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Political Information Last Updated: Feb 23, 2020 - 6:37:31 PM

Pope Francis The Taxman
By Antonius Aquinas with comments by Ron
Feb 26, 2020 - 12:35:22 AM

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On the heels of calling for a Marxist economic conference this coming March ("Economy of Francesco"), Jorge Bergoglio (a.k.a. "Pope Francis") has once again opined on financial matters.  The purported head of the Catholic Church has now designated "tax cuts" as sinful behavior on a par, apparently, with stealing, lying, and adultery:

Today's structures of sin include repeated tax cuts for the richest people, often justified in the name of investment and development.

Bergoglio did not mention what category of sin advocacy for tax cuts falls under - venial or mortal.

Maybe the details of how such a policy ranks in offending Divine Justice will be hammered out at the upcoming Economy of Francesco Commie confab!

[Ron: It is cosmically unlawful, ie contrary to divine law (because it is contrary to the Creator's energetic blueprint that establishes life, the universe and everything), for anyone to tax the income of a sovereign human being obtained from the individual's personal physical or intellectual efforts. However, it is lawful for the community to tax wealth obtained by other means, eg from investments or the exploitation of others. Accordingly, in cases in which wealth has been obtained through corporations or other exploitation of others and/or the planet, the community can and should tax such wealth. In this context tax cuts for 'the rich' may well be inappropriate since the community has a duty to tax unearned increments in the hands of 'the rich' in order to disincentivise criminal and/or anti-social behaviour in order to mitigate or prevent undue personal and social energetic imbalances developing within the community.].

In Bergoglio's collectivist mind, those who try and keep their wealth from the ravenous demands of the State are somehow denying the poor their just due:

Every year hundreds of billions of dollars, which should be paid in taxes to fund health care and education, accumulate in tax haven accounts, thus impeding the possibility of the dignified and sustained development of all social agents.

What Bergoglio and his fellow socialists do not understand is that tax cuts lead to economic growth, whether they are for higher or lower income groups.

[Ron: This assertion is not necessarily true. For instance most wealth today is accumulated using corporations, ie lifeless fictive constructs of the human imagination, largely used to conceal the identity of owners behind a corporate veil and to shield owners from full responsibility and liability for what is done using the corporate mechanism.

Corporations have no real existence and no rights other than what communities give them. See eg: Citizens United v. FEC: Corporate Personhood Must be Eliminated if Humanity is to Survive. -

If a community allows its members to use corporations the activities of those corporations should be strenuously scrutinised, supervised and audited by the community and all profits made using them (apart from adequate compensation for those owning and managing their operations) should be fully taxed and redistributed for the benefit of the whole community.

in current circumstances tax cuts for 'the rich' largely take the form of tax cuts for the corporations they own. See eg:

How Interlinked Corporations Rule The World. -

Which Companies Have The Most Tax Havens? -

How Did CEO Pay Get to 500 Times the Wages of Ordinary Workers? -

Trillion-dollar-valued Amazon Pays $0 in Income Taxes for 2018, Gets Multi-million Refund -

The assertion that tax cuts lead to economic growth is not necesarily true. Morever, the implication that "economic growth" is necessarily beneficial is patently false. The intrinsic worth of "economic growth" depends entirely upon the nature and substance of that growth, how it is obtained, who benefits from it and how they benefit. Our world is currently run by banksters and their corporate mates who control most of the wealth on this planet and determine how that wealth is distributed and used.

BLIND FREDDY can tell you that the product of "economic growth" is being increasingly sucked up by an ever smaller cabal of 'rich people' who own or control the bulk of the mega corporations running this planet. Moreover, the wealth of that cabal is being radically misused to the detriment of most of the global population. THAT is not a positive outcome. Moreover, the assumption that indefinite "economic growth" is necessary and desireable on a finite planet is absurd, at least until humans here learn to obtain energy from the vacuum of space.].

The less wealth that the State confiscates, the more is available to be used for saving and investment - two keys to economic growth.

[Ron: This statement is palpable bullshit. First, because it denies the truth that the community creates ALL of the money that is supposedly created by the "savings"used for "investment". IF the community does not agree to create money, however described, to grease the wheels of societal activity and industry, there can be no "savings" and hence no "investment". See eg: Stephanie Kelton: The Public Purse -

Second, it assumes the validity and necessity of the money meme as the guiding principle of human social existence when it isn't. It also assumes that "savings" are needed for "investment" and that they are crucial to "economic growth" which is assumed to be  essential to human life. The obvious fallacy in this thinking is the idea that money is needed to stimulate human activity and productivity. THAT is bankster propaganda. There are only two requirements for productive human activity, namely the availability of human energy in the form of labour, intellect and intuition on the one hand, and physical planetary resources on the other.

The rich do not horde their money but expand and create businesses which leads to more and better paying jobs for lower income groups who supposedly Bergoglio wants to help.

[Ron: This is Talmudic nonsense! It is rabbinical rhetoric that justifies and perpetuates continuance of a distorted view of community life rooted in the money meme which has alienated humans from themselves and each other and corrupted human spiritual life on this planet for millennia. This statement regurgitates an obvious lie, namely that money is needed to create employment and wealth. It isn't

It is glaringly obvious today that 'the rich' do not invest their money to expand and create businesses that lead to more and better paying jobs for lower income groups. The rich invest to make profits, that's why they are rich. No one becomes a billionaire as a result of personal sweat, hard work and altruism. Moreover, The reality is that Artifical Intelligence (AI), robots and other technological advances are rapidly eliminating the need to employ not only low skilled workers but also many high skiled workers. The result is ever growing unemployment and underemployment. See eg:The Permanent Unemployment & Underemployment Economy -

Arguably Bergoglio knows this and his rhetoric is meant to deceive rather than educate.].

The poor will only be uplifted by greater production where more goods and services are available at lower prices.

[Ron: More bullshit!  As Einstein indicated in the mid 1930s, ie almost a century ago, human society on this planet had already achieved a level of industrial productivity sufficient to uplift the global population to a decent human living standard. However, the cabal of banksters and corporatists who controlled most nations did not want that situation to manifest and so they created WWII and have perpetuated wars and societal upheavels ever since in order to dissapate the abundance that would otherwise have manifested on this planet if humans here peacefully coexisted in a usury free world.

The endemic problem of poverty, scarcity and want on this planet is not due to inadequate productivity but to deliberate mismanagement, misallocation of resources and production, social disorder and violence, and geopolitical warfare organised, financed and promulgated by the Talmudic financial cabal that controls this planet.

In other words, the ultra rich deliberately misallocate, misuse and waste the resources and the  goods and services available on this planet in order to ensure that poverty, scarcity and want remain major methods of societal control in all nations including the Western world. Propaganda about corporations needing government subsidies, lower taxes and the ability to constantly lower wages and employment numbers to meet competition from other corporatists is 'race to the bottom' rhetoric designed to conceal the fascist nature of global society in which governments are corporations owned by the owners of the banks and mega corporations that control this planet. See eg: Corporations Masquerading as Government in Australia & World Wide. -

As this commentator clearly epitomises, rhetoric about lowering prices is part of the propaganda essential to the capitalist ideology used as a social control mechanism.].

Redistribution of income via taxation does not create new wealth, but simply transfers existing wealth from the productive class. Moreover, taxation has the deleterious effect of making individuals produce less since their efforts are siphoned off at the point of a gun.  More taxation means less production and, thus, less and more expensive goods for the poor.

[Ron: Yabba, yabba, Talmudic rhetoric yabba. This verbiage about 'redistribution of income' and 'transfer of wealth from the productive class' is self serving special pleading. It conceals the truth that owners, entreprenuers and managers stand on the shoulders of giants AND on the backs of employees and whole communities who enable their ideas and profits to manifest.

ANY taxation of income gained from personal exertion is unlawful. BUT the Talmudists and their lackeys and commentators do not tell you that. Why? Because they NEED people to believe and accept that taxation of the fruits of the labour of the general population is legitimate and necessary when it is neither. And the reason for that taxation is as old as civilisation, namely that rulers and their entourage MUST exploit, ie TAX, the rest of the community in order to enjoy life and fund the continued exercise of their power and control over the community.

Income taxation today is akin to highway robbery. It takes the form of demanding money from individual community members using force and violence under the pretense that governments need money and must get it from the population instead of creating it, as necessary. THAT IS A LIE because it conceals the truth that governments are the sole creators of money (either directly or indirectly). Accordingly income taxation is actually about stealing from community members some of the wealth they have produced using their labour, intellect and ingenuity. Any government that is an honest and genuine servant of the community it serves will issue as much money as is needed to properly enable the community to utilise the labour and physical resources available to it.].

Of course, this is basic economic theory that any sane person can understand unless one has matriculated to a Western university or college or pays attention to economic ignoramuses like Jorge Bergoglio!

[Ron: This is typical Talmudic rhetoric. A blatant assertion of a false fact followed by denigration and abuse of any alternative viewpoint or attempt at discussion.].

Bergoglio's constant attention to the plight of the poor along with other social issues ("climate change," the environment, immigration) does not align with the vision that the Entity, which created the office that Bergoglio currently holds, had in mind.  On at least two occasions, He counseled His followers to focus their attention on spreading the "good news" instead of earthly concerns:

For the poor you have always with you:  but me you have not always.  [Mt. 26:11]

Let the dead bury their dead, but go thou, and preach the kingdom of God.  [Lk. 9: 60]

While the Church has always sought to protect and help the poor, widows, orphans, and the downtrodden, its primary mission is to preach the Gospel.  Since the time of the Second Vatican Anti-Council, 1962-65, and especially during the "reign" of Pope Francis, evangelization has been condemned and, like tax cuts, is now considered sinful activity.

Bergoglio's criticism of tax reduction is, no doubt, aimed at the Trump Administration's plan for an additional round of tax cuts.

[Ron: I agree. After all "Godfather III" is a demonic Talmudist and hence bitterly opposed to President Trump and his work for Christ Michael Aton's Millennial Reign.].

Tax reduction, however, without cuts in government spending will further explode budget deficits which are now even beyond sustainable.

[Ron: This is disinformation. Sovereign governments are monopolist issuers of money and hence referring to any government issuance of money as creating a budget deficit which is not sustainable is deliberate misinfornmation. This LIE is part of an age old Talmudic disinformation campaign relating to the fact that money issued by governments (whether directly or indirectly) is typically subject to usury and fraudulent fractional reserve banking mechanisms that syphon wealth from productive communities into the pockets of parasitic banksters who form the core of 'the rich' that this author defends.

IF governments efficiently and honestly performed their money issuing responsibilities rather than allowing banksters to intrude themselves into the process and to insert usury into it, there would be NO 'boom and bust' so-called business cycles and poverty could have been abolished with the global population already experiencing prosperity, abundance and peace.].

Without corresponding spending reduction, tax cuts will mean that the Federal Reserve will have to make up for the short fall with further money printing.  One cannot have Big Government and tax cuts simultaneously. The inevitable monetary crisis will, unfortunately, be blamed on tax cuts and will play into the hands of Bergoglio and his fellow travelers.

[Ron: There is absolutely no need to have Big Government if the government issues usury free money in appropriate amounts provided that it ensures that it is distributed and used beneficially and that the resultant production is distributed equitably. There is no need for ANY monetary crisis if the community properly issues appropriate amounts of usury free money and prevents private banking corporations from hijacking the money creation and distribution process.

Of course equitable distribution of the benefits of an abundance of productivity will also depend on the expertise, honesty and administrative efficiency of local, district and regional governance arrangements.].

That Bergoglio spends most of his time as a social justice warrior instead of the supposed "vicar of Christ" on earth shows the state of the modern Church.  Worse, when he does speak on matters of faith, his words and actions are riddled with heresy.

For all those concerned, it is best that "Pope Francis" should be ignored not only for the falsehoods he spreads about Christianity, but also as a social theorist. His pronouncements on the latter will only lead to further impoverishment of the poor and the rest of society while inciting class conflict between those who seek to keep their wealth and those who want to confiscate more of it.

[Ron:  Pope Francis is correct in implying that tax cuts in relation to the profits 'the rich' derive from their corporations should be taxed. Arguably corporate taxes should remove from corporate owners and managers all profits not earned by their personal efforts. Once communities begin issuing usury free money this should cease to be controversial.].

[colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].


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