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Simon Cowan, "Our Australian Choice' falls short" CT. 15/1/22, p. 35, says ‘ one can point to a pressing problem that becoming a republic would solve.'
By Ron Chapman
Jan 14, 2022 - 11:38:54 PM

Ron: Here is a letter I sent to the Canberra Times today.


Letters Editor

I enclose a letter to the Editor.

500 words may be a bit too much for your readers' attention span but your commentators really need to get up to speed on this issue.


Letters Editor.

Simon Cowan, "Our Australian Choice' falls short" CT. 15/1/22, p. 35, says ‘ one can point to a pressing problem that becoming a republic would solve.'

I disagree. Australia's entire governance arrangements are ultra vires being fatally tainted by fraud as the Constitution under which the Australian Parliament, the judiciary and all aspects of Australian governance ostensibly operate, ceased to be applicable once Australia became a sovereign nation.

The Constitution was merely part of an Imperial British statute, subject to alteration by the UK Parliament at any time. Any judicial and governance personnel purporting to swear or affirm allegiance to QEII is a traitor to the Australian people because she is a foreign Head of State.

Once Australia became a sovereign nation the Constitution had no valid legal effect. So Australians DO need to consider and adopt a Constitution. Arguably that Constitution needs to be a genuine, grass roots based, representative republic.

On December 15, 1998 High Court Justice Hayne declared Australia had domestic sovereignty but did not have international sovereignty, in other words we are still a colony. See: See thereat: Australia the Concealed Colony (2011) pdf.

On June 23, 1999 the Full Bench of the High Court of Australia ruled that the United Kingdom was a "foreign power" for the purposes of Section 44 of the Commonwealth Constitution when the Constitution is the legislation of the Parliament of the United Kingdom alone. In other words, the High Court ruled that the United Kingdom is a foreign power under its own legislation. Little wonder that many observers think the main legal reference for Australian courts is 'Alice in Wonderland'.

The sovereignty of the United Kingdom belongs jointly to the Crown, the House of Lords and the body of voters who elect the House of Commons. At the time of white settlement this body pretended to hold legal sovereignty over Australia using the spurious Terra Nullius doctrine. Little has changed. The covert masters of Australia continue to operate a spurious system of pseudo legitimate governance in Australia.

The sovereign British and their political and judicial puppets in Australia have no right to sovereign authority over the Australian nation and continent. At whatever time Australia became a nation it ceased to owe allegiance or obedience to the British people through their parliament or crown. This could not have been later than 1945 when Australia presented itself as a nation to join the UN. See eg: Australia: The Concealed Colony


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