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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Should the Jews be the ones to stop Putin’s anti-gay crusade?
By OpEd -
Nov 18, 2013 - 10:50:33 PM

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OpEd–Should the Jews be the ones to stop Putin’s anti-gay crusade?

Gay club in Sochi (AP)

ed note–but remember, (and especially all you brain dead Christian Zionists who worship Israel and the Jewish people) it isn’t Jewish power we need to worry about, it is Islam


On the eve of Rosh Hashanah this year, Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum delivered a sermon before thousands in New York, comparing the struggles faced by Jews in the Soviet Union decades ago with the struggles facing gay and lesbian as Russia cracks down on its LGBT community.

Among the legislation that has shocked human rights watchers is a law criminalizing “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations,” effectively rendering illegal any public discussion of LGBT rights. This was one of the topics explored at “Crossroads: Jewish, Gay and Russian,” a panel discussion Kleinbaum hosted at Manhattan’s Jewish Community Center last Wednesday night.

“The law enshrines second-class citizenship and makes it a crime to fight for equality,” said Masha Gessen, a well-known author, journalist and outspoken critic of Russian president Vladimir Putin. Taking Putin’s cue, anti-gay sentiment has spread from the Kremlin to the streets.

That said, writer and activist Jay Michaelson, who with Kleinbaum and Gessen participated in the discussion, feels the issue isn’t just about gays. “It’s a crackdown on civil society as a whole,” he said. “The LGBT population is targeted as part of a broader campaign.” [Ron: Talk about flogging a dead horse! Most Russians don't want sodomy flaunted in their faces OR preached to their children. IF Jews WANT to flaunt their homosexuality why don't they go to Israel AND JUST DO IT! Jews have stolen Palestine to use and abuse in accordance with their Talmudic desires. WHY must they try to impose their cretinous views anywhere else?!].

That broader campaign feels familiar to many attendees last Wednesday night, who fled the former Soviet Union decades ago to escape a suffocating life as Jews.

[Ron: That statement is a typical Jew LIE. Although Jews constituted only 1.7% of the population of the Russian empire they mounted a successful bloody coup and took complete dictatorial power in Russia following the so-called Red Revolution in October 1917. They then slaughteres some 66 million Russian Christians, 10 million Ukrainian Christians and many millions of Christian Poles, Germans and others. Hatonn said they killed 100 million Christians in all and some commentators put the figure even higher. Slowly Christian Russians reasserted their rights and eventually, by 1977 according to Dr Peter Beter, (See his Audio Letters Nos 26 to 42 at: ff) they managed to oust the Bolshevik Jews from control of the Soviet Union. The Bolsheviks then went to Amerikka at the invitation of the Rockefellers. They then murdered the four Rockefeller brothers, replacing some of them with doubles. Bolsheviks now control the US government and the Pentagon although the Rockefeller Cartel still has some control and dominates US corporate power. Sooo, the reason that the Jews quoted in this article left Russia because it was "suffocating" is simply that the Bolsheviks could no longer treat Russian Christians like dogs and kill them at will, as previously.].

Gessen is one such emigrant; eventually she returned to Russia and has now come back to the United States, propelled by the storm of anti-gay policy and rhetoric.

“I came to America as a Jew,” she told Haaretz after the panel. “I went back as a reporter, and came again as a gay immigrant.” [Ron: Jews use jobs for NGOs and as reporters etc, as cover for their destabilisation activities for Judaism and the CIA.].

Kremlin taps fertile cultural soil

The wave of anti-gay legislation and violence [Ron:Bullshit! Compare what the Russian police do with what US police do routinely to demonstrators or indeed anyone they decide to kill or main etc. For instance US Police are said to kill eight times as many innocent US civilians as terrorists do. Moreover, virtually all Muslim terrorists in the US are organised and assisted by the FBI.]. marks an about-face from a country that decriminalized male homosexuality in 1993 and seemed to be moving toward acceptance. Moscow and St. Petersburg both have active gay scenes. [Ron: Sooo, what are these Jews whinging about?].

At the event, Moscow-born conceptual artist Yevgeniy Fiks showed slides from “Moscow,” his book documenting gay cruising sites in the city from the 1920s to 1980s. In between photos of subway platforms, park restrooms and even a statue of Karl Marx in front of the Bolshoi Theater, Fiks recounted a historical rollercoaster for LGBT Russians, including a period of decriminalization after the revolution from 1917 to 1933.

There were years when gay and lesbian Russians were on more stable legal ground, but they have never been socially accepted. While LGBT acceptance has rapidly grown in the United States in recent years, the majority of Russians – 74 percent according to a recent Pew Research poll – think society should reject homosexuality.

Much of this social angst stems from the fact that sexuality, in general, is not talked about in Russian society, said panelist Bella Proskurov, a psychologist. “The country where I grew up had no discussion of sex or sexuality at all.”

Add to this the vast presence of the Russian Orthodox Church – to which about 80 percent of the country belongs – and the circumstances are ripe for targeting an unpopular minority.[Ron: Bullshit! I can't be bothered debunking this crap. but the information is in the AH archives].

“The problem is not Russia’s public homophobia,” Gessen said. “It’s a Kremlin campaign. But it falls on fertile cultural soil.”

Fanning the Olympic flames

The latest wrinkle is a law that would empower the state to remove children from gay families. [Ron: WTF is a "gay family?].The law has since been withdrawn, but not for good. The legislator says he is re-writing it.

“In English,” said Gessen, who has two children with her wife, “that means wait until after the Olympics.”

The Winter Olympics, which begin in February in Sochi, a Black Sea resort about a thousand miles from Moscow, has become a convenient lightning rod for responses to Russia’s anti-gay developments.

Calls to boycott the games have subsided in favor of pressuring primary sponsors, such as Coca-Cola and Visa, or NBC, the broadcaster of the games, to take a vocal stand against the policies. At the panel on Wednesday, there were differing views about a potential boycott. Russian activists are not seeking an athletic boycott on the games, Gessen clarified, but rather a political one in which international dignitaries snub the Russian leader. “We want to see Putin alone in that box,” she said.

The International Olympic Committee has been silent on the matter, which is tantamount to siding with Russia, activists say. For its part, in October the U.S. Olympic Committee added sexual orientation to its non-discrimination policy and condemned the recent laws.

It also cited Russia’s assurances that no athlete at the Games will be impacted by the recent legislation. But, as Michaelson pointed out, the primary concern is not about what happens during the Games – most people suspect Russia will be on its best behavior under the spotlight – but what happens after. [Ron: What FKN business is it of Amerikkan homosexuals WHAT the Russian people decide to do in this matter? You would think that having murdered 66 million Russian Christians the Jews could rest on their laurels a bit and focus on where they actually live - or better yet, go to Rothschildslandia (Israel) and do their "business" there.].

Several panelists noted the 1936 Berlin Olympics, in which international participation essentially validated a political regime clearly headed in a dangerous direction.[Ron: National Socialism is dangerous is it? Why? Why shouldn't any nation be concerned about protecting its citizens and their lives and employment? Do Jews in israel let non-Jews settle there and agitate to CHANGE political and social mores? I don't think so.].

“The real challenge,” said Michaelson, “is are we willing to monitor the situation after the bright lights have been turned off?” [Ron: It's none of your FKN business if you are a Jew. Go to Israel and monitor what your Jewish brethren are doing in YOUR community.].

A complicit Russian Jewish establishment

As Putin pulls the Russian Orthodox Church closer, minority religious sects are jostling to be officially recognized by the Russian government. Within Judaism, Chabad appears to be in a favored position. Possibly as such, and also because ideologically they are opposed to homosexuality, Chabad has not spoken out against the recent Russian anti-gay laws. [Ron: Jews are unbelievable! IF a Russian went to Israel and sought to even talk to Jews there about Christianity or to give them a copy of the Bible, s/he would be arrested and prosecuted. IF s/he resisted arrest the Jewish police would use VIOLENCE, as they do every day against Palestinians. Capiche?].

While there has been no organized Jewish response in the United States, Michaelson credits the Anti-Defamation League for speaking out. In an article in the Huffington Post in August, ADL national director Abe Foxman compared the plight of LGBT Russians today to that of Soviet Jewry in the past. [Ron: Soviet Jewry CONTROLLED RUSSIA AND MURDERED 66 MILLION RUSSIAN CHRISTIANS! WTF is Abe Foxmantalking about?!].

He called for action by the United States government, including legislation to ease emigration for LGBT Russians, similar to a 1974 bill that helped Soviet Jews do the same. [Ron: the rockefellers did that and they soon regretted it!].

Meanwhile, the panelists feel their own community ought to take a leading role.

“Chabad in the United States and other Jewish communities in the United States should raise their voices,” Michaelson said. Rabbi Kleinbaum concurs: “We need to work together to figure out an effective, powerful, humanitarian, political response.” [Ron; What for?].

Whoever spearheads it, clearly the need for action is urgent. On Sunday last week, gunmen disrupted a weekly gathering of activists at LaSky, a gay support organization in St. Petersburg, injuring two people. According to LaSky, this “pogrom,” as they called it, [Ron: Does that mean that Jews were involved?] marks an alarming shift from attacks on activists at public rallies to “attacks on closed private social events.” In other words, there’s no such thing as a safe space. [Really? Sooo what are the SPECIFIC details? Were the Russian police called to investigae? What was the result of that? Perhaps the Jews can get the US to declare a WAR ON POGROMS?].

[colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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