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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

NATO exterminates 2 percent of a populated city
By Lisa Karpova with comments by Ron
Oct 19, 2011 - 3:53:59 PM

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NATO exterminates 2 percent of a populated city

Posted: 2011/10/19
From: Source

Libya will remain green now and forever; to win this war NATO has to kill 98 percent of the Libyans.

By Lisa Karpova

NATO genocidal continuous bombing has managed to exterminate 2 percent of the city of Sirte, including 1,000 children. How in anyone's estimation can this be considered "protecting" civilians?

In truth, the only ones NATO is "protecting" are their terrorist criminal stooges so that they may create havoc and total disaster on an unfriendly population that hates them and all they stand for: terror, murder, destruction, crime, rape, theft, treason and inviting colonial crusader powers to take over the country so that they may obtain personal financial gain.

NATO is waging war against truth. We all know how that turns out. Libya is reduced to one outlet of communication, while the crusader aggressors have numerous channels. However, they are deathly afraid of this one beacon of truth and madly try to jam the signal and silence it and all who dare to tell the truth.

NATO is waging a war against freedom. NATO is waging a war against democracy. They are all wars that NATO will never win, no matter how much they pound the living daylights out of heroic freedom fighters. Libya will remain green now and forever.

Almost every single neighborhood in the city of Sirte has been hit by NATO bombs. Rescuers that attempt to save others buried under the rubble are then summarily bombed or strafed by NATO helicopter pilots. Did the UN give NATO the right to do this?

Where is the mouth of the UN now?

Another good question would be: exactly what is SAS garbage doing trying to come into Sirte? Fortunately the resistance killed 16 of them and took 44 of them as prisoners. This is a violation of the UN Resolutions 1970 and 1973 that clearly state, "no boots on the ground." Yet here are these stinking invaders, trying to enter Sirte to do what they have been doing in other parts of the country:

Acting just like the terrorists, including maiming and beheading people when they aren't just outright murdering them.

Just at the end of last week, NATO made the announcement that its unrelenting bombing campaign would continue. They indicated that the bombing would continue until all opposition was eliminated and silenced, or until the terrorist criminal inept NTC asks them to stop.

We know, of course, that the NTC, will never ask them to stop. They are incapble of defeating the resistance, they have been taking a sound beating. So that scenario is out of the picture.

The bottom line is that with roughly 98 percent of the Libyan population supporting their Jamahiriya government and Muammar Gaddafi, that NATO will have to kill 98 percent of the people in Libya by that reasoning.

Not even the Nazis went to this level of murderous genocide. [Ron: Another thoughtless "throw-a-way" line! The German military DID NOT deliberately bombard civilian populations in order to cow enemy nations into submission BUT the US, UK and Soviet Union DID! The true genocidal bombing comparisons are the Allied fire bombing of DRESDEN, (300,000 civilians fried to death in one night and morning! That's a REAL Holocaust in the true sense of the word!) BERLIN, HAMBURG, TOKYO and their ilk; AND Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ALL of which were perpetrated by Jew-led Anglo-US militaries NOT Germans. The Jew-led West has been genociding nations via aerial bombing since Churchill (who had a Jewish mother) started doing it to Iraq in 1920. Moreover, those infamous Jews, Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Stalin genocided some 13 million German civilians at the end of WWII with Eisenhower and the glorious US military also starving to death some 1.5 million German POWs in open air concentration "camps" that made Andersonville look like a picnic in the park. It's time that genuine commentators GOT A GRIP on the facts about wars and who is responsible for them; and WHO does the genociding. We have it on good authority that "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." SOOO its well beyond time that would-be "truth tellers" like Lisa Karpova started to "get it right or leave it alone!!!]. Just on October 12, there were 40 stinking, ugly planes bombing the hero city of Sirte, all civilian areas being targeted.

UN - silence

Human rights groups - silence

Vast majority of anti-war groups - silence

Leaders of the countries of the world - silence

This world is truly disgusting. What is it going to take to stop this descent into total barbarism?

Whatever war or catastrophe strikes this planet, I really don't want to hear about it if no voices of protest are raised. Neither do I want to hear any moaning or groaning from the next NATO target that might not only have been silent, but have been complicit in NATO crimes.

Did they recognize terrorists as the government of Libya? No sympathy then.

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.]

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