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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

By Hatonn Phoenix Journal
Jan 10, 2022 - 5:41:50 AM

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The Guyanese troops were afraid of possible disease but counted the bodies as accurately as possible without close handling or moving the bodies. The total they reported was 409 on that Sunday night. The initial impression of a mass suicide was seized upon by the controlled major media of the United States. Without waiting for an investigation, the media drummed away at the suicide image of Jonestown as if it were a proven fact. After a few days a few people did begin to raise questions, but by then the initial image of suicide had served its purpose of opening Guyana's doors to the United States.

For example, on Tuesday, November 21, Jim Jones surviving son, Steven, said in a Georgetown press conference, "There's no way it could have been mass suicide." And that same day, according to the Washington Star, a Guyanese source pointed out a serious medical discrepancy in the Jonestown kibbutz death scene. He said, "If you die of cyanide, which seems to have been the poison, your body goes into spasm and contortion death, but at Jonestown everyone looked totally relaxed."

The reason for this discrepancy was that by the time the Guyanese troops arrived, all the bodies had been rearranged. They were also placed face down for the most part. This was so that the widely publicized news photos would not ruin the desired impression of calm by letting you see the victims' final expressions of agony.


To continue the nightmare charade to fool the Russians, the United States at first publicly urged Guyana to collect and bury the hundreds of bodies. As arranged, Guyana replied in effect that it was America's problem and that America should take the bodies back to the United States---just as planned. To facilitate this huge and hideous task, Guyana obligingly agreed to waive the usual Guyanese law that requires anybody to be autopsied before removal from the country. With this arrangement, the United States achieved the carte blanche military access to Guyana that was needed.

Russian intelligence realized what was afoot by early Monday, November 20, but it was already too late to stop it. Russia could hardly announce to the world that, "We have a secret nuclear missile base in Guyana and the United States is getting ready to destroy it." That would have rallied world opinion behind America; and, although Russian Cosmospheres quickly converged over Guyana, they, too, were useless in the covert conditions of battle there.

Their Charged Particle Beam Weapons could have made short work of the commando-style forces, but in the process they would have wiped out the Russian base itself. The Guyana missiles have become only a minor factor in Russia's military power since the Battle of the Harvest Moon the year prior. They were not valuable enough to Russia to declare open war on their account. And so under these conditions, Russia was powerless to act once the Jonestown tragedy had been staged.

As Thanksgiving Day approached, huge American transports, helicopters, troops, and medical teams swarmed into Guyana. In a remote corner of the huge Temehri Airfield a command post was established for the twin operations of Jonestown and at the Russian missile base.

As some of the troops began the nauseating task of cleaning up the Jonestown kibbutz, other joint attack forces were taking up positions around the missile base in preparations for the surprise raid. Meanwhile, day after day the death count reported at Jonestown remained unchanged at 409.

Then on Thanksgiving Day itself, the Battle of Guyana took place. Crack military forces experienced in jungle and surprise warfare moved in on the Russian complex, striking all the dispersed sites simultaneously. Like the Entebbe raid, the battle itself did not last long. It had to be over quickly to be successful.

First the small crews on site near each missile were overwhelmed, and then killed. The missiles themselves were quickly disabled. Next the military forces converged on the Missile Command and Control Center, where a bloody pitched battle took place.

When the smoke cleared, every single person manning the missile base had been killed, including the Russian commanders.

When the battle was over, American helicopters from Temehri Airfield began landing within the ruined missile complex and flying out the wounded. Then the remaining attackers were left with two more jobs before they could retire from the area. First, they were under strict orders to leave no bodies in the attacking forces on Guyanese soil, and so the entire area was scoured until every single member of the attacking force had been accounted for. Their bodies, like those of the victims at Jonestown, were sealed in Vietnam-type body bags and collected in clearings where helicopters could land to pick them up.

Finally, the combined forces were under orders to remove the nuclear warheads from the missiles and take them back to Georgetown for airlift to the United States. Specially trained members of the attacking force had set to work on this task immediately after the initial attacks on the missile crews.

By early Friday, November 24, all the warheads had been removed. They, too, were placed in body bags, one per bag, with some jungle foliage stuffed in to give the bag a reasonable appearance.

Of course none of this was apparent to the reporters at Temehri Airfield, whose access to the American Command Post there was carefully controlled. When wounded members of the attacking force were flown back to the Airfield, after the Battle of Guyana on Thanksgiving afternoon, they were kept out of sight of the reporters. Otherwise, when reporters occasionally saw body bags being moved from place to place they just naturally assumed that all contained victims from Jonestown. They had no way of knowing that some contained slain Commandoes and that others contained Russian nuclear warheads. The continual cargo of death from the Jonestown kibbutz made the perfect cover for the aftermath of the Battle of Guyana.



Many reporters were totally puzzled at the choice of Dover Air Force Base in Delaware for the Guyana airlift. Most of the Jonestown victims were from California, and there is a mortuary facility, similar to the Dover facility, at Oakland Air Force Base in California. Dover was chosen to facilitate transfer of the Russian nuclear warheads to the nearby Aberdeen Proving Ground and Arsenal. This was done by means of shallow flights from Dover to Phillips Air Force Base.

Originally the Guyanese count of 409 had been accepted as firm by United States officials in Guyana. That had raised questions as to where the rest of the one thousand or so residents reported to be in Jonestown had gone. Finally, on Thanksgiving Day, with the body clean-up operation well under way, a military spokesman told reporters, "The evaluation that we have made is simply that there were not many more people in Jonestown at the time of the suicide." But even as he spoke, the Battle of Guyana was raging at the Russian missile base. By midday on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, 485 body bags had already arrived at the Temehri Airfield. The 'bodies' of warheads from the Russian missile base were destined to raise the total far beyond the total of 409 bodies originally counted by the Guyanese at the kibbutz. It was a bad mistake, the kind of thing that happens in the heat of battle. Something had to be done, and quickly.

So, on that Friday after Thanksgiving, a breathless and nervous Pentagon spokesman at the Temehri Airfield made a stunning announcement over CBS television: "The original count of persons found ,dead at the Jonestown site has been found to be seriously in error. It now appear there may be as many as 780 bodies, total, found at the site. They were found simply buried under other bodies. There were larger adults that were grouped together, and under their bodies were found the bodies of smaller adults and children."

Badgered by incredulous reporters, the Government embellished the cover story later on. The Washington Star quoted the same spokesman as saying Friday night: "Near the center of the pile of bodies, near the assembly hall they were three deep in some areas. They were in layers with blankets between them." Wasn't it just nice of all those people to fall over in well orchestrated and neat rows?

This story was so unbelievable that within two days the United States Government dismissed its own story about the blankets as a "rumor". Still the basic idea of bodies on top of bodies had to be maintained, so on Saturday, November 25, another Air Force spokesman tried to make it all sound plausible in the following words: "From what I observed, the people, when they committed suicide, would line up in nice neat little circles, children in front of them, and as they died they folded into the interior of the circle." Do you wondrously blind people begin to see the absurdity of that which you believe? You swallow it hook, line, sinker and fish!

The Guyana cover-up was world-wide in its dimensions--it had to be. In Guyana, Deputy Prime Minister Reid made the first public announcement to the Guyanese people about Jonestown on Friday afternoon, November 24, in Parliament. Then he refused to answer questions, and rushed out to cries of "Shame, Shame" and "Cover-up" from Parliament members. And there in the United States on Thanksgiving Day, FBI Director, William Webster, said that the: "FBI Disaster Squad had positively identified the body of James Warren Jones through fingerprint identification records." But, this was not so and at that very moment Jim Jones was making good his preplanned escape from Guyana.



The plans for removal of Jones were laid well in advance. An ocean-going boat, well stocked with supplies and money, was waiting for him near the river town of Bartica, 35 miles southwest of Georgetown. In order to make his way to Bartica from Jonestown, Jones had a Safe Conduct Pass.

In the early morning of Thanksgiving Day, as the Battle of Guyana was beginning, Jones headed down stream toward Georgetown. Shortly after noon Guyana time his boat left the mouth of Essequibo River into the Atlantic Ocean.

From there Jones followed a complicated itinerary which was designed to prevent his being followed; but in spite of that, he was followed. From Guyana Jones headed due east for about 330 miles and then turned south, landing near La Mere, French Guiana, about 5:30 A.M. local time, November 27. From there he traveled by land to the capital of Cayenne, and took an airplane across the Atlantic Ocean to Freetown, Sierra Leone, in West Africa. From Freetown he headed north along the coast to Guinea-Bissau Airport, arriving there approximately 7:00 P.M. local time, November 28.

There, less than two hours later, he boarded a DC-3 and took off. His route took him eastward to Tambacounda, (Senegal); from there onward into Mali with stops at Segou, Mopti, and Gao; then onward to Agadez (Niger), and Largeau (Chad). From there his plane continued to Atbara (Sudan), and then a short final hop to Port Sudan where he arrived shortly after 4:00 A.M., November 30, local time. When he arrived at Port Sudan, Jones found a Turboprop Executive Transport waiting for him which was owned and operated by Israeli Intelligence. Within 20 minutes the plane took off with Jones and headed up the middle of the Red Sea toward the Gulf of Aqaba. At 6:30 A.M. local time on November 30, Jones' plane landed briefly at Elath, the back door to Israel; then on to a private airport outside of Jerusalem, arriving at 7:20 A.M. local time. From there he headed to a nearby location for an intelligence debriefing.



After being transformed gradually into a conscious agent of the Intelligence Community over the prior six years, Jones had taken part in a joint operation by American and Israeli Intelligence in Guyana. The Israelis had contributed valuable expertise and even key lieutenants for Jones in showing how the Jonestown kibbutz could be set up and used for the intended purposes.

One has only to check an encyclopedia to see that Jonestown was, in fact, a kibbutz. For example, the World Book Encyclopedia under the topic "ISRAEL", says: "In a collective community, called a kibbutz, the farmers share all the property and combine their labor. The village administration provides all their needs. The adults eat together in a dining hall, but married couples and single persons have private sleeping quarters. All children are raised together in a separate home. Parents visit their children for an hour or two before supper."

Let us look at the word "commune" as domesticated in America. It means living in a commune. There is no pure form of commune in the Israeli kibbutz. When a commune is run by persons with Satanic and schizophrenic characteristics, like those of Jim Jones, murderous and suicidal behavior are forced upon the people, as happened at Jonestown. And when this example is expanded to include an entire nation, one has a nation in the grip of Bolshevism. It was happening to America then and you are still being led directly into national suicide.Let me show you the ridiculous cost of such actions.As things came to pass, the war which started between you and Russia began on that Thanksgiving Day. America lost that war in the Battle of the Harvest Moon. Of course the calculations don't work out properly because you have no notion as to what is happening nor in what order. We shall speak to these topics later. At that time the very rules of war were altered forever.

Russia then tried to force America "to surrender" to SALT II disarmament, but your Unseen Rulers instead stepped up preparations for a suicidal nuclear war to be launched by the U.S.

The Guyana happenings gave you a preview for the entire war. By the standards of those who planned it, the Battle of Guyana was a brilliant success--and yet, at what cost! Many times more American lives were deliberately sacrificed than were lost by the enemy in the battle itself. In the same way, the plans still in operation will dwarf the numbers killed by the millions.

The Battle of Guyana was an exercise in futility, a mere scratch on the arm for Russia. It was planned before the Battle of the Harvest Moon, which rendered the Guyana battle obsolete before it happened.

Well, Jim Jones had a motto hanging over his throne in Jonestown:


Now, would any of you care to do a dissertation on what the Guyana tragedy actually had to do with religion in any manner what-so-ever. 'Tis sad indeed! And yet, you gullibly feast on the lies.

So be it.

Dharma, enough for this day. Let us close this portion. Thank you for your service.Hatonn to stand-by. Please think upon these things most diligently for we have a long, long way to go. Salu

-- PJ 14 -- pag. 128 -- 132

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