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Political Information Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:23:11 PM

Say Hello to #MrClean. NOTHING Will Stop What Is Coming, from Sea to Shining Sea! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT
By Neon Revolt
Nov 8, 2018 - 2:56:46 PM

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I wish the shills would make up their minds.

One day, I'm a pied piper leading people away from Q.

The very next, I'm a pied piper leading them towards that silly LARP known as Q.

(And of course, they gotta yell at me for selling hats and shirts, too. Can't leave that out. Like I don't deserve to, you know, be able to afford to eat or something).

But it's amazing how quickly they change their tune, no? Why, it's almost like they're no consistency at all, from one day to the next!

See, that's what the shills do. They don't care about their posts resembling anything close to reality. No, what they want to do is push you in a certain direction and cause you to react.

Let me repeat that: their goal isn't pursuing the truth. They don't want to engage in a friendly debate.

They want to knock you out of the race, no matter what, and they'll say anything or do anything to try and accomplish that goal. Truth isn't even on their radar. Making you mad/sad/discouraged/confused/disgruntled - that's their goal.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I was less-than-pleased with the House results after last-night's midterm elections. I truly wanted a #RedStorm to rain down fire and chaos upon the Democrats and Deep State operatives.

Many people were left feeling disillusioned in the wake of the loss of the House to the Democrats.

But I think it's time for some reflection, and a good gut-check.

And I think we can start to do that by asking ourselves some questions:

Question 1: Is #QAnon really real?

I suppose how you, personally, answer that question depends on how long you've been around the movement. If you're just joining us, you probably haven't seen all the proofs many of us who have been here since the beginning have seen. For me, I see enough evidence to continue to believe that, yes, Q is real.

Now, doubtless, some of my critics will voice their disdain for me not including any specific proofs here, but that's because the number of proofs to us is far too vast to include just one. Beyond that, taken just by themselves, any one proof can be dismissed as mere happenstance; a wonderful coincidence exploited by an ambitious larper.

No, for me, it's the preponderance of proofs that helps build the case that Q is real.

It's not any one, big, mega proof. It's the thousands of little proofs we've seen along the way.

Take just a few days ago, when Trump pointed at a Q sign, three separate at one of his rallies:

Video Player00:0000:13

Now that instance, taken by itself, isolated, is easily dismissed.

It could be mere coincidence.

Mere happenstance. He was just taking his cues from the energy of the crowd.

Heck, it could even be something sinister - like Trump fomenting the "radical" part of his base, as empty-headed know-nothing non-thinkers like #RatTailTravis might like to say.

Tune out now, they would warn you. This is all just nonsense.

Except... then you would have to ignore how he made the "air Q" that day, as well...

Video Player00:0000:24

And you would also have to ignore the times he's done this sort of thing before:

Video Player00:0000:07

Or that time he said "Q just watch! We have the cards, they don't!"

Video Player00:0000:26

See, any one of these things could be easily dismissed on its own, but together? They form a preponderance of evidence that can't be dismissed as easily.

In fact, you would be foolish to simply dismiss it and not take a very hard, very long, very thorough look at everything being presented every day.

Take, for instance, #VIPAnon's photos which we got a little while ago:

The Return of #VIPAnon, and #Q+ Confirmation! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLTThe Return of #VIPAnon, and #Q+ Confirmation! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

Just a quick (but very important!) one here, guys. Remember VIPAnon? Remember VIPAnon's post on the boards? And remember what Q said? The picture will be the signifier. The signifier will ...


To fabricate this, Q would need to not only get this guy in on the deal, but he'd have to work out:

1) how to get him photographed on the convention floor wearing a Q shirt,
2) then passed through Secret Service screening,
3) Get him a change of clothes,
4) Get him photographed with the president,
5) and finally, copy #POTUS' handwriting style exactly to make the plus and the brackets on the back.

At a certain point, it's actually more ridiculous to not believe in Q.  At a certain point, the scale tips.

And with each new proof, the case for Q is strengthened.

Luckily for us, there are A LOT of proofs at our disposal now, with more coming out every day. For instance, on this site, you can search using the #QConfirmation (or #QConfirmations) hashtag and find a bunch of items I've marked over the months reflecting the reality of Q.

On top of that, there's an entire site that has a ton of proofs loaded up in an easy-to-use interface, available here:

Qproofs HomeQproofs Home

Qproofs are graphics created by the anonymous community that prove Qanon and President Trump are working together to release intel and prepare Americans (and the world) for upcoming criminal investigations and public revelations of long term corruption, treason, sedition and human trafficking. #Qproofs #Qanon


Question 2: Can we trust Q? Can we trust "the Plan?"

If Q is real, there's really only two explanations for his existence; that is, the existence of this Q-operation.

1) Trump is lying and using Q as a psyop to justify imprisoning and executing his political enemies.

2) Q is telling the truth about a Satanic Cabal that runs the world, which Trump and his Patriots are working to uproot, around the world.

If we accept that Q is real, those are the only two options we have for explaining his existence. There's not much room for any other option here.

And given everything we've seen with Hillary's 2016 campaign and her long history of Arkancide, the Podesta leaks, and the ferocious, nonstop slander of Q by the #LegacyMedia... Occam's razor, folks. They wouldn't be fighting Q this hard if it didn't represent a threat to their power.

Look, we all know who the bad actors in all this really are.

We know the women Bill Clinton has raped.

We know the men Hillary has had killed.

We know of their trips down to Epstein's island.

We know of the Uranium sold to Russia.

We know of Obama's activities in Karachi, Pakistan.

And we know much, much more.

(None of this is "Conspiracy" territory, by the way). If these were "regular" people like you or I, they would have been locked in jail dozens of times already. Instead, we've watched them perpetrate crimes for years (and get away with it!) because they have a complicit system of support erected around them, in the courts, in the media, and in offices of power around the country.

Yeah, sorry, gonna have to go with Door Number 2 on this one - that there are a bunch of evil people in power, and now Trump is using an operation planned by the Military to take them down.

And with this being a Military operation comes military planning. And not just on a tactical scale, but on a scale so far beyond what the average citizen is aware even exists...

When you combine military-grade surveillance and espionage with prediction software/algorithms (think Palantir, but on steroids), you've got a recipe for something truly spectacular.

Make no mistake: ALL roads here lead to the utter ruination of #TheCabal.

Every single choice has been accounted for. When we talk about Game theory, we're talking about applying a level of military strategy to achieve a desired outcome, regardless of what choices Cabal members make along the way.

In other words, if Hillary wakes up one day and finds out she's got a warrant out for her arrest - it doesn't matter if she stays in one place, flees the country, or hunkers down in a panic room somewhere. There's literally no option that hasn't been accounted for.

When Obama wakes up in the morning, it doesn't matter what he had for breakfast: toast, or eggs.

He's still going to be ruining his pants when the Feds come calling.

This week, it didn't matter if we took the House, or not.

I know that may be hard for some folks to wrap their minds around, and I can't blame them. I'll say this much: it would have been great if we had won the House. It probably would have made things easier.

However, we didn't need it. Option B was to control the Senate and the Governors (we'll get to that tidbit shortly).

And believe it or not, had we lost both chambers - Q had a plan for that scenario, too.

(It might not have been as desirable, but the point is, Q had a path forward planned and ready. Instead, we were blessed by a major victory in the Senate, evicting the Never-Trumpers and gaining a secure majority which will allow us to keep installing judges and moving things forward in various committees).

These same criminals are now the ones trying to gaslight you into thinking that somehow, Q must be wrong in all of this; that he somehow doesn't know the real deal and has made some kind of fundamental miscalculation about the

Guys, believe me, I understand if you're disappointed by the loss of the House. I was upset, too.

But #ThePlan moves forward regardless.

highly suggest you stay tuned and watch how things continue to play out.

There will be surprises.

Okay, I think I've made my point. Time to get into #NewQ, starting off with the drops during the election:

Very grateful for everyone who voted and helped secure the Senate majority.

While you may still be feeling a bit of a sting over the House, fret not! Remember what Q has been saying for MONTHS:


Now... ask yourself... why would Q want to bring down a Republican-controlled House, if all those guys are now on Trump's side and helping him accomplish his agenda?

Doesn't make sense, does it?

No, you bring down your enemy's house, not your own!

Guys, I kind of mislead you above when I said that it would have been great to retain the House. In truth, I don't believe that was ever part of Q's plan.

Q always knew the Dems would get the House back.

It's like Judo; they used that to exhaust Democratic resources (think of the millions upon millions Steyer and others spent on this election - and for what? Failed Gillum and Abrams campaigns?) while gaining strategic ground. Literally every Candidate Trump stumped for won - and notice how many Governors were in that mix.

Why is that important?

Because once FISA "brings down the house" those Reps will be booted from their seats, and guess who gets to appoint new reps...

The Governors.

#Anon had this to say:

See? It was a strategic trade here. It doesn't matter if the Dems get the House, for now. They can't actually do anything with the House. Sure, it looks like a win for them on the surface... but it's possibly the worst thing that could have happened to them.

It's a beautiful threat, and one which the Dems know he will make good on.

Which brings me to the funniest tweet I read all day, courtesy of #QOTUS:

When I read this, I laughed out loud. This is too funny, and the thing is, he's totally serious. So now, the Dems get to duke it out among themselves as to who will get to be speaker. Discord is sewn among the Democratic ranks at the push of a button. It's beautiful to behold.

The bonus in all of this is that the Senate appointments last for 6 years, so Trump has a loyal Senate majority through the end of his second term (should be he re-elected, which... come on. It's gonna happen, folks!)

Stacy Dash has long been #redpilled:

And @IntheMatrix getting a double shout-out here! I've told you guys to give him a follow on Twitter or Gab! Make sure you do it!

Q coming in with the Justice Department reminder:

Which was the same number I told you to call previously, so that felt good!

But in all seriousness, I'm hearing a LOT of rumblings from poll workers who said this election was like nothing they've ever seen before.

One of the things that kept happening in two district near my home (according to two separate workers) were that people who had lived in the area for years and years and years suddenly weren't showing up on the books.

They kept having to turn away people, because their names weren't showing up in the voter registry.

Personally, over here, I think they cooked the books to exclude people and front-loaded the vote with early voter nonsense. In one district, there were 14,000+ early votes for one Democratic candidate... and that's something that has never happened before.

And on top of that, you've got the dual Muslimas getting elected, one of whom tweeted this out:

Muslim Brotherhood much?

Yeah, don't think they'll be around very long, frankly.

I think Q knew right about this time that we had what we needed...

I think we, the people, have a lot to repent for. Repent, not just for yourselves, but the sins of the nation, too.

SayIt⭐️⭐️⭐️OutLoud on TwitterSayItOutLoud on Twitter

"Who's jealous of Q?"


Nothing will stop what is coming!

Safe to say Q knew then that things had gone the way they wanted.

And then... this is just great!

"Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it."

Hey, that hat looks very familiar...

Oh yeah, on Twitter!Now where have I seen it before???


Wait, no, that wasn't it...

In all seriousness guys, thank you so much and I hope they bring you great joy. The shirts and the hats really helps me keep this site going every day, and I much prefer being able to exchange a tangible product, instead of just simply relying on donations. I've really tried to craft some unique and eye-catching designs cause so often these political shirts (especially on the Conservative side of things) tend to look so... cheesy and cheap. I didn't want that. I wanted to pique people's interest. I wanted them to look good wearing the designs. I wanted them to be conversation starters and keepsakes for years to come. I wanted clean, attractive, modern, and striking - and I think I've been able to deliver on that front!

And I don't think Addrian will mind me posting this, but she actually reached out to me on Gab, following her son getting featured by Q:

I was so glad to hear this - even moreso because the boy loves the hat. That's a fantastic feeling, and I hope he enjoys it for many years to come.

Also, Q, I got a free hat for POTUS if he wants it.

Heck, maybe I'll just send one over to the White House anyway!

Guys, I know many were upset when they read this - but shift your mindset. Mindset is so important! Our mindset determines our reality, and the whole purpose of the media is to demoralize and demonize you, by attacking your mind.

But YOU have the ultimate authority over what thoughts you allow to enter your mind. Your mind is like a fortress; your consciousness, the guards at the door.

You get to choose what thoughts you let in, and what thoughts you bar at the gate.

That's partially why wave after wave of shills attacked on the research boards, on voat, on Gab - everywhere #QAnons are present and organizing.

When viewed through that lens, you start to see how insidious it is. The shills are literally attempting to break in, and ransack your mind. The only solution, then, is to fight them off with equal and opposite thoughts!

TREMENDOUS SUCCESS, guys! It's okay if you're not feeling it right now. Some things take time. But also realize how much information warfare we've just experienced. It's okay to feel worn out after a major battle like the midterm elections.

But don't let you enemy get to determine your reality.

Go back to the beginning of this article. Remind yourself of why you are here, and what we are trying to do here. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start to look at the road ahead, because we haven't stopped moving.

We're only progressing; only moving forward from here.

Getting into the drop itself, Anon gives us a good line-by-line:

Another Anon expresses it further, and gives us a beautiful infographic (posted afterwards):

Full Size:

And here's the page Q referenced in the drop:

Tribunals are still coming, folks. NOTHING will stop them.

In other words...

How do you catch a FISH?

You're gonna laugh when you read Anon's answer:

#WhiteHats!! How long have I been trying to say this??

Can't forget #POTUS' tweets in all this:

We are very lucky - more than most people know.

Don't worry; they'll know soon enough.

"Mission forward."

How long has Q been talking about the Dems leaking classified intel? Months now! That wasn't exactly public news; the source of the leaks.

So to have POTUS confirming that, yes, the Dems are the source of the leaks and he knows it, well... I think we to mark that down as another #QConfirmation.

There's no way Feinstein will let Pelosi push forward with any kind of investigation. She'd sooner drive right out to her district, lock a couple of cement boots around Pelosi's boney, witchy ankles, and toss her off the end of Pier 39.

Q then responds to a conversation going on between #Anons, so I'm going to give you the context, first, before posting Q's reply:

And now, Q's response:

You're not going to get a nice timeline from Q. You're not going to get clean answers. You're going to have to think on your feet and hold on to hope.

That's your role in this battle.

Heck, I'm willing to bet the "2 year closer" timeline Q gave in these drops is false, too. How else to make the Dems relax a bit but to tell them, "Oh, Judgement Day is two years off." Make them feel like they have more time than they actually have, and then blitz them.

Here's the clip, in case you missed it:

Video Player00:0000:08

Hang in there, guys. We've got a ways to go, and a lot to do, still!


Godspeed, men.

Oh, and right about then, it came out that Sessions was resigning at the request of the President.

I'll admit, I wasn't expecting that right after the midterms, and it took me a moment to full understand why that had to occur, but man-oh-man, things are not looking too good for #TheCabal as a result.

Anon had this to say to those shocked by this development (of which, I admit, I was one... if but for a moment).

Here's Sessions' resignation letter:

Note... It's undated... implying that this was ready and waiting for the "go" signal.

Which, in my mind, underscores that this is what Q has always meant when he said "Activate Sessions." Activating him meant having him step down.


Because, if you haven't heard by now, whoever takes over gets put in charge of Mueller's Special Counsel investigation.

In short:

His replacement is Matthew Whitaker, and this is what the guy looks like:

I'm officially dubbing him #MrClean.

Or maybe I should call him Mr. Clean-and-Press. That's a powerlifting joke for those who may not be in the loop.

I like to throw around the barbell myself. I was banging out some squats on Monday and benching today, and as we say in that world-

"If the bar is bendin', you ain't pretendin.'"

What is that? Those plates look like 55s...  You've got 4 of them... Plus the 10s on the end. Bar is 45 lbs itself...

Dude looks like he just cleaned 285 lbs, folks, and even moreso... it looks like he's getting ready to press it overhead.

Soon after Mr. Clean stepped into his new role, rumblings or RR's resignation started bubbling up to the surface:

And I have to take some credit here, because for the longest time I've been saying that Trump would never fire RR; that RR had to resign, so POTUS could keep his hands clean and look as a-political as he possibly could.

Needless to say, #DiFiChiSpy wasn't pleased with this sudden development AT ALL:

Sorry Dems, looks like your "insurance policy" just ran out.

Amazing how it only took some 20 months for it to expire.

And no, you won't be able to renew it.

But wait, it gets even better!

Oh yeah, baby!

#NoCoincidences, Q.

I can testify to massive shilling, DDOS attempts, and other various assorted nonsense across the board today - and across Gab, as well.

Speaking of Gab, the Pennslyvania AG has been throwing a lot of nonsense their way. Seriously, this kind of behavior is inexcusable:

Pennsylvania Attorney General subpoenas Epik over domain name - Domain Name Wire | Domain Name News & Website StuffPennsylvania Attorney General subpoenas Epik over domain name - Domain Name Wire | Domain Name News & Website Stuff

AG asks Epik to hand over communications with Gab. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has asked domain name registrar Epik to send it information about its interactions with Gab, the social network that came under fire after one of its users shot people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. was registered at GoDaddy before moving ...

Domain Name Wire | Domain Name News & Website Stuff DOMAIN NAME WIRE | DOMAIN NAME NEWS & WEBSITE STUFF


Dems are DEAD!

Remember Q's movies from the other night?


Movie 2 has now begun!

Now this... I don't understand. It was really out-of-the-blue, as far as I can tell. Anons didn't seem to get much from this post, either.

We've dug on Watnick before, so feel free to review the past digs if you want, but I currently don't see how this relates to the other drops.

Nov 7th, the actual anniversary of #RedOctober!

"Red Line," in this instance, is a reference to the Eric Holder tweet we'll see in the next drop:

Almost immediately following Sessions' resignation, this site popped up online, organizing hundreds of pro-Mueller rallies around the nation:

Donald Trump just crossed a red line, violating the independence of the investigation pursuing criminal charges in the Trump-Russia scandal and cover-up.

Trump putting himself above the law is a threat to our democracy, and we've got to get Congress to stop him.

We're mobilizing immediately to demand accountability, because Trump is not above the law.

MSNBC (unsurprisingly), took up the rally cry:

Why, Maddow herself even started promoting it:

The rallying cry will now be "Constitutional Crisis" which... frankly, is a meaningless term to the Left. Trump is well within his Constitutional rights here. He hasn't violated any law. But that won't matter to the Left. To them, "Constitutional Crisis" basically means "ORANGE MAN DO THING I NO LIKE. I BURN TRASH CAN NOW. BASH FASH! BASH FASH!!"

And after this, Anons noticed #Antifa gathering around Tucker Carlson's house...

Turns out, they had Doxxed him, and a bunch of other Conservatives online:

And then, some coded calls for violence started making more sense - specifically, the activation phrase, "Sea to Shining Sea."

Anons noticed the message sent out...

And spread across various accounts:

Recall, all the way back to drop 395 in December of last year:

Definitely starting to put some more pieces of the puzzle together here...

And, as if to compound matters, yet another mass shooting occurred this evening:

Active shooter at Thousand Oaks RestaurantActive shooter at Thousand Oaks Restaurant

A mass shooting took place at a popular country bar in Thousand Oaks Wednesday night. KSBY.COM

Tragic. Simply tragic. Pray for peace.

But we're not taking this lying down - and neither is Q. His message, in response to these increased attacks, could not be clearer:

Brush up on your history with Q's wiki links, first:

And, like a cherry on top of a Sundae, Anon noticed a connection between the number of the post (PF #435), the amount of members in the house, and the how it relates to the "start" of this new "movie," Panic in DC.

Guys, things are heating up fast, so shake off any residual disappointment and get back in the arena! There's so much happening, and so much more yet to do!

And... it's kind of ironic when you think about it...

It all goes back to the very first QAnon post. You know, the one the #QHaters love to quote (and misquote) as having never come to pass:

Someone should have told them to be careful what they wished for.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing my articles today!

Guys, POTUS just confirmed that he is Q+. We are on the verge of the #GreatAwakening going mainstream, and your support is more important than ever! Gab just lost their Paypal and Stripe Payments integration, so I can't take donations through Gab right now. The site will remain online for the foreseeable future, but every dollar definitely helps me do what I do.

And one way you can support my efforts with the site is through the purchase of a shirt or an awesome #QAnon Hat, which you can order in the Neon Revolt Shop! These hats are great, with 3D puff embroidery, and I'm working with great manufacturer to get these made and distributed. People love the hats when they get them.

Shirts are still available in the sidebar, too, naturally.

Thanks so much for your continued support through this wild ride we call Q!

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