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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Pamela Geller’s dirty little Noahide secret II
Sep 7, 2016 - 6:47:04 AM

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Pamela Geller’s dirty little Noahide secret


Most people in the United States and abroad who are against Jewish Noahide Law would naturally also be opposed to Islamic Sharia Law.  Both legal systems are built around the supposed supremacy of either group and both systems deprive non-Jews and non-Muslims of their basic human rights. However, you would be surprised to know that there are plenty of Jews who oppose Islamic Sharia, but are in willing and silent compliance with Jewish Noahide Law. Pamela Geller is a well know anti-Sharia, anti-Islam activist.  Her posters exposing Islamic atrocities can be found in and on major transport systems such as buses and trains across the United States.  Her adds also tend to have a pro-Israel, pro-Jewish stance. Ms. Geller often states that she supports the “West” and “Democracy”.  You can learn more about Ms. Geller at her website – www(dot)pamelageller(dot)com. However, Ms. Geller has been confronted through email and at her rallies regarding Jewish Noahide Law and her response seems to be either to dodge the question, provide false information, or just not say anything at all. Beyond this, Ms. Geller takes no issue with addressing and praising Noahide Law advocacy organizations. Most specifically she has allied herself with one of the most aggressive Noahide Law groups known today, Chabad-Lubavitch, the very sect responsible for imposing Public Law 102-14 on the American public.

If You Are In The NYC Area: Event, Feb 17th, NYC – “No Noahide Law Ron Prosor” – Cooper Union

Some Of Geller’s Pro-Israel, “Pro-America”
Billboards & Books


ad3[1] id4866a8082678926cb368a0af5f8b29b_-569597[1]

Open Letter To Pamela Geller

On October 16th, 2013, Pamela Galler and her associate Robert Spencer were sent an email by myself (Vincent Bruno, admin of this website) discussing many issues, one of them being the duo’s hypocrisy in opposing Sharia, but not mentioning anything about Jewish Noahide Law.  Both Ms. Geller and Robert Spencer replied to this email.  Ms. Geller chose to ignore the fact that the email discussed that Jewish Noahide Law had been installed in America under Public Law 102-14 and instead stated that “Jewish law doesn’t assert authority over non-Jews”.  We know that this assertion is absolutely not true (learn here).  She also accused the writer of spreading “anti-Israel, Zionist conspiracy theories”.  Noahide Law is NOT a conspiracy theory!  Robert Spencer on the other had did not seem to desire to deny that Noahide Law exists or that it applies to non-Jews, he only cared to state that “Jewish law (is not) as much of a threat as Islamic law” and then proceeded to call the writer a Nazi.

DOWNLOAD FULL LETTER HERE: Open Letter To Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer On Your Involvement In The Demise Of The EDL


Open Letter To Pamela Geller

Then there is the total hypocracy about Halaka Law (Jewish version of Sharia) in both America and Israel. Here in America we already have Public Law 102¬14 which enshrines Jewish Noahide Law as the foundation of America civilizationa Talmudic law which states all those who practice “idolatry” or “blaspheme” should be killed (See Here & Here). To that effect, the Supreme Court of Israel has been pushing the American Supreme Court to accept amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefings suggesting the use of Jewish Talmudic execution law as a standard for the US (See Here & Here).



Pamela Geller’s Response

You have been posting anti-Israel, Zionist conspiracy theories.

(line break)

It’s not a question of “semitic”, it’s Jew hatred. Period.

People have sent me some of your ugly, disturbing posts on Facebook. I was shocked and distressed to see you trafficking in that vicious blood libel.

(line break)

There is no compulsion in Jewish or Catholic law. Jewish law doesn’t assert authority over non-Jews, Canon Law doesn’t assert authority over non-Catholics. But the sharia is a complete legal system asserting authority over non-Muslims, denying them basic human rights.

(line break)

Please refrain from writing me.



Robert Spencer’s Response

You’ve got to be kidding. Jewish law as much of a threat as Islamic law?

When Jews start flying planes into buildings and blowing up marathons, call me. In the meantime, keep your Nazi filth to yourself.

Public Challenge To Pamela Geller At AFDI Rally

On August 17th, 2014, I (Vincent Bruno) attended an AFDI rally put on by Pamela Geller in Union Square.  The below sign was showed to Ms. Geller and her crowd – she later made eye contact with me and knew I was there.  Many of her supporters rushed the barrier where I was holding the sign and arguments began to break out, even with some of Geller’s supporters spitting at me.  Eventually the cops had me move across the street but several groups of Israeli supporters continued to approach me and debate/fight.  Their was so much commotion that everyone at the rally knew about my presence and was talking about it, even the police were intrigued by the message and could not help but stare at the sign.  I later shook hands with Robert Spencer, who did not seem (or pretended) to know who I was. After the rally I posted the below photo on facebook with a detailed message to Pamela Geller about Noahide Law.  Many of my friends assured me they posted the photo and message in her groups and personal message box, but she never responded.

Open Challenge to Pamela Geller
AFDI Rally, NYC Union Square
Aug 17th, 2014



(line break)

Share this message with her – Pamela Geller

(line break)


Ms. Pamela Geller,

(line break)

Thank you very much for all the work you do to make the world aware of the threat of Islam, it is very much appreciated by many people. However, today I wish to contact you on a different matter and one which I feel to be very important. Their has been word going around of something called Noahide Law, a supposed Jewish Law which would at least in theory have the entire earth follow certain religious commandments found in the Jewish holy book of the Talmud.

(line break)

It is said that these Noahide Laws are to be enforced on the whole earth and upon all peoples, not just Jews. I understand that one Mr. Bruno Otero from NYC requested a public debate from you about Noahide Law at your AFDI rally on August 17th on this issue and I would like to respectfully request that you accept this offer. As a person who is dedicated to telling the truth I am sure that you would be able to clear up some concerns that I and others have about Noahide Law and recent events to that effect. Let me tell you what I mean by this.

(line break)

From what I understand, in 1991, President George H. W. Bush signed into law Public Law 102-14. From what I can see by reading the law on the Library of Congress website, this law states that the Seven Noahide Laws are the basis of American civilization, that these laws should be taught to the next generation, and that the USA is to lead the way in bringing other nations to adopt Noahide Law through the use of education and charity. I do believe it is of course a reasonable question to ask why a Jewish set of laws has been entered into a supposedly secular nation, and also to ask what was the motivation for doing this. PLEASE GOOGLE “Public Law 102-14 Library of Congress”

(line break)

When Noahide Laws are referenced in the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia, I find some very unsettling information. According to Jewish sources, these seven laws are as follows:

(line break)

1. Monotheism (No Idolatry, this includes Christianity)
2. No Blasphemy
3. No “Sexual Immorality” (Sex Outside of Marriage, Homosexuality, ect)
4. Do Not Murder
5. Do Not Steal
6. Do Not Eat Flesh Cut From Living Animals
7. Set Up Courts Of “Justice”

To Enforce These laws

(line break)

It would seem from reading the excerpts from the Talmud (Sanhedrin 56-57) that Noahide cases are overseen by the Sanhedrin located in Israel (Highest Official Body of Judaism). It would also seem that people who break any of these laws are decapitated? From what I understand from the encyclopedia entry these laws also seem to give special privileges to Jews, or at least gives them more lenient punishments for breaking these laws. Though I must admit that I am not an expert, these definitions are very peculiar to me and I would very much appreciate it if someone such as yourself could clear things up for me. Please see: Please see:

(line break)

However, it does not stop there, I believe that there has been recent activity by Jewish organizations to promote Talmudic Law in the US court system. In 1999 a brief was submitted before the Supreme Court which was prepared by the National Jewish Commission On Law and Public Affairs (COPLA) as well as the International Association Of Jewish Lawyers And Jurists American Sections (IAJLJ), it was reviewed by the former Deputy President of the Supreme Court of Israel, Menachem Elon. The gist of the brief is that Talmudic execution ideology would be an appropriate reference for the American legal system. The brief does mention decapitation in what seems to be a positive way, the very mode of execution which I believe is prescribed for dissidents under Noahide Law. Please see: Beyond this, from what I understand their is an institute called the International Institute for Judaic Law which was launched in the Supreme Court in 2002. From their website it states that one of their goals is to implement Talmudic Law here in the USA. Source:

(line break)

Now from what I can tell, Noahide Law is to be supervised by something called the Sanhedrin in Israel. According to the Israeli National News, there seems to be some kind of Sanhedrin reviving in Israel. See: This Sanhedrin seems to be interested in spreading not only Noahide Law but also converting people to the new religion of Noahidism. One of their stated aims is to see the fall of all other religions on earth .See In 2006 many new converts to the new religion of Noahidism went to Israel to pledge their loyalty to the Sanhedrin. The Sanhedrin alluded to the fact that there would soon be conflicts with other religions over the matter of Noahide Law. Source: It would even seem that Israel’s state appointed and funded Rabbis have endorsed a new book called “The Divine Code” which teaches people how to live under Noahide Law with the supervision of the Sanhedrin in Israel and Jewish Rabbis. See Last but not least, most recently, in 2013 and 2014, certain Jewish organizations have been pushing for Jewish Noahide Law to be implemented globally through the United Nations. See Source: See:


(line break)

Geller, I think you could see how someone might be confused by this information. As a person who trusts you, I know that you could very easily clear these things up for myself and the public. Maybe you could take Mr. Bruno Otero up on his offer and use this opportunity to let people know what Noahide Law is and how it will effect our lives. Either way, I know that you will help people understand this issue, and I personally look forward to hearing what you have to say.

(line break)


Pamela Geller Supports Chabad-Lubavitch

Pamela Geller does not only provide false information about Jewish Law and avoids direct questioning about Noahide Law and Public Law 102-14, she also supports groups who are adamant about promoting Noahide Law in the USA and globally. In April of 2013, Ms. Geller spoke before the Chabad House of Great Neck, Long Island.  In the video below you can hear Ms. Geller heavily praise Chabad and describe them as a uniquely admirable Jewish organization.  Chabad-Lubavitch is the sect responsible for installing Noahide Law (Public Law 102-14) in the USA in the first place. The law actually commemorates the birth date of their Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, a man who stated that Jews and Gentiles are of a different species, and that Gentiles come from satanic sphere while Jews come from holiness…

Chabad Rabbi Scheerson says
Jews and Gentiles are different species
and that non-Jews are satanic


– The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements Paperback by Kevin MacDonald (Author)

Public Law 102-14
& Chabad-Lubavitch

Whereas the justified preoccupation with these crises must not let the citizens of this Nation lose sight of their responsibility to transmit these historical ethical values from our distinguished past to the generations of the future; Whereas the Lubavitch movement has fostered and promoted these ethical values and principles throughout the world; Whereas Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the Lubavitch movement, is universally respected and revered and his eighty-ninth birthday falls on March 26, 1991; Whereas in tribute to this great spiritual leader, `the rebbe’, this, his ninetieth year will be seen as one of `education and giving’, the year in which we turn to education and charity to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws

Chabad runs several Noahide preaching organizations, one of which is ASK NOAH –  They also promote the book, “The Divine Code”, a text which advocates international rule under Noahide Law and death to non-Jews who oppose it (learn more here). Why is Ms. Geller, a supposed advocate for American Democracy, giving lectures at such a subversive and anti-democratic establishment?  Doesn’t it now make sense why she avoids the topic of Noahide Law?

Pamela Geller Speaks
Before Noahide Chabad Organization

Posted: Thursday, April 11, 2013 10:34 am |

Pamela Geller, a harsh critic of Islam, spoke under tight security Sunday at Chabad of Great Neck after her original venue, the Great Neck Synagogue, cancelled her appearance following protest by interfaith leaders and media coverage of the controversy.

Addressing a packed sanctuary, with over 100 Chabad regulars, supporters and conservative activists listening to piped-in audio while seated in rows of chairs outside the building, Geller called the petitions to cancel her talk part of a “war on free speech” waged by her opponents.



Pamela Geller is quick to condemn Islamic Sharia Law, but she uses this condemnation to simultaneously promote Israel and the Jewish cause.  Due to the emails and demonstrations provided to her, it is unlikely that Ms. Geller is unaware of Noahide Law, indeed her behavior surrounding the question is highly suspicious. Not only does she deny the universal application of Jewish Law to all people (or avoids the topic all together) she also has allied herself with the most prominent advocates of Noahide Law on earth, the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. Pamela Geller has demonstrated she has a deep understanding of Islamic Sharia, but feigns ignorance about the legal intrigues of her own religion.

[Colour fonts and some bolding added.].


Pamela Geller’s dirty little Noahide secret. See:

Public Law 102-14 and the Jewish Noahide Laws. See:



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