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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018 - 6:53:47 PM

On This International Women’s Day, All Humans Must Speak Out Against Biological Sectarianism
By Adam Garrie
Mar 8, 2018 - 4:00:31 PM

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On this International Women's Day, for millions of normal men and normal women, it will be a day to celebrate and treasure the unique contributions that females of all ages make to society. But lurking behind this joyous occasion is a dark cloud of calculated biological sectarianism designed to nullify the very essence of the cooperative and communal virtues of a shared human experience.

Although largely contained within the so-called western world, a campaign of hatred has emerged whereby some women are accusing men of lewd behaviour towards them, in spite of the fact that such acts against women are only committed by a small minority of men. Whenever small incidents are exploited into nationwide or worldwide campaigns, one must understand that this is only possible when corporate media and corrupt political bodies exploit isolated incidents for their own material gain.

Promoting a culture where men are painted as savage in their behaviour towards women and where women act crudely and insultingly towards men, does not serve a single man, boy, woman or girl, it serves only those who can further their political, media or other public careers and more specifically, it serves to line such people's wallets with ill-gotten money.

On a day that is supposed to be about compassion, many western media outlets continue to push a hateful sectarian narrative intended to drive women and men into separate economic spheres, so as to be more easily exploited by mega-corporations and governments looking to distract people from depressing economic realities with hyperbolic sectarian scandals.

Russian Presidential candidate Vladimir Zhirinovsky described this new worrying trend in the following way,

"We should understand that if the epidemic of accusations against men does not stop normal relations between sexes could stop completely. Instead of love, men and women would hate each other. Try to imagine that: one half of humanity hates the other. Everyone understands that this could lead to our extinction as a species".

The leader of Russian opposition party LDPR (Liberal Democratic Party of Russia), further stated that it was dark corporate forces behind the campaign of sectarian hatred. He continued,

"The goal of these manipulators is to halt humanity's healthy development, to rule all people. To make them hostages to stereotypes for profits".

Not only is it the corporate oligarchic elite that are keen to foster distrust and discord between men and women, but US intelligence agencies have long had their hand in promoting the so-called "feminist movement", as a means of controlling the otherwise free agency of free men and women. Famed US "feminist" Gloria Steinem who courted a great deal of media attention in the 1960s and 1970s, was actually a CIA asset, recruited to infiltrate the anti-war movement and distract the narrative relating to US aggression in Vietnam with hateful "feminist" diatribes about males.

Since then, the CIA successfully transformed the "feminist" agenda from a means of infiltrating the anti-war left, to infiltrating society as a whole, all with the salivating consent of useful idiots in the corporate mainstream media. The result has been the systematic cleansing of males from public positions in a supine attempt to replace highly paid male figures with younger, less experienced and consequently less expensive individuals.

This cynical corporate endeavour has led to ordinary men and women who are far from the public sphere, internalising the hatreds that are sown by the media, thus causing friction between males and females that is bad for general psychological health and society as a whole.

On this International Women's Day, it is crucial for society to psychologically cleanse itself of this corporate manipulation and realise that the goals of men and women are much the same - they want to live in a peaceful and safe world where they can cultivate their talents and instincts in such a way, so as to create a more prosperous future for themselves and others. This is the genuine message of International Women's Day and it is high time that this narrative gets projected louder than one of hateful biological sectarianism.

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