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Sunday Talks, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Discusses Supply Chains, Job Growth and How States Do Not Need to Experience Poor Economic Outcomes From COVID
By Sundance
Oct 24, 2021 - 11:17:07 PM

Appearing with Maria Bartiromo this morning, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis discussed how commonsense approaches to COVID-19 can keep economic growth continuing while taking simple precautions.  As noted by the Florida governor, his policies at a state level generated almost half of all national job gains in September.

DeSantis noted the Florida ports are able to handle additional capacity to off-load any transcontinental shipments and keep products flowing further into the U.S. mainland.  Several shipping companies have already diverted ships into Florida ports to take advantage of the state opportunity.  Additionally, DeSantis outlines his intent for a recently announced special legislative session to pass state laws protecting workers from getting fired as a result of their vaccine status.

As the national media continue to attack DeSantis in an effort to support a national agenda promoted by the Biden administration, the influential Florida governor vows to push back against overreaching federal mandates and keep the principal of individual liberty at the center of his policy.  WATCH:


Recently the Florida Governor also unveiled his own version of the Gadsden Flag specific to his state.

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