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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

By Joe Cortina
Nov 2, 2013 - 4:34:49 AM

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MOSES was a war criminal – a pedophile – a war monger – a murderer – a hypocrite – and a thief. I know because the Old Testament tells me so

WHO SLAUGHTERED MORE INNOCENT HUMAN BEINGS In HISTORY? Moses or Pol Pot? [Ron: The Levite priests wrote the Pentateuch some 800 years after the events allegedly describing Moses and his exploits, so it is quite likely that Moses is a myth anyway.].

Marxist Pol Pot killed 1.7 million Cambodians. I believe research would confirm that the endless serial wars of Moses Caused far more innocent deaths. Coincidentally there is bizarre relationship between Moses Pol Pot Lenin Marx and Mao.

ALL except Jew Moses were Marxists and most modern Marxist leaders that originated from the USSR were also jews. Jews invented Communism in all of its ‘isms’ – as well as Zionism. Jew monsters like Moses used the same type of insane hatred to justify serial wars against innocent civilians as the ‘postwar’ Soviet jew war criminals.

ALL of the Gulf ( Mid East) unprovoked wars since the jew false flag of 9-11 were justified by the SAME EXACT Moses’ jew biblical ‘Old Testament’ demonic murderous senseless mindless barbaric insanity.

Some of my relatives by marriage were among the five million murdered by these sadistic Soviet jew monsters in the Ukraine. Wherever in history you find senseless mass murder – a jew will have usually been the perp.[Ron: The Jew Kaganovich and his Bolshevik Jews are usually said to have murdered 7 million Ukrainians in the "Holodomor" genocide and some put the figure as high as 10 million.].

The stench of death has ALWAYS been associated with the jew. His Satanic genetics and millennia of inbred evil insure that he can never live in peace with ANY decent human beings. Suffering terror grief sorrow greed arrogance and deceit are his ‘gifts’ to mankind since the monster Moses – and beyond. They are a cancer among nations. [Ron: The Levites and Pharisees actually took on the depraved sexual and sacrificial ideology of the Canaanites and cunningly distorted the history they wrote to imply that they were always fighting them. But clearly the Pharisees are the ideologcal descendants of the Canaanites.].

The first five books of the Jewish scriptures is called the Torah and in Christianity it is known as the Pentateuch. It is also the first XXX book in history – certainly not fit for the eyes and ears of innocent sensitive children. You can white wash it and play the apologist game all you want but there is too much rape murder agony hatred sadism and outright demonic insanity to cover up with lies.

The reprobate putrid filth found in ‘Numbers’ and ‘Deuteronomy are to the modern jew war crimes in Palestine and the endless serial war crimes in the Mid-East committed by jew occupied ‘AmeriKa’ – — as the Communist Manifesto is to the millions slaughtered and or enslaved by Godless jews of the Soviet Union. The similarities are far too analogous to be passed off as ‘coincidental.’

And until every American wakes up to the evil of the jews who hold our nation hostage – we will continue their ancient legacy of war murder – destruction and world wide misery of innocent people as decreed by the war criminal monster hypocrite demon viperous jew Moses. The jew instigated will continue unabated until the demonic jew envelops the entire world in nuclear devastation horror grief suffering and anguish to serve their wicked sick twisted black hearts.

Here a quick quiz for those who have never read the inane hateful putrid rancid filth. How many of these OT horrid war crimes were approved and demanded by [Ron: the mythical] Moses to be committed by his sadistic jews [Ron: alleged Israelites] who also looted and plundered all the wealth of Egypt – as he encouraged them to steal. Realize these truths. That if indeed the jews really were nothing but slaves of the Egyptians – then OBVIOUSLY they did do have vast riches such as gold silver jewels and fine things.

So where did these jews get all of that gold so as to make a huge solid gold idol? I’ll tell you where. They STOLE it from the ancient citizens of Egypt – many of which had taken these murderous larcenous degenerate scum into their hearts and homes.

The jews – literally as thieves in the night – robbed their neighbor blind! Guess who encouraged them to steal ( as in; ” THOU SHALT NOT STEAL – or THOU SHALT NOT COVET THEY NEIGHBOR’S GOODS”) MOSES – BIG SURPRISE? I know because the jew Bible tells me so.

Quiz time students. Which one of these horrible sins and basest kind of human behavior in the partial list below were supported led by approved by and or committed by Moses – both in and out of Egypt.

(A) Murder of innocent children
(B) Heads of children smashed on rocks

(C) Entire cities destroyed – burned
(D) Murder of every living thing in city
(E) Virgin children sold as jew sex toys
(F) Slavery of conquered people
(G) Murder of returning relatives
(H) looting and robbery of goods
(I) No mercy to EVER be shown
(J) survivors sold as slaves to jews
(K) Murder of an Egyptian
(L) All of the above

The ONLY difference between the horrors committed by Moses and the modern jews who are followers of the ancient Torah are the destructive ability of the weapons of the period. The ultimate prize of the jews is what was once OUR United States Of Ameica – and they WILL have all of it if we do not defend our own land against these worshipers of Satan.

According to the jews and their vicious cruel sadistic wanton greedy materialistic angry vindictive racist god about 99.9% of the 7 billion human beings on Earth should be slaughtered without mercy including their children their animals and pets and ALL living things in their presence – and have their land stolen -EXCEPT of course all the virgin female children which would become sex slaves of the self-chosenites.

The male children would all have their heads bashed on rocks. any survivors would of course become slaves of the jews.

Oh and BTW – Jews are historically the most predatory pedophiles on earth. Every week of every month of every year there will be some mention of Rabbi so and so caught diddling young boys in his Synagogue of Satan.

All you have to do is READ these horror stories in the jew ‘bible’ for yourself. Emerging nascent Christianity from the days of Peter should have torn that Torah and Talmud filth from the pages of all that was Holy and let it rot in hell where it belonged with the father of Judaism – Satan.

The OT written by war criminal Moses is filled with putrid filth that would shock the decent true Christian. Here is another example of what jews consider their created god to allow them to do with his blessings. Most ALL decent men feel in their hearts that buying another human being is a horrendous sin.


Slavery issues tore this country apart a century and a half ago. There were bad people who were not jews who participated in that terrible practice but I in general – jew money made it all possible with jew shipmasters and jew dollars. That is just one of countless historical fact the jew would rather not come to light.

Get an industrial grade barf bag and keep it near by if you read this from the sick demented mind of the jew Moses.

Read Leviticus 25 – vs. 42-46 to see what kind of scum he really was – if indeed he really did exist. His supposed writings of this kind of mega-hypocrite demonic insanity are legion in his his rantings. This racist bastard made it abundantly clear that no precious jew – but only goyem could be owned forever to serve jews.


Later in this report – you will that this racist bigot mentality of virtually all jews still prevails,with their most beloved leaders preaching that we Gentile goyem are fit for nothing less than as slaves to the superior jew.

THAT is an EXACT picture of what Moses the war criminal spent most of his life accomplishing. That is – to murder and destroy every ethnicity on earth that did not submit to the Synagogues of Satan and their Satanic demons jew demons. There are just too many documented instances of jew Rabbis clearly stating their belief that all gentiles were placed on earth to be the slaves of the jew but here are a few.

Shapardic chief Ovadia Yosef was the chief Rabbinate of IsraHELL. This bigot racist egomaniacal insane demonic Christ hating monster who served Satan stated in public, that :

““Goyim ( non-jews) were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel,”

Keep in mind – that this horrid filth so popular with the jew is viewed with approval till this very day as it was three thousand years ago.

Remember – these are the children of Satan ( John -8-44) – dammed by God – and Satan NEVER sleeps!

Other prominent Rabbis of the Synagogues of Satan who held his same beliefs were Rabbi Yehuda Moallem, Rabi Ezra Attiya, Rabbi Ben Zion Abba Shaul, Rabbi Baruch Ben Haim, Rabbi Zion Levy, Rabbi Ben Zion Meir Hai Uziel, and Rabbi Tzvi Pesach Frank. All of these rat faced hook-nosed reptiles considered Rabbi Yosef as an icon.

AND should anyone believe that he or his ardent admirers were rogue Rabbis despised by all these wonderful Godly self-chosen demons in IsraHELL – consider this ugly fact about the TRUE evil nature of jews :,

Yosef died RECENTLY in the hospital on 7 October 2013. His funeral in Jerusalem was the largest in Israel’s history, with an estimated attendance of 850,000. – almost a milion jews

The devil and his children will always be popular among the scourge of the earth. Let me repeat – the largest mourning in the history of IsraHELL. Get it yet? Their leaders call us Americans – especially the 60 million BaptDuh imbeciles – ” USEFUL IDIOTS” as mocked by IsraHELL war criminal PM ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu.

Is there still any doubt whatsoever as to how much the jews hate us stupid Gentile ‘cattle’. Are you STILL so stupid that you cannot understand when you have been insulted behind your back?

Another pop Quiz – students Can you tell me how many followers of Christ were present to mourn at his crucifixion/torture/murder at the hand of the jews? Hint – it is far less that those who were in attendence of the funeral of Satan worshiper – Rabi Yosef ..

There were- however a goodly number of jews at the crucifixion of our Lord. But they were not there to honor or mourn. They were present to ridicule mock slander and rejoice at His suffering and death – as they do daily in modern IsraHELL – especially on TV.

And since I mentioned our Lord Christ – here is yet another quick Quiz. How many of these horrid attributes so clearly stated as committed by the jew Moses in the jew Torah ( the OT) are condoned or approved or encouraged by God the Son – in the Christian Bible ? ( the New Testament).

Show me ANYWHERE in gospels of Matthew Mark Luke or John where Jesus condoned or promoted such horrors as the sale of 35 THOUSAND little female children as sex slaves or bashing the heads of children by thousands or the murder of tens of thousands of innocent civilians – or the looting of their homes – or killing of their livestock or pets – or the unprovoked attack upon entire cities – and burning them to the ground – and further murdering ALL relatives of the victims – or a hundred other horrid sadistic barbaric war crimes against virtually helpless human beings – or the cold-blooded murder of thousands of mothers sisters and daughters who may have had intimacies with jews – or burning hatred for killing revenge and showing no mercy even to the most innocent of newborn babes.×207.jpg

Show me ANYWHERE IN HISTORY where jews who have sought refuge and been taken in as brothers and sisters in foreign nations – have NOT been such disgusting lazy blood-sucking parasites that they eventually turned that nation or city State into a morally rotted corpse – economically crippled – and eventually owned by the parasites.

Over a HUNDRED nations experienced the horrors of these filthy Satanic scum in their presence and expelled them in masse as the monsters and criminals they always have been.

Modern nations which are either dying and doomed to the economic and moral trash heap of history include France England Canada New Zealand Australia Germany Poland and USA. Only Russia has been able to revive it’s original Christian heritage and hopefully redeem herself one day, in the eyes of decent mankind. I prey frequently for God to guide President Putin to continue doing the right things to redeem his once Christian nation.

Here below is a brilliant and courageous blog ( Moses Was A War Criminal ) by Carol Valentine as published by THE UGLY TRUTH that is a MUST read for ALL Americans- especially anyone left who still cleaves to traditional Christianity and the TRUE teachings of Christ. I ESPECIALLY encourage you to read ALL Of the reader comments – one for its unparalleled satire on the conduct of ancient war criminal and mass murderer – Joshua. His post ( writer name = molecule) was a classic by any standards! ONCE AGAIN – ALL OF IT IS A MUST READ -in order to acquire the wisdom to comprehend the magnitude of the evil we are dealing with , regarding the sick reprobate psychopathic jew mind.

Yet another comment by some filthy jew called ( Dirt Digger) needs to be seen so as to understand the levels to which these creatures sink to express their hatred of we goyem ( cattle in Hebrew) I love it when these jews themselves show the world what nasty putrid filth they are in reality. READ HIS HATEFUL LYING FILTH!

Let them screech their “Oy Veh’s” and cry “anti Semitism” – a worn out mantra that has by now become a third world joke of monumental hypocrisy since these jew scum are the greatest TRUE anti-Semites on the planet.

They persecute and murder true Semitic people – Palestinian Arabs – who have tilled the soil in Palestine for over fifteen hundred years! Ever hear of Arab people being kicked out of a hundred nations for their thievery usury deceit lies and putrid lascivious immorality?

Most of the rest of the commentary reveals amazing understanding of the reality of the evil of Moses and the Torah and it’s ‘partner’ the TALMUD

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].


Jews Suck. See:

Bloodcurdling Libel. See:

Israeli Jew author: ‘Zionists did 9/11′. See:

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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