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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

State Dept. Persistent Persecution of Christians in Cuba
By Frances Martel with comments by Ron
Aug 21, 2017 - 5:27:42 PM

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State Department Report Highlights Repression of Christians in Cuba

Members of the 'Ladies in White' dissident group march in Havana, March 20, 2016. REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino

The U.S. State Department has revealed [Ron: ? How?] persistent persecution of Christians in Cuba in its 2016 religious freedom report released Tuesday, highlighting actions to suppress Christian dissident group the Ladies in White in particular and the use of state bureaucracy to prevent the spread of the faith.

[Ron: This is a typical example of US propaganda reporting. It consists entirely of false and misleading, totally unsubstantiated SMEARS of the Cuban government and its governance of the Cuban nation. Any nation that puts up with such "shitty" FAKE NEWS reporting by its government deserves all that it gets. The fact that this tripe is dished up as coming from the US State Department evidences that the US government is indeed a swamp that must be drained if the US is to survive as a nation.].

The report, which analyzes the state of religious freedom throughout the world, [Ron: Really?!1 Sooo, what does it say about religious freedom in the US where Christians are sued for huge sums of money and put out of business for refusing to assist at homosexual marriage ceremonies?] notes that religious leaders who do not promote the communist Cuban revolution face "threats, detentions, and violence," and those who actively advocate against the Castro regime face arrest and torture. [Ron: What does the US State Department say happens to USans who "advocate" against the Deep State controlled US government (as distinct from the Trump Administration?].

While Cuba is home to a small minority of Jews and Muslims, most who identify with a religion are Catholic, with a minority of Protestant Christians. As a Marxist state, Cuba does not have a state religion and uses its Office of Religious Affairs (ORA) to use churches to promote the government and suppress the growth of any church explicitly concerned with practicing Christianity. [Ron:  How, exactly?] According to the report, those linked with anti-communist dissident groups were particularly in danger of harassment:

Religious and human rights groups [Ron: NAME them and state their financial and political affiliations] stated that the government harassed and detained outspoken religious figures, especially those who discussed human rights or collaborated with independent human rights groups.

[Ron: Independent of what? NAME the groups, their financial affiliations AND the "rights" they want to discuss. Do those rights include the "right" to force other Cubans to endorse and fund Rockefeller style US "common core" curricula; diversity activities such as LGBT prosletyzing, same sex marriage (ie sodomy and the right for sodomites to "adopt"and raise babies and children), and a requirement for "safe spaces" to be established wherever dumbed down Cuban students feel insecure?]. Government security forces took measures, including detentions that were sometimes accompanied by violence, [Ron: Violence by whom and what was the context? And what is meant by "detentions"?] which inhibited the ability of members of the peaceful protest group Ladies in White to attend Catholic Mass. [Ron: How? And what does "inhibited" actually mean in this context?

Presumably this piece of shabby FAKE NEWS reporting passes for journalism in the US. NOTICE what it does not say but implies for the gullible. This is a typical example of US propaganda reporting. It consists entirely of false and misleading, totally unsubstantiated SMEARS of the Cuban government and its governance of the Cuban nation. Any nation that puts up with such "shitty" FAKE NEWS reporting by its government deserves all that it gets. The fact that this tripe is dished up as coming from the US State Department evidences that the US government is indeed a swamp that must be drained if the US is to survive as a nation.].

The Ladies in White are a Catholic group of relatives of political prisoners whose sole act of defiance against the state is to attend Catholic Mass on Sundays dressed in white and holding flowers and a photo of their imprisoned loved ones, demanding they be released. Every Sunday, Cuban state police hurl insults at the women, beat them, shove them into state vehicles and drive them hours away from their homes with no way to return. This Sunday, 50 women were arrested nationwide attempting to reach a church to practice their faith. [Ron: Really? Is there any detailed, verifiable report of these allegations? If there is, why is it not presented given their shocking implications?].

The Ladies in White are not alone in their struggle to organize. Among the most prominent political prisoners on the island is Eduardo Cardet, the head of a dissident group called the Christian Liberation Movement (MCL). Cardet was sentenced to three years in prison in March after refusing to sign a "condolence book" for Fidel Castro following his death in November. Police claim he was violent towards them, but eyewitnesses-including his wife and children-deny the allegations. Cuban authorities routinely claim that peaceful dissidents have acted violently against them. [Ron: Where is the verification of these libellous assertions? Why is it enough for the US State Department to make such allegations to then have them published all over the world?].

Christians who are not actively part of the dissident community face intense scrutiny as well, as the state appears to fear the spread of Christian beliefs that could rival idol worship of Fidel Castro, Ernesto "Che" Guevara, and other gods of the state faith. The State Department report quotes a researcher working on the study, [Ron: What is the researcher's name, affiliations and funding sources?] stating that "all believers are monitored and all church services are infiltrated by informers," to ensure the churches promote loyalty to the Castro family. Those who do not are arrested, their services shut down. [Ron: What is the evidence supporting these scandalous allegations?].

The result has been a freezing effect on religious speech in Cuba. According to the State Department, "many religious leaders stated they stayed away from overtly political topics. Some said they feared their direct or indirect criticism of the government could result in government reprisals, such as denials of permits from the ORA, dismantling of religious buildings, or other measures that could limit the growth of their religious groups." [Ron: Evidence?].

Shortly after the release of the global study on religious freedom, the Cuban-American news outlet Martí Noticias published a report on religious freedom from the ground in which religious leaders protest the government's insistence on suppressing faith. [Ron: Yabba, yabba, does that "insistence"(whatever that means) and "suppression" include failing to support same sex marriage and LGBT diversity preaching, yabba?].

"There is no religious freedom, merely religious tolerance that is based in, if you don't get into anything that they understand to be dangerous to their system, you can go to the streets to proselytize," Chrisitan leader Félix Llerena López told the outlet.

[Ron: Whereas in New York you can be fined $ 250,000 USD for failing to address an LGBT person using what an individual says is the correct pronoun for them; and Christians can lose their jobs or, if in their own business, be sued, fined and effectively put out of business for failing to support same sex marriages.].

Pastor Manuel Morejón Soler, meanwhile, notes the total absense of religious freedom when it comes to education. Cuba forces all children to attend public schools, where they learn alternative histories masking the abundant human rights crimes in the history of the Castro regime. [Ron: NAME some, with evidence.] "We demand an alternative education, as there always was," Morejón told the outlet.

[Ron: Sooo, the US State Department wants "an alternative education" in Cuba does it? BUT the US inflicts "common core", "diversity" training and explicitly aberrant sexual "education" on US children from kindergarten onwards.].

Follow Frances Martel on Facebook and Twitter. [Ron: I do not recommend "following" this Talmudic enabling propagandist.].

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

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©2005-2018 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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