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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Tankman Tiananmen Massacre (Rare Documentary) Part 1
Nov 3, 2013 - 2:29:52 AM

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To Stand Alone…Together

Thursday, October 31st, 2013.
- See more at:

Tankman Tiananmen Massacre (Rare Documentary) Part 1

This 11' 23" video was published by Ave Thomaz on Feb 20, 2012:

Ron's comments:

This video is typical Anglo-Amerikkan propaganda.The courageof the unknown "tankman" is indeed an inspiration to enslaved humanity BUT the lesson should NOT be confined to smug Amerikkans and Westerners whose news media  sneers at those terrible Chinese Communist rulers who killed poor defenceless students. As always in our Jew distorted world, the truth about the Tiananmen Square battle is completely different from what the Amerikkan Jew media would have you believe.

The truth is more nearly portrayed in: The USA’s decades long warfare against China (Parts 1 & 2) at

As always the Jew controlled US and the West tried to cause yet another "Revolution" in Tiananmen square in 1989, just as they did in noscow in 1991, Libya in 2011, syria, also in 2011 and continuing, and many other countries.

JPEG - 38.7 kb

This iconic photo of the "tank man", taken by Jeff Widener of the Associated Press, which consecrated the account of the Tiananmen events peddled by the Western media, portraying them as a massacre of peaceful demonstrators.

BUT other photos tell you the truth that the CIA organised a bloody attack on the Chinese military BEFORE the Tiananmen Square retaliation by  the Chinese military which got featured in the Jewmedia. These pictures tell the story.

the methods being implemented to cause overthrow of the country’s communist leadership, continuing a decades long history.

JPEG - 28.2 kb
Is this what a peaceful protestor looks like...?
Jeff Widener / Associated Press / June 3, 1989


"For months before the June 3 attack on the demonstrators, the CIA had been helping student activists form the anti-government movement, providing typewriters, facsimile machines and other equipment to help them spread their message, said one official. (Emphasis added) The CIA declined all comment."

A further article in The Vancouver Sun dated May 31, 1999 and attributed to the Washington Post [2] came shortly after US bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. It was an official response to constant US anti-China commentary surrounding the western version of events in Tiananmen. The article starts as follows:

"China accused the United States Sunday of inciting the massive democracy protests in Tiananmen Square, which rocked Beijing a decade ago, as part of a strategy to promote political chaos in China". (Emphasis added)

The Washington Post indicates what it thinks of such a statement, telling us that it had been made by China’s "rubber-stamp parliament." Naturally we all accept that anything printed by the Post originating from China surely must be delusional, while anything originating from Washington must be beyond doubt. The Post article continues with this statement from the Chinese parliamentary source:

"The United States ’played an inglorious role’ in the 1989 protests by ’directly master-minding schemes and giving money and goods to support those making the disturbance’ the statement said...America also spread ’horrifying rumours by using their media to cheat and hoodwink the international community’ it said.

The Post article seems to deplore any and every bit of information emanating from China, closing by saying,

"The government has continued unrelenting criticism of the United States for the May 7 bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, which it said was intended to destabilize China". [3]

Imagine that. The Chinese protesting merely because the US bombed its embassy and killed a number of its agents. Imagine a reversal of the situation with China bombing a US embassy somewhere in the world. How long do you think before the B2 bombers would be launched.

JPEG - 26.8 kb
Burning vehicles in Beijing
GIF - 89.5 kb
Burned out Armored Personnel Carriers.
JPEG - 34.3 kb
Chinese student protestors swarm over a captured PLA tank.

Which brings me to another amazing discovery, actual photos of the CIA’s "students" in their "democracy protest" activities, again disappeared from reality content and shortly thereafter the magazine that printed the photos, China Review, vanishing from the print world altogether. The July 1989 issue contained a number of photographs of violent activity undertaken by the "peaceful" participants - Tanks, personnel carriers, and army trucks demolished and lying in ruins; "students" carrying assault rifles etc. Apparently their CIA training involved more than facsimile machines. [4]

GIF - 124 kb
Outside a bus, the body of a soldier burned to death by the rioters.
JPEG - 24.5 kb
Body of lynched and burned Chinese soldier hanged from a building by Tiananmen Square.
JPEG - 34.7 kb
Burnt down bus and burned to a crisp Chinese soldier.

It so happens that I watched a PBS FRONTLINE documentary in 2006 titled "Tank Man."

Among its participants was Professor Timothy Brook, professor of Chinese History at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. Professor Brook might as well have worked for the CIA since he was a stalwart promoter of China’s despicable (to him) malfeasance in that docudrama. I managed to reach professor Brook by telephone, certify that I was speaking to the right man, and asked if he knew of the CIA’s involvement in the whole woeful affair, and the destruction of a large part of the PLA’s forces. Professor Brook asserted that no such incident took place. I responded by saying I would mail him copies of my material, which I did. That was the last I would hear from the head of UBC’s China department, demonstrating that the disseminators of information in the university system are very often little but propagandists for western imperialism. - Robert S. Rodvik



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