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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

By Dennis Fahey
May 26, 2013 - 4:26:53 AM

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by Dennis Fahey [PDF:].

Pope Pius XI in his Letter of 14th March, 1937, On the Condi­tion
of the Church in Germany, and the German Bishops in their
Joint Pastoral Letter of 19th August, 1938, bear witness to the
intensity of this persecution of the Catholic Church in Germany.
It is well to quote at some length from these authoritative pro­
nouncements, in view of such statements as the following from
Herr Hitler, in the Reichstag on January 30th, 1939:

"No one in Germany has so far been persecuted for his religious views,
nor will any one be persecuted on that account. . . . But the National
Socialist State will ruthlessly make clear to those of the clergy
who, instead of being God's ministers, regard it as their mission
to speak insultingly of our present Reich, its organisations or its
leaders, that no one will tolerate a destruction of this State. . . .
There can only be political reasons for other countries, and for
certain democratic statesmen in particular, to take up the cudgels
on behalf of individual German clergymen, for these same statesmen­
were silent when hundreds of thousands of priests were
butchered or burnt in Russia; they were silent, when in Spain tens
of thousands of priests and nuns were massacred with bestial
cruelty and burnt alive. .. . It was just because of such butchery
that numerous National-Socialist and Fascist volunteers placed
themselves at the disposal of General Franco in order to help him
in his efforts to prevent the Bolshevik lust for blood from spreading­
over Europe and over the greater part of the civilised world.
It was anxiety for European culture and for real civilisation which
compelled Germany to take sides in the fight carried on in National
Spain against the Bolshevik destroyer. It does not say much for
the mentality predominant in various countries which cannot con­ceive
of such a step being taken for purely unselfish reasons. However,­
National-Socialist Germany sympathised with General
Franco's uprising out of a sincere desire to see him succeed in
delivering his country from the danger which at one time had
threatened to engulf Germany herself. Thus it cannot be sympathy
or pity for God's persecuted ministers, which mobilises the interest
of democratic citizens for individual clergymen in conflict with
the law, but rather an interest in the enemy of the German State.
Let one thing, however, be borne in mind in this connection: we
shall protect the German clergy in their capacity as God's minis­ters;
but we shall destroy members of the clergy who are the
enemies of the German Reich."
"Since the Great War twenty-six Central Banks have been founded, after the model of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, Mr. Paul Warburg's creation and have been gradually "attempting to set up a central body which will
acknowl­edge no authority above it on this planet. .. . If this is ever effected, there can be no doubt that the Bank for International Settlements will then be in as autocratic a position with regard to world finance as the Bank of England is now in with regard toBritish finance. This bankers' dream would certainly make a 'stable* banking system for the world. With the whole of the world's gold stocks centralised, and with each country's internal banking system co-ordinated under an all-powerful central bank, bank crashes and bank 'runs' (whether on a localised or national scale) would be impossible: an illusory gold backing to a world
currency could be successfully maintained, and international gold tokens issued and 'redeemed' in any quantities which suited the policy of the board of the World Bank. At the same time, all hope of freedom and plenty—for the individual, for industry, and for nations—would automatically disappear, and the world would be
relentlessly driven into complete idolatry under an international gold-idol."1

Against this process of reduction to financial slavery, the Hitlerite government is struggling. As Wyndham Lewis puts it: "What Herr Hitler is required to do is to merge Germany in the league of monopolist States." 2 When Hitler is exhorted to make a contribution to peace, Wyndham Lewis goes so far as to say that it really means: "the peace-loving nations are more heavily-armed than you are, Herr Hitler, and have at their back unlimitedresources, and they will unquestionably make war on you, if you do not submit to their will, and if you persist in going on with this Sovereign State stuff." And we must always bear in mind that Marxism, as we have seen in the Foreword, is an instrument of International Finance as well as Capitalism. The end of the war between the "Democracies" and "Fascism" may see the process of reducing the world to slavery definitively achieved, or at least considerably advanced, and the reign of the natural messias inaugurated, by the installation of a Communist or semi-Communist regime controlled by the Rulers of Russia. This con­flict like all others, is simply a subsidiary phase of the conflict waged by Satan against the Supernatural Messias and the Mass."

" In The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World (Third Edition, pp. 310 et seq.) I gave a long quotation from the Viennese Catholic Weekly, Schbnere Zukunft, to show the enormous extent of Jewish influence in Germany.

"To-day," wrote Dr. Eberle, the distinguished Editor of that paper, in 1932, "Catholics are almost completely silent about the question of Judaism, though Jewish influence, not only in Russia, Hungary, Poland, France, England, America and Austria, but also in Germany, has attained a degree of power and might, altogether out of proportion to the number of Jews in the total populations of these countries. Three-fourths of the large Banking concerns, at the head of which we must place the four big D. Banks—Deutsche Bank, Darmstadter Bank, Diskonto-Gesellschaft and Dresdener Bank—three-fourths of the big exchanges, including those of Berlin, Frankfort and Hamburg; three-fourths of the principal commercial enterprises, including those of Karstadt, Tietz and Werheim; three-fourths of the leading­advertising agencies, of the groups controlling theatres and cin­emas,are there are still many non-Jewish industrial magnates, but they are becoming more and more subservient to banks directed by Jews. . . . And yet Catholics, in great measure, keep silence about the matter. This silence is, in part, due to ignorance, especially in the provinces. But it is also due to an already existing dependence on Jews. Three-fourths of the Christian newspapers would be reduced ­to two-thirds or even one-half of their present size, if they were compelled to give up the advertisements of Jewish shops and banks, and Jewish advertisements would not be forthcoming if the Jewish question were treated of."

"What is this traditional attitude ?
It is to be found in the two currents running through the official declarations of the Holy See concerning the Jews. On the one hand, the Sovereign Pontiffs strive to protect the Jews from physical violence and to secure respect fortheir worship, as the life and worship of human persons. On the other hand, they aim unceasingly at protecting Christians from the contamination of Jewish Naturalism and try to prevent Jews from obtaining control over Christians. This second current has been lost sight of, to some extent, since the French Revolution. Yet Judaeo-Masonic influence in the Press and the Cinema and, above all, in the manipulation of Finance and Credit, is being steadily exercised against the doctrine of the Fall and the rule of Christ the King in society. Catholics need to be made familiar, not only with the repeated Papal condemnations of the Talmud but with the measures taken by the Sovereign Pontiffs to preserve society from the inroads of Jewish Naturalism. The Encyclical Letter, A Quo Primum (1751) addressed by Pope Benedict XIV to the Polish Hierarchy, of which a translation will be given in
Appendix IV, is typical of the attitude of the Holy See in this respect. It seemed monstrous to Pope Benedict XIV that indi­vidualCatholics should be in danger of perversion by being ser­vantsin Jewish families. Is it not much worse to have the whole social organisation of a country impelled in the direction of Naturalism by the financial forces of Central Banks and the Bank of International Settlements? The directing control of the Bank of England is a secret body. The efforts of the Macmillan Com­mitteeof 1929 to throw light upon it "failed most completely . . . Indeed the evidence of Mr.Montague Norman is a study of non-committal and evasive answers."1 The same secrecy does not enshroud the Jewish control of gold. The representatives of three Gentile firms meet the representatives of three Jewish firms at the Rothschild office in St. Swithin's Lane every day at ten minutes to eleven and fix the day's price for gold. The Rothschilds dominate the gold market.To those who remark that there are many Christians engaged in maintaining a monetary system that will not permit the distribution of real wealth, I reply that many of them are Freemasons and, therefore, infected with the virus of anti-supernaturalism and that many others are simply instru­ments, wholly or partly blind, of the Rulers of Russia. For example, Prof. Corliss Lamont, son of the Senior Partner of J. P. Morgan & Co., is head of the "Friends of Soviet Russia" and of the "American Council on Soviet Relations."8

"If Hitler meets his Waterloo in his attempt to emulate Napoleon's efforts to get free from the moneypower, we Catholics in the "democracies" shall be exposed to another form of attack. Under a monetary system in which real wealth is either destroyed or not produced, in order to keep up prices and thus enable private money-creators to collect interest for the creation of the medium of exchange, the propertyless masses will sooner or later be hurled against the Church and the religious orders. Accordingly, strongly as we must condemn the horrible persecution of the Catholic Church in Germany, we ought not to allow our expressions of condemnation of the Hitleriteanti-supernatural program to be construed into approval of the monetary system against which he is in revolt, and which is, as things stand, an instrument for the propagation of Naturalism.1
The Naturalistic adventure upon which Europe embarked at the French Revolution has been disastrous for the nations of the West. The reaction against its Internationalism is now threatn­ingto prove disastrous for the Jewish Nation. A step to be taken to undo the naturalism of the French Revolution and, at the same time, prevent onslaughts on the Jews, is to withdraw citizenship of other States from all of them and limit them to citizenship of one State, their own. That State must not be Palestine, for the Jewish claim to Palestine is implicitly a denial that they have disobeyed God and missed their vocation by the rejection of the True Supernatural Messias. It is the assertion in action that the promised Messias has not yet come and that the day of their domination over the world will yet dawn. That
way lies disaster, because all their naturalistic attempts to impose their will on God instead of accepting His, will involve the Jewish nation in further dire catastrophe".



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