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Political Information Last Updated: May 25, 2019 - 6:57:46 PM

Nigel Farage Takes Down Another Tory Government, Bye Bye Theresa May
By Tom Luongo
May 25, 2019 - 6:53:50 PM

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Authored by Tom Luongo,

Nigel Farage is the single most influential politician of the 21st century. And before he's done he will have remade British, and by extension, European politics for the next century.

The resignation of Theresa May marks the second Tory Prime Minister to fall because of Farage's steadfast support of an independent and sovereign United Kingdom.

Farage understood from the moment he entered politics that destroying the European Union was the ultimate goal. He knew that Britain had been completely betrayed by its entrenched and entitled political and aristocratic classes.

He knew they cared nothing for the people they Lord over as they cling to outdated ideals of their own inherent superiority.

So, watching the collapse of the system of pelf and privilege that has paralyzed the recovery of the U.K. since the end of World War II brought about, in part, by Farage's uncanny political instincts has been one of the great pleasures of the last ten years.

People like David Cameron and Theresa May deserve their fates. The Eurocrats in parliament like the odious Dominic Grieve will continue to prattle on about how they just know what's best for Britain, how a united Europe is their future.

But it isn't. A now not-so-silent majority of Europeans have come to realize that the EU they were sold is not the EU they have. In fact it is the ultimate in anti-democratic institutions designed as nothing more than to be a permanent, unelected superstructure to ensure the power of those who erected it.

And people like Cameron, May, Grieve, Olly Robbins and Tony Blair are simply the middle managers of this corporatist nightmare, having been paid handsomely to betray every oath in service of a dream for them and a nightmare for everyone else.

Nigel Farage will go from his win this weekend in the European Parliamentary elections to the next step in his quest to remake Europe, the inevitable general election.

As I discuss in the video below (small NSFW moments here, be careful), the Eurocrats will push Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to a no-confidence vote in the current government to capitalize on the current polling inertia.

The longer Farage's Brexit party is on the scene, pulling patriots from across the political spectrum, the lower the probability Corbyn and the Remainer crowd can get control of Parliament and push through a Withdrawal Treaty that an inevitable Farage-led government will have to deal with as the ultimate poison pill.

The Tories have betrayed the public trust at a deep level. Trust takes a lifetime to build and a minute to lose. Once gone it will never return. The markets are in denial today. It won't last into next week.

The next one to learn this lesson will be Donald Trump.

And it was the policy of the Eurocrats in Brussels to do just that, create chaos in British politics. In their arrogance they believe the structure of the EU to be so powerful it can withstand an all-out assault on the political stability of one of its biggest member states as a warning to anyone else who gets uppity enough to also think about leaving.

The policy of openly punishing the British for voting for Brexit, which was supported all the way down the line by her Prime Minister, will result in a complete wipeout this weekend.

But that loss of trust is not confined to the ballot box anymore. Now that President Donald "Stable Genius" Trump has launched an ill-advised financial and political war on no less than 12 fronts, a clear message has been given to business and political leaders around the world.

This is a lesson for politicians as well as husbands, entrepreneurs and would-be oligarchs. The mask on the EU has slipped. Juncker, Tusk and the rest have been revealed to revile the people they rule.

Farage is now hitting cleanup in the Euroskeptic movement. Orban, Le Pen, Salvini have all had their say. And Farage has stolen all their signals.

*  *  *

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