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Political Information Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:23:11 PM

By Hatonn in the Phoenix Journals
Nov 25, 2018 - 12:57:20 AM

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The "ANUNNAKI" came to Earth


The answer lies partially in the second difference between the Sumerians I depiction of the Solar System and your own present knowledge as it has unfolded. It is the inclusion of a large planet in the empty space between Mars and Jupiter. You aren't aware of any such planet; but the Sumerian cosmological, astronomical, and historical texts insist that there indeed exists one more planet in your Solar System!--lets call it the "twelfth" member: they included the Sun, the Moon (which they counted as a celestial body in its own right for reasons stated in the texts), and ten, not nine, planets. It was the realization that a planet the Sumerian texts called NIBIRU (“Planet of the Crossing”) was neither Mars nor Jupiter, as some of your scholars have debated, but another planet that passes between them every little old 3,600 years.

It was from that planet, in fact, that the Sumerian texts repeatedly and persistently stated, that the ANUNNAKI came to Earth. What in the world does THAT mean? "THOSE WHO FROM HEAVEN TO EARTH CAME!" IN YOUR BIBLE THEY ARE SPOKEN OF AS THE ANAKIM, and in Chapter 6 of Genesis are also called Nefilim, WHICH IN HEBREW MEANS THE SAME THING: "THOSE WHO HAVE COME DOWN, FROM THE HEAVENS TO EARTH!"

AND--it was from the Anunnaki, the Sumerians explained--as though they had anticipated the question today--that they had learnt all they knew. The advanced knowledge found in Sumerian texts is thus, in effect, knowledge that was possessed by the Anunnaki who had come from Nibiru; and theirs was a very advanced civilization. The Anunnaki came to Earth about 445,000 years ago give or take a month or two. Way back then they could already travel in space--oh my goodness. Their vast el-liptical orbit made a loop--this is the exact translation of the Sumerian term--around all the outer planets, acting as a moving observatory from which the Anunnaki could investigate all those planets. And so, dear ones, this is how everything was and is already known by your elders.


-- PJ 50 -- pag. 66

Why anyone would bother to go to your little speck of matter called Earth, not by accident, not by chance, not once but repeatedly, every 3,600 years or so, is also answered in these Sumerian texts and doesn’t longer have to be "wondered" about--for the inquiring minds of today. On their planet, the Anunnaki/Nefilim were facing a situation which you on Earth may also soon face: ecological deterioration and life was increasingly difficult. There was need for protection of their dwindling atmosphere, and the solution was to suspend "gold" particles above it, as a shield. How many of you realize that you coat the windows of your "spacecraft" with a thin layer of gold to shield the astronauts from radiation? Guess what, these Anunnaki had discovered this rare metal on what they called the "Seventh Planet" (counting from the outside inward), and they launched Mission Earth to obtain it. At first they tried to obtain it effortlessly, from the waters of the Persian Gulf; but when that failed, they embarked on toilsome mining operations in southeastern Africa.
Some short 300,000 years ago, the Anunnaki assigned to the African mines mutinied.It was then that the chief scientist and the chief medical officer of the Anunnaki used genetic manipulation and in-vitro fertilization techniques to create "primitive workers"--the first Homo sapiens to take over the backbreaking toil in those gold mines.

The Sumerian texts that describe all these events and their condensed version in the Book of Genesis have been extensively dealt with in other writings available today. The scientific aspects of those developments and of the techniques employed by the Anunnaki are the subject of which wondrous speculations can be made and perhaps my projections of "replicas" and "robotics" won't seem so far-fetched to the inquiring minds.

Modern science, as you call it, it will be shown, is blazing an amazing track of scientific advances--but the road to that "future" is replete with signposts, knowledge, and advances from the past which can no longer be ignored. These Anunnaki have been there before and as the relationship between them and the beings they had created changed, as they decided to give Mankind "civilization", they imparted to you some of their knowledge and the ability to make your own scientific advances.

As we write a bit more on this subject, I think you will find it interesting to simply realize the truth about something so CLOSE to you as the planet "Nibiru" and its influence on your species and civilization and then perhaps you can more openly look at other possibilities as you head into this incredible time of destruction and chaos.

The Sumerians were correct in what they were recording and I suggest that you pay close attention to the "discoveries" of "new" planets and "unseen before" planets and, and, and--. Chelas, you HAVE CONFIRMATION that there ARE intelligent beings "out there"--people so advanced that they could get to your place, almost half a million years ago, through travel (space) and people who were coming and going between their planet and Earth Shan every 3,600 years on a regular round-trip basis.

So what is the worry? Well, it is the WHO that is "out there" that shakes existing political, religious, social, economic, and military orders on your planet. ONLY YOU DO NOT KNOW!!

-- PJ 50 -- pag. 67

This is all B.S.? Come now--let's look at gold mining. There is absolute evidence that mining took place, in southern Africa, during the Old Stone Age. Your own Archaeological studies prove it.
Realizing that sites of abandoned ancient mines could indicate where gold could be found, South Africa's leading mining corporation, the Anglo-African Corporation, in the 1970's engaged archaeologists to look for such ancient mines. Published reports (in the corporation's journal Optima) detail the discovery in Swaziland and other sites in South Africa of extensive mining areas with shafts to depths of fifty feet. Stone objects and charcoal remains established dates of 35,000, 46,000, and 60,000 B.C. for these sites. The archaeologists and anthropologists who joined in dating the finds believed that mining technology was used in southern Africa "during much of the period subse-quent to 100,000 B.C."

In September 1988, a team of international physicists came to South Africa to verify the age of human habitats in Swaziland and Zululand. The most modem techniques indicated an age of 80,000 to 115,000 years.

Regarding the most ancient gold mines of Monotapa in southern Zimbabwe, Zulu legends hold that they were worked by "artificially produced flesh and blood slaves created by the First People". These slaves, the Zulu legends recount, "went into battle with the Ape-Man" when "the great war star appeared in the sky" (see INDABA MY CHILDREN, by the Zulu medicine man Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa).

I certainly hope that perhaps we have kindled a spark of curiosity. You certainly do not "have to" listen to me or believe a word I give you--but it seems the better part of wisdom to do so. May the Truth rest gently upon you for the burdens you shall be bearing are going to be most heavy about thine heads and shoulders in the next years of counting.

Salu, Hatonn to clear, please.

-- PJ 50 -- pag. 68


Why do you suppose you call your planet "Earth"? Ah so-I thought not.

In German, for instance, it is called Erde, from Erda in Old High German; Jordh in Icelandic, Jorde in Danish. Erthe in Middle English, Airtha in Gothic; and going eastward geographically and backward in time, Ereds or Aratha in Aramaic, Erd or Ertz in Kurdish, Eretz in Hebrew and so on. The sea you now call the Arabian Sea, the body of water that leads to the Persian Gulf, was called in antiquity the Sea of Erythrea; and to this day, ordu means an encampment or settlement in Persian. Why?


Well, a lot happened in that part of the world and the answer lies in the Sumerian texts that relate the arrival of the first group of Anunnaki/Nefilim on Earth. There were fifty of them, under the leadership of E.A ("Whose Home is Water"), a great scientist and the Firstborn son of the ruler of Nibiru, ANU. They splashed down in the Arabian Sea and waded ashore to the edge of the marshlands that, after the climate warmed up a bit, became the Persian Gulf. Persia was that which is now recognized as "Iran". At the head of the marshlands they established their first settlement on a new planet; it was called by them E.RI.DU--"Home in the faraway". Don't you think that is a nice appropriate name?

And so it was that in time the whole settled planet came to be called after that first settlement--Erde, Erthe, Earth, etc. To this day, when you call your planet by its name, you invoke the memory of the first settlement on Earth; unknowingly, you remember Eridu and honor the first group of Anunnaki who established it. Is history not getting to be fun?

The Sumerian scientific or technical term for Earth’s globe and its firm surface was KI. It was depicted as a somewhat flattened orb crossed by vertical lines somewhat like modern depictions of meridians. Earth does indeed bulge somewhat at its equator and therefore the Sumerian representation is more correct scientifically than the usual modem way of depicting Earth as a perfect globe....

After Ea had completed the establishment of the first five of the seven original settlements of the Anunnaki, he was given the title EN.KI, "Lord of Earth".

But the term KI, as a root or verb, was applied to the planet called "Earth" for a reason. It conveyed the meaning "to cut off, to sever, to hollow out". Its derivatives illustrate the concept: KI.LA meant "excavation", KI.MAH "tomb", KI.IN.DAR "crevice, fissure". In Sumerian astronomical texts the term KI was prefixed with the

-- PJ 50 -- pag. 123

determinative MUL ("celestial body"). And thus when they spoke of mul.KI, they conveyed the meaning, “the celestial body that had been cleaved apart”. By calling Earth KI, the Sumerians thus invoked their cosmogony--the tale of the Celestial Battle and the cleaving of Tiamat.


Unaware of its origin you continue to apply this descriptive epithet to your planet to this very time in place. The intriguing fact is that over time the Sumeariana civilization was two thousand years old by the time Babylon arose and the pronunciation of the term KI (ki) changed to gi, or sometimes ge. It was so carried into the Akkadian and its linguistic branches (Babylonian, Assyrian, Hebrew), at all times retaining its geographic or topographic connotation as a "cleavage", a ravine, a deep valley. Thus the biblical term that through Greek translations of the Bible is read Gehenna stems from the Hebrew Gai-Hinnom, the crevice-like narrow ravine outside Jerusalem named after Hinnom, where divine retribution shall befall the sinners via an erupting subterranean fire on Judgment Day.

If you were taught at all in school, you were taught that the component geo in all the scientific terms applied to Earth sciences--geo-graphy, geo-metry, geo-ology and so on-comes from the Greek word Gaia (or Gaea), their name for the goddess of Earth. You were not taught, however, where the Greeks picked up this term or what its real meaning might have been. The answer is, guess what--surely enough--from the SUMERIANS--KI or GI.

Scholars all agree that the Greek notions of primordial events and the gods were directly borrowed from the Near East, I through Asia Minor at whose western edge early Greek settlements like Troy were located, and via the island of Crete in the Eastern Mediterranean (nearby to Atlantis).

According to Greek tradition, Zeus, who was the chief honcho god of the twelve Olympians, arrived on the Greek mainland via Crete, whence he had fled after abducting the beautiful Europa, daughter of the Phoenician king of Tyre. Aphrodite arrived from the Near East via the island of Cyprus. Poseidon, whom the Romans called Neptune, came on horseback via Asia Minor, and Athena brought the olive to Greece from the lands of the Bible. There can simply be no doubt that the Greek alphabet developed from a Near Eastern one. (Dharma, please see that the illustration I shall find for you is placed herein for it will give much confidence in this story.) [See next page]
There are many books which speak of these ancient times, not the least of which was the Iliad by one called Homer. This line of historical mythology or "tradition" was handed down as regarded the creation of celestial gods--or visitors who came to stay, etc., of Heaven and Earth--out of Chaos. These tales, dear ones, are not greatly unlike your own biblical tales of the Beginning:

-- PJ 50 -- pag. 125

Verily, at the first Chaos came to be, and the next the wide-bosomed Gaia--she who created all the immortal ones who hold the peaks of snowy Olympus:
Dim Tartarus, wide-pathed in the depths, and Eros, fairest among the divine immortals ... From Chaos came forth Erebus and black Nyx; And of Nyx were born Aether and Hemera.

-- PJ 50 -- pag. 126

So what do we have here?

At this point in the process of the formation of the "divine immortals”--the celestial gods--"Heaven" does not yet exist, just as the Mesopotamian sources recounted. Accordingly, the "Gaia" of these verses is the equivalent of Tiamat, "she who bore them all" according the Enuma elish. Hesiod lists the celestial gods who followed "Chaos" and "Gaia" in three pairs, Tartarus and Eros, Erebus and Nyx, Aether and Hemera. The parallel with the creation of the three pairs in Sumerian cosmogony, nowadays named Venus and Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune, should be obvious though this comparability has gone quite unnoted.

Only after the creation of the principal planets that made up the Solar System when Nibiru appeared to invade it does the tale by Hesiod (DIVINE GENEALOGY)--exactly as in Mesopotamian and Biblical texts--speak of the creation of Ouranos, "Heaven". As explained in the Book of Genesis, this Shama'im was the Hammered-Out-Bracelet--the asteroid belt. As related in the Enuma elish, this was the half of Tiamat that was smashed to pieces, while the other, intact half became Earth. All this is echoed in the ensuing verses of Hesiod's Theogony:

And Gaia then bore starry Ouranos
--equal to herself--
to envelop her on every side,
to be an everlasting abode place/or the gods.

Is it beginning to seep through why the ONE WORLD ELITE would call themselves OLYMPIANS? (Committee of 300)


Now split up equally, Gaia ceased to be Tiamat. Severed from the smashed-up half that became the Firmament, everlasting abode to the asteroids and comets, the intact half which was thrust into another orbit became Gaia, the Earth. And so did this planet, first as Tiamat and then as Earth, live up to its epithets: Gaia, at, Ki--the Cleaved One.

How did this Cleaved Planet look now, in the aftermath of the Celestial Battle? It was now orbiting as Gaia/Earth. On one side there were the firm lands that had formed the crust of Tiamat; on the other side there was a hollow, an immense cleft into which the waters of the erstwhile Tiamat poured. And again Hesiod put it nicely, Gaia (now the half equivalent to Heaven) on one side "brought forth long hills, graceful haunts of the goddess-Nymphs"; and on the other side "she bare Pontus, the fruitless deep with its raging swell".

SAME PICTURE AS GENESISThis is the same picture painted by the Book: of Genesis:

And Elohim said,
"Let the waters under the heaven
be gathered together into one place,

-- PJ 50 -- pag. 127

and let the dry land appear. "
And it was so.
And Elohim called the dry land "Earth",
and the gathered-together water He called "Seas".

By this time the nice new Gaia was beginning to take shape.

Some three thousand years separated Hesiod from the time when the Sumerian civilization had blossomed out; and it is clear historically that throughout those millennia ancient peoples, including the authors or compilers of the Book: of Genesis, accepted the Sumerian cosmogony. Today you call it "myth", "legend" or "religious beliefs"; in those previous millennia it was "science"--"knowledge", the Sumerians asserted, bestowed by the Anunnaki. No, I did not say Pleiadians--so don't get ahead of your own story.

According to ancient knowledge, Earth was NOT an original member of your Solar System. It was a cut-off "cleaved-off" half of a planet then called Tiamat, "she who bore them all". The Celestial Battle that led to the creation of Earth occurred several hundred million years after the Solar System with its planets had been created. Earth, as a part of Tiamat, retained much of the water that Tiamat, "the water monster", was recognized for. As Earth evolved into an independent planet and attained the shape of a globe dictated by the forces of gravity, the waters were gathered into the immense cavity on the torn-off side, and dry land appeared on the other side of the planet. Please go back and refer to ancient maps depicting changes in the planet's continental arrangements. This, therefore in summary, is what the ancient peoples knew. What do your modern scientists say about this?

-- PJ 50 -- pag. 127


I can only make an observation about this information which we are bringing, etc.: check within and see WHY you refuse to look at possibilities? I can PROMISE YOU ONE THING--if you continue with the lies and with the accepted prophecies which have already proven to be incorrect--you are ASSURED of that very passage as intended and thrust upon you. If I were you, I would CONSIDER POSSIBILITIES OTHERWISE for it can certainly do no harm and might actually save your neck. I am not your conscience or your keeper--I am but an elder brother from a dimension of wisdom and orderly experience. I offer my hand and my "Command" in your service--we coerce nor force anything and it is not our need to service you or fix you or save you! We, furthermore, of the fleet will decide WHO WILL BE BROUGHT ABOARD OR ALLOWED PASSAGE ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS OF OUR HIGHER COMMAND--EVIL WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ABOARD OUR CRAFT WHICH SERVE GOD. I HOPE YOU WILL THINK OF THIS MOST CAREFULLY FOR AS YOU CLING TO THE PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE IN LUXURY AND ERRONEOUS PERCEPTIONS, YOUR "TIME" SLIPS AWAY FOR THE "TIME OF THE PROPHECIES IN FULFILLMENT" IS AT HAND.

YOU MAY BEGIN TO REFERENCE US AS ANUNNAKI / NEPHILIM OR ANYTHING NEARLY AS SUCH, TO RECOGNIZE US--BUT RECOGNIZE US YOU MOST CERTAINLY WILL.I, further, suggest you get more clarification of the term ELOHIM. I would point out that the terms are the most important terms in any language and yet, the book THE LIVING BIBLE, Reference Edition, Red Letter Concordance--lists NEITHER in the concordance. You are in REAL trouble World of Earth. I think you probably begin to understand the fact that on the "return journey" we probably won't be too crowded "aboard ship" for most of you will leave your very passage in the hands of others who have but deceived you and selves.

-- PJ 52 -- page. 64

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2019 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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