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Secret City - A film about the City of London, the Corporation That Runs It.
By Michael Chanan, Lee Salter & Niamh Harris with comments by Ron
May 1, 2019 - 1:56:49 AM

This 1 hr 11' 53" video was published by CriticalSystemsAPB on December 29, 2014:

Ron: This potted history of the City of London Corporation doesn't explain the neo-Pharisaic origins of the independant state within the UK that is called the City of London Corporation. It mentions it came into existance in 1067 AD but doesn't indicate that neo-Pharisees who now call themselves Jews but are not, financed William the Conqueror and set up in the City of London as a result of William's victory over King Harold in 1066 AD.

Commentators on this video carefully avoid mention of the identity and ideology of the covert controllers of the City of London saying things like '... from the 17th Century it conquered a really strategic position in which it was able to be confident of the support of the British State in its activities above all abroad and of course at home as well. And you had the establishment of the Bank of England at the end of the 17th Century that was nominally a public institution independant of Governmen but it did impose some constraints and discipline on the banks.'

How coy! Arguably the Bank of England was not just 'nominally' independant, it covertly influenced and directed the UK's imperial and globalist policies and the bankster collective still do. In fact the neo-Pharisees fomented and funded the Glorious Revolution in 1688 and funded William III of Orange enabling him to become King William III of England. Then they convinced King William III to grant them a licence to establish the Bank of England using Royal tallies (debt of the Crown) in the formation of the Bank of England in 1694. In 1697, the bank issued £1 million worth of stock in exchange for £800,000 worth of tallies at par and £200,000 in bank notes. This new stock was said to be "engrafted". The government promised not only to pay the Bank interest on the tallies subscribed but to redeem them over a period of years. The "engrafted" stock was then cancelled simultaneously with the redemption.

Subsequently the Bank of England banksters convinced King George III to eliminate tally stick 'money' which had been used for seven centuries and to ban the use of Colonial Scrip in the American Colonies, requiring the colonists to use gold as money. That caused a depression in the colonies and caused the American War of Independance.

In the latter part of this video some commentators explain the globalist proclivities of the banksters controlling the City of London Corporation and their covert control of the UK's government in Westminister but they don't begin to explain how that control has come about let alone how its centralised global control is achieved. The impression is given that somehow bankers and financiers have just magically coordinated their activities on a global basis for centuries. There is a fleeting mention of the fact that the globalist banking and financial techniques emanating from the City of London have a looong history via Amsterdam, Genoa and Venice and even earlier but no detail is given that might alert the viewer to the fact that the current City of London anti-national globalism has been festering and evolving for millenia.

Clearly the current 'masters of the universe' holeded up in the City of London have a looong history. See eg: The Oligarchy - The Black Nobility - The Illuminati - The Synarchy -



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Comments by Michael Chanan and Lee Salter:

Secret City: A Film About The City of London And The Corporation That Runs It






Secret City: The City of London & The Corporation That Runs It

By Michael Chanan and Lee Salter. See

It’s almost a year since anti-capitalist protestors, intending to set up camp in front of the London Stock Exchange in Paternoster Square under the banner of Occupy LSX, were ejected from the square and parked themselves instead in front of St Paul’s Cathedral. The result was one of the starting points for this film: a highly public debate about capitalism and the Church.

But there was also another power acting in the shadows to eventually eject the Occupiers – the City of London Corporation. An ancient body which dates back before William the Conqueror, before there was a parliament in Westminster, which zealously guards its autonomy and privileges to this day.

This is our subject: a secret state within a state, with deleterious effects on democracy, politics and economics in London, the country, and the world, for the City is joint headquarters with Wall Street of global finance capital. In short, ‘Secret City’ isn’t just a film for Londoners – especially in these times of crisis, the role of the City concerns everyone everywhere.

‘Secret City’ is a minimal budget film by Michael Chanan and Lee Salter which investigates the history and contemporary role of the City of London Corporation. We tell the story though interviews with politicians, academics, writers, activists and campaigners, counterpointed with unfamiliar archive footage and a musical score by Simon Zagorski-Thomas taken from the nursery rhyme ‘Oranges and Lemons’.





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