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Political Information Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:23:11 PM

Remembering George H W Bush
By Mike King
Dec 6, 2018 - 1:47:45 AM

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NY Times: George Bush, 41st President, Dies at 94



*Because some of you have missed the humor in this piece and think we've gone soft, we wish to clarify that our "restraint" and "respect" for the deceased is purely sarcastic and satirical. Bush was clearly a wicked rat. Read between the lines, people! Boy oh boy -- what a rough crowd of loyal subscribers we have here at The Anti-New York Times. Within hours of the convenient death or disappearance of George H W Bush (more on that later), several readers e-mailed us expressing their eagerness to read our brass-knuckled "eulogy" of what one fan referred to as "that evil old bastard." Sorry to disappoint "youse guys," but out of a basic respect for the dead and for the office of the presidency, it's way too early to do a negative expose of Bush 41 -- in spite of his record. Not today. Not today.Image result for george bush Image result for bush heart doctor shotA little weird --- George Bush, wife Barbara Bush, and Bush's heart-doctor, Mark Hausknecht, all dead within seven months of each other (Hausknecht was killed in a drive-by bicycle shooting -- here) The appropriate time will come when we might note that Bush 41's snake of a father, Senator Prescott Bush (R-CT), was one of President Eisenhower's key hatchet men in the Senate that "Ike" used to degrade and finally take down the great anti-Communist / anti-Globalist fighter, Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin. -- It's just not a fitting time to cite such hard truths. And someday in the near future, we might remind people that Bush, while at Yale, belonged to the notorious "Skull & Bones" -- an elitist secret society whose members are often associated with the New World Order conspiracy. But not today.
And perhaps a few months from now, we might mention the fact that CIA agent Bush (39 at the time) was in Dallas on that fateful day that John F Kennedy was assassinated by the "Deep State" which the Bush clan has long served. But not now. It just ain't fittin'. Image result for skull and bones george hw bush Image result for in dallas george hw bush1. Behind the scenes, Globalist Eisenhower conspired with Senator Prescott Bush (and others) to betray fellow Republican Joe McCarthy. Prescott Bush's son and grandson will later become U.S. Presidents. // 2. Yale's elitist and super-secretive Skull & Bones has groomed many a conspirator and traitor. (Bush is circled) //  3. It has been confirmed (by old newspapers of the day) that Bush was in Dallas on the day of JFK's murder. The image appears to show him standing in front of the infamous "Texas School Book Depository."
We might one day mention that Bush headed the CIA at a time (late 1976-7's) when the agency was recruiting terrorists and other assorted mercenaries as part of the preliminary groundwork for staging a bloody, decade-long proxy war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. But not now. We might one day remind people of how, as a Republican primary candidate for president in 1980, Bush ridiculed fellow Republican Ronald Reagan's proposals for cutting tax rates as "voo doo economics" -- earning him the praise of Sulzberger's Slimes and Keynesian Marxist "economists" everywhere. ---  But not now.  And when we think the time is right, we might reveal the fact that the Bush Crime Family was directly linked to the Hinckley family which spawned John Hinckley Jr -- the almost-assassin (or patsy?) of President Ronald Reagan. Had Reagan died that day in 1981, CIA-VP Bush would have taken his place. But's it's waaay too soon to even mention such an explosive "conspiracy theory" TMImage result for russia afghanistan war time bear trap Image result for bush voodoo economicsImage result for bush hinckley1. The bloody and protracted "Afghanistan Bear Trap" was engineered, years in advance, by Bush's CIA. // 2. The commie-pinko press LOVED IT when "Republican" Bush trashed Reagan's tax-cutting proposals as "voodoo economics." // 3. Bush came within inches of becoming President ---  Headline: "Bush's son was to dine with suspect's brother."

And after a proper period of "national mourning" TM has passed, we might bring up the multiple tax increases which Bush, as President, eagerly signed into law in 1990. This was after having been elected in 1988 with the oft-repeated and shouted-out slogan, "Read my lips. No -- new-- taxes!" --- It's just not a proper time. Decorum, ya know.
In due time, we may talk about the very strange 1989 mini-war that first-year President Bush waged upon Panama for the purpose of shutting up Panamanian leader, Manuel Noriega. That mysterious adventure led to the aerial slaughter of several hundred Panamanian citizens, and the senseless deaths of 23 U.S. troops. -- But we won't bring up Panama today --- not good etiquette.
And maybe one day we'll point out how it was President Bush 41 who -- in a break from the policy of his predecessor, Ronald Reagan -- gave the final kick to the once prosperous and safe nation of South Africa -- thus helping to usher in the murderous, communist era of Nelson Mandela (one year after Bush left office) and his even worse successors. -- But not during the mourning period. OK?
Image result for bushread my lips Image result for bush bombed panama Image result for bush and mandela1. Bush's broken promise on tax-hikes caused conservatives to stay home in 1992 as Bush lost his re-election bid to Demonrat challenger Bill Clinton. // 2. Senseless carnage in Panama --- probably to silence Noriega about CIA drug-running. // Bush 41 accomplished what no Demonrat could have gotten away with. He cleaned up the reputation of the communist terrorist Nelson Mandela in preparation for Mandela's 1994 takeover -- and subsequent destruction -- of White ruled South Africa.
And after observing a period of respect for the deceased, we could review all of Papa Bush's lies which led to the first Gulf War in Kuwait / Iraq -- a bloody event which was the origin of 30 years (and counting) of chaos, severe economic hardship and torrential bloodshed for the various Arab peoples of the region; and the cause of the deaths of thousands of dead U.S. servicemen and tens of thousands more maimed; and the cause of TRILLIONS of dollars in wasted tax-payer resources. ---- Maybe later. And finally (though there's plenty more still to talk about, like Bush's connection to the Rockefellers and his membership in the CFR & TriLateral Commission!), we may eventually cite Bush's back-stabbing of a disintegrated Soviet Union and the new Russian state. It was the Bush / Council on Foreign Relation gang that dispatched an army of economic hit men to begin the rape of Russia which would then intensify during the 8-year reign of Kill & Killary Clinton. -- But now is simply not the time to even bring up such matters. Image result for highway death iraq kuwait Image result for bush gorbachov Image result for george bush and david rockefeller'1. "The Highway of Death" --- fleeing Iraqi troops and civilians were mass slaughtered in the most cowardly fashion. // 2. Working with the traitor Gorbachev, Bush laid the foundation for the coming rape of Russia -- a period of immense suffering and humiliation for Russia, in advance of what was supposed to be the final conquest of Eurasia for The New World Order. // 3. George Bush getting chummy with arch-Globalist gangster, David Rockefeller. The Bushes and the Rockefellers go back a long way.
Apart from the points of the Bush record of "service," we would like to mention the very convenient timing of this death. December 5th has been declared a "National Day of Morning." The significance of that day -- often referred to, for many weeks now, by Q-Anon as "D5" -- is that it was supposed to be the day that the House was to hear testimony from John Huber, the prosecutor appointed by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to probe criminal activity by the Clinton Foundation. That hearing will be postponed now because Trump is shutting down the government that day --- which is probably a smart move because we don't want Huber's potentially devastating testimony to be overshadowed by the usual media-circus associated with a state funeral. Anyway, we hope "youse guys" aren't too disappointed that we, out of respect, chose not to even mention any of the many misdeeds of Papa Bush. Maybe next year.Image result for george bush new world order its a big idea September 11, 1990 / Speech before Congress
"Once again, Americans have stepped forward to share a tearful good-bye with their families before leaving for a strange and distant shore. At this very moment, they serve together with Arabs, Europeans, Asians and Africans in defense of principle and the dream of a new world order.


Boobus Americanus 1: The New York Times, though a Democrat newspaper, spoke very highly of George Bush today.

Boobus Americanus 2: Bush was a class act. Donald Trump could have learned a thing or two about civility and bipartisanship from the late President Bush.

Sugar: "I'm glad that Globalisst sson-of-a-bitch is frickin' dead!"
Editor: Dammit, Sugar! Couldn't you at least wait until the funeral was over ?

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©2005-2019 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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