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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Swedes Are Second-Class Citizens in their Own Country
By Karl Johannson with comments by Ron
Dec 7, 2017 - 5:10:34 PM

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December 4, 2017


(left, Swedish cops welcome migrants arriving at train station)

Swedes today are second-class citizen in their own country, serving only as hard working cash cows to pay tax money to finance their own displacement.

This is the fate of all countries that succumb to the Masonic Jewish (Communist) globalist agenda. (Translated from the Swedish by K)

[Ron: Barbara Lerner Spectre has explained the situation succinctly (37 second video). See:].

By Karl Johansson


Henrik Palmgren at Red Ice asks a number of highly relevant questions. How is it that the police urge women not to go out alone in the evenings and never give the reason?

Political correctness requires they speak in codes to avoid saying anything significant.

They need to admit that the increased crime is due to the multicultural experiment.

Why do the Swedish police lack resources and will to eradicate serious criminality like rape, violent crime, gang crime, legitimate expulsions? Why don't they venture into the no-go zones?


Why can hundreds of police officers, police cars, helicopters, secret agents, infiltrators, water cannons, surveillance equipment etc., be collected when nationalists use their legal rights to peacefully demonstrate?

Of course, it comes down to political will. There are enough resources to attack Swedish nationalists who walk down a street, but not to protect Swedish boys and girls who are exposed to immigrant violence on a daily basis.

Why do Swedish politicians want to replace a homogeneous, peaceful, high-productivity and highly intelligent population with a fragmented, uneducated, low-productive and often low-intelligent population from developing countries?

Is that what [Ron: Jew controlled] Swedish politicians think the Swedish people want? Are they just stupid in their heads or are they affected by the agenda of the Masonic Jewish media, spewed daily, hour after hour, second by second for the past 30 years? [Ron: Its worse than that! Jew banksters have got Swedish politicians by the balls! And those they cannot control or blackmail THEY KILL.].

Why deliberately create a new permanent subclass now when the Swedish people, most of them, have such a high productivity and education that they can earn good wages? Why create a subclass drawn to crime, drugs and even radical Islamic fundamentalism?

How come that the globalists, Hollywood and the media constantly advocate such a policy? Why do they argue that this is something fresh, new and good for us?

How is it that all political parties, including the Swedes-Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna*), are totally muted when the state uses violence against its own population, when bank accounts are blocked and when Swedes are imprisoned for their political views?

Why can't we use millennia-old Swedish and Indo-European symbols that are part of our cultural heritage? Why are we permitted to demonstrate for globalism but not nationalism? Why are we permitted to demonstrate for mass immigration but not against it? Why are we permitted to demonstrate for multiculturalism but not against? Who has decided what we are permitted to think? Why do we allow the powers-that-be to use our tax money to attack their own peaceful population?


(Swedish youth)

How do the Swedish people accept that full clowns, nutcases, yes, in many cases pure psychopaths, are elected politicians? How come that we allow Swedes to be hunted, but not deports those who do not even have the legal right to stay here?

Why is it more worth in Sweden to be an immigrant than to be Swedish?

Why do advocates for illegals from Afghanistan get access to mass media and corridors of power, but not those who have ancestors in Sweden for thousands of years, those who built Sweden?

Swedes today are second-class citizen in their own country, serving only as hard working cash cows to pay tax money to finance their own displacement. So it will continue until the Swedish people say - stop!

* A new political party supposedly against multiculturalism, but already infected by Judaic infiltrators and therefore essentially acting as controlled opposition. [Note. Translator].


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------------ Swedish Resistance Website (translate)

Makow Comment - Migrants can't be blamed for seeking economic opportunity. It is the globalist (i.e. Masonic) traitors who are responsible for destroying their countries and letting migrants come to the West. Migrants would prefer to stay in their homelands. The West should stop sowing war and start creating opportunities for migrants there instead of using them to displace native populations.

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].


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Bob Geldof Feeds the Starving Rich. See:

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Warren Buffett, Bill Gates ask billionaires to give away wealth. See:

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Make bombs, not refugees. See:

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The Dirty Secret of Utopia. See:

Jewish Daily Forward openly admits Jews are behind homosexual & transgender movement. See:

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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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