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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Rise Of The Religious Left
By William Mahoney PhD with comments by Ron
Mar 9, 2021 - 11:46:30 PM

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Print Friendly and PDFby William Mahoney, Ph.D.

  •       March 3,

Socialism and the Bible in a blender



The president of Union Theological Seminary in Manhattan recently spoke with Politico about the so-called religious left.

Serene Jones said she's been part of the religious left her entire life and claimed it's growing.

The president of the Manhattan seminary claimed: "The newer kid on the block is right-wing conservative Christianity, which gets most of the media attention as representing Christianity in the United States."

Jones: "I grew up with a very strong sense of the scary and really devastating presence of the far religious right."

Jones is a minister in two protestant denominations, the Christian Church, also known as Disciples of Christ, and the United Church of Christ.

Jones: "The Roman Catholic women ... still cannot get ordained."

In 2019, some of Jones' fellow ministers in the United Church of Christ traveled to a Planned Parenthood abortuary in Milwaukee.

Speaker outside abortuary: "We will walk together around [it], dropping petals that represent our care and our holding and our prayer for all people who need abortions and all of those who work with them."

Jones ascribes what Politico calls "increased talk of the religious left" to everything coming to a breaking point, which she thinks can be seen vividly by men on the religious left taking power, like Joe Biden and Raphael Warnock.

Jones noted Warnock, a fellow self-identifying pro-abort pastor, is a graduate of Union Theological Seminary, "of whom we are very proud."

Jones described the religious left as an interreligious reality, "a religious left that includes people from many religious traditions and spiritual people who may not have a specific tradition. That is going to keep growing."

The seminary president predicts that growth will give rise to hearing more about socialist ideas like Universal Basic Income and more institutions addressing what she classifies as white supremacy.

[Ron: The introduction of Universal Basic Income (UBI) would be like fiddling while Rome burns. The core problem is humanity's fixation upon the money meme and acceptance of the corrupt granting by governments of exclusive free licences to private corporations enabling them to create and control the distribution of the national currency (money) supplies of sovereign nations. These processes are unaudited and unsupervised and proudly touted as being NOT subject to government scrutiny and control! Licensing private corporations to create currency (ie fiat debt tokens fraudulently called money) out of thin air and to charge interest (usury) on it is the reason for global inequality, poverty, chaos, warfare and increasing global dystopia.

Moreover, the private corporations granted free licenses to create fiat currency out of thin air are also granted the right to provide or withhold that currency to whoever they please and to choose to vary the interest rates they charge. This means that the banksters granted the right to create fiat currency can give themselves and their brethren corporatists virtually as much currency as they please.* It also means that they have de facto control of the nations in which they operate.

* Incidently this means that the MEGA corporations owned by interlocking shareholdings by Talmudic corporatists don't really need to make profits. The pretence that they must make profits is used to screw down the salaries, wages and service payments to employees and sub contractors. It is also used to pressure governments and their constituents to acquiesce in giving tax breaks and othe rconcessions to corporations. To complete this charade Talmudic banksters and corporatists have forced governments to pass legislation REQUIRING that corporations have a legal obligation to maximise profits.

The dysfunctional nature of this globalist arrangement is made worse by corrupt governments mandating that all people within their jurisdiction(s) must exclusively use these bankster's  valueless fiat debt token currencies subject government enforcement using force and violence via fines and incarceration for breaches. Governments justify their prohibition of citizens free exercise of their God given rights and freedoms by  designating citizens created alternatives as counterfeit money. This corrupt empowerment and enrichment of a global cabal of generally unidentified private banksers and their corporations at the expense of the general population is lunacy and a recipe for global suicide by humanity on this planet.

Pretending to fix this problem by creating a Universal Basic Income (UBI) avoids the underlying issues. A UBI would be a giant government dole that more and more people would have to rely on. Why? Because already a handful of mega corporations control global banking, finance, communications, manufacturing, construction, transportation, healtcare, pharmaceutical, and food production and distribution. See eg: How Interlinked Corporations Rule The World

The Hidden-in-Plain-Sight Mechanism of the Super-Wealthy: Money-Laundering 2.0. See:

Corporate Transnational Warlord Pirates Are On the Run- Vanguard -

The corporate stranglehold on food and agriculture. -

How Billionaires Become Billionaires --

Which Companies Have The Most Tax Havens? -

How Did CEO Pay Get to 500 Times the Wages of Ordinary Workers? -

Moreover, Those corporate controllers of the global economy are increasingly relying on Artificial Intelligence, (AI) mechanisation, electronics and robotics in lieu of human labour to operate their industries and monopolies. As this process proceeds human labour will largely become redundant in the eyes of the Talmudic corporate matrix controllers. See eg: The Permanent Unemployment & Underemployment Economy -

A UBI would become welfare for capitalists as people could drive for Uber and work for Task Rabbit and Amazon et al for even lower wages than currently because UBI would subsidise the meager pay cheques of everyone especially those in the the sharing economy. The Tech companies and mega corporations generally could keep increasing their profits while facing even less pressure to pay living wages to what will increasingly become 'non employee' employees. At the same time the corporatists also literally own governments like the US Corporation (see eg: The USA Isn't a Country, It's a Corporation! - ).  Similarly private individuals own the Commonwealth of Australia and the governments of New Zealand, Canada and amany other nations. Accordingly they are able to have governments reduce corporate taxation and to turn a blind eye to tax avoidance and use of overseas tax havens. To add insult to injury corporations also demand government subsidies for industries they operate within nations even if they pay little or not taxation on the somewhat specious grounds that they provide employment opportunities to citizens. This process has to stop or mass unrest and starvation is likly to result.

A UBI would NOT address any of these issues. Rather, it would exacerbate the situation by giving everyone the same dole, ostensibly to destigmitise government assistance. That would mean that wealthy people including banksters and corporatists would get the same stipend as everyone else. The result would be that the wealth gap and inequality would continue to increase at the same time as the burgeoning unemployed and increasingly underpaid slave class expands. Moreover, criticism of the true exploiters, the banksters and their favoured corporatists, would decline as the UBI dependant masses will increasingly blame governments and not their covert bankster controllers for their growing poverty and misery.

A UBI could be calibrated so that it is just enough for people to survive. That will institutionalise poverty and dependence. As machines take over more and more jobs the life prospects for the ever growing unemployed and underemployed masses will disappear and they will become people without a purpose living from government pay cheque to pay cheque. Easy dehumanised cannon fodder and for the New World Order and its pedophalic and cannabalistic controllers.].


Jones: "If the world we are seeing now is a glimpse of the world to come, we need to have a course in public health and church. We need to have a course in eco-justice and church."

In various interviews, Jones has discussed her own life struggles. A big one was discovering, at the end of her mother's life, that her mom had been unfaithful to her father, which she said fractured his faith, stifling their conversations on theology she had previously enjoyed.





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How Interlinked Corporations Rule The World


The Hidden-in-Plain-Sight Mechanism of the Super-Wealthy: Money-Laundering 2.0. See:

Corporate Transnational Warlord Pirates Are On the Run- Vanguard -

The corporate stranglehold on food and agriculture. -

How Billionaires Become Billionaires --

Which Companies Have The Most Tax Havens? -

How Did CEO Pay Get to 500 Times the Wages of Ordinary Workers? -

The USA Isn't a Country, It's a Corporation! - )The Permanent Unemployment & Underemployment Economy -


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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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