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Shlomo Ben Ami: “The Case for Kurdistan” As History Repeats
By Penny
Aug 10, 2017 - 6:04:08 PM


Shlomo Ben-Ami, a former Israeli foreign minister, is Vice President of the Toledo International Center for Peace.Foundation of the Toledo International Centre for Peace- Check this think tank out! Research areas like... European Policies &The New Global Order.

SBA:  "The Kurds - who occupy a mountainous region that includes portions of Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey - are the largest ethnic group in the world without a state to call their own. It is time to change that"

Shlomo Ben Ami says the kurds are an ethnic group in need of their own state
It should come as a surprise to no one that an Israeli would make this case. Particularly when one considers the similarities between the creation of Israel and the attempt at some as yet unfinished Kurdistan.

Why should the Kurds have their own state? I've posed this question time and time again to readers here? At Sypers? No one has made a valid case for the creation of a Kurdistan? No one explains clearly and concisely why it is the Kurds need their own state. Shlomo Ben Ami doesn't make a valid, legitimate case either. He, in fact, relies on recycled concepts.


The Palestinians lost their state. Apparently it was ok, that the resident population, with historical, land & family ties to one another and the soil should forfeit their family relationships and property to be ethnically cleansed for the sake of others.


The Germans can't have a state for Germans. If they attempt to preserve their ethnicity, language, culture and way of life they are defamed. Norway, Sweden and Denmark can't have a state for their ethnic people. The Italians are being over run in their own countryNo one gives a hoot about their need for an ethnic state unique to them! No one gives a hoot about their right to save their culture, language and identity along with the ties to their own land. In already existing nation states. If the Germans, Swedes, Danes, Italians, Hungarians etc., want their state for their own- They're just being racist!
But the Kurds need their own state. For their own ethnic group. And that's not racist, that's just a problem in need of changing. A wrong that needs righting. Double standard.


Jews needed their own religious state because it was the "right thing to do" Not right, as in correct, for all the Palestinians permanently displaced and killed. Never mind the constant warfare Israel engages in, as it seeks to expand well beyond it's original UN granted borders, which is a source of unending hardship, strife and displacement in the region. The creation of Israel, sold to us all, was 'just the right thing to do'

Factually and Actually: The creation of Israel was needed to cause, to ensure, the division, strife and endless warfare we see today.


The Kurds, being vastly Sunni Muslim, we are told, need a state for their own ethnicity. Kurdish. As if this is a unified entity? But, it has to be the ethnicity because their religion, as used in the case of creating Israel,  would be a very hard sell. Considering the reality that the religion, Sunni Muslim, of the vast majority of Kurds is not palatable to the masses....the idea of an ethnic based nation is the best selling point and the one being pushed.
But just like Israel, the real motivation for the creation of these states is not humanitarian. Or righting previous wrongs. Or global atonement. The motivation for the creation of Kurdistan is the same as the creation of Israel. Hence my use of the Israel 2.0 term.  It's a divide to conquer strategy.

The blatant double standards employed against existing ethnic/religious groups should make clear to everyone, actually having their thinking cap on,  that something else is at play. We are being sold the idea that some alleged special group of people requires a unique identity state because this is the 'right thing to do' This is simply the palatable sales pitch. Employed to appeal to humanity's naturally altruistic ways.  Do the Kurds, REALLY, deserve their own state at the expense of all the resident Syrians, Iraqis and many others? Should innocent people be ethnically cleansed?  Displaced? Land and homes stolen? Legal Documents destroyed or confiscated to impede the ability to reclaim long held lands and homes? Should Christian persons who have been resident in the region since time immemorial be displaced for the  new 'chosen' ones so they can have their unique nation state?

The double standard and the mass abuses make clear the agenda to create a Kurdistan is something political. Something divisive.Something that serves other interests and agendas having nothing to do with altruism, fairness or humanitarianism.

It is very clear that creating "Kurdistan" in whatever way shape or form it is done is nothing more then geopolitical machinations imposed from the global crackpots we shouldn't call leaders.

Which is why Shlomo Ben Ami former foreign minister of Israel, speaking on behalf of a think tanks that promotes "the new global order" is pushing the idea of the need for a Kurdistan.

As has been stated repeatedly here we are witnessing a remake/reshaping of the entire region as part of the new global order. Shlomo Ben Ami is pushing that same goal, with fancy window dressing to have the global masses believe the mass killing, cleansing, weaponized refugees, and environmental destruction is all for the greater good of humanity. It isn't!

Shlomo Ben Ami "But there is a strong case for the United States, in particular, to work toward securing a homeland for the Kurds - a case buttressed by Kurdish militias' indispensable contribution to defeating the Islamic State."

That's the sales pitch. They deserve a state, look at their brave contribution. They should be rewarded. Sounds so good, right? Except that's  a steaming pile of excrement.  Since it is plainly obvious that ISIS and the Kurds are both US proxies, making it very difficult for a thinking person to buy into this idea of an actual ‘indispensible contribution' made to fight ISIS. Rather then an actual manipulation via the perception managing media to justify the new global order.

Mr Ben Ami derides Turkey rather heavily in the rest of the article, I'll use that for another piece regarding Turkey specifically. For now let's talk about the contrived fictional narrative built around the concept of the Kurds requiring an ethnic state of their own. A privilege afforded a very few nations which suggest, quite clearly, another agenda is being advanced.

TASS: US seeks Syria's disintegration, including with Kurdish units' help - expert

Washington's chief objective in Syria is either toppling Bashar al-Assad or destroying Syria's integrity, in particular, with the help from Syrian Kurds' armed groups, Boris Dolgov, Senior Research Fellow at the Russian Academy of Sciences' Center for Arab and Islamic Studies, told a round-table dedicated to the upcoming sixth round of negotiations on the Syrian settlement in Astana.

"I am confident that the United States' objective is removing Assad from power or breaking up Syria as a country," he said. "They used to rely on Islamist forces, including extremist ones, but when this did not work, they began to support Kurdish forces vigorously."

According to the expert, the fact that the Syrian Kurds set a minimum goal of a broad autonomy for the Kurds, and, as maximum, creating an independent state, is in line with Washington's plans in the region.

Dolgov stressed that the obvious evidence of the interest in Kurds' support by the Americans are active weapons supplies to the Kurdish units by the US.

Specter of Syrian Kurdistan: How US' Covert Plan is Taking Shape

Washington is implementing its step-by-step plan to create a Kurdish independent state in northern Syria, Turkish journalist and political observer Mehmet Ali Guller believes.

The basis of the fight against Daesh [ISIS/ISIL], which was dubbed as the 'Obama strategy' in the US, was to place the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the People's Protection Units (YPG) in the territories liberated from terrorists,"

"Thus, the United States planned to unify the three cantons claimed by the PYD and expand the territory further downwards, and also to ensure the legitimacy of the Kurdish state in the course of the fight against Daesh," he assumed.

Guller believes that Washington is determined to stay the course.

For what it's worth I agree 100 percent with Guller. The US has every intention of staying the course in order to weaken Syria. Balkanize. Federalize. Whichever. A weaker Syria is the goal.
Better for Israel. Better for the US. Worse for everyone else in the region.

In fact, this major process of training [of US proxies] is being conducted right now. How? By training and providing military assistance to Kurdish self-defense units whom the United States continues to deliver wagons of weapons, most notably, heavy weapons," the Turkish journalist highlighted.

According to Guller, the Pentagon is trying to transform the YPG into a regular army.

Indeed.  A nation needs a military. Particularly a nation like Kurdistan which will serve the same agenda, play the same role in the region as Israel. Destabilize their neighbours and expand territory.

"If this happens, the YPG will be able to boost their positions in northern Syria and assert their dominance there," he believes.

As has been stated here for years and years now

November 2014-Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis - The Impending Destruction of Turkey.

As stated by yours truly "It seems much more likely that there is cooperation and coordination between the Kurds and ISIS. It's a thought that has been in the back of my mind for sometime now. When one takes a look at the land grabbed by ISIS and the desired Kurdistan one can't help but see something taking shape. Something like a new nation"

November 2014:  Pt.2- Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey

Yup, yours truly!: Kurdistan, like Israel and Kosovo, is being created for purely political, geopolitical and resource advantages. In Iraq an independent Kurdish state is present in all but official recognition.

The Kurds: Israel's not so improbable ally

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