as Christian Europe colonized India, China, and the rest of the Old World, such hideous practices as the suttee and foot-binding were suppressed.

[Ron: This is rabbinical propaganda. Jesus taught that we must love and honour ALL beings. The Pharisee Saul (St Paul) distorted Jesus' teaching about women, requiring them to be subservient to men AS WAS THE CASE IN THE PHARASAIC IDEOLOGY AT THAT TIME.].

Slavery in the ancient world was a horror, but slaves, uniquely, had rights under Jewish law.  Christianity explicitly recognized the spiritual equality of slaves and masters, and from Africa to Ireland, Christian leaders campaigned against this evil.  Slavery was essentially abolished in Europe during the Middle Ages.  Pope Paul III in 1537 issued the bill Sublimis Deus, which expressly declared any slavery, regardless of race or creed, null and void.

[Ron: This is neo-Pharisaic propaganda. Pharisees embedded in the Black Nobility in Venice achieved complete control there in 1171 AD. They were the main slave traders between Europe and the Mongolian Empire for many centuries. Jews created and dominated the Black African slave trade between Africa and the Americas until it was abolished by gentiles. See eg:Who Brought the Slaves to America?

Who Brought the Slaves to America? And who was responsible for the HOLOCAUST of African slaves during that trade?].

The global anti-slavery movement in the 19th century was championed by men like William Wilberforce whose voices compelled the Christian world to embrace the abolition of slavery and ended that institution in the lands ruled by Christians. [Ron: Actually Jewish banksters sought to end Black slavery in North America during the American Civil War which they created in order to establiah the current wage slavery system which ensures that ALL people of every colour are free range serfs working for the Jew banksters and corporatists. See eg: The Matrix, the Strawman and WHO You Are. - ].

Compassion for animals also has deep roots in Judaism, and it is not for nothing that the Psalms of the Tanakh read so movingly about animals.  The campaign to outlaw cruelty to animals was almost exclusively waged by Christians, and the Massachusetts Bay Colony passed a law against cruelty to animals in 1641.  American Evangelical Christian preachers in the 19th century were required to have sermons at least once a year on the evils of cruelty to animals.

[Ron: This is babbling nonsense. The Torah teaches Jews to treat non-jews as mere animals who can be killed without consequence. In that context claiming that Jews are deeply compassionate to animals is risible. Moreover, Jews AND gentiles cage and slaughter millions of animals in despicably cruel ways every day.].

Jews and Christians also dramatically elevated the intellectual life of the world.  The first people to have universally literate males were Jews, whose requirement for Bar Mitzvah was to read Torah in Hebrew. [Ron: What is the evidence for this? Note that women were not represented.]. The first nation to have universally literate people, regardless of sex, was Scotland, whose church required all boys and girls to be literate.

Jews also engaged in spirited intellectual debates almost as soon as the Babylonian Captivity ended, and this produced a tradition of free discussion and inquiry. [Ron: Really?! This is total bullshit! Read the Torah and Talmud. Also, see eg: Who are the Jews and what do they believe? Part I – Israelites and Judahites -].

The modern university evolved exclusively out of the cathedral schools of the Middle Ages and became the pinnacle of scientific and analytical thinking for the whole world for the next several centuries.  Anyone who imagines that medieval Europe was ignorant or backwards is bigoted and wrong.  The geniuses of that era dwarf our modern "thinkers," and a single work, Friar Bacon's Opus Magnus, reveals one of the greatest and most comprehensive minds in human history.

[Ron: These were Christian thinkers, NOT Pharisees, neo-Pharisees or Jews.].

Why, then, are Judaism and Christianity so reviled and condemned ?  This hatred is the result not of its failures, but rather of its triumphs.  The lands that began as Israel were poor and miserable until the Jews made the deserts flourish.  The world Christendom changed was a nightmarish realm of helpless women, brutalized slaves, and tormented animals until Christians forced change upon these lands.

[Ron: There is NO compatability between Jewish ideology and practices and genuine Christian teachings and practices. This attempt to imply that they have ANYTHING in common is ridiculous. Pharisees crucified Esu immanuel (aka Jesus the Christ) because he totally contradicted their ideology.].

We are in danger, as the long cold war against Judaism and Christianity programs more and more people to hate and fear the only thing that brings love and peace into the world, of losing the only true hope of mankind.  All the economic growth, all the technological gadgetry, all the plans of all the politicians in the world will fail if these faiths are reduced to irrelevance in our lives.  The hour is near when, one way or the other, humanity will embark on a course that will either save us or reduce us to pathetic and hopeless drones.

[Ron: this an extremely superficial and fraudulent attempt to bracket Judaism and Christianity and pretend that they have anything in common. They don't!].

Read more:

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].


Who are the Jews and what do they believe? Part I – Israelites and Judahites -

Who are the Jews and what do they believe? Part 2 - Indumeans & Pharisees & the Man from Galilee. See:

The Matrix, the Strawman and WHO You Are. -

Who Brought the Slaves to America?

Who Brought the Slaves to America? And who was responsible for the HOLOCAUST of African slaves during that trade?

Benjamin H. Freedman Warns america. See:

Benjamin Freedman: The former Jew who single-handedly took on the Jewish supremacist criminal mafia. See:

Benjamin Freedman Speech & Transcript 1961. See:

The Pharisees of the Vatican - And: The “Jews” Behind the Second Vatican Council. See: And: Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letters No. 39, 41 & 42: And: And: The Vatican Scandals: A Never-ending Story. see:




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©2005-2018 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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