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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Russia To The U.S. – “We have found your biological weapons!”
By Patricia Harrity
Mar 9, 2022 - 4:02:42 PM

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"biological weapons!"



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The Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Maria Vladimirovna Zakharova,  told the United States on Wednesday, "We have found your biological weapons!"

This was following testimony from the US diplomat Victoria Nuland on Tuesday, who said that Ukraine has biological research facilities and added that Washington was working with Ukraine to prevent the facilities from falling into Russian forces' hands.

Although conversely, at a military briefing yesterday it was said that "The Pentagon bosses understand that if these collections fall into the hands of Russian experts, they will, with high probability, prove that Ukraine and the US violate the convention that prohibits biological and toxin-based weapons by conducting gain of function research.

Nuland Admits to US Biolabs in Ukraine

During her testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Nuland the US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs responded to Republican Senator Marco Rubo (Florida) who wanted to know whether Ukraine has Chemical or biological weapons.

Nuland who is infamous for her part in the 2014 Ukraine coup which would kill 14,000 warfare labs on Russia's borders, said that she was 100 percent sure that if there's a biological attack, then it would be by Russia.

U.S Funding of $11.8 million to Biolabs

This followed accusations from Moscow that Ukrainian authorities had been destroying pathogens that were being studied at 30 US-financed Biolabs in the country,

At a briefing on the medico-biological US activity in Ukraine yesterday, the Chief of the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection troops of the Russian Federation Armed Forces Lieutenant General Igor Kirillova said that the U.S was funding these Biolabs and the Russian defense ministry had repeatedly drawn attention to the Pentagon biowarfare programs in the post-Soviet areas.

Lieutenant General Kirillova said that from 2021, the Pentagon has been working on the diagnostic, observation, and prevention of zoonotic diseases in the Ukrainian military, with the funding of $11.8 million. and revealed that in 2020-21, the German Defense Department conducted studies in Ukraine of Crimean hemorrhage fever, leptospirosis, meningitis, hantavirus, as a part of the Ukrainian- German project for the security on the outside borders of the EU.

Additionally, Kirillova argues that under the "pretext of testing the means of treatment and prevention of the coronavirus infection, several thousand samples of serum of patients, primarily Slavs, were transported from Ukraine to the Walter Reed Army Institute in the US."

Increase in Infections

The Biolabs were being observed since 2014 and it was noted that under a "so-called" reform of the Ukrainian healthcare there had been a "sharp uncontrollable increase in the occurrence of dangerous and economically devastating infections."These included a rise in instances of rubella, diphtheria, tuberculosis, and cases of measles had increased more than 100-fold.

He continued that the World Health Organisation had declared Ukraine a country with a high risk of the polio epidemic, and Kirillova said that it was believed that in 2007 a strain of African swine plague with increased contagiousness was constructed in a biolab in Georgia run by the Pentagon and its spread significantly affected the economy of several countries.

Pathogens Point To Biowarfare Research

The Department of the Troop Protection constantly monitors the epidemiological situation in Ukraine and it has been observed that the biological programs were being closed in an "emergency fashion." in documents that were analysed Kirillova says that they reveal that on February 24th, the Ukrainian Health Ministry had ordered complete destruction of biological agents in the Ukrainian labs.

The analysis of instructions to the bio lab officials shows that samples must be destroyed irreversibly.

Igor Kirillova says that there was documentation to suggest that samples were destroyed that showed studies were conducted with bacteria causing plague, anthrax, and brucellosis in the Lvov biolab, and with pathogens causing diphtheria salmonellosis and dysentery in the Kharkov and Poltava Biolabs.

In fact, he said, "the high amounts of pathogens point to the biowarfare research."

The high probability, that this will prove that Ukraine and the US violate the convention that prohibits biological and toxin-based weapons by conducting gain of function research on microbial pathogens using methods of synthetic biology can be the only explanation for "such hurried elimination of samples, according to Igor Kirillova who concluded:

"This is only a small portion of the documents we found. We continue our investigation and will keep you informed,"

What Were You Doing There

Now today the Director from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation seems to be demanding answers

referring to the U.S government she said "Their attempts while spilling blood to find biological weapons around the world, well, in fact, occupying, killing people, they were looking in the wrong place. We have found, instead of you, we have found your own product, we have found your material, it was developed primarily for military purposes.

As it turns it was all happening in Ukraine, - "what were you doing there?" "It's a different continent, it has no borders with you, there are no bases of yours" - "What were they doing there under the guise of scientific research?

She continued, "your specialist among others, on a regular basis they were giving instructions to the Ukrainian side as to the purposes of their studies involved, now considering we have the evidence that cannot be refuted we demand that you provide details.

"The world must know, what you were intending to do there, to what end? To which deadline? What was the amount of the investment?"

I think we all look forward to those questions being answered.

Click on the picture below to see Maria Vladimirovna Zakharova,

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