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President Macron's Amazing Admission
By The Saker with comments by Ron
Sep 17, 2019 - 10:42:13 PM

I don't know whether the supposedly Chinese curse really comes from China, but whether it does or not, we most certainly are cursed with living in some truly interesting timesIran won the first phase of the "tanker battle" against the AngloZionistsPutin offered to sell Russian hypersonic missiles to Trump (Putin has been trolling western leaders a lot lately) while Alexander Lukashenko took the extreme measure of completely shutting down the border between the Ukraine and Belarus due to the huge influx of weapons and nationalist extremists from the Ukraine. As he put it himself "if weapons fall into the hands of ordinary people and especially nationalist-minded people, wait for terrorism". He is quite right, of course. Still, there is a sweet irony here, or call it karma if you prefer, but for the Ukronazis who promised their people a visa-free entrance into the EU (for tourism only, and if you have money to spend, but still...), and yet 5 years into that obscene experiment of creating a rabidly russophobic Ukraine and 100 days (or so) into Zelenskii's presidency, we have the Ukraine's closest and most supportive neighbor forced to totally shut down its border due to the truly phenomenal toxicity of the Ukrainian society! But, then again, the Ukraine is such a basket-case that we can count on "most interesting" things (in the sense of the Chinese curse, of course) happening there too.

[Sidebar: interestingly, one of the people the Ukrainians gave up in this exchange was Vladimir Tsemakh, a native of the Donbass who was kidnapped by the Ukie SBU in Novorussia (our noble "Europeans" did not object to such methods!) and declared the "star witness" against Russia in the MH-17 (pseudo-)investigation. Even more pathetic is that the Dutch apparently fully endorsed this load of crapola. Finally, and just for a good laugh, check out how the infamous' Bellincat presented Tsemakh. And then, suddenly, everybody seem to "forget" that "star witness" and now the Ukies have sent him to Russia. Amazing how fast stuff gets lost in the collective western memory hole...]

Right now there seems to be a tug of war taking place between the more mentally sane elements of the Zelenskii administration and the various nationalist extremists in the SBU, deathsquads and even regular armed forces. Thus we see these apparently contradictory developments taking place: on on hand, the Ukraine finally agreed to a prisoner swap with Russia (a painful one for Russia as Russia mostly traded real criminals, including a least two bona fide Ukie terrorist, against what are mostly civilian hostages, but Putin decided - correctly I think - that freeing Russian nationalists from Ukie jails was more important in this case) while on the other hand, the Ukronazi armed forces increased their shelling, even with 152mm howitzers which fire 50kg high explosive fragmentation shells, against the Donbass. Whatever may be the case, this prisoner swap, no matter how one-sided and unfair, is a positive development which might mark the beginning of a pragmatic and less ideological attitude in Kiev.

Urkoterrorists Sentsov and Kol'chenko

Some very cautious beginnings of a little hint of optimism might be in order following that exchange, but the big stuff seems to be scheduled for the meeting of the Normandy Group (NG), probably in France. So far, the Russians have made it very clear that they will not meet just for the hell of meeting, and that the only circumstance in which the Russians will agree to a NG meeting would be if it has good chances of yielding meaningful results which, translated from Russian diplomatic language simply means "if/when Kiev stops stonewalling and sabotaging everything". Specifically, the Russians are demanding that Zelenskii commit in writing to the so-called "Steinmeier formula" and that the Ukrainian forces withdraw from the line of contact. Will that happen? Maybe. We shall soon find out.

But the single most amazing event of the past couple of weeks was the absolutely astonishing speech French President Emmanuel Macron made in front of an assembly of ambassadors.

[Ron: SerialBrain2 explained the reason for this in: Trump's Big Victories at the G7 - Part 3: The Power of Melanias wardtobe -].

I could not find the full speech translated into English (I may have missed it somewhere), so I will post the crucial excerpts in French and translate them myself. If I find a full, official, translation I will post it under this column ASAP. For the time being, this is the link to the full speech transcript in French:

Let's immediately begin with some of the most incredible excerpts, emphasis added by me: (sorry for the long quote but, truly, each word counts!)

L'ordre international est bousculé de manière inédite mais surtout avec, si je puis dire, un grand bouleversement qui se fait sans doute pour la première fois dans notre histoire à peu près dans tous les domaines, avec une magnitude profondément historique. C'est d'abord une transformation, une recomposition géopolitique et stratégique. Nous sommes sans doute en train de vivre la fin de l'hégémonie occidentale sur le monde. Nous nous étions habitués à un ordre international qui depuis le 18ème siècle reposait sur une hégémonie occidentale, vraisemblablement française au 18ème siècle, par l'inspiration des Lumières ; sans doute britannique au 19ème grâce à la révolution industrielle et raisonnablement américaine au 20ème grâce aux 2 grands conflits et à la domination économique et politique de cette puissance. Les choses changent. Et elles sont profondément bousculées par les erreurs des Occidentaux dans certaines crises, par les choix aussi américains depuis plusieurs années et qui n'ont pas commencé avec cette administration mais qui conduisent à revisiter certaines implications dans des conflits au Proche et Moyen-Orient et ailleurs, et à repenser une stratégie profonde, diplomatique et militaire, et parfois des éléments de solidarité dont nous pensions qu'ils étaient des intangibles pour l'éternité même si nous avions constitué ensemble dans des moments géopolitiques qui pourtant aujourd'hui ont changé. Et puis c'est aussi l'émergence de nouvelles puissances dont nous avons sans doute longtemps sous-estimé l'impact. La Chine au premier rang mais également la stratégie russe menée, il faut bien le dire, depuis quelques années avec plus de succès. J'y reviendrai. L'Inde qui émerge, ces nouvelles économies qui deviennent aussi des puissances pas seulement économiques mais politiques et qui se pensent comme certains ont pu l'écrire, comme de véritables États civilisations et qui viennent non seulement bousculer notre ordre international, qui viennent peser dans l'ordre économique mais qui viennent aussi repenser l'ordre politique et l'imaginaire politique qui va avec, avec beaucoup de force et beaucoup plus d'inspiration que nous n'en avons. Regardons l'Inde, la Russie et la Chine. Elles ont une inspiration politique beaucoup plus forte que les Européens aujourd'hui. Elles pensent le monde avec une vraie logique, une vraie philosophie, un imaginaire que nous avons un peu perdu

Here is my informal translation of these words:

The international order is being shaken in an unprecedented manner, above all with, if I may say so, by the great upheaval that is undoubtedly taking place for the first time in our history, in almost every field and with a profoundly historic magnitude. The first thing we observe is a major transformation, a geopolitical and strategic re-composition. We are undoubtedly experiencing the end of Western hegemony over the world. We were accustomed to an international order which, since the 18th century, rested on a Western hegemony, mostly French in the 18th century, by the inspiration of the Enlightenment; then mostly British in the 19th century thanks to the Industrial Revolution and, finally, mostly American in the 20th century thanks to the 2 great conflicts and the economic and political domination of this power. Things change. And they are now deeply shaken by the mistakes of Westerners in certain crises, by the choices that have been made by Americans for several years which did not start with this administration, but which lead to revisiting certain implications in conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere, and to rethinking a deep, diplomatic and military strategy, and sometimes elements of solidarity that we thought were intangible for eternity, even if we had constituted together in geopolitical moments that have changed. And then there is the emergence of new powers whose impact we have probably underestimated for a long time. China is at the forefront, but also the Russian strategy, which has, it must be said, been pursued more successfully in recent years. I will come back to that. India that is emerging, these new economies that are also becoming powers not only economic but political and that think themselves, as some have written, as real "civilizational states" which now come not only to shake up our international order but who also come to weigh in on the economic order and to rethink the political order and the political imagination that goes with it, with much dynamism and much more inspiration than we have. Look at India, Russia and China. They have a much stronger political inspiration than Europeans today. They think about our planet with a true logic, a true philosophy, an imagination that we've lost a little bit.

Now let's unpack these key statements one by one:

1) " great upheaval that is undoubtedly taking place for the first time in our history in almost every field and with a profoundly historic magnitude"

Here Macron sets the stage for some truly momentous observations: what will be discussed next is not only a major event, but one without precedent in history (whether French or European). Furthermore, what will be discussed next, affects "almost every field" and with huge historical implications.

2) "We are undoubtedly experiencing the end of Western hegemony over the world"

When I read that, my first and rather infantile reaction was to exclaim "really?! No kiddin'?! Who would have thought!?" After all, some of us have been saying that for a long, long while, but never-mind that. What is important is that even a Rothschild-puppet like Macron had to finally speak these words. Oh sure, he probably felt as happy as the Captain of the Titanic when he had to (finally!) order a general evacuation of this putatively unsinkable ship, but nonetheless - he did do it. From now on, the notion of the end of the western hegemony on the planet is no more relegated to what the leaders of the Empire and their propaganda machine like to call "fringe extremists" and has now fully entered the (supposedly) "respectable" and "mainstream" public discourse. This is a huge victory for all of us who have been saying the same things for years already.

3) "by the mistakes of Westerners in certain crises, by the choices that have been made by Americans for several years"

Here, again, I feel like engaging in some petty self-congratulation and want to say "I told you that too!", but that would really be infantile, would it not? But yeah, while the internal contradictions of western materialism in general, and of AngloZionist Capitalism specifically, have been catching up with the Western World and while an eventual catastrophic crisis was inevitable, it also sure is true that western leaders mostly did it to themselves; at the very least, they dramatically accelerated these processes. In this context, I would single out the following politicians for a nomination to a medal for exceptional service in the destruction of the western hegemony over our long-suffering planet: Donald Trump and Barak Obama, of course, but also François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron (yes, he too even if he now changes his tune!), Angela Merkel, of course, and then last but not least, every single British Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher (maybe with special commendation for Teresa May). Who knows, maybe they were all KGB/GRU/SVR agents after all? (just kiddin'!)

4) " the emergence of new powers whose impact we have probably underestimated for a long time. China is at the forefront, but also the Russian strategy, which has, it must be said, been pursued more successfully in recent years"

Next, it's not only China. Russia too is a major competitor, and a very successful one at that, hence the admission that in spite of all the efforts of the AngloZionist elites not only did the Empire not succeed in breaking Russia, but Russia has been very successful in defeating the western efforts. To those interested, I highly recommend this article by Jon Hellevig on the true state of the Russian economy. Finally, in military terms, Russia has achieved more than parity. In fact, I would argue that at least in terms of quality the Russian armed forces are ahead in several crucial technologies (hypersonic missiles, air defenses, electronic warfare etc.) even while she still lags behind in other technologies (mostly truly obsolete things like aircraft carriers). But most crucial is the political victory of Russia: five years after the Euromaidan and the liberation of Crimea from the Nazi yoke, the USA is far more isolated than Russia. It's comical, really!

5) "real "civilizational states" which now come not only to shake up our international order"

I have been speaking about a unique, and very distinct, "Russian civilizational realm" in many of my writings and I am quite happy to see Macron using almost the same words. Of course, Macron did not only mean Russia here, but also India and China. Still, and although the Russian nation is much younger than the one of China or, even more so India, 1000 years of Russian civilization does deserve to be listed next to these two other giants of world history. And what is absolutely certain is that China and India could never build the new international order they want without Russia, at least for the foreseeable future. In spite of all the very real progress made recently by the Chinese armed forces (and, to a lesser degree, also the Indian ones), Russia still remains a much stronger military power than China. What Russia, China and India are, is that they are all former empires which have given up on imperialism and who know [sic] only aspire to be powerful, but nevertheless "normal" nations. Just by their size and geography, these are "un-invadable" countries who all present a distinct model of development and who want a multi-polar international order which would allow them to safely achieve their goals. In other words, Macron understands that the future international order will be dictated by China, Russia and India and not by any combination of western powers. Quite an admission indeed!

6) " Look at India, Russia and China. They have a much stronger political inspiration than Europeans today. They think about our planet with a true logic, a true philosophy, an imagination that we've lost a little bit."

This is the "core BRICS" challenge to the Empire: China and Russia have already established what the Chinese call a "Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Coordination for the New Era". If they can now extend this kind of informal but extremely profound partnership (I think of it as "symbiotic") to India next, then the BRICS will have a formidable future (especially after the Brazilian people give the boot to Bolsonaro and his US patrons). Should that fail and should India chose to remain outside this unique relationship, then the SCO will become the main game in town. And yes, Macron is spot on: China and, especially, Russia have a fundamentally different worldview and, unlike the western one, theirs does have "much stronger political" goals (Macron used the word "aspirations"), "a real philosophy and imagination" which the West has lost, and not just a "little bit" but, I would argue, completely. But one way or the other, and for the first time in 1000 years, the future of our planet will not be decided anywhere in the West, not in Europe (old or "new"), but in Asia, primarily by the Russian-Chinese alliance. As I explained here, the AngloZionist Empire is probably the last one in history, definitely the last western one.

Now we should not be naïve here, Macron did not suddenly find religion, grow a conscience or suddenly become an expert on international relations. There is, of course, a cynical reason why he is changing his tune. In fact, there are several such reasons.

First, it appears that the on and off bromance between Macron and Trump is over.

[Ron: I disagree. Arguably Macron is doing what President Trump and the Triodity want.].

Second, all of Europe is in free fall socially, economically and, of course, politically. And with a total nutcase in power in London dealing with Brexit [Ron: I disagree. Boris Johnson is assisting Trump and the Triodity to eliminate the demonic global bankster controllers and their Deep State accomplices.]. and with Angela Merkel's apparently never-ending political agony, it is only logical for a French head of state to try to step in.

[Ron: I disagree. Macron is doing what President Trump is requiring him to do.].

Furthermore, while I have always said that Russia is not part of Europe culturally and spiritually, Russia is very much part of Europe geographically, economically and politically and there is simply no way for any imaginable alliance of European states to save Europe from its current predicament without Russian help. Like it or not, that is a fact, irrespective of whether politician or commentator X, Y or Z realizes this or not. Macron probably figured out that the so-called "East Europeans" are nothing but cheap prostitutes doing whatever Uncle Shmuel wants them to do, Germany is collapsing under the weight of Merkel's "brilliant" [Ron: Talmudic] immigration policy while the UK under BoJo is busy trying to self-destruct at least as fast as the USA under Trump.

[Ron: As usual the Saker is displaying his ignorance of the characters and motives of key leaders, other than Putin, who are currently resolving global geopolitical issues and eliminating our erstwhile demonic global bankster controllers and their puppets and Deep State minions.] .

Macron is right. If united, Russia and France could build a much safer Europe than the one we see slowly and painfully dying before our eyes today. But he is also wrong if he thinks that Russia can be "re-invited" back into the AngloZionist sphere of influence. In that context, Putin's reply to the question of whether Russia was willing to return to the G8 is very telling: first he said that if the G7 wants to come back to Russia, Putin would welcome that, but then he also added that the G7/8 is useless without, yes, you guessed it, China and India.

It will be interesting to see if the current G7 will ever agree to mutate into a new G10 which would make Russia, China and India the most powerful block (or voting group) of this new forum. I personally doubt it very much, but then they are becoming desperate and Macron's words seem to be indicating that this option is at least being discussed behind closed doors. Frankly, considering how quickly the G7 is becoming utterly irrelevant, I expect it to be gradually phased out and replaced by the (objectively much more relevant) G20.

Finally, there are Trump's efforts into getting Russia back into the G8 which are very transparently linked to the current trade war and geostrategic competition between the US and China. [Ron: I disagree. Russian President Putin is part of the Triodity that is wrestin g control of this planet and its inhabitants  from the demonic banksters.].The offer is useless to Russia, just like the return to PACE, but Russia does not want to needlessly offend anybody and that is why Putin did not publicly rebuff Trump or directly refuse to come to Miami: instead, he approved of the general concept, but offered a better way to go about it. Typical Putin.

Conclusion: Macron reads the writing on the wall

Whatever his political motives to say what he said, Macron is no idiot and neither are his advisors. Neither is this a "one off" thing. The French meant every word Macron spoke and they are putting everybody on notice (including the Ukrainians, the US, the EU and the Russians, of course). In fact, Macron has already invited Putin to participate in a Normandy Format meeting in Paris in the very near future. If that meeting eventually does take place, this will mean that the organizers gave Putin guarantees that this will not just be the usual kaffeeklatsch and that some serious results will finally be obtained. That, in turn, means that somebody - probably the French - will have the unpleasant task of telling the Ukrainians that the party is over and that they now need to get their act together and start implementing the Minsk Agreements, something which Zelenskii might or might not try to do, but which the real gun-toting Ukronazis will never accept. Thus, if the West is really serious about forcing Kiev to abide by the Mink Agreements, then the West has to finally give-up its self-defeating russophobic hysteria and substantially change their tone about the Ukraine. To invite Putin to Paris just to tell him again that Russia (which is not even a party to the Minsk Agreements) "must do more" makes zero sense. Therefore, all the other parties will have to come to terms with reality before inviting Putin. Apparently, this might be happening in Paris. As for Trump, he just offered to mediate (if asked to do so) between Russia and the Ukraine.

It shall be extremely interesting to see if this Normandy Format meeting does actually take place and what role, if any, Trump and the USA will play behind the scenes. We shall then know if Macron's epiphany was just a one-time fluke or not.

[Colour fonts, bolding, underlining and comments in square brackets added. I haven't read the comments.].

*  *  *


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PS: the latest rumor from the Ukraine: Zelenskii supporters are saying that Poroshenko is preparing a coup against Zelenskii and that he is preparing a special force of Ukronazi deathsquads to execute that coup. Dunno about a real coup, but they have already blocked the Rada. Never a dull moment indeed... :-)


  1. Give yourself some credit, Saker. Macron has only admitted this because people like you are presentig the truth to the world, and because of you and others, the truth is “out there”. If no one spoke the truth, then Macron and the whole Western terror infrastructure would keep on murdering and stealing and saying that they’re bringing democracy to the world.

    • pdb

      Yes, The Saker and others have been presenting the truth, which cannot be hidden any more. On the other hand, one must ask what Macron is up to. As The Saker correctly pointed out, Macron is a Rothschild’s puppet. Would he have dared say all that if somebody did not give him the nod ? I think not. So, what is the motive ?

      I have to disagree slightly with The Saker that Germany under Merkel is falling apart. France is in even worse shape than Germany when it comes to immigration, although Germany has it’s problems. For the past two years analysts have been stating that it is only a matter of time before Germany joins the Euro-Asian Economic Union, after which it will, in due course, leave NATO. Sounds logical, bearing in mind that Germany sidestepped sanctions against Russia by opening subsidiaries, like the Mercedes plant just outside Moscow.
      As far as I see (at least at the present moment), the Rothschild’s have give Macron the task of joining the Eastern economic “clubs” in order to act as a counterweight to future German influence. I think that both Putin and the Germans understand this, and they probably won’t object, as France is no match for Germany when it comes to economic power.

      There is another factor which needs to be taken in to consideration. For the past two years analysts have been stating that it’s only a matter of time before a rift occurs between European and US elites. Politics is politics, but economic policies and interests rule, and Europeans have bitterly resented the billions of euros they lost in trade with Russia.

      Finally, when it comes to the US, it has, since 1776, been a private Rothschild’s colony, created to further banker interests. One can say that it’s demise is approaching, which for the Rotschild’s is of no serious consequence. If you look at the Panarin map of 1998, the former Confederacy will be resurrected, while the northern and central US states will join Canada, which will take over from the US. The President of Canada is the Queen of England, who is also the President of Australia and New Zealand.

      About eight years ago one analyst has reported that London and Moscow were holding covert talks on the UK joining the BRICS. I don’t know what the results of these negotiations were, but I would not be surprised if they were really held. Since the Rotschild’s could not break up Russia, they are now changing tactics and trying to penetrate the eastern economic “clubs”, offering the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as trading zones, backed by Scandinavian countries. We shall see what the outcome will be.

      • B.F.

        What I forgot to mention in my above comment was that as soon as Macron made his speech, bankers in London proposed introducing a global digital currency which would replace the dollar, the intent being, of course, to have private bankers control global finances. Laughable. Neither Russia nor China would consent to such an absurd proposal, having their finances and economies ruled by funny money. Both countries have been accumulating gold for years, and it’s only a matter of time before both introduce gold backed currencies.

      • I am German and I must say I do not share your view at all. Germany has been on the decline for decades now, what prepped it up was a regular supply of fresh bodies injected into the economy.

        Germany, in the last few decades, took in millions of Turks, Greeks, Italians, Russians, Poles, vast majority of them in that order separated by a decade, give our take a few years. The migrant “crisis” is nothing more than the latest batch of able bodies being fed to the declining economy. Instead of finally addressing the problem of declining demographics figures, declining marriages and child birth, they’d rather just keep getting fresh bodies from somewhere else. To make things worse, the existing workforce becomes less productive with each year, due to the rising mental health issues like depression. For which there are a lot of reasons, most of which are not mental at all, instead they are physical issues which cause mental health decline, like issues with gut health and nutrient deficiencies.

        But I digress, Schröder, the chancellor before Merkel, was the Hammer of neoliberalism, we are yet to suffer the full effects of his disastrous, thieving policies as some of them do not take full effect until 2025. Meanwhile Merkel is the scalpel, she operates more subtly but her policies are just as horrible for the people. As evidenced by retirees going through the trash in the parks in Berlin looking for food, after 14 years of Merkel… and I still hear people say how horrible Schröder was.

        As of right now, we have nobody to vote for. Merkels CDU is garbage, their coalition party SPD is even worse, the “Greens” are the absolute worst of them all. Their policies are neither green nor peaceful, they, along with the SPD, have gotten Germany into our first illegal war since 1945 and they beat about it these days like it’s an accomplishment, the “Browns” would be a more accurate name for this fascist bunch of scum. Did I mention they are fitting at the mouth russophobes? To be fair, so are CDU and SPD, but their Nazi-echoing can’t hold a candle to the warmongering Greens.

        Then there are the neoliberal purebreds, the FDP, in other words, useless, also irrelevant. The AFD is like Trump, says the things the idiot sheep want to hear, then turns around and does the exact opposite, pro-NATO, pro-Israel, pro-war, not Greens anti – Russia, but that glimmer of light is lost in a sea of darkness. The Linke (Left) are the best of them all, which is like saying I’d rather lose a limb than lose my head. They are spending the vast majority of time and energy fighting amongst themselves instead of having a clear direction, they would easily get 50% of the vote in the general election if they pulled their head out of their ass and started to take things more seriously. They are saying all the right things but don’t do anything to back them up.

        The AFD has made it to 25% now within 6 years, all while having the right wing Nazi stigma stuck to it for most of it. In light of that, the Linke is, honestly, just pathetic.

        Germany is screwed, there is no better way of putting it. The pathetic jokes masquerading as our leaders are too stupid to reverse the disastrous course they themselves know is the wrong one. They are still holding out hope for someone else to replace Trump and “normalize” the relationship between master and slave.

        • The “diasterous” course is not that for them. They are not stupid. To imagine they are stupid jokers is the true disaster for most of us.

          Most everyone, everywhere are screwed. The plan is in fine fettle and working 100%.

          • Wrong. To assume they have control over the idiotic nonsense they do is to presume them to be geniuses. For example, I can think of a thousand words to describe this tiny joke of a man posing as our foreign minister, Heiko Maas, not one of them would be smart, clever or even genius. This guy is an incompetent moron, put in place because the elites value obedience, corruption, moral bankruptcy and russophobia above integrity, competence etc.

            Once positions of power start being filled by people who are in agreement with the kingmaker more than they are competent at what they do, it starts a decline which leads to the demise of empires.

            If what you are saying is true, empires would be everlasting because the people running them would be smart and competent enough to keep them running indefinitely. Yet they don’t, they collapse. Looking at the policies of the US, UK, EU of the last 5-10 years, no one in their right mind would say they got it all figured out and this chaos is all according to some higher plan. Sometimes things really are the way they appear.

            • anonymous, serg of i can tentitavely see this on two levels: there is a matter of plain facts and there are matters of grade.
              Any so to say omnipotent rulers are brought to self assuring arrogance, shortsightedness and plain pursuit of (neo liberal) short-run< shortest possible run- advantages.
              This is matter of fact and it leads empires to collapse and ruin.
              Arguably the other face is the matter of grading. Which domain I do not figure wave the shiniest flag or be the doom front runner… in this aspect among the european actors.
              But I guess I know of two things, which is no merit at all. One is that history's pace if much muuch faster today, nowadays. The other is the absolute Champ on both horns of this suicidal path is good old U S of A.
              Whose footsteps you, Europeans, have either merrily or forcibly or understandably followed for the last 70 years. I can understand without any moral judgement you had no reason to change or set apart: Euros from the pole to Meditarranean have in general comfortably sat down on the pleasant and reassuring living standards ever since. [despite some temporary shakes and quakes now and then].
              But of course, just as Macron suggested to his ambassadors in a recent
              memorable talk, time is ripe for a change.

          • The hand writing on the wall has been documented for thousands of years and is almost complete:

            Daniel 2:40-43 And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron, forasmuch as iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things; and as iron that crusheth all these, shall it break in pieces and crush. (41) And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters’ clay, and part of iron, it shall be a divided kingdom; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay. (42) And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken. (43) And whereas thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men; but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron doth not mingle with clay.

            The tribulation will run concurrently with the next decade:


        • Yes-the German ‘Greens’ have proven truly repulsive. But ‘decline’ is far, far, better than endless growth, the mentality of the cancer. We will have decline, that’s certain, the only question being whether it is gradual and planned, with humanity protected, or rapid and calamitous collapse with humanity obliterated. And you don’t have much time left to choose which path to take.

    • Even though the Saker (and others) have been saying this for a while, I was completely shocked when Macron’s statements came out. I had always considered Macron to be a complete idiot. I considered him to be a sort of “George-Bush-spoiled-child-born-into-privilege” type of guy. The type of a guy who would continue reading a book about goats as his country was under attack. I was lucky I was sitting down when I read his statements.

      I still have a hard time believing that he actually authored these remarks. My own belief is that these are not Macron’s ideas, they are the ideas of the financiers and oligarchs whom he represents. These guys understand that the ship is going down and don’t want to go down with it.

      • Mike from Jersey

        Macron is not an idiot, but a Rothschild’s puppet. Since 1999 I have been reading comments from analysts on economic and financial matters, and even back then they were stating that Western finances were going down the hill. As the late Lyndon LaRouche stated, the only thing that can save the US dollar was the plunder of Siberia and the Caspian region of Russia. This means Russia had to be broken up and plundered in the name of “democracy” and “human rights”. It did not happen. Now the West is in big trouble, as both the dollar and euro are printed backed by nothing. A crash is inevitable. The bankers are now, and not before, trying to be “honest” and admit the obvious when it comes to the US dollar. And their solution ? Introduction of a global digital currency, which would take over from the dollar and give private bankers even more power. Laughable. Imagine Russia and China placing their finances and economies in the hands of funny money known as digital currencies. Both countries have for years been accumulating gold, and it’s only a matter of time before they introduce gold backed currencies. Can the West do the same ? This is the reason why Macron is courting Russia, with Trump proposing that Russia be readmitted into G-8. Well, Putin will play along, but he will not alter his plans for Russia, making the country self sufficient and staying sovereign, nor will he fall for the old divide and conquer tactic, accepting the West at the expense of China.

    • @Pdb

      I agree he (Saker) does deserve credit for having the balls and the stubbornness to propagate these models to intellectuals with influence. This is the key differentiator between his blog and others that published similar observations: The fact that key editors, and policy makers do frequent this site and mine it for policy and geopolitical model insight “gold nuggets”. Saker is a lot more influential than he seems to let on, or perhaps he’s too humble to accept it, I don’t know, but, influential he is.

      I’m not being a sycophant in stating the above, only stating what I believe to be true, as example I don’t agree with some base-points of Sakers model (specifically the emphasis on China, which I know is much weaker than it lets on (from direct sources within Asia), and has, I believe, a closet expansionist power tendencies (economically and along its borders)), however, overall Saker has hit ball on head 80 to 90% dead on.

      What are the challenges that face the RIC trio and the scenario of the power-shift to Asia as outlined in this article and acknowledged by Macron?

      1) That Russia stay the course, not waver, and continue to enhance their military and increase their technology lead. That Russia continue to actively support multipolarity as a key existential imperative. This includes willing to oppose China whenever Beijing policy makers exhibit pretensions of hegemony. That Russia continue to maintain a firm but fair hand as the umpire of the RIC.

      2) That India not make the stupid mistake of straight-jacketing its own foreign policy flexibility by integrating too closely with the US MiC. From recent decisions by the Indian MoD and Modi in Valdai as well as India giving the Anglo-West the finger on Kashmir, it looks like we’re past this danger point, but still we need India to follow up in its support of Russia in terms of investments, trade and military technology cooperation as well as expanding Russia’s military equipment manufacturing ecosphere (imagine India’s massive labor force and military demands giving Russian military and aviation sectors the economies of scale that would allow Russia to afford greater volumes of equipment for their own forces -mitigating the relatively small size of Russia’s population and labor force vis a vis the billion person West). The West has enjoyed economies of scale on defense and aviation equipment production and cost spreading that Russia, post Soviet era just doesn’t have.

      3) That India and China be respectful of each other redlines: as an example, India give China a reassurance that they will not support the West if a war breaks out over Taiwan and that China drop support of wahabi terrorist sponsoring Pakistan and consider running the BRI/OBOR via Indian Infrastructure to Indian ports (20 deep water ports directly into the Indian Ocean plus a newly built state of the art $20Billion dedicated freight train corridor network ready to go). Gwadar port in weak and unstable Pakistan can be destroyed by the West with impunity, but the West attacking Indian ports that are part of the BRI/OBOR would be inconceivable.

      4) Greater (balanced) trade in both goods and technologies between all three states (in their own currencies) to increase interdependence over time. Why I list this as a challenge is because without it, they will drift apart over the long run.

      • If India joins China in BRI (as you suggest) it is a game changer.

        Russia, China and India make Eurasia the future and end Western dominance.

        I just don’t think that China and India can pull it off, even though it is in their best interests.

        • Then you are unaware of the fact that there are senior members of Prime Minister Modi’s policy advisors and inner chamber who are fluent in Mandarin and have decades of relationships with China’s leadership. There’s a lot more mutual understanding of each other’s push buttons than you have known about. You are unaware of the potential of a China India cooperation because you appear to unaware of their unusual recent history. Here is an example:

          After the tianamen square “massacre” (instigated by george bush #1’s deep state and intelligence apparatus), India refused to criticize or isolate China. China did not forget this. A short while later, while India was under a nuclear embargo from the West, and running critically low On heavy water for several of their nuclear reactors (and domestic heavy water production would not be able to provide enough until the following year), China, in defiance of international nuclear sanctions on India, shipped a critical 50tonnes of heavy water to India, Beijing did this openly, whereas in the past they had done it clandestinely. This happened despite the fact that Rajiv Gandhi’s government had initiated a military build against Chinese on their mutual border at sumrungdong chu only 2 years earlier. where the Chinese were driven permanently out of that sector.

          You cannot underestimate pragmatism when it comes to China. Currently, India cannot support BRI because it runs through internationally disputed territory that India claims, Gilgit-Baltistan. It is my belief, that India is planning to retake this territory in the not distant future (ie the medium term). I believe the Chinese are aware of this and it greatly concerns them, but there’s nothing they can do stop it. Therefore, it is not inconceivable that once the dust has cleared, Chinese pragmatism will compel them to run the final configuration of BRI legally through India as opposed to the high risk situation of illegally running it thru gilgit baltistan.

          I wouldn’t be too quick to write off a China – India rapprochement based on practical quid pro quo. For example, currently, Chinese enterprises have been quick to participate in the current Kashmir investment conferences India is organizing to bring development into Indian Kashmir since the removal article 370 (which prevented companies from acquiring land in Kashmir). China has totally ignored Pakistani protests on this issue.

          I’m just saying things don’t necessarily fit into our previous assumptions and stereotypes with respect to international relations. Things can shift and change.

            • The Pakistani nuclear blackmail bluff has long ago been called by India, pakistan cannot and will not use nuclear weapons to hang on to a strip land that they know they illegally seized at the behest of the British (to ensure that the soviets would not have a direct border with India, and therefore access to the Indian Ocean). The British Anglo-mafia have been sabotaging Eurasia’s natural trade routes, with premeditation, for over 200 years to hold back the inevitable re-rise of Eurasia.

              The Pakistanis have their nuclear arsenal to act as deterrent against an all out assault on the main part of the Pakistan (Punjab, Sindh,), an assault whose purpose would be to end the Pakistani State. Outside of that scenario they don’t dare use these weapons (unless one ascribes to the bigoted and racist view that somehow Muslims are stupid and less rational than “civilized” Australians like you and civilized westerners like American Neocons and neoliberals).

              When you assume a nuclear winter would ensue, it leads me to believer that you are ignorant of the nature and size of the Pakistani nuclear arsenal (which is very small, primitive, not reliable, and under American safeguards). Even if Pakistan detonated all of their fission bombs, which are lower-yield 1950’s -1960’s bombs of Chinese’s design, their yield and number is insufficient to have any serious impact beyond West Asia. Of course, such a scenario isn’t going to happen because the Pakistani civilian elite and their military junta enjoy too much their whiskey, wine, women, cocaine, opium and partying lifestyle to risk losing it all.

              • Dear me-I can assure you old chap that I do not see Austfailians as ‘civilized’ in comparison to Indians or Chinese. Exactly the opposite, actually. I’m only perturbed by the threat of an ‘accidental’ nuclear war, where as few as several dozen detonations could cause the nuclear winter scenario.
                Otherwise I am in your debt for the information re. Chinese-Indian co-operation. That seems to me to be India and the planet’s best hope for survival in the future. The long history of Indian-Chinese cultural interchange needs to be cranked up further, particularly as India faces a real existential threat, unlike any in its history, from climate destabilisation and the ecological Holocaust. And China and the rest of us only a marginally lesser, and a little delayed, reckoning.

          • The mistake here in this analysis is to assume the climate will enable “business as usual” and India and China will continue to build a mutual foundation of cooperation.
            Sad to say, it will not. Certainly, in India the global warming effects will render large parts of India unfit for life and agriculture, and produce massive migrations north. I cannot see how India will continue to be an economic power-house. It will have to be removed from the equation eventually.
            Of course, N. America and Europe will also be hammered by climate change also.
            To my thinking, all bets are off due to this massive chaos.

      • I find your soft Sinophobia and Hindutva derived Indian chauvinism rather unappealing. Why would China betray Pakistan to please the Hindutva fascist regime of Modi? China offers India co-operation, and if India refuses, that is just more self-destructive idiocy from India’s fifth-rate ruling elites. Together China and India could reshape the world for the good.

          • Oh, no-you are free to regard me a a twit, but I was just making an observation about some of your opinions. I certainly don’t dismiss your point of view, as you plainly know what you are talking about, but I find some of your conclusions unappealing, as I said. Of course you might be closer to the truth, or more prescient, and I’ll need to modify my opinions-or dig in and double down.

      • deluded Indian paranoia speaking, the fact is Pakistan keeps India in complete check by dead stopping it from moving westwards, no matter how much India dreams of glory it must first address a billion people in utter poverty and 13 acknowledged insurgencies and a possible civil war over Kashmir. No India has no hope trying to compare to china.

        • Pakistan is weak, bankrupt and growing increasingly hysterical as it dawns on them that nobody, including their previous Gulf Arab patrons, give a fig as to what their government thinks. Their only relevance to the world is their status as the incubator and cesspool of wahabi terrorists. All of pakistan’s Muslim neighbors are fed up with and increasingly hostile with Pakistan, including Iran and Afghanistan.

      • Your assertion that China has ‘..closet expansionist power tendencies’, along its borders is refuted by China reaching agreements on border disputes with all its land neighbours, save poor old India, still dominated by nostalgics for the days of the Raj And China has more land borders (15 I think) than any other country. Moreover China would settle its marine disputes with its neighbours (save the fascistic Japan of Nanjing Holocaust denier Abe)readily, if not for the malign interference of the dying Yankee Reich.

  2. Russia is still, by default, the enemy, and nothing has changed. The question is how very short-term, will be the French pandering and re-positioning: one minute, or two. Behind this frontman, Macron, is the inevitable dagger aimed at the ribs of the Russians; this will not, can not, change.

    • Sourpuss

      Well, not quite. Times are changing. The US cannot perpetually play the imperial overlord, creating a global banker empire using the worthless dollar. Countries are discarding the dollar. See my comment above.

      • B.F.,

        I think that you are right. The US (and Britain) have become so dysfunctional that Anglo/American politics looks more like a comedy series than political governance. The elite of Europe are not going to lose their fortunes backing an Anglo alliance in that condition – especially since there is no recognition in the US or Britain of just how ridiculous they have become.

        Because of that alliances could change very, very fast. It’ll be sort of like the psychology of a bank run. Get out while you can. The elite may understand that dynamic and that may explain the timing of Macron’s stunning statements.

        It is a shame that Trump will get blamed for this. Yes, he did screw up royally, but the problems had been growing for decades before he took office. Trump will end up be the fall guy and Bush, the Clintons and Obama will get off scot free.

        • In the short term, do expect a severe crisis of confidence in Europe. The wealthy are already moving their money to the USA and the dollar is rising. Do expect the dollar to rise a lot more when there is a panic in Europe. Draghi has left a real mess behind him.

          • Alfred (Cairns)

            As far as I am aware, the only ones who are moving their money to the US are wealthy Chinese from Hong Kong. How many of the worlds elite keep their money in the US, and not in Switzerland and in off shore accounts ? The dollar may rise as much as it can be made to rise, but that’s an artificial rise, with the US Fed printing it in huge amounts backed by nothing. The only thing keeping the dollar afloat is the US military, threatening other countries. Why the quarrel with Iran and Venezuela ? Both have huge amounts of oil and are preparing to trade in non-dollar currencies, something that needs to be prevented.

        • Somehow US and UK politics reminds me of that play and film, ‘The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade’. Marat-Trump or BoJo, de Sade, Epstein or Cummings or Adelson, or Bibi. Those who the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad.

    • What??? Macron ??? winning 66.06% of the votes?
      No no, my friend.
      The French presidential elections are a two-round poll.
      The first round serves to eliminate the weakest to leave only 2 candidates on the track.
      The second round serves to find the winner of these 2 candidates.
      In the first round Macron did not exceed 17%.
      In the second round it was the anti-Lepen front that took Macron to the presidency and not the voters’ support.
      Voters did not vote FOR Macron but AGAINST Lepen.

  3. The Normandy Group tactic is senseless. The Ukies have 13 steps to do to fulfill the Minsk 2 Accord.
    Atop this is the pullback of their forces all along and inside the contact zone. They have encroached and taken many villages in the contact zone. All these violations and all their heavy armaments have to be rectified before any Normandy Group could have any relevance.

    They just did a 35 for 35 prisoner exchange which really was about Russia dealing with Zelensky, forcing him to take an action. It had little to do with Donbass and Minsk 2.

    Normandy Group has been useless since the signing of Minsk 2. The Germans and French never acted to force Kiev to do the hard work in the Accords. Putin constantly cajoled Merkel, but she used anti-Russia sanctions inflicted by the EU and US to hide the fact she was useless as a political force.

    Macron has to demonstrate he can force action in Kiev. Putin won’t show up just to sip tea and go home.

    The odds of anything positive happening in Ukraine are the same today with Zelensky as it was for the last five years. The US will have to give up using Ukraine as a platform against Russia before things change. The final privatization of national assets is underway. Zelensky is the last pimp to whore out the nation.

    Since all parties, stakeholders and “interests” agree that Minsk 2 is the only way to solve the problem, then Kiev has to do the 13 steps.

    I don’t think the Ukrainian who might lead the way is yet born. We are a long way from a Minsk 2 solution.

    Ukraine was supposed to collapse, according to many very knowledgeable analysts. I don’t see that happening, either. It’s a very useful whore and there are many pimps waiting their turn to hustle her.

    • Larch, isn’t it why Zelensky (Green, Zieliński, Zelenyi-зеленый ) is trying to suggest return to Normandy, in order to once again try to derail the old agreements, which were never followed? Just like it was many times: the “West” is Agreement incapable.

    • The Ukraine has collapsed. But collapsed states still carry on in a manner of speaking. Like any other failed state Armed militias roam the streets beholden to no-one, and at the behest of ruling oligarchs like Kolomoisky rather than the ‘government’ in Kiev, Ukraine is also now the poorest country in Europe after Moldova. Ukraine has suffered a disastrous population decline from 52 to 42 million peoples since 1991. This shows no sense of stabilising anytime soon. per capita income in Ukraine is at some African levels, certainly below Angola and Nigeria, and on a par with El Salvador in latin America. Its state bonds offer a 17% yield to any would be investors, but who is going to invest in Ukrainian bonds which have been defined as below investment grade (i.e., junk bonds) by S&P, Moody’s and Ffitches.

      Yeah, that sounds pretty much like a failed state to me.

    • The coverage of the prisoner swap here in Austfailia was typically despicable. Lovely, heroic, Ukrainian ‘hostages’ swapped for Evil, MH 17 shooting-down Russian thugs. As you would expect.

  4. Just saw this in Tass regarding BRICS and their values:

    RIO DE JANEIRO, September 11. /TASS/. The BRICS bloc (comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) is not limited to purely pragmatic approaches, but relies on the values shared by the five nations that go beyond the “purely Western” ones, Vyacheslav Nikonov, chair of the education and science committee of the Russian State Duma (lower house of Parliament), said on Wednesday.

    “We are not together because it makes us stronger. And not because BRICS provides us with a set of tools for development, which we are creating by ourselves,” Nikonov, the head of the National Committee on BRICS Research who is leading the Russian delegation, said at the opening ceremony of the BRICS Academic Forum in Brasilia.

    According to Nikonov, BRICS is “a network of values” which goes beyond the “purely Western” ones.

    “Western values is a good thing. Nobody is against democracy, human rights and the rest. However, there are [some other] important values which are regarded as a more intrinsic part of our countries and our people than purely Western ones,” the politician said.

    Nikonov explained that he meant justice, self-respect, independence, non-interference in other countries’ domestic affairs, adherence to dialogue, respect for cultural diversity, the principles of pluralism and the supremacy of international law.

    “We accept each other as we are, and it is very important,” Nikonov stressed.

    Nikonov also said the clout accumulated by BRICS makes it impossible for other groups, including G20, to ignore their consolidated stance.

    “When BRICS declares something, G20 has nothing to answer back. BRICS is a part of reality which cannot be ignored,” Nikonov, the head of the National Committee on BRICS Research who is leading the Russian delegation, said at the opening ceremony of the BRICS Academic Forum in Brasilia.

    Nikonov described BRICS as a gold standard of cooperation among nations and a perfect example of “liberal world order,” under which, in contrast to the Washington-dominated model, “all key players are [equally] important.”

  5. Macron has only stated the obvious. The surprise is that it has been stated so clearly by a prominent political leader of The West.

    Number of options left for the hegemon and its allies.

    1. Trundle along and eventually join the order created/led by Russia, China, India.

    2. Create a parallel system with The West and its allies. This will be a bipolar world similar to the Warsaw Pact countries and the rest as was during the cold war.

    3. Try and blow up Russia and China so that it will take them a hundred years or so to recover, if they recover. US will take some damage or may be totally destroyed but the Dr. Strangelove logic holds strong in the US.

    Option two seems to be the favoured one, for now. Decoupling already seems to be in progress and we are hearing more and more, the word “decoupling”. The trade war with China seems to be leading to it.

    We will know soon. Either during Trumps second term or during the term of the next president, at the latest.

      • No, averagejoe, they did report that macron has sstated that global power was inevitably shifting to India, Russia and China (even the words multipolar and Eurasia Powers where used in the mix). This was reported by the BBC; the sour grapes were practically choking the jackass bbc anchor as was she forced to do something she and her ilk are unaccustomed to do: to read out the truth. Perhaps what made it more palatable to them was the follow up line where most of the blame for this situation was placed squarely on mistakes made by US Presidents, not limited to Trump. The same was reported on the BBC clone network, aljazeera English, then later on FOX News (aka FIXed News).

        Those are my 3 cents.

    • Meanwhile the ecological Holocaust intensifies and humanity goes extinct, making all other considerations totally irrelevant. The frantic efforts of the West, dying of its own intellectual atherosclerosis and spiritual rot, to continue its global rule, while ecological carnage broadens and deepens, unaddressed save by hollow ‘promises’ and febrile denial, are not are pretty sight. Homo sapiens? It is to laugh.

  6. Saker listen to this(breaking) video,you are 100 % wrong on Macron.He is working for…Trump.Renewing of contacts with Russia and invitation of Iranian FM at the G7,was at Trump request.There is a direct connection with the Firing of Bolton.Pompeo will not follow he doubles down tonight on regime change in Venezuela:

    (french former DGSE intel asset)

  7. How many Rothschild controlled super entities operate and have been operating for decades and even centuries in Russia, China and India ? The Luciferian banksters own the GLOBAL financial and economic system, not just the Western one. And they’re currently repositioning themselves to impose the Eastern societal ”model” on the world, which entails the reengineering of the traditional Western societies for an easier amalgamation to create their version of a ”global society”.

    • I agree. Excellent comment.

      Basically, we are being played into thinking there are two opposite sides (east vs west, Empire vs Axis of resistance, call it what you like), when in fact, this “conflict” is being directed from a single point.

      China, that “powerhouse of growth”, was created by the same cabal that is running the west. Remember Kissinger opening up China in the seventies… And consequently exporting the US industries to China.

      • Some of the conversations that I had over the years, with my Indian and Chinese friends, convinced me that the banking cartel will no longer be as powerful as it was in the West. Jewish financiers can only dominate nations that are not as old as the tribes they emerged from. I’m very aware that Soros (and his descendants), Rothschild (and his descendants) ,and many other shady networks that orchestrated endless rivers of pain in the last 300 years, are not going to disappear but, perhaps, their power is going to be greatly diminished. In fact, I think this already happened.

        • Instead of the worn out Jewish Bankers Versus the World narrative, more accurate is Private Banking/Finance versus Public controlled Banking/Finance to illustrate today’s and yesterday’s struggle, which are one and the same. Review Hudson’s Super Imperialism and his history of the rise of the Neoliberal Reaction within his J is for Junk Economics to understand what happened, why, and directions taken since. At Hudson’s website use the book titles as search terms. Both books can be mostly read for free online, too, with the first made available free by Hudson.

        • For a start the Jewish elites cannot infiltrate China and practise their ancient nepotism as they have done so successfully in the West. I’m sure they will try, but it looks awfully like the Zionazis’ preferred strategy for dealing with the Chinese threat to their global power and influence is to attempt to destroy the country and break it into pieces.

          • Hallo
            Mulga Mumblebrain 🔝🔝🔝


            The Chinese Opposition’s Foreign Hub

            With its professionally choreographed reception of Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong, Berlin is presenting itself to the international public as the Chinese opposition’s foreign hub. Wong was personally welcomed in Berlin by the Foreign Minister, and, he demanded at the Federal Press Conference that action be taken against China. Germany has already granted asylum to two other dissidents from Hong Kong, who had been calling for the city’s secession from China and have been indicted for their participation in riots. For decades, Uighur separatist associations have had their foreign operational base in the Federal Republic of Germany, including one accused of participating in preparations of the pogrom-like riots, which claimed the lives of nearly 200 people. German politicians are supporting Tibetan separatists as well – seeing them as a point of leverage for weakening the People’s Republic of China. A Chinese writer, who called China a “pile of garbage,” was awarded the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade.

            Secede Tibet
            For many years, western powers, including the Federal Republic of Germany, have been using the Tibet conflict as a point of leverage for weakening the Chinese state. Whereas some of the Tibetan clergy traditionally have been willing to cooperate with Beijing, others have been in conflict with the People’s Republic of China. Their demands range from ever greater autonomy, all the way to secession, with some even demanding the secession of “Greater Tibet,” which would not only include the autonomous region of Tibet, but Chinese provinces as well. Since the 1980s, a Tibet lobby has been established particularly in the West, in which the Dalai Lama, who is based in India’s Dharamsala plays a key role. Since the mid-1980s, the demands of the Tibet lobby have been regularly picked up by German politicians, with, in particular, the Green Party and the FDP-affiliated Friedrich Naumann Foundation serving as its mouthpiece. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation has also organized several international conferences, at which the Tibet lobby could coordinate its political activities. At one such conference an international campaign was organized, attacking the Olympic Torch Relay ahead of the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. Managed by professional public relations, the campaign caused considerable damage to China’s image. ( reported.[1]) In September 2007, Chancellor Angela Merkel ostentatiously received in the chancellery the Dalai Lama, who was at odds with Beijing.[2] Three German parliamentarians, including the Bundestag’s Vice President Claudia Roth (The Greens) created a stir in mid-Mai 2018, when they received Lobsang Sangay, the president of the self-proclaimed Tibetan government in exile.

            Secede Xinjiang
            The West is also using controversies in western China’s Xinjiang province as a second point of leverage. There are two conflicts intermingling. On the one hand, secessionists have long been active in the Autonomous Region of the Turkic-speaking Uighurs. They seek to have Xinjiang secede from China, to found “East Turkestan,” some even with the idea of fusing with the Turkic-speaking regions of Central Asia and establishing a “greater Turkish empire.” On the other hand, Islamist forces have been on the rise since the 1990s in Xinjiang’s social conservative rural areas. Terrorist attacks by Uighur jihadis have claimed numerous lives over the past few decades. Up to today, the Turkistan Islamic Party, a union of Uighur jihadis is fighting alongside the al Qaeda offshoot Hayat Tahrir al Sham in Syria’s Idlib Province. ( reported.[3]) Uighur exile organizations have been active in the Federal Republic of Germany and agitating for the Xinjiang’s secession from China, already since the late 1970s. The World Uighur Congress, with its headquarters in Munich, plays a central role in the globally operating association of Uighur activists. The congress is being accused of having been involved in the preparations of the pogrom-like attacks on Han Chinese in July 2009, in Xinjiang’s capitol Urumqi, resulting in the murder of at least 197, including at least 134 Han Chinese.[4] May 8, 2019, the President of the World Uighur Congress, Dolkun Isa, gave a report on the situation in Xinjiang to the Human Rights Committee of the German Bundestag.[5] Among the organization’s most loyal German supporters is the Green parliamentarian Margarete Bause, spokesperson for Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid of her party’s parliamentary group.

            Smash China
            Alongside the support for Tibet and Xinjiang’s separatists, Berlin has always supported those from China’s middle class milieu, who are in political conflict with the Chinese government. In 2010, for example, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explicitly praised the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to the Chinese dissident, Liu Xiaobo. A political program, “Charter 08,” co-authored by Liu, included among the demands, one for the transformation of the People’s Republic of China into a federally organized republic, along the lines of the Federal Republic of Germany, which would entail a reversion of the nationalization measures undertaken by Beijing since 1949.[6] Liu Xia, the widow of the Nobel Prize laureate, who died July 13, 2017, has been living in exile in Berlin since July 2018. For a while, the dissident artist Ai Weiwei, who moved to the German capital in 2015, had served as the key witness against Beijing. However, he is only seldom seen now, since he expressed sharp criticism of German conditions and announced that he was planning to leave. The German society thinks of itself as “being open,” but it shields ” itself, above all,” criticized Ai. It does “not really accept other ideas and arguments,” and has “little respect for unconventional voices.”[7] On the other hand, the Chinese poet Liao Yiwu, who has been living in Berlin since 2011, remains loyal to Germany. In October 2012, during his acceptance speech at the reception of the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade, Liao declared that China is an “infinitely large pile of garbage,” where “many regions and peoples are forced to be tethered together” and must be broken down into numerous mini-states.[8] At the award ceremony, numerous prominent German officials applauded after Liao’s demand that the People’s Republic of China be smashed – Germany’s President included.

            Secede Hong Kong
            Last year, at the latest, Germany began to also make itself a name as an exile platform for the Hong Kong dissidents. In May 2018, for example, the first two men from China’s metropolis were given asylum in Germany. The two members of the “Hong Kong Indigenous” organization, seeking to secede the city from China, had been arrested in the night of February 8, 2016, for their involvement in the bloody riots in the Mong Kok District, where several hundred persons had attacked police officers with bottles and stones – wounding 80 – and set cars on fire.[9] Monday night, the Hong Kong activist, Joshua Wong arrived in Berlin and was immediately welcomed by Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. Wong is Secretary General of the Demosisto Party, which campaigns for a referendum, where also Hong Kong’s future secession from China should be voted on. Even before his arrival in Germany, he had announced that he was coming to explore whether Germany would be a suitable exile country for other Hong Kong dissidents. In fact, there are numerous demonstrators facing sentencing for having vandalized subway stations and the local parliament building, attacked police officers with stones and Molotov cocktails, as well as set fires near police stations. On the weekend, thousands of demonstrators called on President Donald Trump to intervene.[10] Their protests correspond to the well tested escalation strategy methods, applied also, for example, in 2014 in Ukraine.

            Germany Interferes
            With a professionally choreographed reception for Wong, Berlin is also making its mark as the Chinese opposition’s foreign hub. However, the disparate milieu, who have found refuge and support in Germany – Buddhists as well as Muslim separatists, controversial artists, liberals, suspected rioters – all share a single objective, to put an end to the People’s Republic of China, as it currently exists, and if possible – smash it. By allowing them to take the world stage and providing access to the foreign minister, Berlin is brazenly interfering in the domestic affairs of the People’s Republic of China. The fact that the German government would itself categorically forbid comparable interference of foreign countries, can be seen in the fashionable – although in many cases unproven – accusations that Russia interferes in the domestic affairs of western countries. The scandal, it would cause, if, for example one of the leading activists of the protests of the G-20 Summit in Hamburg would have been given asylum in Moscow, or if the Chinese Foreign Minister would have welcomed him for talks, is easily imaginable.

            Forgotten Crimes
            Berlin’s current interference in China’s domestic affairs is being carried out, in spite of Germany’s role in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, as one of the main participants in the crushing of the Chinese Empire – even including colonial mass murder. Although what was done then, is hardly known today in the population of the Federal Republic of Germany, it is general knowledge In the People’s Republic of China. will soon report.


  8. While it is nice to hear from the mouth of the French president what has been obvious to anyone having some understanding of the geopolitical state of things, I can’t help thinking that we are getting a semi-hidden message from the globalist cabal that has been running the show from behind the curtain all this time, i.e. that the planned sacrifice of the US of A as the _visible_ center of world domination is nigh. This cabal is moving its pawns at a faster rate these days. One should not neglect to ponder the financial side of things, when e.g. we hear a lot of unorthodox noise from the MSM, such as the possible irrelevance of the current central banks to “fix” things. To me, the latter is another subliminal message that says that the role of powerful CBs such as the US Fed is about to end, having played its part for a century or so. The global cabal has been at it for a long long time and it feels that total world domination is soon to be harvested but at the same time, it must know that it is walking on eggs and seems to show some signs of panic.

  9. Ok but WHO owns the 54 trillion debt that has been accumulated by nations all over the world. All it requires is a jubilee but will the khazar ever accede? But China can simply create a new currency, a “renmimbi dollar” (no picture of Mao please,on the billions of “counterfeit” 100$ renmimbi dollar bills) to rank equal to the USD ie a legal counterfeit, easily backed by its own yuan,gold and USTBs, AND CONSIGN THE GREAT SATAN TO HISTORY MUCH FASTER.


    Israel Reportedly Planted Mysterious Spy Devices Near White House

    “According to former top U.S. officials who spoke to Politico, the cellphone surveillance devices were uncovered during the Trump presidency ■ Netanyahu’s office denies report as ‘blatant lie’

    Israel has likely planted surveillance devices that have been located near the White House over the past two years, Politico reported on Thursday based on accounts provided by three former U.S. officials.

    According to the report, the cellphone surveillance devices were likely intended to spy on U.S. President Donald Trump.

    A spokesperson for Israel’s Embassy in Washington, Elad Strohmayer, was quoted in the report as saying that “these allegations are absolute nonsense. Israel doesn’t conduct espionage operations in the United States, period.”

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    “It was pretty clear that the Israelis were responsible,” a former senior intelligence official was quoted as saying.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bureau denied the report. “A blatant lie. There is a longstanding commitment and a directive from the Israeli government not to engage in any intelligence operations in the U.S. This directive is strictly enforced without exception.”

    The spying devices that have been uncovered are known as “StingRays,” emulate normal cell towers to trick cellular devices into giving them their locations and identity details. They are also known as mobile subscriber identity catchers, or IMSI-catchers.

    According to the report, the White House refused to comment. “I’m not aware of any accountability at all,” one former official told Politico, noting: “The reaction … was very different than it would have been in the last administration… With the current administration, there are a different set of calculations in regard to addressing this.”

    However, an ex-official told Politico that as opposed to other incidents of foreign spying on U.S. soil, the Trump administration did not rebuke the Israeli government or took any official steps against it.

    Around October 2018, officials at the U.S. Department of Homeland had discovered evidence of the surveillance devices near the White House as well as several other sensitive locations around Washington, D.C., the report said. They then shared the findings with relevant federal agencies.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigations, along with other agencies probing the case, pointed the blame at Israel after conducting a detailed forensic analysis, the officials told Politico.

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    According to the report, however, some had suspected Israel was eavesdropping on communications from the White House. “Sometimes it was sort of knowledge of our thinking. Occasionally there were some turns of phrase like language that as far as we knew had only appeared in drafts of speeches and never been actually used publicly, and then some Israeli official would repeat it back to us and say, ‘This would be really problematic if you were to say X,’” the former official was quoted as saying.

    “The Israelis are pretty aggressive,” the former intel official officer told the website. “They’re all about protecting the security of the Israeli state and they do whatever they feel they have to achieve that objective.”

      • Nuttyyahoo can only make such a ludicrous, mendacious, statement because the presstitute fakestream media vermin have suppressed knowledge of Israeli spying in the US. As they suppressed knowledge of the USS Liberty atrocity, let alone the truth about 9/11,

    • You have to give Nuttyyahoo credit for chutzpah. ‘Israel PROMISED not to spy on the USA’. Hilarious! Jonathan Pollard or ‘Israeli art students’, anybody? Not to forget the sayanim who control the heights of power in Treasury, Justice etc.

  11. So…..having a banking background of sorts….realises 26 trillion USA debt is a bit of a problem…or was it Trumps comment about French wine and possible sanctions….or realising Merkel is even more on shaky ground let alone her diagnosis…has papa Putin finally got through to him?

  12. Don’t fall for the masonic boy king Macron. Do yourself a favour and type the following into Google image search: macron trump devil sign

    Get the shock of your life when you see images of Macron holding Trump and Melanias hands aloft whilst making the sign of the devil.!

    As for the UK it’s subjects are being put through the Brexit trauma for a number of reasons…

    (1) The people of the UK have generally disdainful opinions of the heir Charles and his pretensions to the throne. The Brexit crisis is Elizabeth II’s parting gift to Charles. The populace is being played so that Elizabeth can hand power to Charles so he can be seen to save the UK
    (2) France and the UK have a compact to destroy the EU. France will reject any extension of Brexit to foment a crisis in the EU resulting in its devolution into 10 crowns

  13. S, excellent article.
    Makron, but this statement is trying to convince the powers that rule over the West to change the course, which they won’t. I’ll never forget when some of “those rich” said and I quote: “he is so smart because he is so rich”.
    In their mind us “the plebs” are stupid idiots because we re not rich. Well, I have met some extremely stupid rich guys, and I’ll leave it at that.
    Back to the subject. Macron has, maybe, also admitted that Iran has won the “tanker war”. Last I read the tanker is mourned near the port of Tartus unloading its oil. Sorry, I have to attend something and I’ll be right back with more

    • And I am back. India and Pakistan have to put strong reigns in the west controlled groups, which from time to time are ordered by their western bosses to stir the $hit and get those two countries into hot conflict.
      It sounds like Iran is slowly putting their centrifuges into action, the end result of which will demolish any dreams of war against it.
      China unfortunately, showed its real face and caved in to the nonsense in HK. This morning someone suggested that China maybe facing a color revolution, which would not surprise me. China has shown its weakness and the opponents are now emboldened and think that they can turn things over in that country.
      Putin said a beauty about G7 by saying that Russia is not interested, unless China and India are offered the membership as well. Which would effectively put an end to the west’s rule of G10, which in turn put an end to throwing Russia out at a whim, which it suits the West.

  14. Are macron’s owners trying to get their extended gang to accept reality with this speech from macron?

    Or is it intended as a rallying call? To get the pot bellies off their wide backsides and into action.

    It’s obvious the israeloamerican world order is crumbling.

  15. “what is absolutely certain is that China and India could never build the new international order they want without Russia”

    With all due respect, I am seeing something like the opposite: that Russia could never build the international order it wants without China. China, with its vast BRI, and with its much-larger (8X Russia’s) economy, is leading the way. And it is leading the way in transport electrification, renewable energy build-out, and numerous other planetary mission-critical initiatives on which ANY new international order will depend.

    • Every time I see someone mention so-called “renewable energy” as a positive, I cannot help smiling. Clearly you are no engineer sir!

      If you visit Kiev’s Boryspil airport terminal, you will see lots of large pictures of stationary wind turbines combined with some text that suggests these things are putting an end all that country’s energy woes. :)

  16. Macron, chéri:

    Permets-moi de te donner un petit conseil. Comme le pouvoir sioniste en France est très fort, surtout que maintenant — grâce a ce dégueulasse de Sarkozy — la France appartient à l’OTAN, il faut être bien sage en s’exprimant sur des sujets délicats. De toute manière, je salue la lucidité avec laquelle tu décris le monde contemporain.

    (yandex translate …. mod)
    Macron, darling:

    Let me give you a little advice. As the Zionist power in France is very strong, especially now that — thanks to this disgusting Sarkozy-France belongs to NATO, we must be very wise when speaking on delicate subjects. Anyway, I salute the lucidity with which you describe the contemporary world.

    • Mais non mais non, c’est une introduction officielle plus ou moins subtile des grands changements à venir (déjà planifiés, cela va de soi), Macron n’en est que le porte-parole (la “bouche de Sauron” en quelque sorte :D ).
      (yandex translate .. mod)

      But no but no, it is a more or less subtle official introduction of the big changes to come (already planned, it goes without saying), Macron is only the spokesman (the “mouth of Sauron” in a way: D).

        • BHL ? il peut crever dans sa merde, ce sera déjà trop doux vu le karma atroce qu’il a accumulé.

          My own translation:

          BHL (*) ? He can die in his own crap, it would already be too nice considering the atrocious karma he has been piling up.

          To non French folks, BHL is Bernard Henry-Levy, a war monger of the worst kind, pretending to be a philosopher and parading on prime-time TV shows. A vermin that would do the world a favor if he could choke on his inflated ego ASAP.

  17. Anyone knows it in any political level. Maybe (and this is from a Brazilian perspective, for sure) he is a little bit mad with the Americans trying to target the French-Brazilian nuclear submarine. The idiot in charge here in Brazil is doing a total tremendous absolute great job on following his boss demands to put the French public against any kind of deal with Brazil.
    Not only the nuke sub is about to be sunken but the French investments in Brazil is going to the same dark hollow in the ocean as a result of the well planned (bad luck + curse = being victim of something very well accomplished by those deep state dotards in many years) hybrid war that put Lula in jail and the Brazil economy into a bearish spiral; France is the nation with the biggest investments here, even bigger then US or China.
    Hopefully the next non-vessel government (and we’ll have one, soon or late…) will rely on non-vessel state (such as Russia) to build strategical economic-military agreements.

    • They will always hinder NordStream, because the MIC and predatory Wall Street Capitalism will still be there after the West, and Westerners, are gone. So no change at the top, no change to the permanent interests, just the man on the street in the West is going to look different, and he is going to put up much less resistance to the permanent interests, because his IQ and the strength of his convictions are going to be much lower. Welcome to the New World Order.

      So many support the decline of the West and hence, the rise of China. Hopefully they understand that it means the decline of Westerners, the disappearance of the White Race. They should rather just support the decline of the MIC and predatory Wall Street Capitalism, and not support the decline of the West. What is the use of the West disappearing if the permanent interests are going to remain behind?

  18. France needs Russia now BreXit removes the UK from the EU balance of power to be played between France and Germany. France has needed an ally since 1871 to secure its position – and it was Russia once Bismarck was gone and the Reinsurance Treaty dead – with UK a nice counterweight after Edward VII embraced a post-Fashoda France.

    Now France wants to secure Russia as an ally before Merkel goes and the Berlin Rejection of Russia is reversed – and UK has spent Steele Dossier and Mifsud and SIS/CIA games of demonising Russia to create a bogeyman to enhance the attractions of UK as a defence partner as it exists the EU.

    Trump wanting good relations with Russia was such an existential threat to UK influence in Europe – Russiagate was necessary. Trump wanted to keep Russia and China apart but UK needs to stop Trump being elected Brough China and Russia together

    It is simply musical chairs once the established marriages of convenience disintegrate – everyone goes dating the girl they rejected last dance.

  19. “But one way or the other, and for the first time in 1000 years, the future of our planet will not be decided anywhere in the West, not in Europe (old or “new”), but in Asia, primarily by the Russian-Chinese alliance.”

    You restrained from gloating too much until you wrote the above passage. Most assuredly, “the future of our planet” can be decided by an actor from the West–it could launch a nuclear or conventional war and thus very much alter the future destiny of our planet, and there are far too many Exceptional nut cases in Washington capable of doing exactly that. The current behavior of the Outlaw US Empire is definitely not aiming for peace regardless Trump’s rhetoric. This RT report based on the extremely brave journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva’s discoveries proves as much.

  20. Thanks for this excellent article and thanks for bringing this subject to our attention.

    It seems there is internal dispute within the very top elitists and that may not be a bad thing for humanity.

  21. ”/…/ a real philosophy and imagination which the West has lost, and not just a ’little bit’ but, I would argue, completely.”

    Real philosophy and imagination have never been available to the Euro-trash unless, that is, messianic urge to genocide and self-worship count as such. If that is the case, the West is literally thriving with philosophy (BHL) and imagination (corporate media hoaxes).

  22. It is clear that Uncle Shmuel won’t let it go.
    “Amid Bipartisan Outcry, White House Agrees to Release Ukraine Aid”@
    “WASHINGTON — The White House on Thursday dropped its resistance to releasing a package of military assistance to Ukraine, amid a bipartisan outcry from lawmakers and an open investigation into whether President Trump and his allies were distorting the United States foreign aid program for their own political benefit….”
    Jerusalem on the Dnieper must be defended at all costs!

  23. Georges Pompidou started the destruction of France by allowing the importation of a massive number of North Africans to work in France’s car factories, to build its roads and nuclear power stations.

    François Mitterrand greatly speeded up the destruction of France by allowing North Africans to bring in their relatives.

    Emmanuel Macron has speeded up the process further by accepting vast numbers of Africans who arrive illegally

    • ”Georges Pompidou started the destruction of France by allowing the importation of a massive number of North Africans to work in France’s car factories, to build its roads and nuclear power stations.”

      Sounds like ”Pesky Africans carried out piss-poor ’work’ which the French labour aristocracy would have finished with utmost European perfection”. Whitey’s unrequited love is quite entertaining — a bunch of reactionaries without friends, LOL.

      • Re “piss-poor,” perhaps an argument could be made (:;-)) that this work should have been done by well-paid workers already resident in France.

        If there weren’t enough workers, the work could have been “dosed” so as to provide work for French workers some years into the future. ????


  24. “What is important is that even a Rothschild-puppet like Macron had to finally speak these words.”

    I am not surprised to see a Rothschild agent speaking these words. Not since a similar Rothschild agent masquerading as an EU Leader (David Camoron, a banker’s son) had Bank of England join Bank of China: the first time in living memory that a Prime Minister of the UK has defied the President of the U$A. Looking back over those 3 years, this may have been one of the first signs of factional division among ruling Western Plutocrats.

    Crudely I see a struggle between an upstart “Trump backers” faction (conquer Russia and China from without, by blood and fire) and the old “Rothschild” aristocracy of money (parasitize China and Russia from within their financial system)

    • PS Jiri (at 12.43 above) has suggested a likely compromise between my “two factions in the AZC”

      2. Create a parallel system with The West and its allies. This will be a bipolar world similar to the Warsaw Pact countries and the rest as was during the cold war.

  25. Re: I would single out the following politicians for a nomination to a medal for exceptional service in the destruction of the western hegemony over our long-suffering planet: Donald Trump and Barak Obama, of course, but also François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron (yes, he too even if he now changes his tune!), Angela Merkel, of course, and then last but not least, every single British Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher (maybe with special commendation for Teresa May).

    I think you missed the two 911 criminals:
    Bush and Cheney: How They Ruined America and the World

  26. I agree with the Saker that this speech of Macron is important. What is the aim of Macron – and of the people behind him? For me, the novelty is the admission that Western hegemony cannot longer be the aim (for Macron).

    This is a new historic reality and Macon explains this more or less between the lines. On the one hand, there is the rising influence of China, Russia, India, and Asia in general. On the other hand, this led to the consequence that the Western power had to be more concentrated, in order to respond to this “challenge”. This consequence was realized in the USA, and in particular under Trump.

    In the past, France could be seen as a junior partner of the USA, with some reasonable influence. Now, the logic of the international situation urges European countries like France to openly become vassals of the USA. Or to give up the aim of Western hegemony. In his speech, Macron has opted for the second possibility. Probably, this is not a definite decision; I rather expect that Macron will navigate between the two possibilities. However, he made it quite clear that there is no third way, and this is an interesting observation.

  27. Macron is a crook.

    Macron is a western liberal democracy ideolog. As much as Justin Trudeau.

    The difference with Trudeau is that Macron is sweet, smart and a liar. Obama style.

    Macron is representative of an agonizing and degenarate European civilization which has no desire and willpower to fight the struggle for life or for its own sovereignety. A civilization that is expecting and pleading for a swift death and quick end to its suffering.
    A civilization that has no existence on its own anymore.

    Macron is at his core a M&A Banker. Striving to make deals happen and pocket his fee.
    The way he has played in last G7 is just that. Striving to make a deal happen between US and Iran.
    Just like the M&A banker he is.

    Do not expect any leadership or constructive initiative from Macron.
    He is a dead fish.
    He would only faclitate discussion between real decision makers.
    Europe is out of History for good and will not make decison for its own destiny.
    That much is clear.

    Putting hope in Macron (or Europe for that matter) baldness is IMHO delusional and sad.

      • @Augusto
        “but he does not tear off a $ 100.00 bill.”

        Sure that is the heart of the matter for Europe and the source of all decadence.
        That is a purely materialistic bourgeois vision of life.

        Riches do not provide power and greatness.
        That rather is the other way arround.

        For that matter Macron is actually tearing off 100$ bills by giving money and shelter to african migrants for free. Have you gone to Paris lately.
        It is Africa. No France. Anymore.
        My bet is that France is a majority Muslim country in less than 15 years from now.
        Surely African are happy.
        They get allowance.
        Free medecines.
        Low cost homes.
        Surely that is costing tax payer money.

        Whereas all the jobs are off shored in Asia, northern Africa and westzrn Europe.

        That is not what I would call a profit driven agenda. Rather a destruction for the only temporary benefit of the 0.01%.

        Macron is a globalization ideolog who has long past his due date.

  28. Well Mr. Macron,

    Should I be impressed that you voiced words that you actually seem to understand the state of the actuals in the world? You should, as president of a nuclear armed nation. How convenient.

    As a regular visitor of your nation, and also regular conversation helding with those despicable beings as *citizens*, you know, those people that should keep their mouths shut and just sh*t tax money, I can tell you the following.

    This photo of this article is well-chosen. You are the ‘Penguin’, known of Batman movies. I kept it formal:

    To say it essential what I hear of the French: they despise you. For what it’s worth. You don’t care about France, you don’t care about the French people, you don’t care about anything but yourself and the identities that bought you. You’re for sale, you’re a whore. You were raped when you were a 15 year old school boy. In the USA I read regularly of teachers that are bummed into jail for that, but you married her. That says a lot about you.
    You are also raped and married to the CRIF, the chabad tribe that have bought you because you are for sale.

    You don’t care that there are up to a thousand occupied no-go areas in France, where the police, ambulance, fire brigade don’t come anymore because they are attacked. Even post isn’t delivered anymore there. You don’t care when your wahhabi/jew friends give you money. You’re a banker, remember? You don’t care about France.

    You don’t care why the Giltes Jaunes are protesting you in more than 40 weeks already. They were furious when you gave a tax present to the filthy rich, and compensated it to meet Brussels with raising taxes on fuel ‘to save the icebears’. Do you think they are stupid? Just beat them, you don’t care about French people because others have already bought you.

    And now we should be impressed because you expressed to have an IQ that is greater than your shoe size? Come on, even when the whole of France would go up in flames you wouldn’t care. You would hop to a sunny island with your lovely corpse, and declare that ‘you didn’t know’.

    You’re a bought whore, and you don’t care sh*t. I’m not impressed. So are your citizens.

    Cheers, Rob

  29. The Saker wrote:

    “But he is also wrong if he thinks that Russia can be “re-invited” back into the AngloZionist sphere of influence.”

    Correct. Russia does not need France or any of the countries comprising the European Union. The AngloZionist elites will never view the Russian elites as equal partners. Therefore, why should Putin bother?

    Instead of talking to France, the Russian elites should focus on reversing AngloZionist influence in the former Soviet republics such as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

  30. The Parasite is not stupid, but it is still a Parasite. It knows that it is a lot less work to suck blood than to work.

    The Parasite’s Host is weakening….it’s infrastructure is old…it has little “juice” (blood ) left.

    The Parasite looks for Fresher Blood.

    So what else is new??

    Speaking of Lyndon (who passed February 12, 2019, no doubt with a smile on his lips..).the First Public Advocate of a Four Powers Agreement Russia-China-India-USA back during 1989-90-91 in his incarceration by GWH Bush and those who hold to that vision “over here” ………this (besides Macron’s amazing statement) is what’s new:

    A Gaping Hole In Enemy (Empire) Lines:

    The Adversary Is Confused and Vulnerable!

    Although it’s mostly out of the public eye, the Constitutional counter-coup in the United States against British Intelligence and its U.S. assets who tried to topple the President, is proceeding relentlessly towards trials of the key perpetrators, which will bring all the facts out in the open. The days of imperial British power over the dumb American giant are numbered—if and only if Americans act, now, while it is uniquely possible, before the adversary gets a chance to regroup.

    At the same time, John Bolton’s firing has opened up a big breach in the enemy lines. This is a unique moment to force through American statesman Lyndon LaRouche’s design of an alliance of the U.S., China, Russia and India, for a new world monetary system to foster production and the physical economy instead of speculation.

    Not in some vague future time, but here and now.

    These are only a few leading aspects. Turn it all over in your mind. This is the moment of unforeseen great possibility—but for how long? Perhaps only days. Blink and it will be gone. Douglas MacArthur told the story of his World War I service, when he was able by an unexpected sudden advance, to approach a huge center of enemy logistics. No enemy troops stood between him and the city. He asked headquarters for permission to proceed—but by the time they got around to answering, enemy troops had moved in and the opportunity was gone forever. Instead, the war dragged on to the mutual destruction of all the European combatants, and then the peace settlement of World War I led inexorably to World War II.

    We are winning these engagements now, today. But the open question is whether Americans will use these victories to pursue and destroy the adversary forces as General Grant did, rather than going back to camp to prepare for the next set-piece battle, as all his predecessors did—bringing President Lincoln to despair each time.

    True, no one knows all the facts, or how everything will develop and how quickly. That’s always the case in war, as von Clausewitz and every competent commander has always known. The art of war is to seize the unique moment and act on it immediately and decisively despite the uncertainty. Wait for certainty and you have lost the war. It’s as simple as that.

    Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has called the question on the Democratic presidential campaign and its so-called debates, from which she was excluded by a ruse. “The DNC [Democratic National Committee] is trying to basically send a message to the American people that they are the all-powerful gatekeepers, and that they’re the ones who have the power to decide who should be considered to be our Democratic nominee or not…. Really, all it becomes is an opportunity for the hosting media network to get high ratings or make some money off of it. The whole thing is a charade. And it doesn’t serve voters. That’s the biggest problem here.”

    It’s not just the Democratic Party and its sham debates. It’s everything. The game is over. It’s all out in the open. The emperor has no clothes. What are we waiting for?

    Sakers article and this link go rather well together, IMHO:

  31. Thanks for this, Mr. The Saker. :)
    And as always, translations of the bits of what’s going on in the world but which somehow don’t make it into the English language are always welcome.

    Even while I was reading the block of text that was the translation of Macron’s words, I was already translating myself in my head, taking into account that this was a Rothschild family puppet talking. It was very obvious that Macron’s history of ‘world order’ was basically the history of the Rothschilds family business fortunes. Beginning as the financiers of the French Kings in the 18th century, opening a London branch as the English terrorized the world into an imperialist empire in the 19th century, then opening the Wall Street branch in the 20th century after the role of leading that imperialist empire shifted to the Americans as the English collapsed from the two World Wars and other stresses of empires such as fighting Boars and Boxers.

    So, towards the end, I also tend to substitute ‘Rothchilds’ for what is attributed to their puppet Macron. Thus, it is the Rothchilds who are the real force signalling now that it is time to repair relations with Russia. At the same time, Merkle, who is now coasting towards nice board seats and expensive speaking fees to German industrialists and bankers, was in China working on opening trade between EU and China. France and Germany combine with co-op-etition to lead Europe. But the French bankers and the German bankers were obviously more cooperating than competing as they simultaneously pushed the combination of more trade with Russia and China in nearly simultaneous events.

    The Rothchilds are now seeing ‘western’ policy as being contrary to what they now see as the need to have important 21st century branches in Moscow and Beijing.

    • “Thus, it is the Rothchilds who are the real force signalling now that it is time to repair relations with Russia.”

      That would also be my assumption.
      The Saker and others have pointed out that the U.S.”empire:” is kind of a facade for the supposedly defunft British Empire. There is no reason to assume that the puppeteers behind the scrim have plans to make China and Russia into facades of some kind, behind which the puppeteers continue to control economic/finance decisions and, incidentally, rake in billions for their own family and clients (in all senses of the word) while they are at is.

      I recently read, in the London Review of Books, a review of a biography of a fellow named John Law, a Scotsman. He was a very innovative financial thinker in the late 17th and early 18th cent. who for a time was in charge of managing the finances of the French monarchy/state. He had innovative ideas on the basis for creating money and thereby encouraging economic activity. His ideas worked. Utterly remarkable is the central importance of inventing new financial instruments and methods for the survival of the French state/monbarchy in the years between 1700 and the revolution.

      In case anyone is interested, here is a link to this fascinating and detailed review in the LRB:

      Here is a Wiki entry on him:

      The point being, as we here all know, that he/she who figures out how to control money and economies rocks the historical cradle. In the tales of these early financiers and money men, phrases such as “the king, having exhausted his finances to wage X war, turned to X money man to raise the needed funds.” I suppose it was in this context that the Rothschilds first ascended to power. By founding many branches in many lands I expect they managed to keep recalibrating their political fortunes to stay afloat and prosper through thick and thin.


  32. Every dialog and sign of reconciliation is good, but to trust the WEST would be suicidal for Russia. And not only for Russia.

    While the WEST is under American domination and hegemony, and while NATO exist as it is, Russia cannot trust the West.
    NATO is created as anti-Russian tool and it is in its DNA.

    Russia cannot forget all these years of anti-Russian madness and attempts of destroying Russia. Primitive propaganda full of insults, sanction after sanctions, accusations, coup in Kiev and installation of the worst fascist rubbish in Kiev, supporting and financing of islamic terrorists in Chechnya, Dagestan and other parts of Caucasus, and other regions of Russia …

    It is not just last five years. It is since USSR collapsed.

    So, only way to real reconciliation between Russia and the West is NATO to cease to exist and USA to leave Europe.

    And it will not happen in our lifetime.

  33. You shouldn’t believe a SINGLE WORD of what Emmanuel Macron says. He is stark raving mad, totally illeterate ( except for what his very old wife – 24 years older than him, I believe that there is no other such case in the world – taught him very long ago – she was his teacher, you know ) and an accomplished mythomaniac.Besides… but I stop there, out of charity.

    What Emmanuel Macron says is pure bullshit. He doesn’t think a word of it.And this is a mild statement. The problem is that honest and reasonable people like you, Saker, can’t even begin to imagine a “man” like Emmanuel Macron.

    A last point : I’m French. So, I should know.

  34. Thank you (again) Saker, for this analysis. I would never have accessed this information otherwise.

    “Look at India, Russia and China. They have a much stronger political inspiration than Europeans today. They think about our planet with a true logic, a true philosophy, an imagination that we’ve lost a little bit.”

    As a North American, I had to sympathize a little with the European people when I read this. From across the ocean, it is my impression that there are plenty of Europeans who think about our planet with true logic, true philosophy and imagination, who have been ruthlessly evicted from any position of power, and targeted for persistent hostile treatment. I wonder how the people of France will react to this: instead of empowering the average citizen of France, must they now accept that governance will extend from the superior minds of China, India and Russia? That should go over well along the barricades.


    Comment with a far-reaching approval:

    “На мой взгляд, советское время опередило время в котором мы сейчас живем. Те которые родились и жили в то время, побывали в будущем, и думаю могут гордится что жили в этот период времени.”

    “In my opinion, the Soviet time was ahead of the time in which we now live. Those who were born and lived at that time, visited the future, and I think they can be proud that they lived in this period of time.”

  36. Macron finally listened to Jean-Pierre Chevènement. Not to soon.I’m very suspicions and I have now confidence in Macron but has failed everywhere in France (yellow vests, 257 emergencies services in strike in hospitalier, firemen in strike, so much suicides of policemen, doctors teachers N-D so on)and in Foreign Politic he needs voices for the futur elections.

  37. “And with a total nutcase in power in London dealing with Brexit” [Ron: disagree].
    First, thanks for the writeup on Macron. It’s easy to vote for change when you believe you an control the process. When there are uncertanties, change is not so popular.
    And that neatly segues into the passage quoted above. Mental health aside, the key words are “in power”. The UK is presently exploring the limits of Parliamentary Sovereignty, and will soon test the limits of Jurisprudence. IMHO to prejudge the issue as the work of a madman understates the extent of the crisis.


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