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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

By Eustace Mullins, bit of commentary by Candace
Apr 7, 2008 - 9:54:00 AM

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The CDL Report
Published by the Christian Defense League
P.O. Box 493
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70821
Issue 40
November-December 1981


By Eustace Mullins

Holocaust -- from the meaning wholly burnt.  1) a sacrifice wholly consumed by fire.  2) complete consumption by fire.  Oxford English Dictionary.

If the Jewish claim that they were the victims of a holocaust in Germany is true, then they were consumed entirely by fire.  This Jewish claim is unacceptable because there were so many survivors.  Not only were the Jews not consumed wholly by fire, as they claim, but, forty years after this non-event, there are more Jews claiming to be survivors of the Holocaust than there were Jews living at the time of the Holocaust.  In one small American suburb, Skokie, Ill. are now residing many thousands of healthy Jews who claim to be "survivors" of the Holocaust.

For more than thirty years, American voters have mutely accepted the fact that anyone seeking public office in the United States must make a routine pledge of undying allegiance to the State of Israel.  Few of these voters realize that these office-seekers must also make a ritual obeisance to the Myth of the Holocaust and swear eternal belief in the doctrine that six million Jews were killed by the Germans during World War II.  As was noted on the editorial page of the Washington Post, the regnant world journal of international Zionism, on October 29, 1981.  "Anyone who refuses to support the State of Israel admits his sympathy for the murderers of six million Jews."


Webster's dictionary defines treason as "the offense of betraying the state or subverting the government of the state to which the subverter belongs."  Officeholders of the United States who are sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States and who then pledge allegiance to a foreign government and act in allegiance to that foreign government are guilty of high treason and are subject to the death penalty.  The situation is more flagrant in the case of the State of Israel because, from its inception in 1948, the State of Israel has maintained a state of war against the citizens of the United States.  If the objective of making war is to subdue another people and to seize their goods and enslave them, then Israel's activities towards the United States can only be described as engaging in constant warfare.  Thus the Zionist collaborators all over the United States are giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States during a time of war.  These acts of treason can only be punished by the death penalty.


The Zionist collaborators have as their sole excuse that they are aiding the Jews because they were the victims of the Holocaust.  Unfortunately, this excuse has now been demolished by the revelations that there were no gas chambers and that the Germans had no plan to "exterminate" the Jews.  In 1952, I wrote in "Blood and Gold", "The claim that Hitler killed 6,000,000 Jews is belied by their own figures in the World Almanac.  Immediately after Germany's surrender, a plane load of American editors and correspondents were flown to the concentration camps, where they were shown huge piles of bones.  These were the remains of Russian prisoners of war, but they were filmed and shown all over the United States as 'Jewish bones'.  In one of the most revolting attempts to influence public opinion ever known, Jewish owned movie houses showed these gruesome photos over and over again."


Once again, we are inundated by the Jewish propaganda, as the ludicrous bone pictures, some of which have been established as having been taken during World War I, become our daily fare.  The Public Broadcasting System, financed with taxpayers funds, recently showed a series of "holocaust" films, each more incredible than the last.  In one, an elderly Jewess returns to Auschwitz, where she claims to have been incarcerated forty years age.  "It voss a death camp?" she exclaims.  She then stated that she remained there for four years, although the Germans "killed everybody every day."  She was then asked how she has survived.  "I hid in the camp," she explained, "but I had nothing to eat for three years."


After this astounding statement, she pointed to the rows of peaceful barracks and shrieked, "But just look !  You can see for yourself it actually happened !"  The bemused viewer, seeing only a pleasant rural scene, apparently was expected to conjure up visions of six million Jews being marched to the gas chambers.


Nearly all of the Jewish "survivors" claim that they lived in the "death camps" from three to four years, while "everybody was being killed".  It seems obvious that no one could survive in a "labor camp", which is what these camps actually were.  Over the entrance to each camp was placed a sign, "Arbeit Machs du Frei," or, "Work Makes You Free".


In the "Nation", Sept. 26, 1981, Albert Speer, the German Minister for Armaments, was quoted as having answered, in response to a demand from the leaders of the Jewish community in South Africa that he verify that Jews were killed during World War II by the Germans, so that they could prosecute the distributors of the pamphlet, "Did Six Million Really Die ?", "I couldn't."  Although Speer refused to submit to pressure from the Jews that he lie and "confess" that the Jews had been killed, he did admit some sort of "collective guilt" in the matter, but denied that he had any direct knowledge of any Holocaust activities.  His admission of "guilt" brought praise from the Jewish agitator, Simon Weisenthal, who then proceeded to endorse Speer's new book, "Infiltration".  However, this book defined the camps as labor camps.  On p. 9, Speer writes, "During factory inspections, I saw concentration camp prisoners working in our plants among German workers."


Note that Speer does not even identify these laborers as Jews.  On p. 41, he writes, "During my inspection (at Mauthausen, March, 1943,) I was surprised to see expensive granite retaining walls, on which barracks, likewise of native stone, had been erected.  Everything was clean and orderly.  The level, say, of an average anti aircraft barrack.  The camp made an almost romantic impression with its stone portal and mediaeval castle yards, its pseudohistorical walls and towers."


The German soldier in the field never enjoyed such pleasant quarters as did the labor camp workers.  Otto Friedrich, a senior editor of Time Magazine, wrote an article in Atlantic Monthly, Sept. 1981, which he stated was based entirely on the writings of survivors of the camps, and which could hardly be accused of painting a rosy picture of their existence.  In "The Kingdom of Auschwitz", Friedrich writes, "Auschwitz was a society of extraordinary complexity.  It had its own soccer stadium, its own library, its own soccer stadium, its own library, its own photo lab, and its own symphony orchestra ... There was no reason that a death camp should have a hospital at all, yet the one at Auschwitz grew to considerable size, with about twenty doctors and more than three hundred nurses."


Friedrich ignores the implications of his own writing, that a "death camp" with a large modern hospital is not a death camp at all, but a health camp.  All of the camps had their own symphony orchestras, an amenity which was not provided by any of the twentytwo military stations at which this writer served in the United States Air Force throughout World War II. 


Friedrich also writes that Auschwitz had its own brothel for the workers.  And a photo lab, in which the inmates could develop their snapshots of the millions of Jews being herded into the gas chambers ?  No such photos have ever been exhibited.  Later in his article, Friedrich writes that Auschwitz actually was developed throughout the war into a vast industrial complex, with a network of thirty-four outlaying camps, which provided workers for cement plants, coal mines, and a steel factory.  I.G. Farben operated a huge synthetic rubber plant there.


An intensely religious person, Adolf Hitler had written in Mein Kampf that "Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord ... The fight against Jewish world Bolshevization requires a clear attitude towards Soviet Russia.  You cannot drive out the Devil with Beelzebub."


During the war, while fighting on two fronts, Hitler allowed himself to be swayed from these fervent sentiments by an extremely clever campaign on the part of the Jews.  Having been warned that the Allies planned a campaign of terror bombing against German civilians, it was necessary that the Jews be evacuated from German cities.  Through their close contacts with a number of Nazi bureaucrats, the leaders of the Jewish communities organized whereby the Jews would be evacuated in "the eastward migration". 


Even Speer approved the plan, but specified that "The ablebodied Jews destined for eastward migration must therefore interrupt their journey and do armaments labor."  The result was that the labor camps were established in rural areas, far from the cities, and the Jews were spared the ordeal of the terrible bombings which engulfed German women and children in torrents of flame and phosphorus bombs.  There was a Holocaust in Germany during World War II, but the victims were Germans, in a well-planned campaign of genocide, while the evacuated Jews survived en masse.


After the war, with their genius for perverting the truth, the Jews completely reversed the facts.  Instead of the Holocaust engulfing German noncombatants in the cities, the victims were now the Jews, who had been "exterminated" in the "death camps".  Since the evacuation of the Jews, the "eastward migration", had been organized at the behest of the Jewish leaders, many Jews now believed their own propaganda, and accused the Jewish leaders of having organized the "extermination" of European Jewry. 


Thus Hannah Arendt, a leading Jewish intellectual, writes bitterly, in "Eichmann in Jerusalem", "Wherever Jews lived, there were recognized Jewish leaders, and this leadership, almost without exception, cooperated in one way or another with the Nazis."  Of course they cooperated, so successfully that while a million German women and children died in mass bombing raids on German cities, not a Jewish life was lost.  The Allied bombing of Berlin killed so many German families that Eisenhower is remembered there today by the wry sobriquet, "the Mad Butcher of Berlin".  The firestorms created by bombing the cities of Cologne, Hamburg, Dresden and other German cities remain the greatest atrocities of World War II.


It was to obscure the real atrocities of World War II that the Myth of the Jewish Holocaust was invented.  Its earliest application was intended to cover up the discovery that the Soviet Army had systematically murdered 14,000 Polish officers in the Katyn Forest.  These Polish officers comprised the most highly educated and skilled segment of the Polish population.  Stalin ordered them exterminated to facilitate Communist rule in Poland.  It was the Katyn massacre which later became the inspiration for the stories of columns of Jews being marched into rural areas and executed.  Indeed, the basic purpose of the invention of the Holocaust Myth was to prevent Soviet Russia from being embarrassed by any mention of the Katyn Forest massacre at the Nuremberg Trials.  Roosevelt's pro-Communist regime battled valiantly to assist Russia in covering up the Katyn horror. 


Elmer Davis, who had been placed in the Office of War Information by James Paul Warburg, refused to mention this atrocity in his broadcasts, while W. Averell Harriman cooperated in keeping the story out of print until the Nuremberg Trials had been completed.  "Jewish Comment", May 21, 1943, sneered at the German discovery of the massacre as follows; "After its sensational success with the story of the 10,000 Polish officers allegedly killed by the Soviets, the German Propaganda Ministry has evidently determined to explore further possibilities of splitting the Allies."


Because of the many atrocities committed by the Jewish-directed Allies, not only the firestorm incineration of German civilians in many German cities, but the incineration of hundreds' of thousands of Japanese civilians in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Operation Keelhaul, the murder of one million anti-Communist Russians who were ordered handed over to the Soviet executioners by Eisenhower, and many other horrors, it was necessary to invent a German atrocity which would eclipse these horrors. 


The "extermination" of the Jews seemed made to order.  Since there was no basis for any numerical figures, the earliest projections were that 12,000,000 Jews had been killed.  Wiser heads among the Jews suggested that no figure higher than one million should be advanced, since a larger figure was likely to be discredited, thus invalidating the entire Holocaust claim.  Some Jewish writers in New York began to publicize a figure of six million, and this soon gained such wide currency that the Jews had to settle for it, and it has remained the standard figure ever since. 


The self appointed "historian" of the Holocaust, Lucy S. Davidowicz, coyly presents a figure of 5,933,900 in her "Holocaust Reader".  Certainly no one objects to rounding this off to the more practical figure of six million.  Congressman George G. Sadowski, in opposing the Marshall Plan, stated, "That 10,000,000 Jews were killed, tortured, placed in slave labor camps ... that all means nothing."  Congressional Record, Feb. 23, 1948.


While protecting the Jews from the horrors of the Allied bombing raids, the Germans were forced by the exigencies of the war to leave the Jews largely to their own devices.  As a result, the Jews, in the midst of war and universal devastation, thrived with their talents for black marketeering and scavenging.  As Werner Sombart has written, "Wars are the Jews harvests." In "The War Against the Jews", Lucy Davodowicz writes of the Jewish profiteers, "This new class -- smugglers, underworld, nouveaux riches -- became the clientele for dozens of cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs that mushroomed in the ghetto.  They passed their time dining, drinking, dancing."


In the camps, the Jewish inmates assumed complete charge of their administration.  They converted the camps into training schools in which they subjected their students to the most intensive methods of Jewish survival and victory.  Every morsel of food, clothing, every sexual pleasure and other aspect of life, became the vehicle of the most vicious bartering and maneuvering for advantage.  Friedrich quotes one of them in "The Kingdom of Auschwitz".  Concentration camp existence ... taught us that the whole world is really like a concentration camp.  The world is ruled by neither justice nor morality; crime is not punished nor virtue rewarded.  The world is ruled by power.  We are laying the foundation for some new, monstrous civilization."


In fact, the Jews used the camps as the opportunity to recreate the most intensive Talmudic training schools for themselves, a rigid education which they had lost since emerging from their mediaeval ghettoes.  Now, raging in their genetic powerhouses which they recreated in the camps, they prepared themselves for the inevitable ending of the war, when they loosed themselves upon the wartorn nations of the earth like the most devastating plagues from Pandora's box.  When they descended upon the helpless Christians, they immediately created a "new, monstrous civilization".  As one Jew boasted, "When I left the concentration camp, I suddenly realized that I could take anybody."


The graduates of this school for power quickly became wealthy and influential residents of many countries.  One and all, they were fanatical Zionists;  they were united in their contempt for the "goyim", the gentile cattle whom they proposed to enslave and manipulate.  With the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, they quickly converted the government of the United States into a vassal of Tel Aviv, and used the wealth of the greatest country in the world to advance their goals in other nations.  In every instance, they used the Myth of the Holocaust to advance their objectives.  The goyim were inundated with stories and movies of "the extermination" of the Jews. 


Anne Roiphe wrote, in "Generation Without a Memory,", p. 62, "When gas became costly and ran short, they threw the infants and children directly into burning ovens."  She fails to tell us what sort of fuel the Germans were using for their "burning ovens".  The Jews continually wrote of the "modern technology" which had enabled the Germans to dispose of millions of Jews, and invariably, the sole illustration of this "technology" was a pair of small ovens which seemed a relic of the nineteenth century, and which could have disposed of only a few bodies a day.  A crematorium requires a temperature of 2200 degrees Fahrenheit for the first ninety minutes, and then 1800 degrees for from sixty to one hundred fifty minutes, and even this does not burn bones.  Lacking fuel supplies, the Germans could not even have provided the necessary fuel to embark on any program of burning victims.


The Jews then introduced lurid stories of chemical experiments on the victims.  In fact, the Washington Post recently carried a series of horror stories in which helpless victims were given chemical substances which caused then intense agony, vomiting and convulsions, loss of hair and many other excruciating symptoms.  However, the victims were not Jews in Nazi concentration camps.  They were patients at the National Institute of Health in Washington, where government doctors experimented on them with various chemicals for cancer treatments.  Most of the victims died in agony, without the slightest amelioration of their cancers.  In American prisons, chemical testing of various substances on prisoners has been going on for many years.  While our government continues to appropriate millions of dollars for the pursuit of "Nazi war criminals", these chemical experiments in our prisons and hospitals go on without interruption.


The "Nazi hunter", Simon Weisenthal, has become a cult figure in Washington, despite the revelations that throughout World War II he was a Gestapo agent.  He has come under increasing criticism from many of his fellow Jews for his claim that he alone has kept the Holocaust Myth alive in recent years.  Soon he may even claim that he invented the entire myth.  Meanwhile, the American people, driven to the brink of bankruptcy by our support of the State of Israel, can find no prospect of relief.


Now the United States faces the possibility of a lawsuit projected by a group of German citizens, for the sum of $400 billion.  This claim is based on the more than 100 billion marks which West Germany has been forced to pay the State of Israel as "reparations" for "the extermination of six million Jews." Not only was the claim false, but it was extorted from the German people solely because of the continued military occupation of West Germany by the United States.  The Germans point out that in all the prosecutions of former camp guards, they have only been charged with "beating and kicking" the Jewish inmates.  None of them has been charged with actually "gassing" anyone. 


Kurt Becker, of the Press Information Office in Bonn, Germany, stated in Newsweek, June 8, 1981, that as of Dec. 31, 1980, West Germany had paid to the State of Israel 63 billion DM, or $30 billion, and was still committed to pay a further $9.5 billion.  In addition, German firms have been forced to pay Israel many more billions as reparations to Jewish "laborers", and to furnish many billions of dollars worth of electrical systems, telephone systems, and other technological gifts to Israel.


In contrast, after World War I, the Reparations Commission submitted to Germany a demand that $30 billion be paid, to be divided among all the nations which Germany had fought in that war.  Of this demand, only a few million dollars was ever paid, yet the State of Israel has already exacted from West Germany more money than was asked by all the nations whom Germany fought in World War I.  The East Democratic Republic of Germany has denied that Germany owes any reparations to the State of Israel, and has paid nothing, leaving the United States as the nation solely responsible for forcing West Germany to pay many billions to the State of Israel


The German government would never have paid this money without the force of the American occupying power, yet American taxpayers are told that we maintain a military presence in West Germany to oppose Russian aggression.  The farcical nature of this explanation of our military collection agency is exposed when it is admitted that American forces in West Germany could only delay a Russian advance from two to four hours !


The payments which the American military has demanded that West Germany pay to Israel have contributed heavily to West Germany's economic problems, and are responsible for the growing anti-American feeling in Germany.  Many Germans openly sneer at the "mongrel culture" of the United States and call us a "nation of mulattoes", due to the presence of many black troops occupying West Germany.


Because of the nature of the dictatorship maintained by the force of the American military occupying army, in which no German is allowed to question the Myth of the Holocaust, the German patriots believe the only way to expose this conspiracy on behalf of Israel is to sue the United States for the return of all the "Holocaust" payments to Israel, with interestThis demand will soon be brought before the World Court. 


Meanwhile, Americans must decide what action to take to salvage their collapsing economy from the demands made on it by the insatiable Israeli power.  Only the complete exposure of the Holocaust hoax will free our government officials from their commitments to ever increasing payments to the State of Israel.


The above website, carries a lot of Eustace Mullins works. He is currenly lying around in a nursing home, his family having placed him there as being mentally ill. Apparently this person calling himself yamaguchy is in contact with him, says his mind is fine, this is but one way the system incarcerates those who publish truth. Great writer and this piece on the Holocaust is one of the best I have seen and rings true with me.


I did  my final years of my last life in Dachau , and it was partly labor camp when I passed, and partly dungeon you could say, as it was the first camp opened, and was meant not so much for the Jews, but for the disenters against the outrages of that time that are now repeating themselves in the parts of the world under Zionist control. I was a "jewish" disenter at the time, incarnate with other family members, exploring the jewish faith.


We had some pretty unclean conditions there, and a lot of folks were suffering the diseases related to crowding and poor conditions. As did many others in the labor camps in their later years of operations. But the camps were not extermination camps, and I am glad to have this history understood personally. I think Eustace as done a fine job in this piece from 1981, explaining there was no Jewish Holocaust.


Think fo the films that have been made. There was the one on TV in the early 1980's, called The Holocaust I believe, then the film by the Jewish director and come as may be, I can't recall it's name right now, by Spielberg and the film if I recall got lots of oscars that year. OK, someone has written me, Shindler's List.  The person lauded in that film for saving Jews had actually created a small  labor camp, seeing his opportunity for cheap labor. When I remember the name, I will add it in. Another example of the popraganda. When I saw that film I was duly horifed, not knowing that this was a propaganda film at the time, and it was horrible in certain parts, but made up. So the true horror is the propaganda. -Candace



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