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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Secrets of the Bank of England Revealed at Last!!
By Most likely Niall Kilkenny who created the website
May 2, 2008 - 7:24:00 PM

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Secrets of the Bank of England Revealed at Last!!

"Give me control of a nation's money
and I care not who makes her laws"

Meyer Rothschild
The Jesuit founded Bank of England was the driving force behind the separation of England from her colonies in the New World:
"The American Revolution, like nearly all revolutions in history, was an uprising not against a king and his ministers, but against a system and a state of mind. Nor was the system the work of George III, Hillsborough, Townshend, or Lord North, for they were its products not its creators. It was the result of the Revolution of 1688, which gave power to the men of the landowning and monied classes of England. They, although they bore titles of nobility and constituted the county aristocracy, were of middle-class origin and under their rule were fashioned those rigid and sinister ideas of power and government which permeated the whole official world of king, ministries, parliament, council, departments, and boards, all having, to do with administration at home and abroad" (Andrews, Colonial Background of the American Revolution, p. 218).
King William of Orange (1650-1702). He chartered the usury Bank of England in 1694.
The Bank of England was chartered in 1694 in order to wrest the New World from the mother country and create a RIVAL power to Great Britain. This was to implement the Bull of Pope Alexander VI.
King William III (king from 1688 to 1702) was a moneychanger from Holland. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, England spent a hugh amount of money helping the Hollanders to throw off the Spanish yoke. Their reward was the Bank of Rome controlled William of Orange.
King William's wife, Queen Mary, died in 1694 the very year that the Bank was chartered. Was it another timely demise like King Henry VII??
The Bank of England's strategy was to completely control the British Government. Then they could apply pressure on the colonies and force them to rebel. Lastly, they would impose a Bank of England type bank on the Colonies. This they did in the year 1791. It was called the Bank of the "U.S." General Jackson refused to renew the bank charter and it died an unnatural death in1836. The corrupt bank was re-chartered in 1913 under the name "Federal" Reserve Bank of the "U.S."

Bank Underground station is named after the Bank.
All roads and rails lead to the Bank.
Bank headquarters on Threadneedle St. is also the British Government's Headquarters since 1694.
The first banks were moneychangers' benches.
This picture of an evil spirit or demon directing the banker is from The English Usurer or Usury Condemned by John Blaxton, preacher of God's Word, London, 1634.
  "The term BANK is derived from banco, the Italian word for bench, as the Lombard Jews in Italy kept benches in the market place, where they exchanged money and bills, When a banker failed, his bench was broken up by the populace; and from this circumstance sprang the term bankrupt "(Francis, History of the Bank of England, p.15).
The Bank of England kept the hangman working day and night!!
This is a copy of the famous Bank Restriction Note that helped end the death penalty for forging the counterfeit money!!
The philosophy of the Bank or any bank is: LET THE MONEY DO THE WORK. However, the bankers worked the hangman to death because forging the counterfeit money was punishable with death. Men and women by the hundreds were hanged and even after the repeal of the law, the punishment was exile for life to Australia. If the bankers had lived at the time ofEdward VI, they would have been the ones behind bars!!
A British Member of Parliament said this about the Bank of England in 1810:
"There is something so consummately ridiculous in the idea of a nation's getting money by paying interest to itself upon its own stock, that the mind of every rational man naturally rejects it. It is, really, something little short of madness to suppose, that a nation can increase its wealth; increase its means of paying others; that it can do this by paying interest to itself. When time is taken to reflect, no rational man will attempt to maintain a proposition so shockingly absurd" (William Cobbett, M.P., Paper Against Gold, p.83).
This monetized debt scam that the Bank of England started in 1694 was copied exactly by the "Federal" Reserve Bank system in the U.S. It seems that the usurers have absolutely no originality or creativity even with all the brains their ill-gotten gains enables them to buy.
James VI of Scotia Minor, and I of England, founder of the British Empire. He sent the Pilgrim Fathers to America. The King James Bible is named after him.
James Charles Stuart was born on June 19, 1566 at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. His father, Lord Darnley, was murdered in early 1567 before young James was 1 year old. His mother, Mary Queen of Scots, subsequently ascended to the Scottish throne. Her reign, however was short lived and she was forced to abdicate in favor of her son on July 24, 1567. Little James was crowned King James VI of Scotland five days later at the tender age of 13 months. Reformation leader John Knox preached the sermon at his coronation.
A close alliance has ALWAYS existed between the Scots and the French. The mother of Queen Mary and grandmother of King James was French by birth.

The Pilgrim Fathers faced a great howling wilderness when they reached North America.
In 1620, the Pilgrim Fathers landed at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts, They were Protestant Christians sent out by that great Scot -- King James VI & I. They were the CHOSEN PEOPLE and God gave them the best land in the world because He always saves the best for last and as a heritage because they came to seek GOD . . . not GOLD.
Most of the Pilgrims were poor and brought very little money with them from the Old World.

Henry Frederick Stuart, Prince of Wales.
Prince Henry (1694 -1612), was the oldest son of King James and first in line to the throne.
Like his father, he was a devout Protestant Christian and a very unlikely candidate to charter a bank. For that reason, he was given the poison cup at the young age of 18 years.
Cape Henry in Virginia is name after him.
The English Civil War was caused by the Jesuits
King Charles I was beheaded in 1649.
Charles Stuart (1600-1649) was the second son of king James and succeeded his murdered brother.
During his reign, civil war broke out in England between Parliament and the king.
Oliver Cromwell led the Parliamentary army (Roundheads) against the king's army (Cavaliers) and soundly defeated the king's forces.
The king was arrested and beheaded in 1649 - the ONLY king of England ever to be subjected to such an ordeal.
Wars always incur huge debts and of course the moneylenders were just waiting for their Bank to be officially chartered before they would lend at usury to repay the debts.

King Charles II (1660-1685) was the second son of the beheaded Charles I.
King James II (1633-1688), was the third son of King Charles I. He was forced to abdicate in 1688. He was the last male Stuart to sit on the throne of England.
None of the Stuart monarchs would grant a charter to the Bank of England!!
None of the Stuarts would grant the fervent desire of the Jesuits and charter an English national bank. That is why murder, civil war, and religious conflicts plagued their reigns. The Jesuit worked behind the scenes to get them to charter the Bank. Nothing succeeded however and finally King James II was deposed and Dutchman William of Orange was invited to take the throne. William was a tool of the powerful Wisselbank of Amsterdam:
"Central to the success of the Dutch was the Amsterdam Wisselbank, which had been founded in 1609. It provided the motive power for the Dutch economy by lending to the City of Amsterdam, the State in the form of the Province of Holland and trade in the shape of the Dutch East India Company as well as being responsible for coinage and, of course, exchange. Much later, in 1683, it was empowered to lend to private customers. Payments over a certain amount had to pass through it and it therefore was convenient for the important finance houses to hold accounts with it. Thus not only was it in a position to oversee the Dutch financial scene, it was also able to act as a stabilising influence on it" (The Bank of England).
The King and Queen of Usury — the inglorious Revolution!!
King William of Orange (1650-1702).
Queen Mary (1662-1694), wife of William of Orange.

The Charter of the Bank of England (1694) with the Great Seal of William and Mary. The first usury central bank to be incorporated in England.
The Threadneedle Street front of the Bank in 1797.
The First Bank of the U.S., 2nd Bank of the U.S. and the "Federal" Reserve Bank are all copied from this Bank.
After the incorporation of the Bank, peace and quiet returned to merry old England. No more royal heads rolled and no more civil wars. After that it didn't matter what was the religious beliefs of the monarchs. The Jesuits preferred that they were "Protestants" as they could take the blame for the wars, poverty and pauperism which inevitably followed usury and money lending.
Since the king was also head of the "Church" of England, this gave legitimacy to USURY and silenced most of the sermons against that diabolical practice. A Catholic monarch would not have been able to charter the Bank because officially the Vatican was still against usury.
Before the American Revolution, the Bank financed 4 wars with France known in America as the French and Indian wars.
(1) King William's War: 1698 - 1697. (2) Queen Anne's War or the War of the Spanish Succession: 1702-1713.
(3) King George's War or the War of the Austrian Succession: 1744-1748 . (4) French and Indian War or the Seven Years' War in Europe: 1754-1763.
England lost the colonies thanks to the Bank of England!!
As was previously stated, the colonists were very poor and took little money with them from England. The settlers bartered their goods and services with each other. Later, Indian Wampum, black and white shells, tobacco etc., etc were used as currency. Eventually a circulating medium called Colonial Scrip was printed by the Governors of the various Colonies. With this release of purchasing power, great prosperity came to the Colonies since they had an abundance of produce and goods available.
The greedy banksters of the Bank of England soon took steps to destroy the U.S. even before it was born:
"III. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That if any governor or commander in chief for the time being, in all or any of the said colonies or plantations, shall, from and after the said first day of September, one thousand seven hundred and sixty four, give his assent to any act or order of assembly contrary to the true intent and meaning of this act, every such governor or commander in chief shall, for every such offence, forfeit and pay the sum of one thousand pounds, and shall be immediately dismissed from his government, and for ever after rendered incapable of any public office or place of trust." (Currency Act of 1764).

Editor's Note
Many of the powerful Roman Catholic lords in the English Parliament had money in the Wisselbank which was used to finance the inglorious (usury) Revolution of 1688:
"Amongst those thought to have "provided for a retreat" in this way were members of the English Commonwealth Parliament and the Danish court, the Prince Palatine and the Republic of Venice. The Wisselbank was also used by the Spanish crown to pay subsidies to Sweden in the 1660's. To this extent the Wisselbank was not only a public bank for Amsterdam and its citizens but also a secure haven for other European governments and political interests. Its success continued well into the eighteenth century, even after Amsterdam's ascendancy was coming to an end, and it survived until 1820." (Edwin Green, Banking An Illustrated History, p.33).

Vital links
King Charles I

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Revolution, Yale University Press, New Haven, Conn, 1924.
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Mystery of the Bank of England, of the Debts, of the Stocks, of the Sinking Fund, and of all the other tricks and contrivances, carried on by the means of paper money, John Doyle, 12 Liberty St., New York City, 1834. (Originally published in London in 1828 as a series of letters by William Cobbett while serving a prison sentence in Newgate Prison).
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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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