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Political Information Last Updated: Apr 23, 2018 - 7:54:11 PM

Putin Was There: The Day Britain’s Lights Finally Went Out !
By Phil Butler
Apr 23, 2018 - 7:52:23 PM

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Since just before the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia I've been a media analyst focused on the most widespread and belligerent propaganda campaign in the history of the world. Never in human history has there been more control of a singular message. Yes, the Nazis maintained such control over the Third Reich. And it's true the Chinese Communists under Chairman Mao flipped the light switch of truth on and off alternatively. However, these regimes did not hold a candle to the blistering and blinding brainwashing that our western mainstream media radiates today. What we are witnessing is almost on the level of total mind control, even to the point of herding humanity to its own doom. For those of us who somehow woke up out of the trance, the sheer magnitude of control almost cauterizes the brain.

Truth Sucking Octopus

For more than four years now independent and alternative media have investigated and uncovered the tentacles of this misinformation octopus. But the head of the beast, the purpose and soul behind the dark eyes focused on Russia, Putin, anyone or anything in opposition to the so-called "new order" has remained obscure. We can certify the technocrats and banking elites stand behind these new world crises, but discovering any single kingpin running the new war on Russia has proven difficult. We can easily spot the "agents" of the world order in key reporting positions. The narrative of "versus Putin" is, I guess, the antithesis of pro-Putin or Russia agnostic reporting. Gurus have risen, authors like at the New York Times' Steven Lee Meyers. And each one has his or her own credential, like Meyers's book "The New Tsar: The Rise and Reign of Vladimir Putin." Reading this author's Putin fantasy reminds us of the broken record spinning on the globalists' stereophonic turntable, the mind-numbing tune going something like this:

He has stifled his political opponents and enriched friends and cronies. He annexed a chunk of Ukraine, threw moral and military support to Syria 's dictator in a brutal civil war and tried to tip the scales in an American presidential election. For the second time in barely a decade, he stands accused of orchestrating the exotic poisoning of an exiled former intelligence operative in Britain.

Like all the other suction cups on this octopus' information tentacles, these alleged journalists lie. They mislead. They obscure the counter narrative. They hide the other side of reasoning from us all. In Meyer's most recent "story" there is no mention of the ousted Russian oligarchs who are cronies of Jacob Rothschild, for instance. And if you are a person of reason at all, you must ask; "How can this be?" Indeed, if Vladimir Putin is cushioning the world to comfort Gazprom oligarchs, then who do killers like Yukos Oil pirate Mikhail Khodorkovsky bow to? Furthermore, who is it that is "stifled" on the other end of the reality spectrum? I know you see my point.

Meyers and all the rest side with those who would overthrow the legitimate regime of President Bashar Hafez al- Assad. He and the other experts not only condone the manufactured civil war in Syria, they fight on the side of the creators of it. They cover up any hint of the truth of Syria. You must see this, for it is Vladimir Putin who bashed the menace that was ISIL. Have you not noticed there are no New York Times headlines about this terrorist menace any longer? I do not even have to argue this for anybody intelligent enough to read.

The New York Times and the rest, they simply do not employ anyone who would argue for a Russian. Hillary Clinton can leave a trail of slime 24,000 miles long in her path, but western journalism simply mops up behind. In America the narrative is so strong an ordinary person cannot possibly snap out of the trance. Putin, Putin, Putin is the cause of everything bad. And the global empowerment of the elite untouchables goes forward at breakneck speed. Barack Obama and Donald Trump can play international hit men for this order, they can sanction the assassination of the likes of Assad, Muhammar Gaddafi, or Iraq Saddam Hussein in broad daylight, but no one at the New York Times accuses them of killing off a double agent to make it look like Putin is a killer. You must see the idiocy of their chronicle! Hillary Clinton rigged the Democratic National Convention, but Vladimir Putin is accused of tampering with our democracy! Is realism even registering at all?

Putin Fingers the Switch

If Steven Lee Meyers were weaving bullshit for the liberal order alone, the world would not be in peril. You must see this. Reason out what is happening in Britain right now. The Prime Minister and the parliament are accusing Vladmir Putin of ordering the assassination of a mid-level MI6 double agent named Sergei Skripal with nerve agent. The Brits have thrown Russian diplomats out of the UK. And Trump and Germany's Merkel are on board to support the allegation without anyone presenting a shred of proof Skripal even came in contact with this deadly Russian made chemical weapon. Without showing any proof at all, the western world is prepared to go to declare all out war, when all is said and done. But this manufactured provocation gets even more interesting this morning. Now the UK government that runs the BBC is striking fear into the English accusing Putin and Russia of an impending cyberattack on that country's electric grid. This BBC report from "staff" (which means everybody at the BBC I guess) claims Vladimir is going to shut the lights off. In a sly move to absolve itself of begin accused of presenting more "fake news", BBC promulgates the big lie using stories from tabloids lie The Sunday Times. One headline reads; "Blackout threat to Britain from Russian cyber-attack, Crackdown on oligarchs' Londongrad wealth." So, if you're a Brit who did not read about Putin's next assault on the British Isles via one of the tabloids millions there read, BBC will link you to the story. It is here the ages old Brit genius comes in. Here is where the mortal danger of all these lies can be seen clearly.

From this morning onward, any time a light flickers in London or Edinburgh citizens will think it was Putin. I can almost see the Queen Mother or Lord Rothschild himself phoning up "Reginald" and barking the order; "Nnnn yeahsss Reginald, shut off the grid to strike fear in the hearts of our peasants!" Then BBC can either claim they reported the threat, or that they did not, depending on the public's reaction. Meanwhile in Washington, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles the "method" is carried out based on local audience disposition. Examples here are for another report, but proving a collusive and orchestrated message is really child's play. All we really need to look at is the headline of Steven Lee Meyers' latest Putin propaganda to fully understand the whole operation.

Be More Like Us - Be More Like Yeltsin Damnit

The new Cold War on Russia is simplified. Just turn truth and logic upside down, the people will believe anything. This statement by Meyers damns him with the rest of the elitist support cohort. Speaking of Putin's early moves as President, the NYTs columnist says:

When he first emerged on Russia's turbulent political scene, he appeared inclined to continue the embrace of the West that Mr. Yeltsin had pursued, however haphazardly.

My friends, Meyers has blown off his own foot framing the lost potential of Putin acting like Yeltsin in any fashion. First, Vladimir Putin did try and align Russia with Europe. But the EU banksters eventually needed to punish him for breaking up the Rothschild led privatization of Putin's country. Remember, Putin has been accused of betraying the New World Order on many occasions. Yeltsin paved the way for pirates and Russian mafia like Khodorkovsky, Boris Berezovsky, and British privateer Bill Browder of Hermitage Capital to start carving up Russia's riches. Octopus brain behind does not even deny the plan. This Politico propaganda piece discusses and discloses the reality with:

The post-World-War-II liberal world order and its accompanying security architecture ushered in an unparalleled period of growth and peace and prosperity for the U.S. and other transatlantic countries.

So, while you cannot identify exactly who runs the control cables to this dark creature whose arms ensnare us all, the drumming narrative does show you your enemy. The storytellers and financiers FOR this dastardly order are against the rest of us. The sides have been chosen, and the blood is already flowing. Who is responsible for the refugee crisis? Who stood behind ISIL and the killing of millions? The thieves, the killers, the predators who've stolen the richest of the Americas and Europe, they are not Putin. So the enemy of my friend must be my enemy. There is no longer any argument against.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he's an author of the recent bestseller "Putin's Praetorians" and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine "New Eastern Outlook."

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2018 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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