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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

By State of the Nation
Nov 12, 2019 - 10:26:37 PM

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Truly, the fate of the American people hangs in the balance like never before...
as does continuity of the American Republic. See: COUP BY LAWFARE DOMINATES D.C. - American Republic Under Dire Threat

Yes, the Republic has been long gone after it was effectively replaced by the U.S. CORPORATION; however, at least the appearance still existed in the minds of many.

That's all about to be erased-FOREVER!

This constitutional republic, as framed by the Founding Fathers via the foundational documents of the United States of America, was effectively dissolved with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

While the sovereignty of this nation had been profoundly undermined prior to that Day of Infamy on December 23, 1913, the dagger was plunged deep into the heart of the Republic with that egregious act of stealthy betrayal against the U.S. citizenry.


Fast forward to November of 2019.

The treasonous communist conspiracy to collapse the American Republic is advancing unabated toward the 2020 Election Day. See: OVERTHROW IMMINENT! American Republic Under Withering Assault by Communist Coup Plotters

President Donald Trump is under unrelenting assault by the communist-controlled Democrat Party and foreign power-directed Deep State.

Given Trump's many cabinet appointments that have ended quite badly, it's clear he does NOT know who he can trust.  This stark reality alone spells disaster for his administration as it does for the country.

KEY POINTS: Even if Trump appointed true patriots, which by and large he has not done, Deep State's influence is so overwhelming across all organs of the U.S. Federal Government that his secretaries can be easily ignored and/or marginalized.  More significantly, any appointee or secretary can be turned at any time once their weaknesses are known and sufficiently exploited by the forces of darkness that reign inside the Beltway.  Hence, the POTUS is faced with never knowing who he can trust to carry out his agenda, and that especially includes his own disastrous family advisors such as daughter Ivanka and Jared Kushner.

In light of this worsening predicament, it's incumbent upon the body politic to respond decisively.  Trump cannot do this alone; he never could.  Nor is it his job to do alone.  Trump was the perfect wrecking ball installed to wreck and ruin Deep State so that a new edifice could be built on the re-laid foundation.  Isn't that what "draining the swamp" is all about.

However, even draining the swamp has been moving in the wrong direction-MAJORLY-because of how utterly compromised the entire "bloody system" is.  Any description with "bloody" is a dead giveaway regarding the true source of much of the subversion of the Republic as well as sedition aimed at Trump. See CROWNGATE: THE GREATEST CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY IN U.S. HISTORY

All of Trump's key law enforcement appointees have dismally failed (by purposeful design) to take any real initiative to apprehend the worst traitors this nation has ever seen.  With less than a year to Election Day, it's quite unlikely that even a single swamp creature will be prosecuted for crimes against the Republic.

KEY POINT: The primary question that remains about the transparent neglect to arrest and prosecute known traitors and criminals relates to the authenticity of this crucial investigative report: Bush Funeral "Envelope Affair" Solved: The Mexican Standoff Inside the Beltway

Perhaps this downward spiral is occurring by divine ordination.  For it was never Trump's mission to fight the "Second American Revolution" by himself.  He's done his part to expose the swamp as no other POTUS in history; now it's time for We the People to step up to the plate.

Quite unfortunately for President Trump, things are shaping up for him to be sacrificed.  Perhaps that is the only way to motivate the patriots among US to take back the country from those who have stolen it.

When even his own people turn against him and betray him for "3o pieces of silver", what are his real enemies doing to him behind the curtain-24/7.

No one man can stand up to the extraordinarily evil forces now vastly arrayed against him.[1]  Hence, it's quite critical to grasp the reality that all of the unparalleled machinations and subterfuges since his election are being conducted to first take down Trump, and then take over the American Republic.

In other words, every major political event, scandal, conspiracy, false flag, fake news report, etc. being pushed by the treacherous mainstream media (also known as the CIA's wholly owned and operated Mockingbird Media) since 2016 has an explicit purpose-remove Trump and OPERATION TAKEOVER AMERICA.

We the People

Therefore, it has never been so imperative that We the People react with the full force of the law-COMMON LAW & UNIVERSAL LAW to avert the catastrophe that is coming around the bend.

What is the legal justification and legitimate purpose of such a people-powered movement formed to exact justice on those who seek to overthrow the US government?

Since 1913 and before, the U.S. Federal Government has repeatedly voided the inviolable contract that exists between the governed and the government.

Not only has that social contract been profoundly violated, the public trust has been irreparably damaged.

Whenever the sacred covenant between the citizenry and the leaders of governance has been irreversibly rent asunder, the populace has only one alternative left.

You see, the traitorous perps will not leave easily, or of their own accord.  They simply have no reason whatsoever to go without a fight-a HUGE FIGHT!

In point of fact, the countless agents of the New World Order globalist cabal and Deep State operatives have so much to lose that they will hang on to every vestige of power until they are either incarcerated for life or terminated via capital punishment.

In view of this rapidly evolving situation, We the People are compelled to establish a transitional government.

The highly instructive experiences of the Trump administration have proven unequivocally that virtually all the current political players and power-brokers in D.C. are hopelessly compromised.  Even the very rare good ones can no longer be trusted for reasons that are beyond the scope of this analysis.

Therefore, a transitional government must be constituted post-haste to fill the vacuum that will surely be created when THE SHIT HITS THE FAN.  And it's going to, sooner than later!

Because Trump also will not go down easy, the upcoming fight to the finish will likely cause a period of unprecedented anarchy and leaderlessness that can best be addressed by the Patriot Movement.

Only the Patriot Movement can provide the leaders necessary to fill the various voids that are certain to occur throughout Washington, D.C. and American government.

Hence, as long as President Trump is sitting in the Oval Office, it's essential to apprehend the truth of this headline: Only Donald Trump Can Save American Democracy and Only with Our Support.


These once United States of America can no longer withstand, nor should they tolerate for another moment, the cultural marxist-driven forces of chaos and destruction that have been let loose across the land.

The only way to stop the seemingly inexorable slide toward extreme disorder and societal disintegration, in the absence of divine intervention, is for people of conscience and good will to expeditiously take charge however and wherever they can.

A defining moment of the American Experiment is fast closing in on US.  Will we permit the whole laboratory to be blown up by Tavistock-trained social scientists set on destroying that great experiment?  Or, will We the People recruit a new "lab staff" capable of conducting a new phase of this divinely inspired enterprise.

State of the Nation
November 12, 2019


[1] Every American Needs to Understand Every Word of this Self-Evident Status Report on the USA


All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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