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The "11, 000 scientists" claiming global warming was real was a lie - they were just ordinary people who signed a page on an obscure web site.
By Jim Stone
Nov 20, 2019 - 9:37:15 PM

Rush Limbaugh reported this. From what I found, the actual report by Rush is not getting linked to directly. Here it is. And here is a key quote from it:

"RUSH: Our buddies over at Power Line discovered something. Last week (I don't know if you saw it, there was a story, and it was big out there) "that 11, 000 scientists had issued a report contending that the Earth faces a 'climate emergency.' NBC News ... described a 'study' produced by an 'international consortium of more than 11, 000 scientists.'" There's a "screen shot of a Google search illustrates the coverage, " a page of a Google search:

"NBC: More than 11, 000 Scientists Issue Fresh Warning: Earth Faces a Disaster.' 'CNN: Climate Emergency: 11, 000 Scientists Warn of Untold Suffering.'" The Guardian, Al Jazeera, U.K. Independent newspaper. It turns out there was no study, there was just a press release. And it wasn't 11, 000 scientists, it was 11, 000 random people who put their names on a web page." This was a total managed lie. There was no study. There were no scientists."

My comment: And in typical leftist fashion, this lie was used to put in place carbon taxes that are now averaging $5, 000 a year for many Canadians. The carbon taxes have gas prices spiked in many parts of the globe. And it is all being used to fund a one world government hell bent on smashing Western civilization.

Look who reported this falsehood as fact: NBC, CBS, ABC, NYT, ALL OF THEM who claimed to be real, reported this hoax as real. An error that I, working alone, would not have made. I'd have at least looked into the web site that made the claim. 11, 000 signatures is a PUNY web site. That's 0.314 of ONE PERCENT of what hits this site, and this site is not even what I'd call big. ONE THIRD OF ONE PERCENT of the traffic that hits this site was used to front a multi trillion dollar tax scam and get Burger King to cough up a soy burger.

How thin and how shallow is the scam MSM in this country, and around the world? We just found out. A few pukes can sign a web page, not even claiming to be climatologists, and hoax a global agenda. And these are the same media people posting shitty billboards of Trump in Times Square and asking us to believe them during their sham impeachment while they spin a low IQ girl into the spotlight as some sort of champion, when really, if manipulated the same way, she could be made to think a My Little Pony glitter pony was kryptonite and then burn Wal Mart down over it.

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