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Russia Obliterates Oil Storage Facilities in Syria Used for Oil Stolen by US, Israel & Turkey
By Hal Turner Radio Show
Mar 6, 2021 - 9:23:31 PM

March 6th 2021


Giant escalation in Syria; could lead to immediate war

Hal Turner Radio Show

The Syrian Arab Army and Russian forces inside that country, fired Tochka Ballistic missiles at Oil Storage Tank Facilities being occupied by and used by the United States, Turkey and Israel, inside Syria.  Giant explosions levelled most of the storage tank farms, rendering it impossible for the US, Turkey or Israel to continue STEALING Syrian Oil; something that has been going on for years while the US was allegedly "fighting ISIS."

Video from the attacks as they began, is slowly filtering out of Syria.  In the short video clip below, after the first missile blew up some storage tanks, a second missile hits with spectacular effect, lighting the night sky for miles as the oil blew up:

More video from farther away:

The map below shows the area where the missile strikes took place: A second oil storage tank farm near Al-Bab, Syria, another part of the area directly controlled by US forces along with Turkish forces, which is the oil rich region of Syria:

Images coming out of Syria provide irrefutable proof the missiles used were Russian Tochka, also known in NATO circles as the SS-21.

The video below comes from a COVERT INTELLIGENCE SOURCE inside Syria, from directly next to the destroyed and burning oil storage tank farm: (Article continues below green subscriber only area below)

The missile debris in the second video above makes clear this was a RUSSIAN attack.   Initial intelligence estimates are saying Russia intentionally destroyed these Syrian oil storage facilities, likely with the permission of the Syrian government, to put an end to the rampant THEFT of Syrian oil by the United States, Turkey and most recently, Israel.

Conservative estimates reported that, during it's battle against ISIS, the USA stole $30 Million a month.   Later when Turkish troops entered Syria allegedly to contain the Kurds, Turkey began stealing the oil too, raising the amount stolen to about $60 Million a month.   Most recently, Israel allegedly joined the theft, and was allegedly stealing another 20-30 Million for themselves each month, causing Syria to lose upwards of $100 Million a month to this theft ring.

No one knows who is getting all the oil money.   Speculation exists that it is greasing the pockets of American military higher-ups, American politicians, and those of similar position in both Turkey and in Israel.  Russia just slapped all of them in the face and destroyed their money pipeline.  They can't steal the oil anymore because Russia just smashed the needed oil storage facilities from which the oil was being smuggled out of Syria.

With its free money pipeline cut off, the "Deep State" is likely to go berserk, and thus my former colleagues in the Intel Community tell me the push will be "on" in the Intel and military communities, to drive the US to direct war against Russia inside Syria.

My former colleagues also told me that the most immediate and likely retaliation will be a major escalation inside eastern Ukraine, as the US and the West strike back to cause big trouble for Russia.

The most staggering warning from my former colleagues is that "this situation could rapidly escalate to direct warfare, inside Syria, between the US and Russia, with a second front opened against Russia by Europe, with warfare in Ukraine on the continent of Europe."

We could be seeing the actual outbreak of what history may call World War 3.

No other mass media outlets are covering this either in the US or in Europe.  Both the American people and folks in Europe are blissfully unaware of how badly things have just escalated.  If war breaks out, the civilian populations in American and Europe will be caught completely off-guard and with no preparations.

Prep now.   Have emergency food, emergency water, spare supplies of medicines you may need.  Spare fuel.  Have a way to generate electricity.  Have CB or HAM radios for communications.

If this goes bad, it will go bad fast.


March 6, 2021 - 7:30 AM EST

The Russian missiles not only struck oil storage tank farms, they also went after the oil smuggling tanker trucks as well.  Entire parking areas filled with hundreds of smuggler tanker trucks were hit and destroyed.

This killed a number of truck drivers, but it also sent a message to every other truck driver: Don't be involved in stealing Syrian Oil for the Americans or anyone else, or YOU can be blown up too.

In one fell swoop, Russia stabbed the Syria smuggling and oil theft operation, directly in its heart.  Even if teh US, Turkey and Israel _wanted_ to continue stealing, no one in his right mind will drive a smuggling truck for them; for fear of being blown to bits by Russia missiles again.

The "Deep State" has had its illegal oil smuggling cash cow, slaughtered by Russia last night.


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