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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Paul Eisen – On holocaust Victim Supremacy – Updated
By Jim W Dean
Mar 11, 2013 - 5:39:03 AM

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Paul Eisen – On holocaust Victim Supremacy – Updated

We Once Again Revisit the Greastest Psy Ops Event of the 20th Century


Sure, I know some of you might be thinking…”Why do we need to go back into this snake pit again?’”

Thanks for asking, because there is a good reason. The holocaust smokescreen is still being used by certain people to commit crimes for which they tell us the big H is their get out of jail card. And no one is allowed to do this…but them.

We don’t publish things here without a reason. We recently had the humiliating display of a defeated Republican Party thinking that the best way back into the leadership saddle was by reading their AIPAC crib notes well during the Hagel Senate hearing.

The Lobby that does not exist is hankering to show everybody that they are still feared and can car jack the American political process, maybe not all the time, but a lot.

There is always a line of American helpers wishing to display their willingness to subvert the democratic process of their own country if some goodies are provided. In Congress they wear knee pads so they are easier to spot.

The Israelis shot themselves in both feet starting with their taking a world wide beating on the Palestinan UN vote. At the same time Netanyahu was playing chickein with his Likud-NeoCon ploy to intimidate Obama into getting onboard an Iran attack in return for their ‘maybe’ not killing his second term. Yeah. You could trust people like this. Just look at their record.

To shore up their tough guy image prior to the recent elections the Likuds expanded their settlement programs, some old fashioned vote buying there, and yet still lost 25% of their seats despite teaming up with Leiberman’s racist party.

But the self destructing Israelis have not changed their spots. They just formed a new nationalist party and have hooked up with the settlement thugs to increase their chances of getting some good ministries under their control.

They basically are all maneuvering to get into the best position to rob each other to the best of their ability. This is one of the reasons that ‘WWII victims’, over a third of them are eating in soup kitchens.

They are fighting over who are going to be the officers on the Israeli Titanic. Ok, I know some of you are thinking I am hyping now, but I have the perfect cover. In the Oscar nominated film, The Gatekeepers, all the living Shin Ben chiefs agreed that the continued occupation of the Palestinians was dooming the future of Israel. I feel very comfortable using them as references.

These Shin Bet leaders are not optimistic regarding ‘enlightened political leadership’ being delivered any time soon by angels. In the film they showed how they felt their political class had betrayed them by never really intending to want peace because they would lose their main tool for dominating the public which peace would take away.

The elite Jewish mobsters exploit their own people by playing the eternal victims, the Iran outside boogeyman, and hustling America which always has to be made to heel, to keeping dishing out the money fighting for Israel and ruining our own future.

Part of America’s accepting all of this like the walking dead is because more and more, voters have been “do anything the Lobby tells you to do or you will be a bad person.” The Christian Zionists are a separate situations, traitors to their own country.

The Lobby people and their disloyal minions invest a lot of effort keeping the door locked on folks finding out the depths to which they have been scammed. They know there will be a terrible retribution with they find out, and they are right.

We need to move that date forward folks, because America is part of the West Bank, in it’s own way.


Girls of the IDF – Ready to defend the occupation and Israel’s WMD stockpiles

The War for the Spirit

… by Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen

We are entitled to search for the truth.

The real crime committed by the National Socialists – the exclusion, disempowerment, deportation, enslavement, death by omission and by commission and expulsion of a people simply because they were that people – was a terrible one.

[Ron: Typical Talmudic Jewish LIES! I'm tired of debunking them. Global Jewry declare war on Germany as soon as the Natinal socialists were elected.As a matter of national security the Jews should therefore have been INTERNED IMMEDIATELY  as a threat to the national security of the German nation. but they weren't. They were not interned in work camps until after the war with Russia giot underway in 1941. Also, Germany agreed with the Zionist jews to protect Jews by placing them in work camps in the countryside, away from the cities which Jews like Churchill, Roosevellt, and Eisenhower intended to fire bomb to kill as many civilians as they could and to TERRORISE the German population. See eg: The pilots of Bomber Command cannot be called heroes -

For instance: The German bombing of Warsaw and Rotterdam was part of a military
campaign, an expansion of a previous shelling of defended cities. The
Blitz (the German air raids on London) began only after the British had already bombed German cities for five months.” -
British historian in Oxford, A.J.P. Taylor

The attacks on defenceless German civilians and cities were planned and executed by the British.
2,050,000 German civilians died in those terror attacks according to the Zurich paper Die Tat. the allies fire bombed and
devastated the following German cities, ”... not just [in] Hamburg and Dresden but [in] dozens of lesser cities.”   Here are a few of the “dozens of lesser cities”:

Berlin, Hamburg, Dortmund, Essen, Dresden, Frankfurt/Main, Nuremberg,
Düsseldorf, Hannover, Bremen, Wuppertal, Vienna, Duisburg, Munich,
Magdeburg, Leipzig, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Kiel, Gelsenkirchen, Bochum,
Aachen, Würzburg, Darmstadt, Krefeld, Münster, Mönchen Gladbach,
Braunschweig, Ludwigshafen, Remscheid, Pforzheim, Osnabrück, Mainz,
Bielefeld, Gießen, Düren, Solingen, Wilhelmshaven, Karlsruhe,
Oberhausen, Heilbronn, Augsburg, Hamm, Knittelfeld, Lüneburg,
Cuxhaven, Kulmbach, Hagen, Saarbrücken, Freiburg, Graz, Koblenz, Ulm,
Bonn, Bremerhaven, Wanne-Eickel, Worms, Lübeck, Schweinfurt, Kleve,
Wiener Neustadt, Wiesbaden, Paderborn, Bocholt, Hanau, Hildesheim,
Emden, Siegen, Pirmasens, Halle, Bayreuth, Kreuznach, Witten,
Aschaffenburg, Kaiserslautern, Gladbeck, Dorsten, Insbruck,
Neumünster, Linz, Klagenfurt, Reutlingen, Recklingshausen, Reuel,
Regensburg, Homburg, Elmshorn, Wetzlar, Villach, Hameln, Königsberg,
Moers, Passau, Solbad Hall I.T, Coburg, Attnang-Puchheim,
Friedrichshafen, Frankfurt/Oder, Danzig, Bozen, Chemnitz, Rostock,  
Schwerte, Plauen, Bad Kreuznach, etc., etc. [See eg
The pilots of Bomber Command cannot be called heroes -

In effect the Jews, using the British, US, French and Soviet empires, genocided some 20 million Germans during and after WWII - 13 million of them were civilians starved and murdered AFTER WWII. See eg thearticles listed at the end of this article.]


One does not need gas chambers to make the targeting of Jews, just because they are Jews, extraordinary and unacceptable. [Ron: These Jews never give up do they?They wouldn't know the truth if they fell over it. The truth is that the Jews have despoiled over 100 societies and countries and been expelled therefrom as a consequence, ].

Nonetheless, if this targeting did not extend to extermination, if there were no gas chambers and if six million Jews did not die, then we should know it and, if necessary, address the implications. [Ron: well DUH! that's pretty bloody obvious isn't it? the reason that the jews won't allow any real inquiry and in fact imprison anyone who even questions the Holocaust Blood Libel is that it is a LIE and there was NO holocaust or persecution of Jews. If there had been the world would not be infested with Jewish parasites as it now is. The Germans were very efficient and IF they had intended to genocide Jews this Talmudist would not be here now spreading rabbinical lies.].

If there is some reason why we should not investigate this matter, then the onus is on those who would deny us that right, to say why. Those who would deny us that right have tried to say why, but in my view they have failed miserably.

But what does it matter how many Jews were murdered and in what way and with what intention? A murder is a murder and one murder is one murder too many. What difference will it make whether the Holocaust is proven or not? [Ron: well for starters the friggen Jews have scammed over a hundred billionf dollars in so-called "reparations", "compensations' and aid from Germany, the US and other countries as a result of the Holocaust LIE so of course it matters! The Holocaust is also the Jews' "get out of goal" card for all their crimes and of course it was a vital ingredient in their stealing Palestine from its inhabitants etc. Such sophistry is sooo sleazy! How Jews like Paul Eisen must snigger to themselves when writing this horschit!].

Will it have any affect whatsoever on the status and attitudes of Israel or on its behavior towards the Palestinians – issues on which we pressingly need to focus? [Ron: Surely this author jests?! the effect whenn the truth about the Holohoax comes out will cause not only israel, but Jews everywhere to disappear in a shower of shit! THINK about it!  Not only Germans bit the whole world ie over seven billion people, will finally "get the memo" and they will not be amused. Never mind Israelis not changing their attitudes to Palestinians, seven billion goyim will change it for them].

But the Holocaust is not just murder. Nor is it just mass murder. Nor is it even just genocide. There have been plenty of murders, mass murders and even genocides, but none have been memorialized like the Holocaust. The Holocaust is held to be the worst crime in human history, and this is not because more people were killed or because they were killed more brutally or more senselessly. [Ron: Indeed not. The meme has been created by Jews because they control money creation,  banking, usury, most governments, mass media, education, academia, publishing, science entertainment, Hollywood, religions, military hierarchies and secret services globally, and almost everything else. That is why humanity, especially in the West, has been mind controlled to believe that the non existant Holocaust is the allegedly worst crime in history. And this author would have to be an idiot not to see that. Sooo, he sees it but pretends he doesn't.]

Three million Polish Jews are held to have died in the Holocaust. Three million Polish non-Jews also died in the same period of history – yet the Jews, as evidenced by the memorialisation accorded them, are seen as more important. Fifty million people died in the Second World War, including twenty million Russians, ten million Germans and Austrians and six million Jews. Yet only the Jews warrant a “Holocaust”’. [Ron: I have debunked this Paul Eisen bullshit before. See: Why I Call Myself a Holocaust Denier by Paul Eisen -].

Is this because it was only Jews who were targeted for obliteration simply because they were Jews, and because it was only Jews who were exterminated in such a cool, premeditated and modern fashion by such an advanced, liberal and enlightened nation in the heart of Christian Europe? [Ron: Think carefully about this LYING innuendo and crafty rhetoric Pilgrims. This is typical rabbinical double speak. Orwell would have loved it. This ability to speak with a forked tongue explains  why Ezra Pound's formula for preventing Jewish conquest from within -- peaceful methods derived from the Byzantine Empire See: has been successful.].

Deir Yassin Palestinian corpses – one of the Israelis many mini-holocausts

If the revisionists should prove their case that Jews were not targeted for extermination, that there were no gas-chambers and there was no six million, would there then be no Holocaust? Would Jews become just more tragic victims of a tragic period of history, on a par with the millions of other victims, including the thousands upon of thousands of German civilians slaughtered in the terror bombing of German cities by the western allies? [Ron: No! Arguably the suffering of the Jews has invariably been self inflicted and and in any event it does not compare with the genocide Jews have inflicted on Russia, the Ukraine, Germany, Armenia, East Bengal, the black African slave trade and a myriad other places in which they have organised the Anglo-US and others to masscre millions of goyim.].

The revisionist community has probably said just about all it can say and proved all it can prove and have probably made the case sufficiently to at least cast doubt on the veracity of the Holocaust narrative. Future historians may well reject the Holocaust as history, but the Holocaust may yet go on, no longer as history but as ideology and even theology.[Ron: That's a vain hope Paul Eisen. As the Kali Yuga draws to a close the truth will eliminate any chance for Jews to construct fresh ideological and theological lies about the Holocaust or anything else.].

Even though the evidence may lead us to accept that there never was intent to eliminate every single Jew from Europe, or any gas-chambers at Auschwitz, or anything near six-million victims, this may not make one iota of difference any more than archeological evidence might prove that there was no Exodus from Egypt and medical science might throw doubt on the virgin birth. [Ron: These Jews are arrogant aren't they? This is much the same argument as is stated in

Jew admits "Holocaust" is a fraud and a PSYOP (repost). See:].

Because there is another possibility – that the suffering of the Jews is held to be the worst crime in human history not because of the nature of the crime but because of the nature of the victims. Maybe Abe Foxman had it just about right when he wrote:-

(The Holocaust is)… “not simply one example of genocide, but a near successful attempt on the life of God’s chosen children and, thus, on God himself”

Abe ‘da fox’ Foxman – Grand Wizard of the ADL Klan

Because it may be that the Holocaust is not just special, it may be that the Holocaust is sacred. It may be that speaking of the Holocaust alongside other atrocities is like speaking of the Passion as being the crucifixion of one troublemaker and two thieves. It may be that the Holocaust is a narrative of suffering greater than just of one person on a cross.

If Auschwitz is something other than a horror of history, if it goes beyond the ‘banality of evil’, then Christianity totters on its foundations. Christ is the Son of God, who went to the end of the humanly endurable, where he endured the cruelest suffering. [Ron: these Jews aren'y just genocidal RACIST exceptionalists, their INSANE!].

If Auschwitz is true, then there is a human suffering which simply cannot be compared with that of Christ… In this case, Christ is false, and salvation will not come from Him…… Auschwitz is the refutation of Christ. Claude Lanzmann

[Ron: How much longer must seven billion goyim put up with this RACIST, lunatic bullshit. I cannot be bothered debunking this ethno-centric garbage any firther.].

So the Holocaust and Jewish suffering, no longer history, now theology, have become a religious imperative for Jews, and more critically for all Jews, even for those Jews who regard themselves as secular, who haven’t been near a synagogue since they were children, even for those Jews who don’t much consider themselves Jews. [Ron: Yes Siree BOB!].

Take ten Jews today, maybe three will worship God, perhaps nine will worship the state of Israel, nine-point-five may worship “The Jewish People” but nine-point nine-nine-nine recurring will worship Jewish suffering and the Holocaust. The Holocaust resolves the great dilemma of modern Jewish life – how to be a Jew when you no longer believe in the Jewish God.

Secular Jews have found many gods to replace the one they reject – Marx and Trotsky, atheism, psychoanalysis, multiculturalism, human rights, money and success, and of course, Zionism – there’s lots to choose from but only one that serves as a catch-all for everyone. And if you don’t believe it, try this – go find the most educated, secular, progressive, enlightened, perceptive, sensitive Jew you know – deny the Holocaust and then stand back.

But the Holocaust is not confined to Jews. The Holocaust is not only the central martyrdom and therefore a religious focus in modern Jewish history but also, if not in world history, then certainly in American and European history.

All over North America and Western Europe: Holocaust museums – cathedrals to the new religion with their own priests and priestesses; Abe Foxman, Deborah Lipstadt, Elie Wiesel, Simon Wiesenthal, abound – the biggest and best in Washington DC with all the other symbols of American nationhood and power.

Hebron Graffiti – Can you feel the love?

Holocaust Chairs at major universities, memorials, foundations, conferences and symposia, books, magazines, films, TV documentaries. The further we travel in time from the actual events the greater the sacralisation. But these are only the outward manifestations.

The Holocaust, the ultimate in suffering is a paradigm for all Jewish suffering and for all intolerance, discrimination and hatred against Jews and this is in itself is a paradigm for all suffering and all intolerance, discrimination and hatred against all people.

That’s why a major Holocaust Museum in the U.S. is able to style itself as simply “The Museum of Tolerance”, and that’s why those who dare to challenge the Jewish claim to a particularity of suffering are nearly always accused of “intolerance” or of “promoting hate”.

The Holocaust may be the ultimate symbol of Jewish power, the most visible means by which the Jewish will in this world is enforced and displayed to a cowering non-Jewish world. It proclaims that Jews are suffering and Jews are innocent so Jews can do what they like and, by association the state of the Jews is also suffering, is also innocent and can also do what it likes.


The Emperor’s new clothes

But the world doesn’t jump because it feels sorry for Jews. As Israel Shamir says, compassion and guilt may get you a free bowl of soup but not a lot else, and certainly not the ninety billion deutschmarks paid in reparations by the Federal Republic of Germany to the infant state of Israel, the billions of dollars paid by successive US governments to maintain that state, nor the free pass given to Israel by just about everyone to do pretty much what it likes to the Palestinians.

The power of the Holocaust is not the power to arouse pity and compassion in the rest of the world. Anyone can see that Israel has no need of our pity or compassion and neither have Jews. Israel is not weak and Israel is not innocent and neither are Jews. What is harder to see is how anyone could ever have thought otherwise.

Could it even be the same with the Holocaust? Is it not by now plain that there is very little evidence to support the Holocaust narrative, that the extermination narrative just doesn’t add up, and that the issue of the gas-chambers could, as Ingrid Rimland reminded us, be settled easily by forensic investigation,

“I suggest that forensic science ought to settle that disagreement about what Germans did or did not do in World War II in an open public forum.”

Part of the scientific investigation coud involve why a fake smokestack was added to this former SS hospital mourge, and then millions of Poles marched through being told that this was a gas chamber

Why has this not been done? Everyone must know that if the establishment could disprove revisionist claims they would, so why haven’t they?

And anyone can visit any number of websites and find mountains of evidence against the veracity of the Holocaust, so why don’t we?

The reason is the same reason why courtiers have, since time began, acted as if a stark naked emperor was beautifully attired – because they have to.

The power of the Holocaust is the same power as enabled a few thousand Englishman to rule hundreds of millions of Indians; a few hundred French aristocrats to rule a few million French peasants and a Czar and a few hundred Russian nobles to rule millions of Russian serfs.

It is the same power that all over the world and throughout human history has enabled the prosperous few to rule over the impoverished many. It is the very essence of power in this world; the power of bluff. As an unclothed Emperor can force people to believe that he is clothed, so the Jewish and Holocaust establishments can make us believe that black is white in the Holocaust narrative and that Jews and Israel are suffering and innocent.

And if they can’t make us believe it, they can still make us say that we believe it. To the wannabee dissenter, the power behind the Holocaust says this, “Watch it! If we can enforce this we can enforce anything!”

But why should we care if Jews choose to create for themselves such a mythology, even if that mythology has been accepted by so many others? The answer is: we must care because if the Holocaust is false, then there are those who suffer under that falsehood.

First, if the special status of Jews is removed, then the equal status of every single non-Jew who died in that same time, till now demeaned and denigrated, is immediately restored to its rightful and equal place. And there are other victims too. The German people stand accused and found guilty of having committed the worst crime in human history.

The Poles, Ukrainians, Latvians, Lithuanians etc. etc. stand accused and found guilty of aiding, abetting and even applauding the commission of the worst crime in human history. Add to them the Catholic Church and the Pope, the Americans and British who stand accused and found guilty of not having done enough to prevent the commission of the worst crime in human history.

Add to them Christianity and Christians who throughout the ages stand accused and found guilty of laying the foundations for the commission of the worst crime in human history.

And finally, you may as well throw in pretty much the entire non-Jewish world accused and guilty of what amounts to simply not being one of the chosen victims of the worst crime in human history, and therefore condemned forever to hush their voices whenever the word ‘Jew’ is mentioned and to stand silently as the myth of Jewish chosenness in the Holocaust is propagated.


The weapons of the poor

Robert Faurisson after his mugging by Jewish thugs

There is one other victim: a present, pressing, ultimate victim. The Palestinian people -denied, denigrated and abused by a power which uses the Holocaust as a shield behind which any and every atrocity may take place – are surely the primary sufferers under the Holocaust.

On March 22, 2001 Robert Faurisson wrote a paper for the proposed Beirut Conference on Revisionism and Zionism, which he knew would never be presented. He was right. The conference was cancelled due to external pressure, largely by Jewish groups. In his paper for the first time, Faurisson addressed the Arab world.

First he put it to them that an intelligent adversary may say that they fear something when they don’t, and that they don’t fear something when they do. Thus their enemies’ firepower is deflected from those places where it may do real damage to those areas where it can do little damage.

Then he listed those things that Zionists do not fear: They do not fear military power – they’ve more than enough of their own and anyway, they know that anyone who has military power is far more likely to support them rather than oppose them. They do not fear anti-Semitism – on the contrary they feed on it to create sympathy for their cause.

They do not really fear denouncers of Holocaust exploitation – the Norman Finkelsteins and the Peter Novicks – so long as they do not challenge the Holocaust itself. After all, the fiercest critic of something can (albeit often unwittingly) become its staunchest guardian – (If Norman Finkelstein says it, it must be true.)

They do not even fear anti-Zionism since Zionism, like Jewish power itself, has the wondrous ability to transform itself into anything it wants – left/right, religious/secular, one-state/two-state – all provide fertile ground for Zionism and Jewish particularity.

Nor do they much fear attacks on the founding myths of Israel – that is, all of them except one. Finally, they do not even fear being called Judeo-Nazis. On the contrary, being labeled by one’s adversaries as a Nazi merely affirms that ‘Nazi’ is the very worst thing imaginable.

He then told his audience what Zionists do fear: They fear the weapons of those who have nothing left to lose – the poor and the weak. They fear the stones and suicide bombers of the Palestinian Intifada – and they fear the weapons of that other Intifada – the words of the revisionists.

Zionists truly fear the weapons of the poor (children’s stones, their slingshots like that of David against the giant Goliath, the suicide attacks) and all that may endanger persons and business; they fear a demeaning of their brand image.

But they are above all apprehensive of “the poor man’s atomic bomb”, that is, the disintegration, by historical revisionism, of the lie of the gas chambers, the genocide and the six million; they dread this weapon that kills no-one but that would not fail, if properly used to explode their big lie like a bag of hot air… lose the “Holocaust” is to lose the sword and the shield of Israel as well as a formidable instrument of political and financial blackmail.

Despite their honourable intentions and dedicated efforts, the solidarity movement, which includes many Jews of conscience, has had little success in stopping the Zionist juggernaut. The truth is that the only thing that has stalled it has been Palestinian steadfastness and Palestinian stones.

Although they will never say so, Palestinians must know that they are not just facing the might of the Israeli state but also the power of organized world Jewry and its primary arm, the Holocaust. Perhaps Palestinians should consider lobbing a few stones in that direction. Perhaps we all should.

Editing: Jim W. Dean

[colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].



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Hitler and the German nation could reasonably have interned ALL Jews in Germany and confiscated their property then and there in 1933. After all the US did it to US citizens of Japanese descent as soon as war was declared against Japan in 1942. But Germany didn’t intern Jews OR persecute them despite global Jewry's attempt to starve Germany with trade boycotts. Jews were only interned after war broke out against Poland, Britain and France. Even then, many Jews were never interned and NO Jews were holocausted during WWII. In fact, under agreements with the Zionists Germany assisted Jews to migrate to Israel with their property until 1940 and then, when migration was no longer possible, Jews were interned safely in camps in the countryside AWAY from the cities which the Jew controlled Allies bombed unmercifully. See eg: A Real Holocaust: Dresden, 13 February 1945:

The Jews got the British, France, US and Soviet Union to force Germany into WWII. See eg: England Instigated World War Two. See:

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'CHRIST WAS NOT A JEW', the author Jacob Elon Connor.

Phoenix Journal #50, 'GOD, TOO, HAS A PLAN 2000! DIVINE PLAN, VOL. I', chapter 6, pages 82 - 83.

Phoenix Journal #57, 'GOD, TOO, HAS A PLAN 2000! DIVINE PLAN, VOL. II', chapter 4, pages 54 - 58 and chapter 5, page 63 - 66.


Jews Against Humans. See:
The “Jews” Behind the Second Vatican Council. see:

Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letters No. 39, 41 & 42: And:

The Stone in the Synagogue's Shoe. See:

Another Judaic Papal Knight Joins the Ranks. See:


America Vanquished - Parts 1 & 2. see:

The New World Order: Ben Gurion’s “One True Zion” ? See:


PJ #59 " "REALITY" ALSO HAS A DRUMBEAT! ", chapter 11 & 12. See:

PJ #79 " MARCHING TO ZOG! ", chapter 3 & 4. See:


The Jewish Talmud Exposed. See:

Jews profess Talmudist ideology. That ideology is inimical to the health and welfare of humanity and planet Earth. See:

How Venice Rigged The First, and Worst, Global Financial Collapse. See:

Jacob Schiff Ordered Czar and Family Murdered. See:

"Zionism's Holocaustianity - The Big Lie". See:

Are the Irish and others of Gaelic origin true Semites and Caucasians? See:

Jewish Extremism and Its Media Cover Up: Chabad Lubavitch. See:

Implications of the "Chosen People" Myth:


And: Mocking Jesus on Israeli TV - Ê‹Ÿ—Í ŸÈ’ - The Crucifixion of "Yeshu" See:



Anti-Semitism: The False Screen Shielding Jews from Global Scrutiny. See:


Anti-Defamation League joins YouTube to fight online hate.

Mossad’s One Million Helpers World-Wide:


Twenty-Five Richest Americans:The Invisible Network:

Dual Citizenship-Loyal to Whom?


The Jewish hand behind Internet - Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay..

ADL accuses Charlie Sheen, a Jew, of being Anti-Semitic.

The Plot Against Art, Part 1:

Sex Plague.

The Radical Homosexual Movement Is Run By Jews. See:

Hollywood's Sabbatean Sex Propaganda. See:





Benjamin Freedman: The former Jew who single-handedly took on the Jewish supremacist criminal mafia:

Benjamin H. Freedman Warns america. See:

Benjamin Freedman Speech & Transcript 1961. See:

"Anti-Semitism" Trains Goyim Like Pavlov's Dogs

The Rothschild Timeline

And: The Role of the Jews in the New World Order.

And: How to Cook a Gentile? See:


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