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Political Information Last Updated: Jun 26, 2019 - 6:21:22 AM

Police Interrogate, Collect DNA from French Politician over ‘homophobic’ tweets
By Jeanne Smits
Jun 25, 2019 - 6:30:28 PM

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June 24, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) - A city counselor from Saint-Germain-en-Laye, a large town to the west of Paris where many kings had their residence since the 11th century, was summoned by police last week and submitted to DNA collecting because she was accused by Internet watchdogs of publishing a series of "homophobic" tweets.

Agnès Cerighelli, 53, who claims to be a member of French president Emmanuel Macron's "La République en Marche" (LREM) Party, is now under heavy fire from the mainstream press, which is calling her "crazy."

Cerighelli's Twitter account contains a large number of messages condemning the influence of the "LGBT lobby." She also regularly denounces legal access to medically assisted procreation for lesbians, which the LREM intends to push through Parliament, probably before the summer recess. She also makes no mystery of her Catholic beliefs.

Cerighelli is an opposition counselor without official political affiliation and makes clear her support for Macron, which is a paradox, to say the least, given the president's campaigns and actions for transgressive legislation.

Cerighelli was locally active in the "Manif pour tous" during the battle against the legalization of same-sex "marriage." At the time, she was a member of the half-hearted right-wing "Républicains." She left that party in 2016.

It should be added that Cerighelli has repeatedly been accused of mythomania. According to the local LREM Party members, she was excluded from the movement in December 2018. She has also been blamed for trying at all costs to appear to have a friendly relationship with Macron, and doubts have also been raised over her official resume and professional experience.

Whether these accusations are true or the result of a smear campaign remains to be assessed. What is certain is that in the LREM Party, members are expected to support the gay agenda. Any opposition to making assisted procreation accessible for women who are not in a stable man-woman relationship, especially when expressed by self-declared Catholics, usually spells trouble.

The facts of the case are at any rate a sign that France is bowing to present-day LGBT totalitarianism.

Cerighelli published a number of tweets in March in which she said, among other things, that the yellow star of the Jews has been replaced by the rainbow colors that LGBT persons are expected to sport.

She has also accused the "LGBT lobby" of having too much power within Macron's "En marche" Party.

She has accused the French state of remaining silent despite the communitarianism of the LGBT lobby: "In Paris, the lobby has its street, its bakery, its restaurants, its hotels. Heterosexuals are not welcome ... Better go there with a rainbow flag so as not to be insulted or attacked."

Was there a bit of exaggeration in that last accusation? Possibly. But there certainly is a blatantly "gay" neighborhood in Paris and the fact is that LGBT citizens have special protection under French law, which considers any insult because of "sexual orientation" or "gender identity" an "aggravating circumstance," liable to a maximum fine of €45,000 (more than $51,000) and one-year imprisonment.

A number of pro-gay associations spotted Cerighelli's messages on Twitter and reported them to the public prosecutor.

The wheels of justice were put in motion and she was ordered to answer questions from police last Monday afternoon. The interrogation lasted for a full hour during which not only fingerprints but other biometric data, such as Cerighelli's DNA, were collected.

She was interviewed in front of the police station by journalists from a semi-satirical talk show on French TV, "Quotidien." This simple fact led serious political magazines to question "Quotidien's" editorial choices, because LGBT activists had decided several weeks previously no longer to comment on or react to her "illegal" tweets so as not to give them visibility.

That is how self-censuring now works in France. Cerighelli should not have been able to give her own point of view on the matter, the mainstream media complained. But most had not picked up the news in the first place.

Even if "Quotidien" was clearly critical of the "homophobic" city counselor, repeatedly saying "homophobia is a crime," the show was nailed for having given Cerighelli precious broadcasting time. Not all commentators were convinced that she had been (sufficiently) "ridiculed" by the media.

This is probably an indication that LGBT propaganda, while ubiquitous in the major news outlets in France, has not convinced all of the French people. However, laws, police, and media are doing their best to intimidate them.

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