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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Nov 15, 2012 - 3:09:12 AM

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In the wake of overwhelming public evidence that Sir Jimmy Savile was a pimp for the banksters and royals, how many more children need to suffer before humanity faces the force of evil that controls them?

[Ron: There are a number of embedded videos in the original article at:


October 31, 2012

Like Norman Bates in the movie "Psycho", Sir "Jimmy" Savile was a lifelong bachelor who lived with his mother and kept her bedroom and wardrobe exactly as it was when she died. Every year he had her clothes dry cleaned.

Before his death last year, Sir "Jimmy" was an English disc jockey, television presenter, media personality and charity fundraiser. He raised £40 million for charities and hosted the BBC television show Jim'll Fix It. Jimmy fixed it alright! He fixed up members of the elite with kids to play with.

At a dramatic Scotland Yard press conference, the staggering scale of the Jim’ll Fix It reign of terror has now earned Sir Jimmy the reputation as one of Britain's most prolific sex offenders. Four hundred criminal investigations (and counting) into pimping kids for the elite, child sexual abuse, rape and necrophilia (sex with dead bodies) have been launched by Scotland Yard covering over six decades.

The horrors are now public and undeniable. Sir Jimmy helped mastermind a vast network of child sexual abuse across much of the United Kingdom for decades, implicating major figures in the British Broadcasting Corporation, Parliament, the Prime Ministerial and Royal Family levels of UK society.


How was the best-known face on British television able to become what police are calling "one of the country's worst child sex predators" - without ever being caught?

Veteran BBC presenter Bill Oddie has backed claims that Jimmy Savile’s abuse was covered up because he was close friends with Prince Charles and was a regular visitor to Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace, and Highgrove. Former palace Aide, Dickie Arbiter, told the Guardian newspaper Savile would greet young women working at the palace by "rubbing his lips all the way up their arms in the palace typing pool.”

There was a “running sick joke” at the BBC about Savile being a paedophile, said Oddie. “The idea that youngsters were prey – everybody knew that." His reputation was “just taken for granted.”

On 28 September 2012, almost a year after Savile's death, ITV1 said it would broadcast a documentary, "Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile", with claims by up to 10 women, including one aged under 14 at the time, that they had been sexually molested or raped by him during the 1960s and 1970s.

Saville had a creepy resemblance to the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang childcatcher character]

For decades, Savile got a green light from the major figures in British society, the BBC and the Royal Family, to do as he pleased, with full access including keys to numerous institutions hosting vulnerable children and teens.

For years the BBC's hierarchy complicitly looked the other way as Savile used his venues to not just abuse children [including dead children] directly, but also arrange for their trafficking on behalf of many other powerful figures.

From East Belfast's Kincora Boys' Home to the children's homes of Clwyd, there has been 25 years of cover-up. From the public schools to the Catholic and Anglican churches, child abuse has been allowed a sanctuary.

In case after case the cycle is described - a child is 'taken into care', then abused in a home, handed on to an outside pedophile ring and out on to the rent-boy/prostitution circuit beyond, if they live that long...

Journalists find themselves battling with authority and libel laws to publish the truth about a vast web of abuse within royal and elite circles.


How much more terrifying is the evildoer who pretends to be good and is passed off as a saint?

Jimmy Savile had both a Royal and Papal knighthood (Order of St. Gregory the Great). He was a Knights Hospitaller (also known as the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, Order of St. John, Knights of Malta, and Chevaliers of Malta). Savile claimed that he was the only existing civilian holder of the coveted Royal Marines Green Beret.

In the 1990 Queen's Birthday Honours, Savile was knighted (Knight Bachelor) "for charitable services".

Also in 1990, he was honoured by Pope John Paul II with a Papal knighthood making him a Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Gregory the Great (KCSG).[81]


Savile told Esquire: ‘The thing about me is I get things done and I work deep cover. I’ve known the Royal Family for a million years.’

According to the UK Daily Mail at the time of Savile’s death in 2011, Savile said that he was invited to regular meetings with the royal family because ‘I have a natural good fun way of going on and we have a laugh.’ Would one of the world’s most powerful families invite an aging disc jockey into their inner sanctum so often just because he gave them ‘a good laugh’? Or is there likely to be a far more plausible reason for their strange closeness?

Dickie Arbiter, now 72, was in charge of media relations for the Queen between 1988 and 2000. He told the media that Savile visited Prince Charles’s official London residence St James’s Palace frequently. Savile's behavior on visits to Prince Charles' residence aroused "concern and suspicion". A palace insider said of the claims that several people were well aware of Savile’s alleged abuse of children.

Police have searched Savile's cottage in the Scottish Highlands after fears he used the home to abuse victims. It is reported 20 allegations of abuse at the cottage are being investigated.

Prince Charles was a private guest at Jimmy Sevile's isolated and remote cottage in Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands. Savile famously hired three waitresses for the occasion and dressed them in aprons bearing the initials HRH.


The story is so extreme, the details so lurid – that it's people dismiss it as too exceptional to have wider implications...yet the facts are there. The facts reveal that the staff at several hospitals granted Jimmy Savile a private room as well as keys to secure wards and to the HOSPITAL MORGUE. They gave him the run of those institutions day and night.

An ex-patient at the secure hospital Broadmoor has shed light on how difficult it was for individuals to come out against Savile at the height of his fame. According to the tabloid Sun, the woman was put in solitary confinement for six months after telling a nurse Savile had sexually assaulted her. The nurse accused her of "bizarre made-up thoughts".

Savile was regularly allowed to take "star-struck" young women into private bedrooms at a hospital in northern England, Terry Pratt, a former porter there, told the BBC on Wednesday. Savile, a fund-raiser for Leeds General Infirmary, would regularly arrive at the hospital late at night with two women, go to the nurses' flats and leave before dawn.

"He would go up and see the lad on the desk ... he'd take the key and ... would walk out and the two women would follow him towards the nurses' home," he told the BBC. Pratt said the women seemed "star-struck" and "not very streetwise".


Sir Jimmy Savile is linked to the 'Yorkshire Ripper', Peter Sutcliffe, who, in 1981, was convicted of murdering 13 women. "Mr Sutcliffe told police he left the murder scene after he heard voices, but couldn't tell where they came from. "He also heard a car being driven away from the entrance to a house. "Later he found out that the house was where disc jockey Jimmy Savile lived".

The Telegraph reported that Savile used to visit the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’ Peter Sutcliffe in Broadmoor. A commenter said that one of the ‘Ripper’s’ victims was actually discovered outside of Savile’s house!


Police have been forced to look into the hundreds of allegations, mostly from the 1970s and 80s, of sexual abuse involving Savile.

Met Commander Peter Spindler admitted that two opportunities to catch Savile may have been missed. Two? Two is a gross understatement! A former Met officer admitted he had investigated Savile in the 1980s and that some victim’s allegations were so detailed that phone calls to police had taken nine hours. He said: “People with significant standing in the community will be subject to criminal investigations.”

Police revealed that they were investigating three former BBC bosses from a 1980s TV programme after some of the 130 victims they have interviewed claimed the men were in league with Savile. An inquiry into whether the BBC's culture and practices enabled sexual misconduct to go undetected in the Savile years began this week, led by former Appeal Court judge Dame Janet Smith. She is expected to publish her findings by December.

Veteran BBC presenter Bill Oddie has backed claims that Jimmy Savile’s abuse was covered up because he was close friends with Prince Charles and was a regular visitor to Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace, and Highgrove.

A former BBC chauffeur says that BBC chauffeurs were sacked if they tried to blow the whistle on Jimmy Savile's child-sex-rape activities.The chauffeur said he had once driven home a 'hysterical' 12-year-old girl. The girl said she had been sexually assaulted by Savile after appearing on a BBC TV programme.

The BBC must investigate whether its staff acted as enablers or, better word, accomplices to Savile's crimes.


UK Prime Minister Edward Heath , Prime Minister of England from 1970-74, was a frequent visitor to the Haute Garrene childrens care home in Jersey. He took boys from the care home away on his boat for weekends. The name 'Mr. Eddy' was well known on Hampstead Heath and at the boys home nearby in the seventies.

The person alledgedly bringing children for the Prime minister to abuse was Sir Jimmy Savile. He was seen by a witness victim taking young boys onboard Heaths yacht "The Morning Cloud" when they were at at a party conference.


Amid growing public anger about a suspected cover-up by the BBC, Scotland Yard Detectives will be forced to arrest famous paedophiles in the very near future...but don't expect Prince Charles to be among the arrests.

Scotland Yard has already arrested glam rocker, Gary Glitter, on suspicion of sexual offences in the first of what is likely to be a series of arrests of suspected Jimmy Savile associates.

Glitter, now 68, has previously denied allegations he was involved in child sex abuse with Savile. He was drawn into the scandal after Karin Ward, a former pupil at Duncroft approved school for girls in Surrey, told the BBC last year that she had seen Glitter having sex with a schoolgirl in Savile's BBC dressing room while Savile and several other people were there.

In the 1960s , a former Radio 1 DJ named Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman owned a large corner shop on the Lea Bridge Rd in London. This shop has recently been reported as a place where ‘Fluff’ held kinky parties attended by Sir Jimmy Savile, Jonathen King, the once jailed paedophile broadcaster & former pop star Brian Epstein, manager of the Beatles.

At these parties , young boys , specially brought over from several childrens homes would be plied with drugs and alcohol. Savile took his young nephew to the child abuse parties. These parties were forced to come to an end when Police chiefs got wind that the MP & Ex Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe were attending them along with several other prominent MP’s.


Prince Charles brother, Prince Andrew, is a close friend of convicted paedophile Brian Eptein who supplied the "paedophile" prince with underage girls.


William Combes was the sole survivor of a group of three aboriginal boys who claim to have witnessed the abduction of ten children during a royal visit to the Kamloops residential school in mid October, 1964, when both the Queen and Prince Philip were in British Columbia, Canada.

"They took away those ten kids and nobody ever saw them again."

Prince Philip is William and Harry's grandfather and the Queen's husband. He married the Queen in 1947 and changed his german name from Philip Battenberg to Philip Mountbatten to cover-up his German identity. Both of Philip's sisters married high ranking German officers in the Nazi Party. His sister Sophie married nazi SS colonel Christoph Von Hesse - chief of Hermann Goring's Secret Intelligence Service.

The authors of 'War of the Windsors', state that Lord Louis Mountbatten had the nickname "Dickie" ...and for good reason. Philip's uncle Dickie was the last viceroy in India where he was a known paedophile who sexually exploited young working class indian peasant boys.

Another book, the Kincora Scandal connects Lord Dickie Mountbatten to a child prostitution vice ring in Belfast, Ireland. Authorities failed to intervene at the Kincora care home for boys until 1981, despite reports over the years of child sexual abuse.

The operators of the Kincora child prostitution ring were eventually convicted in 1981 of the RITUAL sexual abuse of defenceless young boys who were sold like prostitutes. No charges were ever brought against the VIP customers of royals, politicians, lawyers, and judges. Belfast citizens finally had reason to celebrate when Prince Philip's paedophile uncle was killed by a an IRA bomb planted in his boat.

A biographical book called "Elizabeth: Behind Palace Doors" reveals that Philip's mother was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and committed to a mental institution in Switzerland. Philip's German father ran off with a wealthy mistress which left the boy parentless.

Philip's uncle - George Mountbatten - became his surrogate father and legal guardian. George Mountbatten kept a scandalous collection of child pornography that he bound into volumes and emblazoned with the family crest. Most disturbing were pictures of family orgies and beastiality in which children and animals were sexual participants. The question is - was George's adopted son Philip a participant?

George Mountbatten's porn collection now resides at the British Museum where it is kept in a hidden repository of artefacts deemed pornographic and unfit for public viewing. It is a well known fact that child victims of sexual predators commonly identify with their abusers and grow up to become sexual predators themselves.


Lord Victor Rothschild and Lord Ted Rothschild were close friends of paedophile Anthony Blunt and reportedly recruited him into MI5. Anthony Blunt ran a paedophile ring which included top people. The former head of Britain's MI6, Sir Maurice Oldfield, was observed by his Special Branch guards making use of boys from the Kincora children's home. Oldfield allegedly shared boys with Sir Anthony Blunt, several bishops, and an archbishop. (Cached)

The Royal Family shielded Blunt for 15 years until he was exposed in 1979. Blunt told his colleagues he was the illegitimate child of King George V, by his mother, Hilda Blunt. Reportedly, Anthony Blunt claimed Nazi party funding came from the same Jewish banks that supported the allies.

In his book "The Biggest Secret", David Icke describes the royal family's connection to Satanism and paedophilia. He spotlights paedophile Satanists like British Prime Minister Edward Heath and US President George H W Bush.

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