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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Solzhenitsyn's Damning History of the Jews in Russia - a Review
By Jan Peczkis with comments by Ron
Mar 15, 2018 - 11:54:03 PM

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Solzhenitsyn's Damning History of the Jews in Russia - a Review

"The Jews accumulated wealth by cooperating with each other. (p. 31)."

"They made profits by taking the peasants’ grain to the point of impoverishing them (and causing famine), turning it into brandy, and then encouraging drunkenness. (p. 21, 24)."

"Jews forced peasants into lifelong debt and crushing poverty by requiring payment, in cattle and tools, for liquor. (p. 31)."

The translation of Solzhenitsyn's book appears to have been done without permission from his family, and this might be why this lengthy and detailed review is no longer available on the page of the book on, where it originally appeared.

The book might disappear altogether from Amazon, so if you want to get your Kindle copy, act now. Otherwise you can find it on many sources on the internet.

The translator, Columbus Falco, describes the censorship of this book when it appeared in 2002:

"Published in the original Russian in 2002, the book was received with a firestorm of rage and denunciation from the literary and media world, from the Jews, and from almost the entire intelligentsia of the established order in the West…

Immense efforts have been made by the Russian authorities and also by the Western liberal democratic power structure to ignore 200 YEARS TOGETHER, to suppress it as much as possible, and above all to prevent and interdict the book’s translation into foreign languages, most especially into English, which has become essentially the worldwide language of our epoch…

The Russian authorities have to this date refused to allow any official English translation of the book to be published". (p. 2).


So what is so naughty, naughty about this book?

Most of it consists of unremarkable information that can be found in standard, non-censored texts. [For details, see comments.]

Agree with author Solzhenitsyn or not, but recognize the fact that he is no lightweight. Solzhenitsyn goes into considerable detail about many different historical epochs, and clearly has a deep knowledge of the issues that he raises. His approach is balanced. He is sympathetic towards Jews as well as critical of Jews.

The latter evidently does not sit well with many, because it does not comply with the standard Judeocentric narrative, in which Jews are just victims and can do no wrong. Worse yet, a famous writer is bringing sometimes-unflattering information about Jews to light, and this is threatening. Hence the censorship.


Far from living in oppression, Russia’s Jews not only had more freedom than the serfs, but also more than the Russian traders and merchants. (pp. 16-17), and this was also true of more recent times. (p. 45). Soon after the Partitions of Poland, Derzhavin visited the area and reported on the Jews in the then-current manorial society. The Polish nobility had turned over the management of their estates to the Jews (p. 21), and the Jews engaged in conduct that brought them short-term profits and long-term antagonisms.

Consider the PROPINACJA. The Jews accumulated wealth by cooperating with each other. (p. 31). They made profits by taking the peasants’ grain to the point of impoverishing them (and causing famine), turning it into brandy, and then encouraging drunkenness. (p. 21, 24). Jews forced peasants into lifelong debt and crushing poverty by requiring payment, in cattle and tools, for liquor. (p. 31).

In addition, a system of bribery protected this arrangement. Thus, the Polish magnates were on the “take” of part of the wealth squeezed by Jews out of the peasantry, and, without the Jews and their inventiveness, this system of exploitation could not have functioned, and would have ended. (p. 22). Solzhenitsyn adds that, “…the Jewish business class derived enormous benefit from the helplessness, wastefulness, and impracticality of landowners…” (p. 54).

The Jews kept moving around in order to prevent an accurate count of their numbers—in order to evade taxes. (p. 25). A delegation of Jews travelled to St. Petersburg to try to bribe Russian officials to suppress Derzhavin’s report. (p. 28). In 1824, Tsar Alexander I noticed that Jews were corrupting local inhabitants to the detriment of the treasury and private investors. (p. 32).

Jews were not forced into “parasitic” occupations: They chose them. (p. 31). By the late 19th century (the time of the pogroms), Russian anger had boiled over, focusing on such things as Jews not making their own bread, massive overpricing and profiteering, enriching themselves while impoverishing the muzhik, and taking control of forests, lands, and taverns. (pp. 78-80).

Nor is it true that the Jews were kept out of “productive” occupations. To the contrary. A concerted 50-year tsarist effort to turn Jews into farmers attracted few participants (p. 33), and ended in failure. (p. 58). None of the rationalizations for its failure are valid: Other newcomers to Russian agriculture (Mennonites, Bulgarian and German colonists, etc.), facing the same challenges as the Jews, did quite well. (p. 36). Jewish farmers neglected farm work (pp. 34-35), and kept drifting back into selling goods and leasing of their property to others to farm. (pp. 56-57). The century-later efforts by the Communists, to get Jews into farming, fared no better. (p. 208, 251).

Jewish resistance to assimilation is usually framed in terms of the GOY excluding the Jew. It was the other way around. For the first half of the 19th century, rabbis and kahals strenuously resisted enlightenment, including the proffered Russian education to Jews. (p. 38).

Jews have always tended to exaggerate the wrongs they have experienced from others. (p. 42). This applies to such things as double taxation, forced military service, expulsion from villages, etc. (p. 42, 46, 50).

The Jews of the Vilnius (Wilno), Kaunas, and Grodno regions sided with the Russians during the Poles’ ill-fated January 1863 Insurrection. (p. 69). This confirms Polish sources.

Mainstream Judaism did not conduct ritual murder. However, it is possible that some Jewish cults did so. (p. 40). [For more, see my review of BLOOD PASSOVER]. As for the PROTOCOLS, their authenticity was rejected early-on by the tsarist government. However, this did not erase legitimate grievances about Jewish influence. (p. 174). [Ron: Nor does it detract from the fact that the Protocols havd accurately reflected what has happened in our world since they appeared.].


We often hear that Communist Jews were “not real Jews”. This nonsense is equivalent to saying that Lenin and other Russian Communists were “not real Russians”—a contrived distinction that Solzhenitsyn refuses to make. (p. 117). [For more, see comments]. [Ron: Arguably anyone can CHOOSE to be a Talmudist and clearly Lenin (who apparently had some Khazarian antecedents anyway) DID! Similarly, other Russians who embraced Bolshevism CHOSE Talmudism as Communism was just another collectivist facet of Talmudism.].

One common exculpation for Jews supporting revolutionary movements, and then Communism, is that of the tsarist system preventing Jews from improving their lot. This is nonsense. Once the Jews accepted the Russian education system, their numbers increased, to such a spectacular extent (by about 1870: p. 63, 71), in Russian higher education, that quotas (numerus clausus) had to be imposed upon them. This nowadays-called affirmative action became necessary because Jews were wealthier and thus unfairly advantaged in schooling-related matters. (p. 88).

Hungary is instructive. There, Jewish grievances were the least valid. Hungarian Jews had enjoyed atypical freedoms and a high standard of living, and there had been no pogroms. Yet the 1919 Hungarian Communism was especially dominated by Jews, and was odiously cruel. (pp. 153-154).

Another exculpation for Jews in Communism was the alleged need for defense against pogroms conducted by the Whites. Not so. The massive influx of Jews into the Soviet apparatus occurred in late 1917 and 1918, but the White pogroms did not begin until 1919. (p. 121).


One can easily make lists of Jews in high positions in the Soviet Union. Influential Jews commonly occurred at a rate 10 or more times the abundance of Jews in the USSR. (e. g, pp. 143-on, 225-on). [For more, see comments]. Whether or not motivated by "ethnic solidarity", Jews in authority tended to promote other Jews to high positions. (p. 138).

However, the Jewish role in Communism goes far beyond what is apparent in any such “grocery list”. For instance, consider what some call the Judaization of academia, and its impact on the bloody events of 1917. Solzhenitsyn comments, “The February Revolution was carried out by Russian hands and Russian foolishness. Yet at the same time, its ideology was permeated and dominated by the intransigent hostility to the historical Russian state that ordinary Russians didn’t have, but the Jews had. So the Russian intelligentsia too had adopted this view.” (p. 98).

Now consider the October Revolution. Lenin contended that the Bolshevik success in the revolution had been made possible by the role of the large Jewish intelligentsia in several Russian cities. (p. 119). Furthermore, according to Lenin, the October Revolution was preserved by the actions of Jews against the attempted sabotage by government officials. (p. 128).

The energy and high intelligence of the Jews made them indispensable. (p. 129, 189). In fact, Solzhenitsyn suggests that Soviet Communism lost its ideological fervor, and began slowly to die of “Russian laziness”, already in the late 1960s, all because the Jews were largely gone. (p. 317).


Dekulakization was not just an economic measure. It was a tool to uproot peoples and destroy their traditions and culture. For this reason, Stalin’s dictatorship can in no sense be accepted as a nationalist (Russian) phenomenon. (p. 221).

Religious Judaism was never persecuted as intensely by the Communists, in the 1920s and 1930s, as was Russian Orthodox Christianity. (p. 306). High-level Jew Lazar Kaganovich directed the destruction of the Church of the Redeemer. He also wanted to destroy St. Basil's Cathedral. (p. 223).

The famous mobile gas chambers were not invented by the Nazis. They were developed, in 1937, by Isai Davidovich Berg, a leading Jew in the NKVD. (p. 237).


Solzhenitsyn notes the irony that, in the West, there was little effective concern about the victims of Communism until it turned on the Jews. He quips,

“15 million peasants were destroyed in the ‘dekulakisation’, 6 million peasants were starved to death in 1932, not even to mention the mass executions and millions who died in the camps, and at the same time it was fine to politely sign agreements with Soviet leaders, to lend them money, to shake their ‘honest hands’, to seek their support, and to boast of all this in front of your parliaments.

But once it was specifically JEWS that became the target, then a spark of sympathy ran through the West and it became clear what sort of regime this was.” (p. 346; Emphasis is Solzhenitsyn’s).


Alexander Solzhenitsyn describes the standard double-standard (one which Poles are all too familiar with), as he describes current Jewish attitudes,

“There are so many such confident voices ready to judge Russia’s many crimes and failings, her inexhaustible guilt towards the Jews—and they so sincerely believe this guilt to be inexhaustible almost all of them believe it! Meanwhile, their own people are coyly cleared of any responsibility for their participation in Cheka shootings, for sinking the barges and their doomed human cargo in the White and Caspian seas, for their role in collectivization, the Ukrainian famine and in all the abominations of the Soviet administration, for their talented zeal in brainwashing the ‘natives’. This is not contrition.” (p. 335).

Of course, Solzhenitsyn is not insinuating that Jews are collectively guilty for Communism. However, Jews should accept collective liability for Communism and its crimes in much the same way that Germans accept collective liability for Nazism and its crimes. (p. 141, 321). Until they do so, this issue of the Zydokomuna (Judeo-Bolshevism) will not go away.


We keep hearing that Jews at no time constituted a majority of the leadership in Communism. This is technically true, but it does not tell the whole story.

Refer to: Esau's Tears: Modern Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews, by Albert S. Lindemann:

To begin with, Jewish Communists were noted for their high intelligence, verbal skills, assertiveness, ideological fervor, etc.
(p. 429).

Not surprisingly, few non-Jewish Communist leaders approached the caliber of the Jewish Communist leaders. For example, Lindemann reminds us that, “Jewish or gentilized, Trotsky was a man of unusual talents.” (p. 447). In addition, “Trotsky’s paramount role in the revolution cannot be denied…” (p. 448). This can be generalized, “Other non-Jews might be mentioned but almost certainly do not quite measure up to Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Yoffe, Sverdlov, Uritsky, or Radek in visibility inside Russia and abroad, especially not in the crucial years from 1917 to 1921.” (p. 432).

Finally, influential Jews did not have to act alone. In fact, Jews had the skill of influencing non-Jews to think in Jewish ways. Lenin can validly be understood as a “Jewified gentile” (pp. 432-433). The same can be said for the renegade-Pole Dzerzhinsky (p. 442, 446), as well as the Russian Kalinin, who was called by Jewish Bolsheviks “more Jewish than the Jews”. (p. 433). [Ron: Being a "Jew" is a CHOICE to be Talmudic.].


Let us elaborate on Feliks Dzerzhinsky. Refer to: The Cheka: Lenin's Political Police:

Author Leggett describes how Dzerzhinsky grew up in Vilna [Wilno, Vilnius], which he describes as a cosmopolitan city with a strong Jewish element and a focal point of socialist ferment in Tsarist Russia.
(p. 34). He adds that, “Dzerzhinsky came under the influence of Martov, future leader of the Menshevik Party, by whom he was introduced into Jewish circles, both proletarian and of the intelligentsia; he made many Jewish friends and zealously learned Yiddish. The Bund—Jewish social democratic workers’ organization in Lithuania, Poland, and Russia, founded in 1897—helped Dzerzhinsky in his political activity, for instance in late 1899. Dzerzhinsky’s close friend and schoolmate in Vilna was Mikhail Goldman…” (pp. 24-25).

The strong Jewish influence very much extended to Dzerzhinsky’s personal life. Leggett continues, “Goldman’s sister, Julia, was for several years Dzerzhinsky’s romantic love…formed a deeply romantic attachment, lasting from 1905 to early 1910, for another Jewish woman, Sabina Feinstein, sister of a prominent SDKPiL member. Very soon afterwards, in November 1910, Dzerzhinsky married Sofia Sigizmundovna nee Mushkat, who was likewise Jewish…” (p. 25).

As if to underscore the fact that Jewish influence in Communism is much greater than just the "grocery list" of Jewish Communists, Leggett writes of "Rosa Luxemburg [Luksemburg], celebrated for her intellectual brilliance and her political passion." (p. 24). So intoxicated had "Bloody Feliks" ("KRWAWE FELEK") Dzierzinski become of Luksemburg's ideas that he actually clashed with Lenin on the resurrection of the Polish state. Only that it was the non-Pole Lenin supporting the restoration of the Polish nation and renegade-Pole Dzerzhinsky opposing it, in accordance with Luxemburg. (pp. 23-24).

The foregoing can be generalized. Refer to: The Crucifixion of Russia: A History of the Russians and the Jews A new English translation of Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together

Alexander Solzhenitsyn comments,

“The February Revolution was carried out by Russian hands and Russian foolishness. Yet at the same time, its ideology was permeated and dominated by the intransigent hostility to the historical Russian state that ordinary Russians didn’t have, but the Jews had. So the Russian intelligentsia too had adopted this view.” (p. 98).


See my review of: The Rulers of Russia


See my review of: The new Poland,


See my review of: Jews and Revolution in Nineteenth-Century Russia


Refer to: Flags Over the Warsaw Ghetto

(My Review was Feb 12, 2012)

Moshe Arens wrote: "The years preceding World War II were a time when Socialists throughout the world were preaching the `class struggle' and `solidarity of the proletariat.' Many of them, not only avowed Communists, saw the Soviet Union as the pioneer and leader of this `struggle.' This was also true in Palestine, where the Socialist Zionists had achieved a dominant position in the Jewish community." (p. 7). The so-called "proletarian" camp included the Socialist Zionists and the non-Socialist Bund. (p. 9). Arens notes: "The Socialist Zionist movements, attached to Marxist ideology..." (p. 44). ZOB leader Anielewicz was a member of Hashomer Hatzair with its "Marxist approach to Zionism". (p. 113). Hashomer Hatzair and Left Po'alei Zion showed their true colors (pardon the pun) in preferring that the red flag be hoisted over the fighting Ghetto instead of the blue-white Zionist flag. (p. 287).

ZOB leader Hersh Berlinski exhibited undisguised disloyalty to Poland as he said that his support was to the USSR over Poland. (p. 142). As for the Warsaw Ghetto rank-and-file soldiers, Arens refers to them as: "...younger generation, their orthodox Marxist thinking giving rigidity to their arguments." (p. 106). Who can blame Poles for their reluctance to support the Uprising owing to its taint of Communism? (p. 71; 200-201; 226)


See my review of: "Them": Stalin's Polish puppets


See my review of: Why the Jews? The Reason for Antisemitism


CONCLUSION: Since Jews Take Collective Credit for Their Albert Einsteins and Jonas Salks, Should They Not Also Assume Collective Liability for Jewish Mass-Murderers Such as Genrikh Yagoda and Lazar Kaganovich?

[Ron: Arguably Einstein might also be said to be in the ranks of Jewish mass murderers because of his promotion of the Jews' murderous campaign against the German nation which genocided some 20 million Germans;* AND his active lobbying of President Roosevelt, BEFORE WWII, to create the atomic bombs that were subsequently used to holocaust the populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, leaving humanity in fear of nuclear holocausts ever since. * With World War II coming to a close, vindictive Jews worldwide openly called for the genocide of the German people. Indeed, this policy was partially implemented. Among the demonic voices demanding more blood was the "pacifist" Einstein. He wrote: "The Germans can be killed or constrained after the war, but they cannot be re-educated to a democratic way of thinking and acting.” is hoped that by war's end, they will largely have been killed off."

And they were, see eg: GRUESOME HARVEST The Costly Attempt To Exterminate The People of Germany

And: The Deliberate Starvation of Germany -

And: Hellstorm The Documentary. -

And: The Zionist Destruction of Germany. -

Thereafter Einstein used his prestige as an 'intellectual' to promote a Zionist agenda that has led to the deaths of thousands of Palestinian people who are nothing but Goyim (cattle) to Jews. Also, Einstein's false and fraudulent theories assisted the Jews to suppress Nikola Tesla's REAL hyper physics discoveries and implementation of Tesla's patents and inventions that could have prevented the poverty, misery and death of many millions of people in the last 100 years. See eg: THE EINSTEIN MONSTER - and the Related Articles referenced therein.

Similarly, Jonas Salk MUST be accounted among the ranks of Jewish mass murderers as he was responsible for the sometimes lethal SALK POLIO VACCINE! See eg: Polio or Something More Sinister? (Repost) - And: Dr Jonas F. Salk -].


The ZYDOKOMUNA (Judeo-Bolshevism) cannot be wished away. In addition, the Jewish share of blame for Communism is not erased just because there were non-Communist Jews. Finally, since Jews regularly call on Poles to “come to terms with the past”, in a collective sense, for the actions of only SOME Poles, the Jews should be held to the same standard.

To learn of the dominance of Jews in the leadership of the early decades of the Soviet Union, please click on, and read my detailed review of, The Jews of the Soviet Union: The History of a National Minority (Cambridge Russian, Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies).

See also THE RULERS OF RUSSIA, by Denis Fahey. (1940). Condon Printing Company, Detroit.

For details on the massive long-term Jewish overrepresentation in the leadership of the Soviet Communist Secret Police (the NKVD), responsible for the murder of millions of innocent people, please click on, and read my detailed review, of Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, Volume 26: Jews and Ukrainians.

Also see THE JEWISH CENTURY. My Amazon review is dated October 29, 2010.

For a scholarly Russian-language primary source on the Jewish leadership that had dominated the NKVD, please click on, and read my detailed English-language review, of Kto Rukovodil NKVD, 1934-1941: Spravochnik.

Anyone is free to republish, copy, and redistribute the text in this content (but not the images or videos) in any medium or format, with the right to remix, transform, and build upon it, even commercially, as long as they provide a backlink and credit to Russia Insider. It is not necessary to notify Russia Insider. Licensed Creative Commons.

Xee • 3 weeks ago

Jewish people were, in part, responsible for mass genocide in the Ukraine during the 1930s; moreover, this atrocity has been downplayed – and often ignored – by the international community.
Not only ignored but ascribed to the ethnic Russians.

Truthsayer • 3 weeks ago

Really the J*w Kaganovich was the primary architect of the Holodomor, so I would say they are more than just partially responsible.

Haut • 2 weeks ago

Yes, exactly "WHOLLY" Responsible !

Kjell Hasthi • 3 weeks ago

Kaganovich was not official leader, more like deep state.
No one can be deep state without performing rituals (blood sacrifice) vs. the masters

Freespirit • 3 weeks ago

I get a sense from the Author of this article, Jan, a certain ADMIRATION for the "Intelligence" of the Jew.

Not-with-standing" a Jew is not a race or nationality, it is a RELIGION, adopted by PAGAN Khazarian converts [Ron: Judaism is really a barbaric tribal pseudo religion, ie a political ideology designed to frighten and control the collective and keep the tribe together. It has been effective because it has been brutally imposed as a mind control mechanism from cradle to grave. Its leaders' long term success seems to be due to the fact that they managed to cultivate a ghetto mentality by isolating adherents from fratinisation with gentiles. Moreover,  their highly successful usurious and other criminal  bankster policies have enabled them to control much global wealth and use that wealth to intimidate gentiles and purchase the loyalty of thuggish enablers globally.]
and IF they were so intelligent how does one account for their, in the majority not only an acceptance of Communism but an OBSESSION for that COLLECTIVE Ideology. It is an ideology which not only DESTROYS the INDIVIDUAL but, as a result, makes true PROGRESS impossible. TRUE Progress requires INDIVIDUAL thinking and doing.

[Ron: Jews accept Communism BECAUSE Judaism, ie Talmudism, is a totalitarian COLLECTIVIST political ideology. Communism is merely a recent Jew created iteration of that ideology. And "Yes" Judaism destroys individualism by socially engineering all  thinking into a collective Talmudic mindset. That also accounts for the parasitism of Jews who apparently need to battan upon and feed on other societies and cultures rather than creating their own national culture. That is presumably why the Israeli entity cannot exist without needing huge subsidies from the US, Germany and other nations.].

MY analysis of COLLECTIVISM in any form is that it is an ideology for and even CREATES, Mentally and Physically LAZY INCOMPETENTS, more than it requires INTELLIGENCE

Then there is my 78 years of PERSONAL experience with Jews.

I would classify them as SLY, not Intelligent. They are successful because they use LIES,THEFT and FORCE, ( force by Proxies), to take advantage of Naivete and the innate and somewhat natural innocent Honesty, and caring of and by others, to make themselves successful, in Wealth and Power.

Their TALMUD verifies what I say and MORE

They are ruthless "Carpet Baggers" or"Scalawags", without the slightest hint of Integrity, Empathy or Humanity, at least towards non-Jews. PRACTICE, makes PERFECT, not Intelligence makes perfect. They tend towards being, if not actually are, PSYCHOPATHS. They find great pleasure in using, abusing and exploiting non-Jews to reinforce their own FALSE sense of Superiority. I say "FALSE" because their cowardly, PRIMITIVE tactics to achieve Wealth and Power, prove them INFERIOR

Do people NOT NOTICE that when communists are seeking and more so, when they OBTAIN POWER that they immediately start to "weed out " the Intellectuals, the Intelligent, the Creative, the most productive businesses and farmers and the PROFESSIONALS ? Those people they "weed-out" are INCORRUPTIBLE and KNOW that the Khazarian Ashkenazi are the Inferior ones, war mongers and are the TRUE ENEMY of mankind who use BARBARISM, in one form or many, to RULE so THEY, who truly know and cannot be corrupted, must therefore be eliminated.

THAT is what is coming again only to a much greater degree, IF they win

They are the BEASTS of Humanity and will create a "BEASTLY planet" ruled by themselves.

A true RATIONAL Humanitarian Civilization is impossible with or by them

Umberto Indicci • 3 weeks ago

I agree with your analysis except that, because it accepts and fully appreciates its atheists, Judaism is not a religion.

Jews are a multinational, multiracial, multi-generational Crime Syndicate Cult.

Problem One is the Jew.
Enemy One is the Collaborator.

First Things First : Eliminate Jew Influence


Freespirit • 3 weeks ago

ALL Religions are CULTS

Umberto Indicci • 3 weeks ago

Yes. I call it mythtardation, but not all cults are religions.

Freespirit • 3 weeks ago

I never said "all cults are religions" but thanks for your response

Omega • 3 weeks ago
Not-with-standing" a Jew is not a race or nationality, it is a RELIGION, adopted by PAGAN Khazarian converts [Ron: I disagree. Its a political ideology.].

Pharisaim - later known as Talmudism, Medieval Rabbinism, Modern Rabbinism to finally being renamed as “Judaism” - was the creation of the ruling class of Persia (as an accentuated version of Zoroastrianism) aimed at destroying the pagan, polytheistic beliefs in Canaan-Phoenicia.

The first “Juddins” (converts to Pharisaism) were the Canaanite captives in Babylon (who were converted by Persia after making Babylon the capitol of its empire).

Everywhere the Persian Empire spread, you had Juddins: Canaan-Phoenicia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, India, Pakistan, today’s “-stan” countries, etc.

The Khazars were the second major group of mixed people to have converted to Judaism in history.

art • 2 weeks ago

I wonder if I can coin the term "Chomskyism" here, the core idea that anything Jews can ever do wrong must be somebody else's fault. Like, if Israel does some thing wrong, its America's fault because Israel is America's "client state". Of course we know that the opposite is true. The professor is playing dumb for us. "Persia created Judaism" seems to be another Chomskyist feature idea I first read about through Dr. M.D. Magee's long treatise: How Persia Created Judaism.

After carefully reading the treatise, my take away was that the "Persia created Judaism" gave birth to the treatise, and not the other way around, that logically is supposed to be. In other words, it is the corroboration that gives birth to a conclusion, not the other way around. This idea might only appeal to people who have a Hollywoodic understanding of the Persians and their belief system.

-Talmud was written a thousand years after Babylon conquered, A THOUSAND YEARS: you can't connect them by just a stroke of pen.
-"Persian Empire" was created in the last 100 years by those historians who think any thing big must be bad. And anything big-and-bad must be an "Empire"! Persia was never an "Empire". The same way that we know now that there were no Pharaohs in Egypt. All constructs of historians hired by Hollywood.
-Persians were spiritual, not religious.
They believed in Artaic Spiritual Value System, a belief in natural order of cosmos. That's why they never bothered with anybody's religion, much-the-less creating one for them.
-Zoroastrianism was never monotheistic until third century ad.
-"Persian Empire" stretched from Egypt to China. And they needed to go thru creating a new religion only in a hand palm size Canaan to collect taxes?! Give me a break.
-Turkey and Pakistan did not exist during "Persian Empire". "Persian Empire" never took over Greece or Italy.

Drop Chomskyism!

Omega • 1 week ago

Wonder no more and feel free to call it whatever "ism" you want. I don't know too much about Chomsky aside from some of his books and the fact that was associated with the RAND Corporation as a linguist - but if he's known to divert and shift the wrongs Jews do on others, then it may very well be suited to call it that generally and not directed at me (shifting blame is not what my comment was about).

America is not Israel's client nor is Israel, America's. Both are the colonies of the [Ron: Jew controlled] British Empire. While the symbiosis between the two may seem organic, it's very well orchastrated that way.

I don't know why you think Magee was/is the source of my information. I first came across the revelation that Pharisaim was the creation of the ruling class of Persia in a text from the late 1970s. Your interpretation of Magee's work remains your personal opinion.

The Talmud could have been written much later. It changes nothing to the fact that Pharisaism is of Persian origin. Cults and their texts evolve.

I agree that Western modern court-historians are famous for distorting past history to suit the narrative of certain people today but I don't understand why/how the usage of the term "Empire" is pejorative. I am also not aware that the Persian "Empire" was/is protrayed negatively today. I"ll add that no "Empire" became vast diplomatically.

You say "we" know that there were no Pharaohs but who is "we"? Most people people don't know that. You're the first people I hear it from.

I am aware that the Persians were spiritual and of their beliefs system. While it wasn't exclusively monotheistic, it was the first attempt at unifying under the worship of one Almigthy God and that from the beginning.

I don't know where you read me write that Pharisam was created to collect taxes in Canaan.It was destined at destroying the beliefs in Canaan-Phoenicia.

I know how far the Persian "Empire" stretched. No clue why I wrote Italy when I had Crete in mind - honest mistake.

art • 1 week ago

Thanks for the thorough response. Unfortunately none of your rebuttals appeals to me. We seem to need considerable debates to narrow the gap. But I can refer you to Dr. Ashraf Ezzat, an Egyptian physician enthusiast regarding the Pharaohs: google "Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites". He has website, books, video clips to help you get out of the clutches of the fixed perceptions most Western nations have been under for too long. He will help you understand that what we know as Judaic people and their history were actually a group of Yemenite migrants who created the bogus Torah and their heritage as natives.

ExposingTheEnemy • 13 hours ago

I have read through the comments of Freespiritart and Omega . There is much more i agree with on Freespirit's replies and Omega's then Art's. The replies are interesting for folks as myself who are long time historians of ancient, classical Holy Bible history and what is outside of the text in parallel chronological history among being a political scientist and an investigator/researcher of history and many other things. I may not be as diplomatic or eloquent in digital text dialogue, but i take issue with something "Art" claimed;

"I can refer you to Dr. Ashraf Ezzat, an Egyptian physician enthusiast regarding the Pharaohs: google "Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites"."

Mizraim, the dual form of "matzor", meaning a "mound" or "fortress," are in the Old Covenant, a people descended from Ham (Genesis 10:6, 10:13, 1Chronicles 1:8:1, 1:11). It was the name generally given by the Hebrews (a geographical term not a genetic one) to the land of Egypt and may denote the two Egypts, the Upper and Lower. The modern Arabic name for Egypt is Muzr. Now, the claim "Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites" is greatly untenable seeing as how archaeological evidence in stone proves the error of such a claim;

The above link provides irrefutable evidence counter to your claim "Art";

"The writing on the stele is in hieroglyphs and very clearly mentions the name of Israel on it. Israel was considered by the Pharaoh of Egypt important enough to mention as a significant victory. The Hebrews had conquered the land of Canaan around 1400 B.C. .... The discovery of the Israel Stela is very important in the study of Biblical Archaeology. It is the oldest evidence for the existence of Israel in the land of Canaan in ancient times outside of the Bible. The text on the stone reads:

"Canaan is plundered with every evil way. Ashkelon is conquered and brought away captive, Gezer seized, Yanoam made nonexistent; Israel is wasted, bare of seed." - Merneptah Stele"

And also nearing the end of the article;

"...Te name Israel i included among the list of defeated people's, hence the name Israel stela, referring not ot a country but to a tribe of the same name."

I would encourage you to read the link Art since there are other archaeology websites that provide further comprehensive evidence of this important finding.

As for myself, i don't believe there are 'physical israelites' today since Jesus' prophecy in Matthew 23:38-39 and Luke 13:35 came true which is that the House of Judah bloodlines would be left desolate, meaning dissolved, no more, finished, ended, done, which occurred somewhere in the range of after 70 A.D. to late 2nd century, and thus it is an genealogical impossibility for there to be 'true physical israelites' today those who claim they are, are either Khazarian converts to "Judaism" or if not Khazarian, the dissolved Judahite/Gentile mixed bloodlines since the Judahites of the first and second century as Jesus' prophecy bears out, their bloodlines would be dissolved and thus it came to be so by the remnant of Judahites left after 70 A.D. 2nd temple destruction ending up mixing with Gentiles, as the House of Israel did long ago before 70 A.D. with the Assyrians which is where you get "Samaritans".

And for further insight, here some other information below;

The modern word "Jew" is an apocopated corruption of "Judean" _(term of nationality of the province of Judea in Roman times)_ not "Judahite" _(tribe of Judah)_ . The "Jews" admit that they are not the descendants of the Ancient Israelites in their writings. Under the heading of "A brief History of the Terms for Jew" in the 1980 Jew'ish Almanac is the following;

*'Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a 'Jew' or to call a contemporary 'Jew' an Israelite or a Hebrew."* (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3).

So ask yourself, if the ones claiming to be "Jews" are *not* physical israelites _(which to claim to be one is indisputable genealogical impossibility)_ , then who are they since there's no way physical israelites exist today?

"We have already seen substantial evidence that any notion of Pharisaism (or later rabbinic Judaism) as the true and direct descendants of the Old Testament is contradicted by the most fundamental assumptions of one Mishnah-tractate after another. These stand wholly separate from the Priestly Code... and generally contradict it!" --Jacob Neusner A History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities (Brill Academic, 1974), p. 7. - ISBN-10: 9004038973

The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia confirms that Judaism is based on the teachings of the Pharisees and not upon the Law of Moses: “The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees. Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a very great deal is still in existence. The Talmud is the largest and most important single member of that literature ...and the study of it is essential for any real understanding of Pharisaism." - Vol. VIII, p. 474 (1942).

art • 1 hour ago

ETE, I am pleased to know someone interested in the topic and perused through comments and took time to respond in detail. To get involved in a pitch debate in this type of topics, I lack a "conflict of interest" factor and cannot place much value on religious texts as historical references, unless of course parts of interests are corroborated by archaeological artefacts.

I did go through your link and had sour feelings from the beginning. The author calls Egypt of 1215bc "ancient Egypt", while in historical chronological nomenclature "ancient" refers to the period of 500bc-500ad. He calls Merneptah "Pharaoh", while the Stela text itself calls him "King". Reading the translation, I was irritated by all the 'punctuations'. I am certain the concept of punctuation did not exist at the time of this Stela writing. Adding punctuation based on the translator's understanding is an obvious interfering to me. It also took me less than ten minutes to find archaelogists who claim the carving has been tampered with and the text purposely mistranslated. The word "Israel" is mistranslated. The correct pronunciation is "iisii-r-iar" which in fact is an Egyptian sentence meaning: "those exiled because of their sin." It was not a reference to a geographical location. There was no attack on Canaan. Here is a link:
You need also to understand that I was not debating with Omega on what Judaism is or where exactly it came from or who created it. I only argued that it could have not been coming from Persians who were spiritual and had no commonality in perception with Judaism.

I also remind you that the letter "J" in Roman letters has a history of about three hundred years. The pronunciation "j" never existed around the time and place we are debating. The word "Jew" did not exist even in the first English dictionary which was published around 225 years ago. In fact there is no authentic documents beyond around 130 years ago that has the word "Jew" in it. Its a man-made word.

I was also curious that the Stela was discovered in 1896, and the fact that the meeting of Elders of Zion took place in Europe in 1897, where they decided to create Israel! Interesting, isn't it.

Omega • 1 week ago

I am aware of Ezzat (bought his ebook on Amazon) and read all his articles. There is a lot of precious information( but after cross examination, his theory is flawed as it omits the Canaanites-Phoenicians completely.

Paschn • 10 hours ago

Wow. Thanks for that "nail on the head" explanation!! Wise, you bet! Wise in the ways of Satan, whom they and their Synagogue represent;

Revelation 3:9
Look! I will make those from the synagogue of Satan who say they are Jews yet are not, but are lying—look! I will make them come and bow before your feet and make them know that I have loved you.

Quote from “You Gentiles” by Maurice Samuel;

“We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build. (Pg 155)

jerry hamilton • 1 week ago

I am not here to argue with anything you have said.
What I can say from my own research is that a fair percentage of them are Asperger's.
Maybe that comes from interbreeding, I don't know.

I have asperger's and know what it is about.
To help put it in context, NASA is called a home for asperger's.
The rest of them, often not at all bright, heavily play on the ability of those who are Asperger's.

Freespirit • 1 week ago

You may be correct and add that to sickle cell anemia, I believe

Anja Boettcher • 1 week ago

You have copied luncatic Hitler's maniac writings quite well, Nazi scum.

It seems sick brains never die out.

Paschn • 5 hours ago

As can be seen by the continuation of the putrid Talmud and all those assailing it as their "primary source of learning". Nothing like an objective bit-o-wisdom from a "Boettcher". Tell us, how're "Kjell" and "Gottlieb" faring lately?
Have they finished setting up their "direct deposit" from Tel Aviv? Again, this obtuse outcry from one who lauds THIS racist/supremacist snake;


Yet, you and yours call Hitler a "lunatic" and "Nazi scum" for running your kosher central bank and your "Free Masons" OUT on their asses? Your mass-murdering Bolshevik Jews slaughtered MORE Russian Christian/Muslims in a few months than Hitler and his National Socialists did precious Jews in all of the 2nd (kosher) bankers' world war. Yet you "perennial victims" whimper and whine and PUT US IN PRISON for denying the holocaust narrative and pointing out the FIFTY EIGHT MILLION civilian non-Jews slaughtered, (this in ADDITION to the +/- 60 millions in Bolshevik Russia), during same!
THAT is "true "lunatic" and "scum".

Freespirit • 1 week ago

Still enjoying my comments, are you !

Keep it up .You'll learn some truth from me, which I am sure you already acknowledge, simply by reading me

Be good now

Anja Boettcher • 1 week ago

Nazi scum has neither any relation to truth, nor moral nor reason.

Nazism is and has never been anything but damned.

Freespirit • 1 week ago

You really do love what I say because you keep coming back for more -I'm flattered and you're welcome !

Anja Boettcher • 1 week ago

You are quite mistaken, scum. I only will chase, expose and batter despicable human garbage like you wherever I come across your kind, and support all innocent victims of your genocidal massmurderous hate against being exposed to suffering, uncontradicted ,maniac insults by scum like yourself.

In decent countries, Nazis like you are put to trial and imprisoned. However, it seems your country allows ever humiliation of man. So everybody who has the slightest bit of decency should step in.

Freespirit • 1 week ago

Modesty not necessary. I know you love what I say

, even if you are a Zionist Trolling SHILL

I wont tell anyone. It's our little secret

Anja Boettcher • 1 week ago

You scum even lack the most basic common sense.

It must be painful to smell the ordour of your grave in such a morally, mentally and intellectually rotten state.

Time to repent - before it's toooo late.

Freespirit • 1 week ago

Oops,too late but thanks for stopping by

TecumsehUnfaced • 10 hours ago

It is a term of endearment to her. She calls all people, "Nazi scum". She loves everybody.

Freespirit • 6 hours ago

I am sure you are correct :-)

She does not seem to be aware of the ROOT of the quasi Acronym "nazi" Most people think it comes from "National Socialist Party". It doe not.

It comes from what those FAKE Khazarian Jews call themselves "Ashkenazi" please note the LAST 4 letters: Ashkenazi your face,"Hidden in Plain Sight"

The Jewish way.

jerry hamilton • 1 week ago

If you look today at Bolsheviks in wiki, it is claimed they are Russians.
That's the bad thing about wiki. It's incredible zionist bias.
You simply can't use it for history related information.

Paschn • 3 weeks ago

Agree. Further, it's pretty scary, what a normal person will do if there's a Bolshevik whispering about "consequences" for you and your family should you falter or refuse. Something I fear we here will be experiencing very soon.
Very few have the courage and resolve to take a bullet or be tortured to death along with their loved ones for holding fast to their spiritual beliefs.
The +/- 2 million Russians, (some of who asked and DID fight WITH Germany to free their nation from Schiff's boys), the "good goys" lied them into trains and shipped them BACK to the Bolshevik Jews where they were slaughtered/imprisoned along with their families.

Very TOUGH decisions under those circumstances

One revolting story from the book below describes how Bolsheviks tied down a husband and made him watch as they raped his wife, the the last one fired a flare gun into her vagina. It further detailed how she screamed, passed out, regained consciousness, screamed, passed out, finally died and dissolved from the inside out. Looking at their "games" with Russians, one can easily believe the sniper's rendition.

As I delve into the truth of the synagogue, I find myself repeating over and over again; "hate the sin - not the sinner...hate the sin - not the sinner"



Fabs • 3 weeks ago

‘Jews are just victims and can do no wrong’ of course they are not the innocent party but I still stand on my own gun by saying they are not the only culprits in this madness in 1917...
To be able to establish a form of communism that primitive with the collaborations of a big chunk of the population, how do you do that in such a short period of time? Well think about education in the Russian empire for the common person, what is there? The abolition of serfs happened few decades before the revolution, do we talk here about an enlightened society? Certainly not... the soil was fertile for anyone with a bit of education, charisma and a good network to take over this oppressive society....
Alexander Solzhenitsyn ‘Over simplified’ the cause of the Russian revolution by attributing the guilt to some opportunists who happen to be for some... Jews. so what?
What about the Orthodox Church? What about their role in educating the people? Zilch, nada, rien, nothing! Even in Western Europe the Protestants and Catholics opened schools and universities but them, they were only interested by bleeding people like in the medieval Europe... collecting big money to build big churches and massive monasteries, for me their guilds is far bigger than the Jews because they prepared the ground for this awful revolution and all the consequences with it! With this form of Obscurantism and bigotry in place everything was possible... That is why after the revolution, the Russians didn’t need lots of convincing to blow the Church of the Redeemer... they knew exactly who to target... ‘you reap what you sow!’.
I don’t want to play the prophet but the pattern they set up before the revolution is the one they are playing right now, don’t be surprised if one day, the Russians say to this Orthodox Church, enough is enough... again, wait and see on that one!

Nikos Yiasou • 3 weeks ago

Yes, you certainly are an obsessive, arrogant individual with little knowledge of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian people. Peddle your Russophobia somewhere else. What you write is utter garbage. Are you another dumbed down Yank?

Nikos, fabs is suffering under the delusion that we Are going into the dustbin of history. The joke is on him. The West is taking it's last breath on this Earth....Protestants like him are fading fast.... their kids reject Christianity b/c of them.

They can't stand to see something like this being built.

Nikos Yiasou • 3 weeks ago

Спасибо большое, Стефан. Ето церковь очень прекрасный. Concerning Fabs, his world is quickly changing; hence the irrational and arrogant behaviour. 'Anglokratia' is on a downward curve. Слава Богу.

Fabs • 3 weeks ago

Don’t worry your world is going to change too... enjoy the calm now before the storm!

Freespirit • 6 hours ago


Fabs • 3 weeks ago

Stephan, you are right, I can’t stand to see soooo much energy and resources waisted in unnecessary buildings... I doesn’t bring glory to God and the people inside they don’t get the instruction they deserve, the bible is hardly mentioned even less explained... what is the point of it? Why do you have to copy the Catholic way by doing their same mistakes? People are far more important than buildings!
My king is Jesus Christ not ‘Bob the builder’....

Nikos Yiasou • 3 weeks ago

Re: your last did a great job exhibiting 'your' type of Christianity. Thank you, but no thank you. Again I refer to my initial comment to addition to your being arrogant, please add stupidity and semi-literate as well.

Fabs • 3 weeks ago

Which sentence?...
Besides ‘Education is what remains after you have forgotten everything you learned in school.’ - Albert Einstein
Maybe because he was a Jew, his quote will qualified him as ‘pure stupidity and semi-literate’, who knows with people with your kind of view? • 3 weeks ago

If you want to steal other people's ideas, a patent office is a good place to work.

Fabs • 3 weeks ago


Freespirit • 6 hours ago


Backward • 3 weeks ago

Gosh I thought I had read good comedians on here but you surpass them all. If your sentences were serious, one wouldn't even know where to start to cure your brain; luckily you are joking.

Fabs • 3 weeks ago

It is because you look everything ‘Backward’... hard to keep objective with this kind of perspective!

Fabs, Fabs . Just what am I to do with you?
Again and again you demonstrated how ignorant you actually are concerning the Russian Orthodox, and Orthodox in general.

You said... Stephan, you are right, I can’t stand to see soooo much energy and resources waisted in unnecessary buildings...
To you they may be unnecessary but not to us. We refuse to bow down to a faceless Idol We Know who God Is and reject the white washed bare iconoclastic walls in Islam and Protestantism.
Oh, and we have simple wooden churches too in Russia. Not all as as grand. Did not Judas Iscariot make the same claim that the money and expense is waisted?

This comment was a jaw dropper.... "the people inside they don’t get the instruction they deserve, the bible is hardly mentioned even less explained"...
How many times did I show you how compleatly WRONG you are on this accusation.(typical of most American Evangelicals) It is impossible to attend a Orthodox service and not be instructed in the Christian faith.
The Divine Liturgy is a prime example. The Liturgy predates Scriptures of the New testament. Actually it is the Orthodox who produced the New Testament that Evangelicals Constantly accuse us of not Knowing.

Fabs, what makes you think we are not concerned for the people? Under the communists we could not preform charity. that is not the case under the Russian Federation.

The Russian Orthodox Church has more than 4,000 Church social agencies, projects and initiatives, including more than 400 sisterhoods of mercy, 52 shelters for pregnant women and mothers with children, more than 100 humanitarian aid centers, more than 40 almshouses, more than 400 projects for the disabled, and 95 shelters for the homeless, as well as more than 500 Orthodox organizations helping addicts and their relatives.
( The Church as plans to expand this even more)

Nikos Yiasou • 3 weeks ago

Very good reply. Have a Holy and rewarding Lent. Καλή Τεσσαρακοστή!

Fabs • 3 weeks ago

Stephan I really like your sincerity, you seem to be a very nice chap... but your people in Russia are persecuting my brothers and sisters so excuse me If I don’t share your enthusiasm about the Orthodox Church! For me your faith is far too close from Catholicism, far too close for comfort....
Besides if you have got unlimited budget thanks to the grants of the state, why not do good for the people if you have got the mean to do it? That help your cause...
but this supply of money will not last be forever... by removing competition in a harsh way you are seeding a wave of discontentment that will expose your church for what it really is.... it happened before, I will happen again!

Franz Kafka • 2 weeks ago

Your brothers and sisters the pedophiles and talmudo Satanists or Larry and Moe?

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