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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Jul 22, 2009 - 1:57:00 AM

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Ron: Here is a forthright, interesting analysis by an Aussie couple about the STRAWMAN and its place in the life of our 3/4D world together with some "spot on" conclusions about WHO we are and HOW we need to live in order to create the Golden Age.

They understand the New World coming saying:

'When we are conscious we do not need money because we give freely without conditions...  When we all give freely, we all have plenty. Take care of love and love takes care of everything else. There is no need for trade or commerce or money. They are all fictions.'

Their ideas about the creation of self sustaining "Do No Harm Communities" centred on self help rural social groupings with each family having, say, one hectare of land to caretake, are excellent.

I do not endorse their views on some matters such as the return of Nibiru but if one sees the "Nibiru returning" idea as a metaphor for the buildup of destructive negative energy that must be discharged in order for Urantia and humanity to evolve to a higher level of consciousness the idea is valid. Their views on religion seem about right but they seem to focus on "man" as the sole aspect of Creator and thus seem to largely discount the reality of Celestials and their place in our lives and destiny. In a sense though, that viewpoint is correct in that humans must do the work and create the Golden Age rather than depending on Celestials and others to do it for them. All in all I find their attitudes and conclusions about how to live and create human  superconsciousness difficult to fault.  

This family is doing a sterling job of increasing awareness about the Strawman and how it is used by the matrix controllers to enslave humanity; they are thereby raising consciousness. Their website is apparently receiving enormous traffic and well it should as they are mighty Light Warriors doing much to expose the Strawman Illusion and how it can be overcome. See:


by Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

9th August 2008

This article is for those who want to live lives of true freedom, joy and abundance. Over the last 10,000 years, despite innumerable ideas, theories, movements and organizations, no one (bar a few tribes here and there) has achieved this. After three years of researching, networking and debating with others, we can tell you why. The barriers that prevent us being free are as follows:

1. Being unable to distinguish between the knowledge of fiction “on offer” and the information of creation.

2. Our belief in knowledge “on offer” and our ownership of our beliefs “on offer”.

All that exists is Creation, including MAN the creator. Creation is full of conscious living life forms that have substance, i.e., they exist without needing 3rd parties (external entities that maintain and explain something’s existence) to maintain them. The trees, plants and animals of creation do not need MAN to make them move, eat, drink and reproduce. The rocks, minerals, mountains and rivers do not need us to believe they exist and they exist whether we look at them, think about them, or even believe in them. If a child brought up in a desert never saw a tree and was never told about trees, he/she would never give them a thought but there would still be trees.

Creation shares its information freely. A flower does not try to hide anything of its creation; it does not have any secrets. If we took the time to observe it, we could discover (feel) all the information of the consciousness of the flower. The trees of creation share all they have to offer; they clean the air we breath, provide a home for countless insects and small animals, humus for the soil from their leaves and twigs and, when they die, they rot into the earth, enriching the soil for the plants around them. There is no ownership, no possession and no greed in the world of creation. Tribes of conscious-living MAN buried the conscious-living bodies of their parents and families who had left their physical bodies to further expand their consciousness. These “sacred sites” were places their descendents could visit to expand their consciousness by experiencing the consciousness of their ancestors’ lives.

Compare the substance offered by the world of creation to the fictional Western World “civilization” that most of us inhabit; would any of it exist if we weren’t wasting our lives maintaining it? Would the government exist if we didn’t think about it, talk about it and vote for it? Would the law exist if we didn’t listen to the 3rd parties of the law telling us the rules and conning us into giving our power (labour) away? Would the banks exist if men and women didn’t go into the buildings and enter electronic digits into their computers? Of course not.

All the systems of the fictional world we bow down to appear to exist only because we put our time and energy into maintaining them, not because they have any substance. Can a bank walk or talk? Would a courthouse remain standing if no one carried out repairs? Can a law book give us fruit to eat or water to drink? In the world of creation we can find food and water. In the world of fiction we find only dead, destroyed remnants of creation, mutilated and manipulated to make a physical manifestation of an idea that has been invented out of thin air.


The knowledge of the fiction “on offer” is all the knowledge that we are taught from the day we are created, by our already brainwashed parents, extended families, peers, educators and “rulers”. The knowledge of the fiction has no substance and only appears to exist because of the effort we put into maintaining it. The knowledge of the fiction “on offer” are the fairytales that we believe in, starting with the Cinderella stories we read with our parents that train us to believe in the invisible, that which is undetectable by our senses. We trust our parents so we accept their belief in that which lacks substance, just as we accept their authority over us.

This sets us up nicely for when we go to school where complete strangers (3rd parties) assume authority over us and feed us more invisible knowledge “on offer”, as do more 3rd party strangers at university to the point where, by the time we finish our “education” (headucation), we readily accept 3rd party authority figures, be they bosses, politicians, private corporation obligations and enforcements, lawyers, judges, rules of law, statutes or policemen, and the knowledge “on offer” they espouse that comes out of fairy tale books for adults, despite the fact that none of this knowledge “on offer” can be seen, heard, felt, smelled, touched or tasted.

The characters in every fairytale become the familiarised 3rd party strangers we accept (con-tract) into our lives, 3rd parties we permit to act on our behalf as interlopers and intermeddlers in our private affairs, just as we enter the life of Harry Potter, experiencing everything that happens in his fictitious life to him and the characters around him.

We are instructed, trained and guided into inventing (imagining) out-of-thin-air an artificial mind/intellect/ego/persona for ourselves that does not exist and we use this invisible strawman to enter the fairytale of the fiction-fantasyland no different to a child entering the world of The Wizard Of Oz in his/her imagination, becoming the character that is part of the story. Brainwashing complete, we are ready to spend our lives in service to the fiction, maintaining it through our very real acts of labour and receiving nothing but more fiction in return.

Being trained to serve fiction also means we have been trained to destroy creation (including who we really are), as everything of fiction causes destruction to creation. The substance of creation is destroyed when it is sucked into the vortex that is the nothingness (no substance) that is the fiction that is the fairy tale known as The Western-World-Civilisation.

Those behind the scenes of the world of fiction who gain all the benefits of our slave-labour do not want us to realize we are slaving for nothing so they provide adult fairytales to keep us distracted and amused in a thousand and one ways. Were we to list them all, we would need many metres of paper so here are just a few; mathematics (sacred geometry), all read and write alphabet languages, all history recorded in any read and write alphabet language, rule of law, government, all private corporations, money, credit, debt, banking, religion, all courses and careers “on offer” at university, colleges and schools, New Age, ufo’s, aliens, conspiracy theories, Hollywood, sport, the pub, home improvement, environmental issues, global warming, fine wines, vaccination, the stockmarket, fashion, channelling, crystal healing, art, theatre, car racing, football, gambling, current affairs, Hollywood, TV, radio, play-stations, sex, cooking food including macrobiotic cooking, fitness, animal welfare, charities and the internet.

The purpose of all these distractions (fairy-tales), besides keeping us enslaved to the fiction, are to ensure that we never, ever remember that we are creators, capable of creating whatever life we choose.


All the fairytales of fiction are under copy-right to the inventor of fiction because, by copying (believing in) the fairytales we ensure the survival of the fiction. When we pay the fee to rent (believe in – to copy) the knowledge of the fairytale “on offer”, we have already con-tracted with the copy-right holder and put ourselves under-their-standing (understanding).

By understanding the knowledge “on offer” we have entered (believe in) the fairytale “on offer” by the characters (the authorities) we look up to which leads us to accept the fairytale authority of the policeman who pulls us over, the fairytale state debt recovery office that sends the offer (the con-tract) in the mail to pay a fine ($ charge), the fairytale lawyer we con-tract to act on behalf of our $ charge, the fairytale police prosecutor who defends the $ charge and the fairytale magistrate who looks down on us and delivers his verdict (his $ charges). Like Alice in Wonderland at the Mad Hatters Tea Party, our invisible strawman characters stare in bewilderment as they are surrounded by unknown fairytale authority figures speaking a fairytale language they barely comprehend as it is decided what is to become of us. To avoid the insanity of the Mad Hatters Tea Party almost everyone accepts the con-tract (believers in the knowledge “on offer”) and pays the $ charge.

We have forgotten that we are creators but we still are creators creating our lives. The problem is, we spend all our time focused on the fiction (fairy-tales for our strawman) so that is what we keep re-creating. We are like projectors, projecting, or creating, the film that passes before our lenses. If the film consists of fictional fairytales based on the knowledge of the fiction “on offer” that is what we project and create. What we create bounces back to us so, while we are focusing on and creating a world of sickness, poverty, violence, hardship and chaos, that is what we experience. It is staggering to realise how much of our time is spent maintaining and recreating the fiction instead of being in the world of creation, creating acts of love that help creation roll along.

When we are fully conscious men and women, we cannot exist in the world of fiction because we are fully aware, at each moment, of the harm we are causing to ourselves, each other and the earth, so we can only create acts of love that benefit creation all of the time. Whatever is true, is conscious and living, does no harm, has substance and aids in creation rolling along. As soon as we stop creating acts of love, we have jumped out of the river of creation and started doing harm, which is causing the destruction of the earth.


So why are we still living lives of destruction when most of us are aware, at least to some degree, that our lifestyles are unsustainable? Because we believe in the knowledge “on offer” that teaches us to live like this and because we own those beliefs. Notice that the words “believe” and “belief” have the word “lie” in the middle. Most of us are also unwilling to give up our lifestyles”, which is why we continue destroying the earth, turning a blind eye to the destruction caused by those around us in return for them turning a blind eye to our harm doing. There is an enormous unspoken agreement to continue our destructive lifestyles, all the while pretending we really care about what is happening to the earth and what will be left for our children and grandchildren.

When we “believe” fairytales that have no substance, we become the lie (be-the-lie-ve) because we create it. When we believe we have to get up five days a week and go to work in a job we don’t really like, along with millions of others, in order to pay taxes, the bills, the mortgage and the car payments, as well as put food on the table, that is what we create. When we believe in the knowledge “on offer” that tells us that money exists, we give all our power away to the few who control it and give hours of slave labour in return for something that has no substance and does nothing to help creation roll along.

The money in our “possession” is the intellectual, proprietary knowledge of its inventor, the establishment, and, because the establishment is the copy-right holder of the idea (the fairytale) that we call “money”, we have to pay a fee to use it (rent it). The government, rule of law, contracts and mortgages and, in fact, all of the world of fiction are based on belief in knowledge “on offer”. It is all intellectual proprietary knowledge (fairytales) “on offer” for us to rent (act within the fairytale) that has no substance, are invisible and have nothing to do with truth or creation.

Whatever is brought forward as evidence (substance) of the existence of money (coins, notes, bills, bonds, promissory notes, legal tender, credit cards, electronic digits, statements etc) is in fact destroyed conscious-living life-forms of creation, inanimate or not, as in dead mountains, valleys, soil, minerals, rocks, trees, plants, lakes, rivers, streams and oceans. The money you are holding in your hand is intellectual proprietary knowledge (fairytales) “on offer” by the copy-right holder who is charging you a fee for renting (copying) their idea, if you accept their offer.

That’s what money really is and the establishment royal families, their rules of law, their governments, all establishment private corporations and all 3rd party representatives of the establishment are operating as administration offices and officers of the copy-right holder, administering the strawman affairs (the rental fiction-fantasy business) of the copy-right holder. They are the appointed collection agencies (acting agents) of our slave labour. This is the only reason why they seem to appear as if they exist. There is no other reason for their existence. They are in the business of renting, managing and upholding the interests (the invisible fairytales) of the copyright holder and this is why they intercede as 3rd parties into our personal affairs.

We invite them into our private lives because we are in a STATE of belief in their knowledge “on offer”, that being our strawman which is the sum total of all our beliefs in their (the copy-right holders) knowledge. This is why we pay interest for renting (copying – believing in) the ideas of the copyright holder of fiction, our STRAWMAN. By accepting the invitation that is their knowledge “on offer” our beliefs have us enter their fiction-fantasy world as their strawman and we are charged for acting the roll of strawman (as slaves) in their fairytale.

It is our invisible strawman that becomes the judge, the lawyer, the barrister, the politician, the nurse, the pharmacist, the advertiser, the economist, the accountant, the tax collector, the public servant, the bureaucrat, the journalist, the teacher, the historian, the sportsman/sportswoman, the analyst, the banker, the construction worker, the psychic, the occultist, the priest, the Christian, the believer in Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, the Bible, the Torah, the Talmud, the Koran, the Gitas or Sai Baaaaaa Baaaaaaa. It is our invisible strawman that becomes the analyst, the academic, the professor, the expert, the believer in recessions, depressions, booms, capitalism, consumerism, materialism, globalism, socialism, money, interest, debt, credit, global warming, terrorism, aliens, ufo’s or the sheriff.

It is the invisible strawman that eats cooked food or provides cooked food to poison others, becomes obese, drinks alcohol, gambles, steals, lies, cheats, deceives, abuses others, instigates, supports and condones mind-control, has sex (including homosexual sex) without the inspiration for creation of a child. It is our invisible strawman that acts as a paedophile predator of little boys and girls, who is into pornography and indulges in ritual sacrifice of children, adolescents, adults and animals and drinks their blood. It is the invisible strawman that manipulates others, takes drugs and sells them to others. It is our strawman that listens to the advice and guidance of channelled beings (demons) from supposed other worlds/dimensions/planes etc.

Note: when you are looking at the establishment politicians, judges, magistrates, registrars, barristers, lawyers, priests, experts, academics, professors and big business representatives in all fields of endeavour including the media and banking, don’t be surprised that you are looking at a sexual deviate, paedophile and ritual abuser/sacrificer of children, adolescents, adults and animals, including drinking their blood. It takes this level of depravity to become the warmongers and haters of MAN who manipulate all the chaos arising from the divide and rules of their knowledge in belief “on offer”.

Conscious living MAN would never do harm to him/herself, others or the earth, so we can only behave like this when we take on the fairytale characters of our belief in the knowledge of fiction “on offer”. Our beliefs in knowledge “on offer” are demons that possess us, overriding the conscious living men and women that we really are and turning us into unconscious zombies wreaking havoc, chaos and destruction with every move.

The members of the establishment are the cackling long-nosed black-magic witches and warlocks (those trained/initiated in TRUE FREEMASONRY - Divide And Rule), stirring their vast jet-black bubbling cauldrons of potions as they mutter their incantations (numbers, letters, words) and spells (we learn to spell to create our strawman that places us under their spell) that conjure up more and more demons of knowledge for our strawmen to believe in and base (focus) their lives on. The spells that are their read and write alphabet languages are the spells that bind us to the fiction throughout our schooling, with university courses completing the brainwashing that prepares us for enslavement to fiction. By the time we are released into the workforce, we have perfected our strawman Rambo and are convinced that the world of fiction is all there is.

We accept the constructs that are all the negative emotions from our past that we cling to and project into our future that bounce back to us here and now to control us, the anger, hatred, anxiety, depression, trauma, hopelessness, loneliness, unhappiness, despair, suicidal tendencies, insecurity, delusion, illusion, jealousy, ridicule, abuse, condemnation, righteousness, greed, selfishness, power, control, arrogance, ignorance, fear amongst so many others. All these emotions are demons that we load into our projectors and use to view our lives through, thereby creating more anger, hatred, loneliness, etc.

So familiarised have we become to our strawman characters that it feels abnormal to be out of character and so we perpetually recreate our strawman addictions by focusing on them. Cause we are all doing it we are creating the world according to our addictions. This is why anger fear hatred etc and Doing Harm is considered normal. This Mad Hatters Tea Party that is the Western World Civilisation is being constantly recreated by all of us. The constructs the establishment create cannot walk, talk or stand on their own, and if they cannot be experienced through the senses, they are causing destruction. Something is either creating for creation or causing destruction to creation – there is no middle ground.


If you challenge any judge, barrister, lawyer, politician, bureaucrat, public servant, big business bankster, executive, director, chairman etc to incontrovertibly prove they have “on offer” substance as an equal exchange in value with you, you will find they have absolutely nothing “on offer”, as substance, which provides an equal exchange in value with you. Instead, all they have “on offer” are their beliefs in knowledge, which are copy-righted “intellectual proprietary knowledge” of the copy-right holder. That’s all they got! They have absolutely nothing else to offer you. They are offering THE LIE for you to BE-LIE-VE in the knowledge they have “on offer”. They are under-contract with the copy-right holder in both copying the idea of the inventor and in con-tracting others (you and us) to con-tract with the copy-right holder.

Banks offer you absolutely nothing while you offer your real blood and sweat labour, land and assets. There is no equal exchange in value (substance) and the establishment’s rules of law/law courts, their governments/statutes, their mainstream media and all those contracted to these institutions and private corporations operate as an internationalised crime syndicate/terrorist organisation stripping the wealth of the men and women who have created it with their labour. All they can offer you is “intellectual proprietary knowledge” and destroyed creation, which is dead but there is no substance in the dead.

What are Woolworths, Coles, Wal-Mart or abattoirs offering if not dead food and dead things? What is the man from the water board offering when he puts fluoride and chlorine in your water? What are the doctors offering with their vaccinations? Or Big-Pharma and pharmacists with their drugs, military industrial complexes with their weapons, media moguls with their CNN or ABC, Monsanto with its genetically modified seeds, petrochemical companies with their fuel, Hollywood, TV soap operas,
play-stations/video games, toy makers pumping out mountains of plastic? The Federal, State and Local governments, which are private corporations in cooperation with other private corporations, now claim to own all the land with the “homeowners” being tenants upon the land.

What are they offering? What are elections for political parties offering? Why are 9/11, Bali Bombings, Iraq War, Iran War, middle east conflicts with Arab, Jew and Christian, collapsing banks and economies absorbing much of our waking time? What are they offering as an equal exchange in value (substance)? They are offering dead fiction for our dead strawman, part of our dead Western World Civilisation. That’s all they are offering! The Establishment are sitting back in their comfy armchairs in front of their roaring fires, laughing as they slurp the cream of our labour. Just as in “Animal Farm” some are more equal than others.

Because we own our beliefs, using them to justify what we do and how we live, we place value on them and feel responsible for maintaining them. If we believe in the government that tells us we have to pay taxes to support it, we feel responsible for doing so and take it upon ourselves to write the check. In the same way, when we believe the establishment lie that we can own land, we maintain that belief by putting up fences and gates and “protecting” our land from anyone that might want to take it from us. What we fail to realise, is that our possession possess us. While we “own”, we cannot be free. The land is not ours to own, it is for us to look after but we try to divide it and hang onto it and possess it, becoming divided ourselves as we fight over lots and plots.

Being possessed by our possessions keeps us trapped in our strawman and we find our freedom when we no longer claim ownership to beliefs that forms our invisible unconscious-living strawman. The sun does not try to keep its energy for itself but radiates with all its strength. If we tried to hold onto our last breath, our last meal or our last drink we would die and holding onto that which we believe we own (our strawman) is death to our consciousness because, while we are caught up “owning”, we are not creating acts of love as conscious-living MAN that aids creation in rolling along. Instead we are Rambo destroying creation.

The knowledge that we believe in teaches us the con-structs of time, space, past, future, dimension and realm that also keep us feeling separate from one another. Only the apparition that is our strawman keeps us separated from each other and creation. This is how the establishment maintains power; by keeping us divided and bickering, we are easily ruled and easily persuaded to maintain the fiction of our strawman by giving it our energy. In the world of creation there is only the here and now, moment-by-moment; if you weren’t here, here and now, you wouldn’t exist. We (MAN) are creation and creation is us, here and now.


The consciousness of our ancestors is our consciousness and the consciousness of our descendants. It is who we are (conscious-living MAN) and it is the substance of the living God of creation, available for all of us all the time. Conscious living MAN is the focused image of the living God and, along with all of creation, can be experienced with the senses of creation at all times. The living God does not hide behind the curtains of invisibility any more than loving parents would hide from their children. How would a young child feel if they were permanently separated from their parents who are hiding behind a curtain of invisibility? How would any created life-form of the living God feel if the living God permanently hid behind a curtain of invisibility?

There is no separation between the living God and the living God’s creation, between the living God and conscious living MAN, between the substance of the living God and the substance that are the creations of the living God.

We need to ask ourselves if God is a living God or a dead God? If God is a living God, then everything of the living God is living but if God is a dead God, then everything of the dead God is dead. While everything created by the living God is instilled with the substance of the living God, everything created by the dead God is instilled with death (no substance of the living God). If you stacked all the books, documents, scrolls, papyri, files, electronic data etc of knowledge that exist on earth into one huge pile, including all law, history and holy books, would this artificial mountain create anything living for MAN and creation here and now as in air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat? Would this combined knowledge cause the sun to shine, birds to fly, bees to make pollen and honey, clouds to rain and rivers to run or life-forms to create their offspring? MAN being part of the living requires living air, water and food here and now otherwise living MAN is a dead Man here and now.

The truth is where the living God is and where there is no substance there is no living God. Wherever there is no living God of creation here and now there is only the dead God of fiction, that being the inventor of the strawman and the billions of acting strawmans under copy-right control (contract) with the copy-right holder. The copy-right holder (inventor) of the fiction is acting as the dead God of fiction. As the dead God of fiction has no substance and is invisible, we cannot experience the dead God of fiction with our senses, relying on 3rd parties to act as intermediaries between us (our strawman) and the dead God, claiming to represent and have the authority of the invisible dead God. As we cannot see, hear, feel, taste, touch or smell the invisible dead God, we have to make a leap of faith and believe in the knowledge “on offer” (under contract) that tells us that the invisible dead God exists.

We have lost count of the number of Christs, Messiahs, Prophets and Chosen Ones there are out there, all claiming to represent God, but when we ask them for the conscious-living proof (substance) of their claim that they have been given the authority of the conscious-living God of creation to act on its behalf as its conscious-living representative (The Christ, The Messiah, The Israelites, The Chosen Ones, The Prophet, etc), none of them have ever been able to do so. All they have is their belief in the knowledge “on offer”, none of which they brought with them when they were created as children. They have no substance to offer as an equal exchange in value.

We all need to challenge everything that we have been taught to believe in to bring forth its proof of substance that it is part of creation (The Living God). If it cannot provide any substance it is not of creation but is part of the dead world of fiction (fairytales). Any man or woman that ignores your request for proof of substance has none to offer as an equal exchange of value with you otherwise they could easily produce it. Would the living God of creation deceive you or trick you or lie to you by not providing you with an equal exchange in value? Of course not but a dead God would.

What does money do to aid creation in rolling along here and now? What does the Gold Standard do? What do any of the values of fiction that we put on the minerals of creation do? What about mathematics, read and write alphabet languages, governments, rule of law, judges, politicians, sheriffs, religions, private corporations, BHP, McDonalds, KFC, Citibank, channellings from the Pleiades, ufo’s, aliens, aeroplanes, steel, tar, concrete, the past, the future, time, space, dimensions, planes, realms, levels, science, engineering, NASA, spaceships, Jesus, the Israelites, the Jews, Arabs and Buddhists, Illuminati, Zionists, Freemasons, Jesuits, Club of 300, Democrats, Republicans, Labour, Liberal, Royal Family, Pope, Lama, fashion, alcohol, renovating, etc, etc?

Do any of them have any substance? Do any of them do anything to help creation in rolling along here and now?

All they are offering, the men and women hiding behind their 3rd party fictional titles, is belief in the knowledge “on offer” of whichever fairytale they represent (which possesses them as the Demons they also offer up for your possession), as they themselves are under-the-standing of their belief in that fairytale “on offer”. They and what they represent are dead and are all destroying creation here and now.

If the sun were to charge interest for everything it has provided earth the earth would no longer exist because the debt would have taken everything. Conscious-living creation always gives an equal exchange in value (substance). There is no debt in creation. Only a dead God and those who worship and administer the affairs of the dead God create and support debts. When you look at or shake the hand of a politician, judge, barrister, lawyer, bankster or big business/media representative you are looking at someone who has anything but your best interests at heart. They are liars, deceivers, tricksters and con-artists operating as an undisclosed enemy.


When we fall for a fairytale and base our lives on the knowledge it offers, we become a character in that fairytale and surround ourselves with other characters from the same fairytale. For example, when we become a Christian, we mix with other Christians, another Mad Hatters Tea Party. The problem is that, having exchanged who we really are for a fairytale character, we find it hard to distinguish government plants that are also playing character roles in our present fairytale. The establishment are outside the fairytale enclosures, watching from above, as if they were Gods.

From their overall viewpoint acting as master puppeteers pulling at the strings of belief of those who have become marionettes, under-their-standing, they can easily manipulate the fairytales to suit their agenda, trapping innocent men and women who can’t see past the roles the plants are playing. The way to detect them is through their lack of ability to offer any substance as an equal exchange in value. If they are unable to, they are liars and deceivers, whether innocent or not. There are many “We Will Lead Every Revolution Against Us” representatives of the establishment peddling fairytales to keep us focused on the fiction rather than on our true antagonists, “The Establishment”. The freedom & truth movement is full of them as is everything else “on offer in fiction-fantasyland.

The establishment ensures we are fed a cocktail of truth and lies. The Bible, for example, contains truths that many of us recognise, leading us to assume that everything in the Bible is true. This is a fatal mistake as the lies intermingled with the truths are what cause the destruction of creation and what create the enclosures that trap us. We call this the James Bond Syndrome; you want James inside the targeted compound to do his job of destroying it but you got to get him past the high security gates, so you hide James in the boot of the car to get him inside. Once in, you release him to wreck the joint. That is what lies mixed in with truths will do to anyone believing in the establishment knowledge “on offer”. Truth does no harm while “the lies” (James Bond) cause all the damage. Religions, New Age and all its walking talking leaders like Deepak Chopra, all channellings (no matter what), cosmic phenomena, science, ufo’s, aliens, personal success motivators like Anthony Robbins, movies like The Secret and Zeitgeist, the Dalai Lama, David Icke, most conspiracy theories, freedom and truth websites and periodicals are James Bond in action.

Our belief in the fairytales of our choice and the characters we play within them are what offer us some sense of security in the chaotic world of fiction-fantasyland, which is why we cling tightly to them (the fairytales), sometimes to the point of being ready to die for them. Our fear at losing this sense of security has us become very arrogant as we insist that our fairytale is the correct one, and ignorant as we refuse to listen to another fairytale because we are frightened of what will happen if we have to give up our fairytale. This arrogance, ignorance and fear is what has us arguing and fighting amongst each other, easily divided and ruled by our determination not to give up our points of view that are based on our fairytales. We will never find a remedy while we are clinging to our points of view. The remedy only comes when we live as creators, creating acts of love, moment by moment, that aid creation in rolling along.

Becoming conscious again means letting go of our beliefs in knowledge and going back to who we intended to be before we were brainwashed by the knowledge “on offer” in fiction-fantasyland. We already have everything we need when we are conscious; we don’t need books or dead technology bringing destruction. When we use the information of consciousness to create acts of love, here and now, moment by moment, we recreate the Garden of Eden as it was before we (MAN) fell.

What we are doing in our fairy tale lives is killing each other. We may not be physically attacking each other with knives and guns but we might as well be because the end result is the same. Our fairy tale lives are ensuring the death of those around us, even though we do it ever so nicely. As we lovingly cook food and render it toxic, enjoy our new car that spews noxious fumes into the atmosphere, obediently vote to maintain the power of the establishment, marvel over the convenience of our appliances that have caused the destruction of mountains, poison ourselves with alcohol and cigarettes and support one another’s destructive habits, we are killing each other and killing the earth here and now.

We are killing each other with niceness; the pretty wrappers around toxic sweets full of MSG, Aspartame and white sugar, the “Lean Cuisines” that promise weight loss while filling our bodies with poison, the smiling bank commercials offering financial enslavement, the politicians kissing babies as they pass laws that are to our detriment, the 80,000+ poisons and chemicals saturating the planet which find their way into our lives, no matter which way we turn.

Worst of all are our nice judges, barristers, lawyers and politicians allowing the existence of big business private corporations like Monsanto (a fiction) to genetically modify seeds, destroying the livelihoods of ancient tribes and farmers all over the world. It is “The Law” of the establishment that determines what does exist and what does not exist in their fiction-fantasyland.

All the pain, suffering and disease we experience in the real world here and now is a reflection of the harm we are causing or supporting here and now, overseen by the establishment rule of law that ensures all this chaos will occur. When we stop causing destruction to the earth, we will stop experiencing the pain and suffering because we will be creating acts of love instead of acts of destruction and we will experience the love bouncing back to us rather than the destruction and the pain and suffering.


We (MAN the creator) are destroying the earth and there has to be a consequence. Just as our bodies create a fever, vomiting and diarrhoea to rid ourselves of the sickness caused by our personal abuse, so those of us that love the earth are creating a massive fever to bring cleansing to the earth. All the destructive energy we create daily through our acts of destruction gathers together and, when the pull is strong enough, that energy comes back for us to experience.

Almost 3,600 years ago, Planet X, or Nibiru, a vortex of energy working like a vacuum cleaner, was created and drawn to the earth by our (MANS) destruction, bringing with it a series of up to 4000 foot tidal waves, earthquakes appearing all over the planet, many in unexpected places going deep down into the earth’s molten core, new lands rising while others sink, 300+mph storms, hurricanes, cyclones and tornados coming and going for weeks on end and volcanos spewing lava and dust into the atmosphere, blocking sunlight for many months to rid the earth of its destroyers. Those that drew it in were left to start again. Unfortunately, some did not return to consciousness and the cycle of destruction (worship of fiction) began again.

The establishment know all about Nibiru, which is why they are building so many underground bases in the belief they will survive the apocalypse. What they do not realise is that their destructive energy will draw the effects of Nibiru to them wherever they are. What they have created will bounce back to them however deep within the earth or how far out in space they hide, willed on by those of us who want to be rid of them and their evil deeds for once and for all. Those who survive Nibiru will be those who truly love the earth and are prepared to put aside their own self interest in order to create acts of love that benefit creation all the time. They will be drawn to where they need to be to be protected. Nibiru has already started its journey towards us and is expected sometime between 2010 and 2014, most probably in 2012.

We are all responsible for Nibiru and we all have the opportunity to lessen its effects by stopping our destruction of creation. Every time we accept a bill through the mail, or an invitation to court, or drive a car, or buy some dead creation, or cut down some more trees, or cause the extinction of another animal of creation, we are adding to the power of Nibiru. While you are sitting in front of the TV or having a few beers at the pub, you are increasing the height of the tidal waves. Look at the destruction you are causing in your life and multiply that by 6 billion. This gives you some idea of the force that Nibiru will contain.

If creation is a wave made up of acts of love, fiction is a fabric made of dead creation. All those pieces of paper we use, all the fossil fuel we consume, all the animals we kill, all the forests we cut down, all the houses we build and all the cars we manufacture out of dead mountains, all the food we destroy by cooking it, and all the time we spend engaging with the systems of the fiction, including fighting for “freedom” in the courts, are all adding to the fabric of fiction and increasing the power of Nibiru, drawing it closer to earth. As the world economic collapse approaches, the courts will be full of hundreds of thousands of court cases as men and women fight to keep what they believe they own. All they are doing while they are wrapped up in their self-interest over their houses and land, is adding to the fiction, pouring their energy into it and bouncing more destructive energy to Nibiru.

While we spend our time focused on the fiction, ignoring creation, we continue creating the fiction, which is just what the establishment want even though they are ensuring their own destruction too. The way to lessen the severity of the effects of Nibiru is to spend all our waking time focusing on creation and ignoring the fiction. Without our energy, it will soon fade away.


We, the Cristian Family, are committed showing up the fiction in all its forms so we can all learn to recognise it and turn away from it. Most of us are dead, addicted to the dead fiction and so used to giving our power away that we have lost the ability to think for ourselves and follow our hearts. By bringing the light into the dungeons that are the enclosures of the establishment, we are showing them up for the traps they really are. When we can compare the darkness of the fiction with the light of creation, it becomes easy to distinguish between the two and our choice is clear.

Just as the Ringing Cedar Books are causing a little more destruction through their publication, so we have to continue using the tools of fiction to wake people up. We look forward to the day when we can stop using computers, telephones and any other parts of fiction we are using to get the message across. Instead conscious-living MAN will telepathically communicate and psychotelepathically move our bodies, or teleport from one place to another. We all have these abilities but have forgotten them. Remember we are told that we only use 10% of our brains? What do you think we will be capable of when we access the other 90%?

Disengaging ourselves from the fiction is a gradual process, albeit one that has to happen as soon as possible. The most important step is to stop focusing on the fiction and start focusing on acts of creation. The more we focus on acts of creation, the more we will create them. When we act in loving ways, we draw love back to ourselves. There is no remedy to be found in the fiction, only more destruction, so we need to stop wasting our time on it. There is no point focusing on just one aspect of the fiction and trying to change or get rid of it. This is not a case of one rotten apple on an otherwise healthy tree. The whole tree is rotten and needs to be chopped down before anymore harm is done.

We need to stop supporting the fairy tales of the establishment and create Do No Harm Communities (Kindoms) where each family has 1 hectare to take care of. We build each other’s houses, establish each other’s gardens and create community schools that help our children tap into the information of creation rather than stuffing them with the knowledge of fairytale fiction. There is no ownership and therefore no trust issue arising from the fear of having our possessions taken away from us. The great MAN of long ago demonstrated that we do not even own our bodies when he allowed his to be nailed upon the Roman cross.

When we all take full responsibility for taking care of those around us, we are taken care of. When we share the food we grow and others share the food they grow, we all have plenty to eat. When we take care of the natural world, there is clean water and pure air for us to drink and breathe. There is no other way out of the fiction. Praying for Jesus (fiction) with Bible (fiction) in hand won’t offer any protection when the establishment’s soldiers are marching down the streets maintaining order while forcing everyone to line up for microchips.

These fiction-fantasy character roles our strawmans undertake were originally planned by the establishment to minimise all resistance against them creating their New World Order (One World Government, Law, Language, Education, Economy, etc, with a Microchipped Population). We have to realise that they only have power while we allow them to have power. Giving our power away only ever happens while we believe in their knowledge “on offer”. Ask them for proof (substance) of their claim that they act on behalf of the living God of creation with authority from the living God that permits them to own everything including the planet – they will not be able to produce any.

Let them keep their fiction. With none of us to support it, it will not last long. In the meantime, we can start our communities. While the ideal is to have enough land to grow food, there is nothing to stop us reclaiming our towns, our cities, our lands, our water, our rivers, our mountains, our forests, our skies, our soil, our minerals, our everything and turning the planet into a green oases again. Get together, form real communities and lets get rid of the impostors.

Creating and living in united Do No Harm Communities (Kindoms) will be the only way to force them out. While we remain isolated from one another, we are easy pickings, present a united front and they have lost. Those living in Do No Harm Communities will be living lives of substance, co creating with the living God of creation that is creation and is all of us. The darkness has no power over the light. Death has no power over the living.

While the aim is to step out of the fiction entirely, we will have to use the fiction until such time as we are able to let go of it completely. This means using money to buy land and build eco-sustainable houses and buy trees and plants to create beautiful gardens. Of course, those who are inspired and realise they can’t own anything will give what they “own” to community so all of us can be provided with all we need to have lives of freedom, joy and abundance.

When we are conscious we do not need money because we give freely without conditions. So, if I give you some apples because I have plenty, and you give me some pears because you have plenty, we are not “trading” or “exchanging” because that implies conditions. I give you the apples whether you give me the pears or not, because I have plenty to share. You give me pears whether I give you apples or not because you have plenty to share. When we all give freely, we all have plenty. Take care of love and love takes care of everything else. There is no need for trade or commerce or money. They are all fictions.

Only the living can provide for the living.
Only the conscious can provide for the conscious.
Only the conscious living God can provide for the conscious living.
MAN is the conscious-living God created in the focused image of the conscious-living God.

For more information about this subject please read this document “What Are We Waiting For?” by Arthur & Fiona Cristian here: and this document: Recognising The Distinction Between Information That Is CREATION & Knowledge That Is FICTION Is Critical To Reclaiming Freedom by Arthur Cristian:

Also see

Remedies for the healing/re-education (jailing) of those of the establishment see: THE ENERGY OF LIFE by Vladimir Megré - Book 7 of The Ringing Cedars Series - Chapter 26: “A Security Zone of The future": We also highly recommend that everyone read all the brilliant Russian books called The Ringing Cedars by Vladimir Megre:


There is more information to be found by reading this reply I just posted as well here: Re: Concerned About Making The World A Better Place 16th November 2008:


All the best
Conscious Love Always
Arthur Cristian
Love For Life


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