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Ten Companies That Own Everything We Buy
Sep 18, 2015 - 9:39:17 PM

Ten Companies That Own Everything We Buy

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You might think there is a variety of choice when you go shopping to a supermarket, but you were wrong – there is only the illusion of choice as shown by the graph underneath.

Did you know the Kit-Kat chocolate bar and L'Oreal shampoo are owned by one parent company — Nestle?

The ten largest multinational corporations own almost everything people buy in supermarkets around the world. These corporations create a chain of smaller brands that specialize in different products, but at the end of the day customers' money still goes to the top ten corporations.

The illusion of choice
The illusion of choice

When activists decided to boycott Nestle over the company's unethical business practices, did they also choose not to wear clothes from Ralph Lauren, Armani or Diesel and avoided using products from Biotherm, Vichy and Garnier? All this makes it hard to boycott anything. The companies will still get their share of money one way or another.

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