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NATO tied to Muslim slaughter at Srebrenica
By Gordon Duff & Press TV with comments by Ron
Jul 5, 2012 - 12:05:05 AM

NATO tied to Muslim slaughter at Srebrenica

One of the most brutal incidents in recent history is the massacre at Srebrenica in 1995 by a paramilitary group known as "the Scorpions." We now have a top level witness and reams of official documents that categorically prove that it was NATO ordered, not only the Dutch "stand down" that led to the killings, but recruited, paid and controlled the Scorpions as well.

It was the trial of Ratko Mladic that may be the destruction of the ICC or at least should be. As Timothy Blanchford-Henchly points out in the Serbian SOS, "The Ratko Mladic trial at the farcical International Criminal Court - that travesty of justice and insult to international law which kidnaps people, illegally detains them and does not apply the principles of due process - has been interrupted indefinitely after the prosecution "forgot" to deliver thousands of pages of evidence to the defense."


It was this key evidence and this witness, now safely in Belarus that caused the ICC to stop the trial of Ratko Mladic, the "fall guy" documents show was "set up" by the French DRM in 70 communiqués we now hold.

Though, with the breakup of Yugoslavia, the region was left with scores to settle, some between Christians and Muslims, there were other forces at play also. The vast international drug trade had been channeled for decades from the Far East, through processing centers in Turkey and through Yugoslavia.
If the "status quo" is any indication of intent, NATO sitting on Kosovo, Bulgaria, Romania and much of the region, a region now a center of drug trafficking, of international crime and a region increasingly fortified to threaten Russia or Syria or Iran, this may well have been the NATO intent when organizing the formation of the Scorpions and ordering the slaughter of thousands of civilians.

During World War II, more Serbs, by percentage, died than any other people, all Christians, most killed in death camps run by Croatians and Italians, some by Catholic priests, all under the direction of Germany. Prior to that, Serbia had been under Ottoman control for hundreds of years, a corrupt empire that misruled not only the Balkans but the entire Middle East as well.
[Ron: The characterisation of the Ottoman Empire as corrupt is typical Bankster propaganda. Part of the reason for the banksters' creating WWI was to breakup the Ottoman Empire and divide the spoils between Britain and France AND to create a British protectorate over Palestine so that the Rothschild directed and controlled Jewish Zionists could start their campaign to steal Palestine from its Semite Muslim and Christian inhabitants who had occupied that land for centuries and in many cases for thousands of years.]

Worst of these propaganda pieces you will see below, which has now been debunked as the truth about Srebrenica, the CIA, MI 6, DRM massacre, operated through Serbs recruited and trained by Western intelligence agencies is realized.

Centuries of history, from the Ottoman Empire through World War II are filled with killings, ethnic cleansings, murders of hundreds of thousands, Serbs, Greeks, other ethnicities, the Balkans were obviously a tinderbox. [Ron: Such rhetoric needs to be assessed against the Jew instigated ACTUAL genocide of in excess of 100 million Christian Russians and Germans in the period from 1917 to 1950. MOREOVER, the alleged murders of hundreds of thousands in the Balkans "
through World War II" were NOT done or instigated by Turks but by Jews in the Ottoman government BUT fomented and directed by Jews in the City of London using British and Jewish agents in modern day Greece and Turkey. Needless to say Morgantheau and the Jew controlled mainstream media pretend that Turks were responsible for it.]. The end result was a mythology, some true, much not, blaming some Serbs for acts of war crimes, blaming Croatians and Kosovans too, Albanians, but, as is so often the case, only Serbs were sought and consider able money was spent to present a highly propagandized view of the Balkans that allowed Serbians to be ethnically cleansed, as were Muslims and others, but only Serbs to be blamed.

Entering the mix is the newer mythology, tying Bosnians to Hitler and his SS. Internet websites tying Palestinians to NAZI organizations as a way of justifying victimization in Gaza and the West Bank at the hands of occupying Israeli forces helps paint a broad canvas with something to offer for everyone, everyone who survives at least.

ICC collapse at Ratco Mladic trial

The International Criminal Court at The Hague suffered a fatal blow when it was discovered in May 2012, during the trial of Ratco Mladic that something was very wrong. On May 16, 2012, the trial of Mladic, accused of heading a group called "the Scorpions," and murdering of up to 6000 Bosnian Muslims suddenly ended. Judges said it was because of "prosecutorial misconduct" in "withholding vital evidence that would have favored the defense. Documents were discovered that categorically proved the most fear mass murderers of recent years were not only not under Mladic's control, they never heard of him. They were part of NATO

That evidence is beyond top secret, well beyond and we have it, documents, testimony, evidence withheld by the ICC, the judges, the prosecutors, evidence that should lead to a new direction with new indictments
. Problem is, as usual, the ICC targets "low hanging fruit" or takes "orders" and has yet to show the first signs of either independence or effectiveness.

The ICC feels no shame, itself being in a way, fully complicit "after the fact" in covering up the Srebrenica massacres. Currently, the primary goal of the ICC is to seem irrelevant, understandable, I guess.

Documents turned over to the government of Belarus by a Major of the French DRM, their "external intelligence agency." In an article from Pravda this week, we are given a broad picture of events in the Balkans that directly contradict much we have been told and places responsibility for the civil wars in the Balkans on Western powers.

The incident in Srebrenica is a tragedy twofold. First of all, the 17 years spent chasing an innocent man while allowing those responsible to, not only continue untouched but to build, in Kosovo and Albania, through NATO, the largest drug empire, distributing Afghan heroin, in the history of the world. This is how the story broke in Pravda.

BELGRADE - A French major, serving with their intelligence services, fled to Belarus with the evidence that war crimes committed in Srebrenica in 1995. The documents he presented shows that the “genocide” blamed on Serbians was organized by the American, British and French secret intelligence service, and carried out by a paramilitary group known as the "Scorpions" in order for the alleged genocide have accused the military and civilian officials of the Republic of Serbian (RS) - learned "Pravda."

According to our source, the major French military intelligence DRM has evidence that the wartime commander of the VRS Main Staff, Ratko Mladic was not aware of these activities. From the document, which is the possession of Belarus, the French officer requested and received political asylum on the June 29, 2012 in Minsk.

The documents clearly show that Naser Oric and all the commanders of the Army of Bosnia/Herzegovina (Muslim) in this part of eastern Bosnia were under constant control of the western intelligence services.
Oric was the Bosnian Muslim commander in Srebrenica and was convicted by the ICC of war crimes against Serbs but found "not guilty" of broader crimes of ethnic cleansing.

Thus the "danse of death" begins, the Muslim commander in Bosnia working for western intelligence agencies, killing Serbian civilians, convicted of such by the ICC. We all knew this but there is something far more important none of us knew, the real reason the Court at The Hague disbanded in "mid-trial" back in May.

"Paper's submitted by the French Major (name withheld) substantiate that Oric had received 70 "operational directives" to act against Serbian civilians issued by French intelligence services, in particular, the DRM.

Dutch "peacekeeper" battalions stationed in Srebrenica, was warned in advance by the French not to interfere. Copies of these documents are held in Minsk also.

Soon thereafter, Serbian "Scorpion" groups descended on Srebrenica, not answerable nor under the control of Serbia or Ratco but paramilitary groups recruited, trained and paid by the CIA, MI6 and the French DRM.

Thousands were killed by these groups on orders from the western powers who submitted reports blaming the Serbian government, Ratco and blaming the Dutch peacekeepers who had actually been ordered to stand aside by NATO."

Offer of testimony at the ICC

The French intelligence officer, identified only as "Major TD" has agreed to come to the Hague and testify to CIA, MI6 and French involvement in the planning and execution of the genocide at Srebrenica.

He is said to possess a full list of all "Scorpions" that were recruited and written statements of Scorpion unit commanders and others as to how they were recruited, paid and what commands they received from NATO. Records now held in Belarus cover direct commands that led to the killing of 4500 Bosnian Muslims.

These are now available to the court, should the trial continue, documents that would lead to the indictment of dozens of top NATO commanders, Dutch peacekeepers and the questioning of western diplomatic personnel and political leaders, questioning that could lead to a new round of war crime indictments.

We aren't holding our breaths, waiting for the ICC to respond to hard evidence that their own "client states" are fully complicit in the most publicized massacre in modern history.

There was a plan that if VRS try to prevent the massacre of young man is killed. Major knows even the name of the person who was in the immediate environment and Mladic who is supposed to do.

Additional evidence kept from the court that led to the suspension in proceedings showed that the majority of those killed in Srebrenica were members of the Army of Bosnia/Herzegovina (Muslim) who were cut off the VRS, Bosnian Serb Army while making their way out of the Tuzla region.

Documents indicate that NATO misreported combat casualties, in this case numbering up to 6000 as civilian victims and credited their deaths to Scorpion units when, in fact, they were killed in combat with the Bosnian Serb army.
However, this still doesn't mitigate the 4500 civilians killed; the Scorpions involved, but credit the command of Scorpion units to NATO commander and control.

Reason for coming forward

"Major TD" states that he is coming forward with the documents he secured, because he wishes the families of the victims of Srebrenica to know the full truth about who killed their loved ones and why. T.D. served as a Lieutenant in command of a DRM unit in Bosnia at the time and has direct personal knowledge of the events reported here and has, as we had stated previously, made himself available for testimony and offers his documentation for consideration by the prosecutors at the ICC.

TD states very simply, "I could not live with this burden on my conscience.


What we have are a number of iconic episodes.

1. Serbs were demonstrated to be beasts

2. NATO was seen to be the savior of mankind
3. The Netherlands was blamed for standing aside during a massacre, a nation of cowards
4. The "Scorpions" was a "sexed up" CIA/DRM/MI6 front group that could be used to conveniently victimize potential Serbian war criminals.

In truth, the Balkan wars after the fall of communism were among the most vicious in history. For every Kosovan killed by a Serb, a Serb was killed by a Kosovan. In fact, Kosovo and Albania have long been the home of the most powerful criminal organizations in the world.

They are now full partners with the CIA and NATO though the current president of Kosovo is an accused war criminal himself. In an article from Global Research, "The report, the existence of which has not been previously reported, was widely distributed among all NATO countries, according to former NATO sources interviewed by GlobalPost. And year after year as the nascent democracy of Kosovo struggled to move forward and Thaci rose to political prominence, more detailed allegations and intelligence reports, totaling at least four more between 2000 and 2009, would name Thaci, these sources add.

The reports were widely available to U.S. and NATO intelligence officials, and at least two were readily available on the internet. In one 36-page NATO intelligence report obtained by GlobalPost, Thaci merits a page to himself with a diagram linking him to other prominent former KLA members who are themselves linked to various criminal activities that include, extortion, murder and trafficking in drugs, stolen cars, cigarettes, weapons and women.

A diagram from a NATO intelligence report detailing alleged links between the current prime minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, and other people alleged to be involved in organized crime in Kosovo.

Today, Thaci is the prime minister of Kosovo. In fact, he was just recently re-elected to his second term.

In spite of US officials knowing about the numerous and detailed allegations against Thaci and many of his former colleagues in the KLA, he has remained a valued ally of successive US administrations. It is unknown which US officials have seen the reports. But a NATO diplomat said it was common knowledge that Thaci is suspected of criminal activity, “Whenever you looked at him always in the briefings it was ‘suspected of organized crime.’”

And when asked if he heard the accusations against Thaci and others over the years, Daniel Serwer, a former senior American diplomat in the Balkans and now a senior fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, said, “Absolutely. It’s been a common allegation.”

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright publicly embraced Thaci. Former President George W. Bush hosted him in the Oval Office. Vice President Joseph Biden also welcomed him to the White House, in July. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited him in Kosovo as recently as the fall."

There is, in fact, a very simple answer to "why" when assessing NATO intention, actions in Central Asia, encirclement of Russia, threats against Russia, Libya, Syria, drone attacks from Pakistan to and soon "through" Africa. One need only to look at hard evidence that "stares us in the face," evidence buried in lies and self-righteousness, evidence of genocide in the Balkans.


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