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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

By Friedrich Paul Berg
Dec 9, 2008 - 12:51:00 AM

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NAZI Gassings Never Happened
By Friedrich Paul Berg

The holocaust hoax is anti-German racism gone wild. Essentially, the “holocaust” never happened because no one was ever killed in gas chambers, or made into soap or lampshades by the Nazis, and there was NO program to physically exterminate all the Jews of Europe or the world. As to mass murder or “mass extermination” by other means such as mass shootings, all Americans and Brits should look at themselves in the mirror.

The “real” mass murderers and the ultimate genocidal maniacs were, and still are, the United States and Britain. During World War 2, the US and Britain deliberately murdered well over a million totally innocent civilians, mostly women and children, by deliberately “roasting” them to death (Curtis LeMay loved that terminology) with massive, incendiary air attacks. America even used napalm–and eventually nuclear weapons as well to deliberately “roast” women and children to death. Mass gassings by the Nazis, those mythical crimes, would have been humane and merciful compared to what the US and Britain actually did and about which there is no dispute. Contrary to widely-held but false belief, it was the British who had begun the cowardly air war against civilians, not Germany, in 1940–with encouragement from the US even though the US was technically still neutral. In spite of having the largest empire in human history and the support of the United States with its nearly total domination of the entire western hemisphere and vast human and material resources, the mass murder of Axis civilians was widely recognized and accepted as an essential part of Allied strategy because Allied ground forces were simply no match for the brilliance and prowess of the small German army and its allies. But instead of even trying to make peace, the Allies resorted to terror. The Allied demand was for total “unconditional surrender.” Terrorism is firmly embedded in American and British modern military performance and that, in turn, makes the current furor about al-Qaida atrocities laughable. America and Britain have simply been given a small taste of their own medicine.

Since World War 2, the US and Britain have continued their racist madness, especially against Germany, with elaborate show trials in violation of international law to try to perpetuate their wartime atrocity claims forever. The brazen strategy has been to use the anticipated verdicts and conclusions of the trials as justification for the illegal means, including torture, needed to conduct the trials. Such show trials are no better than those of the medieval Inquisition:—accused Nazis, and now revisionists or mere doubters as well, are the newest heretics and witches. Ultimately, the hoaxers will fail because of the overwhelming evidence against the holocaust gassing claims. Where, for example, are the bodies—not just bodies of people who died from disease or American strafing and bombing, but bodies of people who actually died from poison gas or poison? There are none.

Instead of Hess, a true hero, being offered the Nobel Peace Prize--it went instead to one of the most scurrilous liars of all time, Elie Wiesel.
RUDOLF HESS: Prisoner for Peace. In May of 1941, HESS flew alone from Germany to Britain to prove with his own physical presence that Germany's offers of peace with Britain were sincere and not mere propaganda. For this heroic, Christ-like act HESS was rewarded with life imprisonment, most of it in solitary confinement–until he was actually murdered in Spandau Prison by a British assassin in 1987 at age 93. No man ever deserved the Nobel Peace Prize more than RUDOLF HESS.

The Holocaust HOAX resembles the tale of the the Emperor's New Clothes. Although the claim that six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis is the really Big Lie, that big lie is supported by a never-ending host of other lies including the following:— the evidence is “overwhelming” based on “countless German documents, and eyewitness accounts, and the testimonies of the German perpetrators themselves,” and only people who are willfully blind or demented, psychically and morally, could possibly fail to recognize the “undeniable” truth. In the tale of the Emperor's New Clothes, only people who were stupid and/or unfit for their positions could possibly fail to see the Emperor's beautiful new clothes. A single child was apparently unintimidated by the possible loss of his position and was the first to say the emperor was totally naked.

When Robert Wolfe was still the director of the Military Branch of the National Archives in Washington, DC, he held a small conference in 1978 attended by this webmaster in which Wolfe admitted that, contrary to what people generally believed, the real “evidence” for the holocaust “fits into a small shoe box.” He then reached into a small pile of papers from which he took one version of the famous “Statement of Kurt Gerstein.” That ridiculous piece of “evidence” is still the best evidence there is for the “holocaust.” Since that small conference in Wolfe's office, a huge holocaust museum has been constructed in Washington, DC a short distance from the National Archives–but that gargantuan structure contains nothing better than the papers Wolfe held in his hand years earlier. The US Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) in Washington, DC is a monument to mountains of non-evidence, and stupidity, and fanatical racism on the part of the creators of that museum, mostly jewish, only a few feet away from many of America's most cherished monuments. Let those who insist otherwise identify even a single name from a German wartime document anywhere showing that the person named was killed by the Germans in a gas chamber. Let those who insist otherwise identify even one photo of a corpse found in any German concentration camp of someone who (no name or identity necessary) was killed in a gas chamber, or with any poison based on any kind of forensic examination of the human remains.

Evidence for holocaust gassings is minuscule and false. But, the ongoing campaign to make such evidence appear “overwhelming” and “undeniable” is awesome. The campaign is also quite ruthless as shown by the imprisonment and ruination of many, entirely non-violent people who have merely expressed disbelief in the “holocaust.” The people targeted and most clearly hurt by the holocaust accusations, namely the Germans, are denied the most basic human rights of any accused person, or people, which is to protest their innocence. Holocaust propaganda is “overwhelming”–but NOT the evidence for gassings. There are indeed “mountains of German wartime documents” in various archives but they are nearly all totally irrelevant. The documents which would be most likely to reveal the total innocence of the Nazis are still hidden in places like Arolsen and Moscow and even Auschwitz, far from all critical examination except by the most carefully screened few. The “holocaust” in general is a big lie repeated many, many times–with officially sanctioned terror as an essential tool for persuasion in many countries, including Germany and Austria. By contrast, the fairytale Emperor imprisoned no one, as far as we know, for doubting the existence of his marvelous, new clothes.


Just as t here were no weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq prior to the recent war–no Jews or gentiles were ever killed in gas chambers or gas vans by the Nazis. The “intelligence experts” and “scholars” were wrong. Whatever crimes the Nazis and Hitler did commit, they did not include gassings of Jews or anyone else. Historians have blindly accepted the wildest, pseudo-scientific nonsense imaginable. Until a few hundred years ago, people believed in overwhelming evidence to support religious claims about witchraft and contacts with the devil--but, it was ALL bad evidence, most of it having been manufactured in seemingly fair, legal proceedings by skilled and highly-educated fanatics.   Today, we know that there were no witches ever, anywhere, and that the devil is a hoax also.  The anti-German, anti-Nazi gassing claims are the exact same kind of phenomenon.

Hitler had superb, cyanide gas chambers–but they were used ONLY to keep people alive. Those gas chambers were used in many strategic locations throughout eastern Europe to fumigate entire railroad trains, for example, with cyanide gas from Zyklon-B. Other superb gaschambers were used in POW camps and concentration camps, including Auschwitz, to fumigate everything from clothing to furniture, also with cyanide gas from Zyklon-B. Those superb gas chambers certainly could have been used for mass murder as well. The great irony is that none of those real gas chambers have ever been implicated in any of the holocaust gassing claims. Instead, the Nazis supposedly used diesel exhaust and Zyklon-B–but, here is where it gets really crazy, the Zyklon-B was simply dumped, supposedly, through small holes in the roofs of cellars–without the warmed, forced air and circulation that was routinely used in all of Germany's most highly-advanced gas chambers. See my essay.

There is not even a valid theory as to how the alleged homicidal, mass gassings could have happened. All of the alleged gassing methods are so technically absurd that they cannot withstand any serious scientific investigation – no doubt, that is precisely why the official defenders of the holocaust hoax must imprison critics instead whenever possible as in Germany, France, Austria and elsewhere. The defenders of the so-called “holocaust” are ruthless, shameless bigots.

The gassing hoax has succeeded because of the widely held, but false, belief that murder with poison gas is almost childishly easy, and quick–and even painless. That false belief has actually been fostered by official practitioners of gas executions in the US, i.e.the government itself, in order to disarm critics of the death penalty. By American law, legal executions must not be cruel. Even the American execution expert and holocaust revisionist FRED LEUCHTER believed that if I do my job properly, death will be quick and painless.” When he said that in 1988, he had never actually witnessed even one gas execution. He was a qualified expert in a field where gas executions had not been carried out for decades. It has only been in the last decade that an enormous body of evidence from actual gas executions has emerged (see the links at the bottom of this page, column left) which show that even where only one person is gassed to death, the killing process is far from easy, quick or painless. Death by gas is in fact slow, rather complicated technically and excruciatingly painful. The best results occur when the victims assist in their own executions by inhaling deeply after the poison gas enters the gas chamber. But such a claim, especially about Jews, is too absurd to be believed. See my essay.

The Jews were still alive

The simplest reason for rejecting the Holocaust story in general is that the vast majority of European Jews were still alive at the end of World War 2. Professor ARTHUR BUTZ, the author of The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, made this claim nearly thirty years ago–and he was absolutely correct as the following quote from a credible, recent Jewish source shows.

The Jewish Week 11-28-2003
Two new studies to determine the location of Jewish Holocaust survivors, for use in making future allocations to the most needy, differ widely on the number of survivors worldwide, The Jewish Week has learned. Sergio DellaPergola, a demographer for the Institute of Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, found 1,092,000 survivors worldwide. Jacob Ukeles, a policy researcher in Manhattan, found 688,000. The Ukeles survey, an update of one he prepared in 2000 for the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, found only minor differences from his previous effort. Lawrence Eagleburger, chairman of the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims, commissioned both surveys. Eagleburger had hoped to use the figures in determining how to distribute $13.2 million annually in humanitarian funds for needy survivors worldwide.

SERGIO DELLAPERGOLA's amazing discovery of 1,092,000 Jewish holocaust survivors alive in 2003 is thoroughly discussed in his 2003 report. Clearly, the numbers of “Jewish holocaust survivors” alive more than fifty-five years after the war are so enormous that one should wonder if any Jews at all perished during World War 2. Any conservative and reasonable statistical analysis of population decline over the post-war years would surely conclude that there were more than five million Jewish “holocaust survivors” alive at the end of the war. No doubt, some innocent Jews were killed–but, there is no good reason to believe Jewish deaths were statistically unusual for a long, horrific war in which many tens of millions of innocent civilians were killed of all nationalities. On the basis of numbers alone–the generally accepted story is a monumental hoax. The continued worldwide acceptance of that hoax, even in Germany, is a tribute to the enormous power and influence of the supposed victms and the Jewish community in general. The uniqueness of the mass gassing claims has also appealed to the darker sides of human imagination and gullibility.

The archives at Bad Arolsen are becoming available and contain more than 50 million pages of documents about people who were in German camps during the war. By some accounts, those archives provide extensive documentation of Nazi atrocities. But, a recent letter from Bad Arolsen shows othwerwise: unfortunately, we cannot reference a single document listing the death of a detainee due to gassing by Zyklon-B. As a rule, the Nazis gave other causes of death for inmates, who perished in the concentration camps.With kind regards,

U. Jost Archival Manager

Almost needless to say, they could not provide any evidence of gassings with carbon monoxide, or diesel exhaust, or gasoline engine exhaust either–or else, they would have been more than delighted to provide it.

One profound shortcoming in the DellaPergola report is that its “intermediate extensive” approach (see page 13 of the report) includes only “Jewish persons who are alive today” (meaning 2003) which obviously excludes people who had been Jewish during WW2 but who had “converted” or assimilated during the war and abandoned their earlier attachments to judaism–and who are NOT Jewish today. The numbers of people who fit into this category can only be guessed at by this author–but it does seem reasonable to imagine that the numbers are quite substantial. To escape the real, or perceived, dangers to their survival, many jews would have certainly dropped their religious attachments just as Germans after WW2 abandoned their earlier attachments to national-socialism. One might even call this the Madeline Albright phenomenon. Ms. Albright supposedly only learned of her family's prewar Jewish-Czech identity after she herself had been raised as a Roman Catholic in the U.S. and had risen to become Secretary of State. Although her parents had come to a supposedly religion tolerant society, they did not resume their jewish identity and raised their daughter as a Christian instead. Any other living Jewish relatives of Ms. Albright apparently remained silent or out of contact as well.

A similar shortcoming of the DellaPergola report is that it does not include people who had been Jewish during WW2 but who abandoned any Jewish identity in the fifty-eight years since the end of the war, for whatever reasons, which might simply be intermarriage—or, outright rejection of religion in general as one would expect in communist eastern Europe. To ignore the postwar pressures to conform to an atheistic world view would be like taking the difference in censuses of Christians in eastern Europe, before and after communism—and then concluding that the difference represented the number of “Christians exterminated under communism.” Accusations of rabid anti-Semitism under postwar communism have been rather frequent and, therefore, one should expect the pressures to conform to have significantly reduced the Jewish population in the postwar period as well.

In view of real, or perceived, dangers to their survival, why would any sane Jewish person want to remain Jewish? Are Jews more fanatical about their religious beliefs than other people? What this all means is that the true numbers of Jewish “holocaust survivors” alive at the end of the war must be significantly greater than the millions implied by the DellaPergola report directly. The true numbers of “surviving persons of wartime Jewish identity” are, in any event, enormous and are the clearest and most dramatic refutation of the hoax. The numbers of additional “wartime Jews” who abandoned their jewish identity after the war make the case against the hoax even more dramatic.

Nonetheless, the hoax has become a new religion which one must believe, without question, or be condemned as an “evil” heretic–even imprisoned as in Germany, or Austria, and ruined as well as happened to David Irving. “Guilt for the holocaust” has come to replace “original sin” for which all except the Jewish victims themselves must “bear responsibility” or suffer harsh consquences.

The Nazis could have done It – the Technology for Mass Murder was there

Mass gassings were technically possible–and the Germans were more than capable technically of committing such deeds, just as all modern industrial nations are–but NOT by using the absurd and clumsy methods alleged in the Holocaust literature. The alleged gassing methods fail if one simply examines them scientifically. Even with the most generous allowances for “errors” (major, as well as minor) on the part of self-styled “eyewitnesses”–the gassing claims, including those involving so-called “gas vans,” are simply impossible. There are no exceptions.

Ironically, the German facilities and technology which existed and which could have been used for mass murder have never been implicated in any way by the accusers. Throughout German-occupied Europe poison gas was actually used as fuel (producer gas or Holzgas with as much as 35% CO) to propel nearly all civilian motor vehicles in order to save gasoline for the military. Every historical work on the subject, even on World War 2 generally, is totally oblivious to the existence of that enormously important technology. Producer gas was a major feature of German survival throughout the war–and, it would have been ideal for mass murder.

In addition, the Germans also had huge, superbly designed gas chambers in strategic locations such as Budapest and other major cities in eastern Europe for fumigating entire railroad trains with cyanide and Zyklon-B. Those facilities were vitally important to prevent typhus-infected lice from being shipped to the west with returning soldiers, or workers, or Jews. Typhus was endemic in many parts of eastern Europe, especially Poland, Those gas chambers would have also been perfect for mass murder–but, they are never even mentioned in any of the tales of mass gassing. Also, hundreds of thousands of German civilian bombshelters were “gas-tight” by law and would have been ideal for suffocating victims trapped inside—without any poison gas, although gas could have been added easily enough. The existence of all such facilities was widely and openly discussed in great detail in the German technical literature of that period and is readily available today in major libraries throughout the world–but the “historians,” including those who specialize in “holocaust studies,” have simply not bothered to use it if they even looked at it. Shame on them all! They have not done their homework!

The heart of the hoax--DIESELS

Even among the most ardent proponents of the WMD theories about SADDAM HUSSEIN, or even among the Israelis, or the most extreme neo-conservatives—no one has ever suggested that the exhaust of Iraq's many hundreds of thousands of diesel trucks or diesel tanks might have been used for mass murder. If they had, they would have been laughed at–and rightly so. And yet just such an insane theory is still at the very heart of the Holocaust legend. Two million of the alleged three million Nazi gassings of Jews were supposedly committed with diesel exhaust (the vast majority in Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor). The fact that most people do not even know of the importance of diesels to the “Holocaust” suggests that the hoaxers themselves know just how thoroughly stupid the diesel claims truly are–otherwise, they would have certainly made much more of that part of the story. Nonetheless, when one reads the works of the Jewish holocaust “scholars” (HILBERG and GILBERT, for example) it is clearly spelled out that two million Jews, as well as countless non-Jews (no one really cares how many) were all supposedly murdered by the Nazis with diesel exhaust in gas chambers or gas vans–whereas only about a million were supposedly murdered with Zyklon-B and cyanide. The most often referred to “eyewitness” to any gassings anywhere was KURT GERSTEIN, an engineer, who claimed he watched the entire process with a stopwatch in his hands. As recently as 1999, the U. S. government was still trying to deport John Demjanjuk for his alleged involvement in the alleged mass murder of 200,000 people in Sobibor with diesel exhaust.

Diesel exhaust smells bad, it may even look bad, and it may cause cancer.  But, as a source of a toxic gas for killing anything in half-an-hour, diesel exhaust is thoroughly impractical.  Diesel exhaust might be useful for torture–but certainly not for murder. In 1957 a British scientific study on hundreds of living animals showed that five hours of continuous exposure to full-strength, diesel exhaust from an idling diesel (two separate tests) failed to kill even one of the test animals. Each test used 4 rabbits, 10 guinea pigs and 40 mice. There has never been any refutation of those results–before, or since.. Nonetheless, the gassing claims including those involving diesel exhaust persist through endless repetition by a hopelessly corrupted and wilfully blind media.

An Extraordinary Suicide with Carbon Monoxide

An extraordinary case of suicide with gasoline engine exhaust reveals that even with gasoline engine exhaust–death is far from quick. But how quick? A British essay by Flanagan et al examines the case of a 36-year old man in good physical health who had a taperecorder running during his suicide. The taperecording provided that rarest kind of information about any automotive suicide–a timeline. The last sounds recorded occurred twenty minutes after the victim turned his car's gasoline engine on. A reconstruction of the suicide showed that the CO levels had increased steadily over that period reaching nearly 5% before the victim ceased making any sounds. Death came even later. .

If the engine had been a diesel running under a heavy load, the maximum CO concentration would have been only 0.5% (only 1/10th the concentration of the Flanagan case). If the engine had been a diesel running only at idle–which is the most likely comparable running condition–the CO concentration would have been less than 0.1% (only 1/50th of the Flanagan case). What it all means is that death from diesel exhaust would have taken far, far longer than the 32 minutes claimed by Kurt Gerstein and every other self-proclaimed “eyewitness” to such alleged diesel gassings. All of those “eyewitnesses” are liars. Nearly 2 million Jews had supposedly been murdered at Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor and in the so-called “gas vans” with diesel exhaust. The evidence shows that those alleged gassings never happened because they were technically impossible.

In another case, this time in Japan, a 27-year old man committed suicide with gasoline engine exhaust. Most unusual was the fact that the victim made handwritten notes as the exhaust entered the vehicle. His last entry was made 17 minutes after the gas began entering. In another words, when the time until death is known, it becomes obvious that death with carbon monoxide is quite slow even when the CO levels are vastly greater than one would ever have in diesel exhaust.

RED Coloring of Corpses versus Blue

The self-styled “eyewitnesses” invariably described corpses after gassings as either “blue,” or “bluish,” or normal in appearance, and even “green”. The simple facts are that people killed with carbon monoxide or cyanide appear, with rare exceptions, as a distinct “red” as soon as they are dead, even before death, because of the intense, bright-red coloring of the blood itself. See the discussion of this important topic on the CODOH Revisionist Forum and see also the two images on this page at the bottom, column left. Such dramatic errors in the testimony of key witnesses undermine the entire holocaust story–but, in reality, they have had no impact on the courts or on the acceptance of the holocaust myth in general. Defendants and their counsels rarely if ever want to challenge the myth in general and so, the holocaust myth persists. How can “eyewitnesses” possibly mistake red for blue or green unless they are all liars?

The most important essay showing the nearly perfect correlation between intense RED coloring in corpses and carbon monoxide poisoning is originally from Austria based on the examinations of 182 corpses of people who died from CO. The answer posed by the title of the essay is YES–and that means that nearly all of the evidence about the supposed deaths of more than 2 million Jews in the Reinhardt camps is rubbish. All of the "witnesses" from GERSTEIN on lied about the most obvious kind of evidence for such claims. Except for such bad evidence, there is next to nothing to support those claims.

POISON GAS from Wood Chips--the Nazi Alternative Fuel

As today's fuel prices rise, can anyone imagine using poison gas to drive their car or truck? Well, in World War 2 the Germans did precisely that–and so did the people of many other countries, even long after the war.

Wartime German-occupied Europe was desperately short of liquid fuels which had to be conserved for military combat vehicles. To deal with this genuine fuel crisis, most civilian vehicles used neither gasoline nor diesel fuel; they used a substance called producer gas instead. The producer gas was made in generators mounted on the vehicles themselves, generally near the rear. Solid materials such as wood, coke, or coal were burned in the generators with a restricted supply of air to yield the producer gas, called Holzgas (wood-gas literally) in German.This gas was then drawn into modified diesel (compression ignition) or gasoline (spark ignition) type engines at the fronts of the vehicles by engine vacuum. The principal ingredient of the gas was carbon monoxide, 18% to 35%, which burned extremely well–but, it was also extremely toxic. The usefulness of the producer gas as a fuel increased with the concentration of CO–which also increased the toxicity. That gas would have been ideal for mass murder if the Nazis had ever intended to gas anyone. No doubt, the gas could have simply been called "poison gas," which it certainly was, but that would have also caused panic among the general public. Nonetheless, everyone involved with its use, either directly or indirectly, had to know for their own survival and safety that it was extremely poisonous and even explosive.

The most shocking feature of this technology was that it was used throughout German-occupied Europe to drive more than 500,000 motor vehicles. It was practically everywhere. Every auto or truck repair shop anywhere in German-occupied Europe repaired or worked on these poison gas generating vehicles at some time or other. In addition, all drivers of these vehicles were specially licensed only after rigorous training with a heavy emphasis on safety. They were all required by law to know that this fuel contained as much as 35% carbon monoxide and that already as little as 0.1% carbon monoxide was enough to kill –albeit only in about ten hours. They all, including loading and supervisory personnel, needed to know this for their own safety and that of the people around them–and even keep written reminders (the Safety Guidelines) in the glove compartments of all of these vehicles. And yet, nowhere have any Nazis ever been even accused of employing this superb and readily available, deadly gas to kill even one person. How ironic to say the least.

Of course, after the war, if anyone had stepped forward to explain just how thoroughly stupid the diesel-exhaust gassing claims were because of the alternative poison gas–they would have merely put their own neck in the noose. And so, the insane claim that diesel exhaust was used to murder millions persists to this day.

Holocaust historians such as RAUL HILBERG repeatedly claimed that the “killing centers worked quickly and efficiently” on an “assembly line basis” resembling the “complex mass-production methods of a modern [industrial] plant.” But producer gas is never mentioned by any of the holocaust historians. Surely, if the diesel gassing claims persist, one should also condemn the Nazis and Germans for being the most clumsy and inefficient mass murderers in the entire history of the world.

Even the smallest automotive distributors, and dealers, and repair shops were intensely involved in the maintenance, alteration, and retrofitting of existing vehicles with producer gas technology. A truck pulls into a small auto repair shop somewhere in Poland and the driver complains that his truck is just not performing right—not enough power. Well, let's see—the generator may be leaking, or the flapper valves may have been knocked out of shape, or the blower may have a burned-out motor, or there may be bullet holes from a low-flying enemy airplane or from artillery fragments. Would any repair shop turn the driver away and insist that they only repaired vehicles that still operated with liquid fuels—and NOT producer gas? Of course, not.

The abundance of producer gas and its intense development by every part of the German automotive industry from major vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen–and including even German subsidiaries of Ford, General Motors and International Harvesters down to the smallest repair shops anywhere in German-occupied Europe–are all facts which thoroughly undermine the holocaust gassing claims.

The “Eyewitnesses” Lied

All of the self-proclaimed “eyewitnesses” to the alleged mass gassings are, in fact, easily exposed as liars. There are no exceptions! If one reads a dozen accounts even for the same location, one almost inevitably finds a dozen totally different stories except for, perhaps, one or two details. In other words, there is hardly any consistency among the eyewitnesses and yet, judges have consistently juggled the evidence–a bit of one story here, added to a bit of another story there–to make the most damning judgements as to what supposedly happened. The historians, most notably RAUL HILBERG, did exactly the same thing. They cherry-picked the evidence; they ignored and even suppressed what was obvious lunacy, and retained whatever might be believed. Prosecutors and defense lawyers are entitled to do such “cherry picking” in order to prod witnesses during a trial–but historians have no such excuse. They have time to reflect and do rigorous research free of the constraints that are inevitable in all legal trials.

SS disinfection officer and Obersturmführer KURT GERSTEIN is still a major prop for the Holocaust myth–and yet, all of his statements are generally ridiculous. HILBERG had cherry-picked the so-called “Gerstein Statement.” as he actually explained when he was on the witness stand at the trial of Ernst Zuendel in Toronto, Canada in 1988. HILBERG's use of KURT GERSTEIN is a prime example of the shoddiest scholarship imaginable–but GERSTEIN was, and still remains, the best reference HILBERG has.

The focus of GERSTEIN's “statements” was on diesel exhaust for mass murder in Belzec and Treblinka. Although he wrote about personally delivering Zyklon-B to some of the camps, he gave no specific information about Zyklon-B gassings even though that would have been the logical focus for his expertise. As a German disinfection officer he would have been extremely familiar with the widespread German use of Zyklon-B to save millions of lives especially in the east where typhus raged throughout the war and for years after the war as well..

The statements of Dr. Prof. WILHELM PFANNENSTIEL, a world-renowned professor of hygiene, in numerous post-war court appearances are incredible also. Only the smallest portion of his testimony ever appears anywhere. The statements of second-string “eyewitnesses” such as FILIP MÜLLER (Eyewitness Auschwitz: Three Years in the Gas Chambers) or RUDOLF VRBA are even worse than that of GERSTEIN. In his most famous book Night, ELIE WIESEL neglected to even mention gas chambers anywhere in his book. According to Wiesel, the Nazis committed mass murder of the Jews by simply marching the victims directly into flaming pits–in other words,
there was no need for gas chambers.

Pro-Nazi Collaboration by Elie Wiesel and hundreds of thousands of Jews

Although Elie WIESEL is today the poster-boy of the “Holocaust,” he clearly “chose” to collaborate with the Nazis in January 1945 rather than be “liberated” by Soviet troops advancing on Auschwitz. Both he and his father trekked west with the Nazis in a terrible winter on foot by their own choice and assisted the Nazis during the last months of the war. The Jews on “Schindler's List,” just thirty miles to the east of Auschwitz, also chose to collaborate and went west eagerly also rather than hang back, or hide, or go east to be “liberated” by the Soviets. Their last months of the war were spent in what is now the Czech Republic making ammunition (all supposedly “defective and useless” by their postwar accounts) for the Nazis until they were “liberated” by Soviet troops in May of 1945. Of course, they could have been “liberated” six months earlier and put to work making ammunition for the Allies–but they had all chosen to collaborate with the Nazis instead.

If Oskar Schindler had really been a clever saviour of his jewish workers, he could have simply found any number of places for his favorite Jews (the chosen among the chosen ones) to hide from the SS for a few days until Soviet troops arrived and "liberated" them all. That's what happened, after all, to the Jews who were NOT on Schindler's List. Is there any doubt about that? And those "liberated" Jews did not have to fear Auschwitz or any other horrors at the hands of the Nazis once they were "liberated" by the Soviets---right!! Well, isn't it rather obvious than no one in his right mind wanted to be "liberated" by the Soviets. That's the dirty little secret that is buried in Spielberg's typically jewish travesty.

ZYKLON-B: the misunderstood Lifesaver of Millions

RUDOLF VRBA achieved fame for his part in the famous VRBA-WETZLER Report of April 1944 on the basis of which many holocaust fanatics insist that America should have bombed the tracks leading to the gas chambers of Auschwitz. One book which promotes this bit of lunacy is The Bombing of Auschwitz edited by NEUFELD and BERENBAUM, 2000. That book contains some of VRBA's claims on pages 242-248. According to VRBA and WETZLER, see page 244: “After three minutes everyone in the chamber is dead.” That never happened. Anyone with any expertise on the subject, and there were many experienced experts in the US where gas executions were already quite common at that time, could have explained that gassings of the sort imagined by VRBA and others with Zyklon-B would have taken far, far longer than three minutes. At least two of the last 11 gas chamber executions in the US over the last thirty years (Walter La Grand, 1999, Florence AZ, Ricky Sanderson, 1998, Raleigh, NC) took 18 minutes to kill their victims in well-designed, cyanide gas chambers with a rapid and highly concentrated release of cyanide gas. It took 17 minutes to kill David Lawson, 1994, Raleigh NC.  

Zyklon-B  by contrast releases its cyanide so slowly that more than half-an-hour is needed for most of the cyanide to escape the granules–and then in addition, far more time (four hours–see below left) is also needed for the cyanide to disperse by convection throughout any gas chamber not equipped with circulation or Kreislauf. In addition, it takes about 2-1/2 hours for nearly all of the cyanide to escape from Zyklon-B at room temperature once a can has been emptied. That should give everyone a good general idea as to how slowly cyanide escapes from Zyklon-B–especially when compared with the pot method which releases nearly all of its cyanide within about five minutes, probably a lot less. After just three minutes (the alleged Nazi mass execution time), the escape of cyanide from the Zyklon-B has barely even begun; the vast bulk of the cyanide is still escaping regardless of how large, or small, the initial dosage of Zyklon-B granules was. Merely opening the doors after three minutes, or even 30 minutes, even with a fan running during venting will not provide good ventilation of the corpses at all since more cyanide is still escaping the granules. Unless the ventilation of the corpse-filled room continues for at least 2-1/2 hours, anyone entering the chamber without a gas mask during that time will succumb to the cyanide that is still coming out of the Zyklon-B granules.

Since there was no real “evidence” (such as autopsies) to support the charges, the Allies did the next best thing which was to follow an old police rule which is: “if you have no evidence, try to get a confession.” The real basis of the “testimonials” cited again and again is the willful lying of the self-styled, Jewish “eyewitnesses” and lying on the part of some Germans under torture to either save their own lives or minimize the suffering of colleagues and family members. RUDOLF HOESS. for example, had to fear that his wife and children who had lived with him at Auschwitz would be tortured as well. The purpose of the Nuremberg trials was the perpetual criminalizing of Nazi Germany and at great expense, even to this day, using all the hype and hooplah possible. But even with all the formality of elaborate legal proceedings, with lawyers and stenographers present, and with movie cameras and CBS journalists in the court room–they could NOT make the nonsensical testimony any less nonsensical. Not even the courts and torturers of the Grand Inquisitors of the middle ages could actually make the sun go around the earth–even if everyone on earth had been persuaded to “testify” under oath that it did.  The Allied courts in Nuremberg or in Guantanomo today are no better. Throwing revisonists in jail in Germany or anywhere merely shows, ultimately, how thoroughly depraved the hoaxers truly are.

VRBA and WETZLER had obviously lied about the most important feature of their atrocity tale. Even if the intended victims had been assisting the fiendish nazis by taking deep breaths of the cyanide vapors, the execution times would have been far longer because of the slow rates with which cyanide leaves Zyklon-B granules unless it is actually forced out of the granules by warm air. That forcing process (forced circulation or Kreislauf) was common in gas chambers for delousing clothing, even in Birkenau's delousing stations only a hundred yards from the crematoria—but, strange as it may seem, it has never even been alleged that such logical methods were ever used for homicidal gassings of thousands of Jews daily in Birkenau, or anywhere else. Nothing even remotely close to what would have been needed has even been suggested in any of the Holocaust gassing stories. Without the gassing angle, the rest of the Holocaust legend, even if it were all true, has no “uniqueness.”

Zyklon-B was widely used to fumigate clothing and countless other items which might harbor lice–which were the usual carrier of typhus to humans. Zyklon-B gas chambers were widely used in German POW camps, and transit camps, and labor camps only to keep people alive. The Auschwitz camp was so huge that it served all three purposes.

The infamous “Vergasungskeller

A single letter from SS-Hauptsturmführer BISCHOFF dated January 29, 1943 contains the word “Vergasungskeller” and is to this day the strongest evidence for the mass extermination hoax with cyanide (see Pressac page 211 [link] ). The word has several possible translations, the most literal being a “cellar where gas is released, or generated.” It has been given the most sinister meaning possible by the exterminationists who insist that it must have been a place where people were gassed to death. But, the word is actually explained by a related letter, also from Bischoff, dated December 18, 1942 (see Pressac page 210 [link]) in which the very first sentence says: Im Monat Dezember musste wegen Entlausung und Entwesung die Arbeit an mehreren Tagen ruhen.. (During the month of December work had to be stopped for several days because of delousing and disinfestation.) It is clear enough that the fumigations were occurring somewhere within the building–or else, why would there have been any need to stop work? The work was actually stopped for days (Pressac actually mistranslated the text) and delayed completion of this urgently needed crematorium. The surrender of five million Soviet soldiers to the Germans by this time would have been a major reason for completing these Kremas as quickly as possible. But obviously, the need for “delousing and disinfestation” was even greater.

Some historians using the shabby logic of HILBERG will, no doubt, continue to insist that the words “delousing and disinfestation” were merely euphemisms for mass murder–but even Pressac insists (see Pressac page 227 [link]) that the first homicidal gassing occurred on March 14, 1943. This was just a day after the crematorium was finished–but nearly three months after life-saving fumigations had been carried out in the incomplete structure over several days. In other words, rather than being a place off mass murder, the Vergasungskeller was actually used to keep people alive. These are just some examples of how life-saving activities–shaving of hair and showering are other examples–have been turned upside down and made to appear as “evidence” of mass murder, in other words, the extreme opposite of their true function. The hoaxers have nothing better. Out of necessity, the underground mortuary rooms also served whatever other purposes seemed most important–from simple storage, or as workrooms, and even as gas-tight bombhelters (with the legally-required peepholes in their doors) and with hand-operated ventilators.


Cremation and crematoria are important features of the hoax because they are needed to explain the fact that there simply is no forensic evidence of gassings–supposedly, all of the physical evidence went up in smoke. How convenient for those who might otherwise be pressed for real evidence for their paranoid fantasy. Many thousands of dead bodies (from other causes, primarily disease) were found in the camps at the end of the war, but all of the “gassing” victims had been vaporized–so goes the hoax.

Where one should expect huge crematory ovens or incinerators to dispose of enormous numbers of bodies with co-mingling of the remains and fuel ash–one finds instead, small ovens designed to burn only one body at a time consistent with ordinary cremations as practiced in most of the advanced countries around the world. The remains from corpses were put into individual urns and returned to family members. In other words, there was nothing at all like the “assembly-line killing and/or disposal of bodies” that has been alleged.

Some Conclusions about the HOAX

The holocaust hoax is anti-German racism gone wild; it is a form of collective lunacy, even a new kind of religion. The alleged gassings never happened. The myth is based on the widely held delusion, promoted in the US by the government itself, that gas executions are technically simple, quick and even relatively painless. During and after WW2, life-saving German measures using cyanide gas and Zyklon-B to keep people alive were deliberately misrepresented as devices for mass extermination. Actual mass murders committed by the Allies have been blamed on the Germans.

Supposedly, the Nazis used a vast network of camps and facilities as well as elaborate legal ruses to exterminate millions of Jews while at the same time never producing even a single document anywhere discussing homicidal gassings; their deliberate, euphemistic doubletalk was so highly perfected because they, supposedly, knew that it could all be used against them someday. And yet, when the war was over, many of the very same arch criminals at the heart of the mass exterminations and the elaborate coverup were supposedly “freely” and “voluntarily” admitting to direct involvement in murdering millions. How can anyone be so stupid and naive as to believe any of that?

The German people deserve the same human rights as everyone else–including the right to dispute all holocaust-related claims regardless of who might be offended, even if they are Jews. The continuing imprisonment and censorship of revisionists are crimes against humanity. All of Germany's political leaders today deserve to be severely punished for their bigotry and crimes against their own people.

A variety of foul lawyers' tactics are used to rationalize censorship including the argument that holocaust revisionists can not possibly believe what they say and, therefore, the suppression of their statements does not truly amount to suppression of dissent. This is a perverse and obscene line of false argument. No one has the moral right or even legal right to imprison anyone, even in a mental hospital—for expressing doubt or disbelief in the holocaust. ANY such imprisonment is a violation of the basic human rights under the UN Charter Article 19 which has been signed by most of the countries of the world, including the very same countries which now imprison holocaust revisionists. Countries, people, or courts that imprison people for holocaust revisionism are criminals or ciminal organizations themselves and deserve to be severely punished.

Regardless of what happened during WW2—and regardless of what someone thinks revisionists might truly believe, in their opinion—everyone has the right to freely express a contrary view. No one has any moral right or legal right to force people to remain silent except during a time of war or extreme emergency. To argue that one view of history is acceptable while another constitutes “libel” against “victims” (Jews specifically), or whomever, would make almost any investigation into historical issues impossible. That applies to any subject regardless of whether it is 9/11, or the JFK assassination, or the holocaust hoax, or any other subject.. Bigots beware!

With their monstrous holocaust hoax, Jews as a people, ultimately, condemn only themselves—and, at the same time, vindicate the Nazis and Germans for their Final Solution policy to expel Jews from Germany forever.

Friedrich Paul Berg

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