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OZ Budget Ramps up Ozzie Serfdom
By ron chapman
May 13, 2009 - 2:43:00 AM

OZ BUDGET Borrows A$58 Billion from BANKSTERS and resets Retirement Age from 65 to 67

Ron: After crowing about not being in debt for several years the Australian federal government just delivered a Budget with a A$58 billion deficit – 5% of GDP and a national record in Oz federal borrowing. From the get-go the Banksters will be receiving REAL interest thereon because even after the rate cut on 9/5/09 our overnight cash rate is still 3%. That’s usurious, especially when compared to virtually ZERO in the US and Japan and little more in the UK and EU. No wonder the Illuminati love Orstralia.

Sooo, to cope with the coming Depression (shouldn’t we be having a WAR on Recessions and Depressions, we have them on everything else?) we will start paying overseas banksters billions of A$ in interest starting right away. And then of course we have to repay the principle. To ensure that we can do that the government is extending the retirement age to 67.

These bloody banksters are insatiable. All OZ States and Territories and Local Councils and most individuals in this country are hocked up to the eyeballs with bankster debt already. Not a bad lurk for the banksters when you consider that they give NOTHING in return for us handing over the results of our labours.

And of course, given that the federal government has agreed to give the banksters COMPOUND INTEREST plus a principle sum of A$58 billion in return for nothing – just a digital computer input somewhere – Australians will have to extend their serfdom a further two years. Imagine what will happen when the real Depression starts to hit the fan in OZ. Presumably everyone will be required to work themselves unto DEATH. Long live fiat debt money, the Corporations Law and the Uniform Commercial Code! Praise be to the Khazar Jewish banksters, their Zionist fellow travellers and their ubiquitous lawyers!

A new survey released by British-based research house Datamonitor gives the flavour of things to come. Despite interest rates being at historic lows the survey says almost a third of mortgage-holders are experiencing mortgage stress. Apparently mortgage stress is impacting broader spending habits within Australia too, with 40% of Australian mortgage holders cutting back on discretionary spending. One wonders just what the rest of them are thinking! From where I’m sitting they look like people lying on a railway track with a train coming saying ‘everything’s fine at the moment.’

The survey revealed that 86% of “consumers” (don’tcha luv that term) deem it quite likely or very likely that Australian unemployment will rise over the next 12 months, leaving a bleak near-term outlook for the country’s economy. But hey, why would I curtail my discretionary spending, or start thinking...
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