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Steve Evans, ‘Boris, the Beeb and the ‘Pork Pie Plot', CT 22.1.22,
By Ron Chapman
Jan 21, 2022 - 7:20:58 PM

Ron: Here is a letter I sent to the Canberra Times today.

Canberra Times Letters Editor,

Steve Evans, ‘Boris, the Beeb and the ‘Pork Pie Plot', CT 22.1.22, p.27, says ‘the people who run the ABC may well be looking at the BBC's fight for its life (for that's what it is) and fearing a similar death by a thousand cuts' caused by haters.

The BBC is a corporation as is the ABC. They have NO LIFE! They have owners and employees. Those privately owned corporations feed off taxes from the general population but do not serve them. Nor do taxpayers have any say in what they do. If they did, the ABC and BBC would not be such cess pits of Wokeness, COVID-19 hysteria and Climate Change disinformation.

Endless eulogising of the ABC and BBC doesn't alter the fact that they are propaganda instruments of elite privilege and promulgators of mass psychosis.

The ABC and BBC and the global MSM are desperately pretending that the news media's centuries long propaganda charade is still intact. It isn't. The lies they have promulgated are finally being exposed and as a result they will cease to exist. So be it.



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